Monday, October 1, 2018

Put the Blame Where It Belongs...

I'm sorry, but it would appear that over the entire course of my lifetime it has been the Left that injected sex, or hyper-sexualized, everything within an inch of it's life and attempted to (or have succeeded) in elevating behavior and attitudes that they now -- for political purposes -- claim to abhor.

It was feminism that told women that bestowing their sexual favors hither and yon in profligate fashion, without emotional attachment or responsibility, was a liberating experience. It also told them they could shield themselves with any vestiges of the former regard ladies were held in as means of personal gain, to manipulate Men, business, law and government, and also to use such vestigial custom as a sword to go on the attack for same.

It was feminism, champion of birth control and abortion, that made sex consequence-free. When paired with what I've written in the previous paragraph, this was an absolute