Thursday, October 11, 2018

Impotent Passive-Aggressive Crazy Rage...

"'And everybody praised the Duke
Who this great fight did win
"But what good of it came at last?"
Quoth little Peterkin
'Why that I cannot tell', said he,
'But t'was a famous victory'"

--- "After Blenheim", Robert Southey

I simply HAD to step away from the keyboard last week. The Kavanaugh Shit had gotten deeper, thicker, and ranker than I ever imagined it could, and it was with some effort that I managed to restrain my more baser instincts and not go out and choke a bitch.

I'm mellow now.

Five things will be discussed here and then I shall never take up the question of the attempted destruction of Brett Kavanaugh again. It was -- always will be -- a shameful chapter in American History; the Left in this country will turn it into some sort of epic on the scale of The Odyssey, where the part of the brave and intelligent -- but ultimately frustrated --  pseudo-Odysseus was played by nominal people in vagina caps, screaming from their vulvas, demanding to be taken seriously.

And why not? If Cory Booker can assume the role of Spartacus (an act of cultural appropriation which if committed by someone of paler complexion would draw an accusation of racism) women can take on the role of the classic Greek het-cis Hero of Antiquity (is this gender appropriation?) who ultimately won by suffering a series of misfortunes before the Gods made all things right again.

This is the First Thing I would like to take up.

The Left lost. It lost big time. It suffered a loss that will last at least a generation. By failing to force Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination and Trump to bail on him for bad press, the Left has ushered in a New Reality not to it's liking. This Reality is that there is now a (nominally-) Conservative majority on the court, informed by the theories of Strict Constructionism, and all manner of previously advantageous Lefty power schemes and graft are now threatened with reversal.

Prime among these is the ability to have the court achieve through decision what the Left could not get passed by legislation. Just as important, the whole regime of Affirmative Action by which the unqualified are declared able by judicial fiat is now imperiled. A frightening proposition if you are one of the aggrieved classes who expected your grievance to translate into greater constitutional rights than everyone else, along with a government check. Not to mention the defense of the courts who would engage in absurd acts of sexism and racism in the name of fighting Sexism and Racism.

It certainly means you can kiss any possibility of continuing to win elections by fraud goodbye very soon. Voter ID will soon be the law of the land, and if democrats cannot cheat, they cannot win.

(As I write this, the Supreme Court today upheld North Dakota's Voter ID law, previously struck down by a lower court as "racist" on the basis that expecting Native Americans to have an address was somehow dehumanizing. The implication is that Native Americans couldn't possibly have an address, presumably since they all live in teepees on the prairie. Why THAT is not racist is beyond me. It's the same excuse used in other states trying to enforce similar laws with other racial minorities: expecting Blacks to have ID is racist, say anti-Voter ID people, for reasons that essentially come down to "Blacks are too stupid and lazy to obtain ID". Then how did they get welfare?).

But the Left has always had a very strange relationship with Reality; they refuse to acknowledge its existence unless doing so is convenient, so they very often ignore it, altogether. Which is what they will do here; they didn't lose...they won, but were cheated of their victory by Susan Collins. They didn't lie....they just didn't distort the truth enough.

Second Thing: What a brilliant display of exquisitely unhinged fucktard this whole thing brought about. Like these ladies:

Newsflash ladies: that is not protest; that is street theater. And rather in poor taste, as well, since The Handmaid's Tale is basically pornography set against the backdrop of a semi-sado/masochistic dystopia.

It's basically "Fifty Shades of Grey" mixed with 4th-grade politics and Freud's anal stage.

I know: none of you read, but you saw it on Netflix and read the Wikipedia entry.

I remember when it was entitled "Brave, New World".

But Aldous Huxley is a dead heteronormative white guy, so...

Also, I would like to congratulate the batshit insane harpies who introduced us to the notion that if you can simply cry hard enough, long enough, loud enough, people will be more than happy to surrender to you on the remote hope that you might STFU and go away. That worked when you were, like, 3, and Mommy wouldn't give you a cookie. Maybe it worked for you on campus, where the mission went from higher education to running the Club Med version of a Day Care Center with a football team, and no one wanted to piss off the paying customers (who will be paying, with interest, for remaining paralytically stupid for years to come, because they certainly weren't educated).

Whatever you thought you might be achieving by disruption, being obnoxious, wailing like wounded wild animals, menstruating in public, scratching at the Supreme Court doors, endlessly repeating asinine four-words-or-less slogans (because the committed Leftist cannot remember more than that) like you were saying a Rosary, it is not a very attractive look.

If we take this example above as being typical of the species, being a loud-mouthed, obnoxious, cantankerous, hateful, spiteful, unpleasant pain in the ass is about as helpful as being rather wide at the hips, uglier than sin, prancing about with unshaven armpits and thick, massive thighbrows that can't be cut with a machete.

Because I'll bet that bundle of unfucakble, Sam-Kinnison-looking cellulite and Manrage probably has those, too.

It's hard enough to be stupid. Life has a way of making you pay for stupid. You shouldn't compound your problems by being unattractive and obviously pestiferous, as well. I mean, you will probably need to find a husband to support you, one day; given your total lack of intelligence, I would bet that if left to your own devices you would either very quickly starve to death for lack of talent or work ethic, or be eaten by wolves (as Nature intended). Oral Sex and a few good casserole recipes will only get you so far in this department. Perhaps if you were less....what's the word I'm thinking of?...Bananas...the search for Mr. Right would be over in no time.

And then you can enjoy the lifestyle that best suits your temperament and intelligence, married to an adenoidal short-haul trucker (because that's a REAL Man), living in a double-wide in rural Mississippi, inventing new ways to serve Velveeta, chained to a stove, ironing shirts, and spitting out babies on command. Because you KNOW deep down inside, that's what you want.

Even the worst died-in-the-wool Feminazi has told me all they ever really wanted was to be loved by a good man.

Because being a pretend fireman, stockbroker, lawyer or infantryperson is, like,' stuff. They expect you to know how to do shit, and do it right.

Keep carrying on like on that, and Cletus won't touch you with asbestos gloves, Sweetheart. He'd rather try to mate with a rabid wolverine with a severe case of hemorrhoids. And enjoy it far more.

At least the wolverine makes sense and doesn't complain about being saddled with a vagina when you ask him what all the hubub is about.

But, it goes beyond this. If you ever had any point to make except that you didn't like this guy because MSNBC told you to, you certainly didn't make it. Instead, it was made personal, and this invalidated any legitimate argument you might have had, not that there was any argument to subject to sober consideration when in the course of protesting the nomination in the name of anti-sexual objectification of women, some of you held Slutwalks Against Kavanaugh.

It certainly wasn't difficult to dismiss your objections when you made the puerile case that  Kavanaugh's ascension would mean that a male-dominated court might overturn Roe v. Wade and return us to a ghastly time when Men could tell women what to do with their bodies, when you seem to have forgotten it was an ALL-MALE court that constructed Roe from thin air. Either you are all fucking stupid, or more likely, the assholes peddling this nonsense expected you to be fucking stupid, not knowing this, so that you'd swallow the argument uncritically.

The death threats, the mobbing of Senators in hallways and elevators, chasing politicians you don't like from restaurants, shooting up Congressional Baseball games, attacking Senators with a baseball bat as they mow their lawns, beating up septuagenarians invited to speak at universities, destruction of private and public property, the doxxing, the deliberate smear tactics, the feeble attempts at intimidation (seriously, none of you is intimidating. You're all so obviously fragile it would take a Herculean effort not to laugh in your faces when you tried to get aggressive) , the moonbattery, the bomb scares, mailing white powders, mailing your used tampons or menstrual blood to members of Congress didn't endear you to anyone. In fact, the whole kit and kaboodle from the attempted frame-up, to the obstructionist tactics, to the violence and threats of same, the attempt to undermine the rule of law, probably turned more people off. You gained no allies, in a real sense, and probably set the cause of Women's Rights (and the Left, in general) back 100 years.

Because after having given Women their rights, if this is what you do with them, then the exercise was a wasted effort.

Third Thing: The Left, having recognized the Reality of having lost before they Unrecognize it, went right back to work doing what it does best: redefining language so as to forestall debate and criticism.

So, we discover that you're "a survivor" when you have nothing to prove you've undergone an ordeal. Any ordeal. Except maybe the one inside your skull.

Let me make an observation about "Doctor" Christine Blasey-Ford; Your Overlord used to be a drunk. I don't mean the occasional drink, I mean whiskey-in-his-morning-coffee-to-function, followed by the four margarita lunch, followed by a "quick" stop at the local watering hole on the way home to "unwind" before another fifth of scotch put him to sleep. We're talking blacking-out-while-driving drunk. Waking up in strange places drunk.

I know drunks. I also counselled many after achieving sobriety, and I have met literally hundreds of women like "Dr." Ford, who also suffered for many years from acute substance abuse issues. Here's how this sort of woman operates:

She doesn't like herself, so she drinks. She then gets taken advantage of because she's drunk. Angry at being taken advantage of, she drinks some more to ease the pain...only to be taken advantage of again. This makes her angrier and sadder, so she drinks some more, and gets taken advantage of again. She will then wander around aimlessly and cluelessly asking every living soul within earshot "Why does this keep happening to me?", in complete denial about her lack of self-esteem, her repeated patterns of destructive behavior, her drinking problem, and in denial that she KNOWS she does this on purpose; on the one hand, getting knackered before a knee-knocker in a dingy alleyway is a means of desensitizing herself to the disgusting behavior and ginning up enough courage to go through with what is a self-destructive act.  On the other, being an easy conquest also gives her, though not in the way she really wants, the attention from men that she craves. Even the negative kind.

The plaintive wail of "Victim!" afterward, is, likewise, an attention-getter. Now she wants sympathy for what is really her own fault.

This is a mental health problem. It comes from a lack of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and probably a childhood with a distant and unloving (perhaps even abusive) father. Seen it a billion times.

Now, let's assume that something happened to her(because as a "victim" we're supposed to believe her), the story she tells (or rather, not tells) is so full of holes, so heavy with uncertainty, lacking in credible evidence, that it can hardly be true. Especially when you explain that you've only recently rediscovered this lost memory under a therapist's care. Without getting into the weeds, the "recovery" of "lost" memories is bullshit. What's more likely is that Ford has woven a single memory from drunken fragments of alcohol-fogged segments of several events.

Which brings us to the next three words the Left attempted to redefine: "sincere", "credible" and "evidence".

Let's take the first two first, because they are related.

Christine Ford was "credible", all the Left said. All the other "accusers" who later turned out to be lying, refused to testify, recanted their stories, or turned out to be wingnuts, were also described as "credible". Until they weren't. What they meant to say was "sincere"; Christine Ford was obviously sincere when she gave her testimony. The mentally ill often are; they fully believe the shit percolating inside their diseased brains. But Christine Ford was not "credible". The Left is trying to conflate the words "sincere" and "credible", so that if you FEEL it it must be true.

However, they ran afoul of another word they'd like to redefine, which was "evidence".

However "sincere" Christine Ford was/is, she has no evidence, and without evidence, she cannot be "credible". The Left understood this, and so the word "evidence", which means verifiable proof, was instead turned into a subjective thing based on feelings, which cannot, of their nature, be verified nor do they constitute "proof". This is another aspect of the Left's estranged relationship with Reality.

When you have to start playing games with the definitions of words -- "it depends on what the meaning of 'is' is; 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman...", and so forth -- you know you've got nothing, sincerity, notwithstanding, or did we forget how sincere Bill was when he made those denials? Or how sincere Barack was when he explained "you can keep your doctor" really meant you couldn't?

On a similar note, I would like to point out that the left has now announced it is on a holy Crusade to "restore American institutions" which will somehow mean the elimination of institutions all over the place: the Electoral College, the idea of presumption of innocence, The Senate and Supreme Court, themselves.

Seriously, when they say something, they really mean the opposite.

Now, as of today, the word "mob" has suddenly become anathema, and cannot be used, particularly when it is applied to them.

Fourth Thing: You can forget your Blue Wave. This little episode managed to do something that would have been considered impossible just two years ago: it moved the fence-sitters, disgusted by the display, closer to Trump, and it galvanized conservatives, even the NeverTrumpers into making common cause against a plainly deranged foe bent on nothing less that the acquisition of power for it's own ends.

This is your Blue Wave. It is symbolic of the chance you had to at least toss a monkey wrench into the works in a way fake Russian "Collusion" trials, daily caterwauling from the press, continued accusations of Trump being a liar, couldn't.

People who were probably, at one time, wont to believe those sorts of things, have had the scales lifted from their eyes now. If the Left would go through the trouble of fabricating a rape to hang on a Supreme Court nominee, what else might they do?

You know, like fabricate a tale of election fraud, complete with false FISA warrants,  spying on American citizens, creative leaking to the press, committing felonies which would deliberately trigger a Special Counsel, refusing to investigate real crimes, all the while hiding behind the Law.

Fifth Thing: The Absolute Dearth of Talent on the Democratic bench. We were treated to endless jeremiads by complete non-entities.

It was particularly rich to hear Kamala Harris talk about how women are sexually preyed upon by men when everyone knows she only got her start in politics by being Willie Brown's side bitch.

It was an absolute comedic treat to listen to Cory Booker, a man so dumb he even failed as Mayor of Newark (talk about moving up by fucking up?), rail and castigate and jeer and admonish, only to discover he's written extensively about his own, clumsy teenaged sexual assault.

Maize Hirono is a testament to the idea that we did not nuke Japan enough. Whatever it's virtues as an idyllic vacation spot, Hawaii is little more than a trailer park with grass skirts. Anyone who ever watched "Dog the Bounty Hunter" knew this. One day, those volcanoes will swamp this collection of shitty little islands, and I, for one, will cheer. Look who they sent to the Senate, after all?

Diane Feinstein is older than dirt...but still (only-slightly) younger than the Sun. DiFi was already known as a notorious fence-jumper, leaping from one side of an issue to the other faster than Cory Booker could misspell his own name, but now we see how easily panicked she is: challenged by the very same sort of ultra-left-wing cuckoos who pretend that emitting sounds from their clam is legitimate political discourse, she took her chance to burnish her leftard street cred with a vicious lie so flimsy, so transparent, so easily penetrated and dismissed, that Hillary Clinton was like "Bitch, you done that wrong".

Now, what's really funny about DiFi is the guy who's running against her -- Kevin de Leon -- only remembered he was Hispanic and put the "de" in his name last week. He's another poser, like the execrable  Robert "Beto" O'Rourke, two upper-middle-class white guys who think that if they adopt an ethnic name, they suddenly become something they probably tried to avoid being all their lives. On the way up, having any Hispanic connection was probably an impediment to getting into the "good" schools and getting the "plum" jobs in government, but now, it's like a license to run for office, despite having nothing to say and only being capable of recycling old Soviet Boilerplate.

Much like the other fake Hispanic from the suburbs playing "Jenny From the Block" in New York.

This is the Modern Democratic Party. It consists of screaming women who see rape everywhere. Politicians who make Irish Setters look like Nobel Laureates. Splintered and fractured into so many identity groups -- which get more fragmented and splintered with each passing day -- that it cannot possibly hope to mollify them all. Pushing Soviet-era policies and Soviet-era Tactics against their political opposition. Reduced to arguing that words mean something other than their accepted definitions, all but announcing that all they want is power, and there is nothing or no one they will not trample on, run over, run through, destroy, in their quest to get it. They expect you to ignore what you've just seen.

And over it all emerges the fat piece of slimy, criminal, walrus shit in a pantsuit who started it all, announcing to the world that there can be no "civility", as if there ever was when it came to these people?


Anonymous said...

I am going to all this trouble to tell you that was a great, well-written rant.

Matthew Noto said...

And I appreciate all the trouble you've taken!

See you again, soon!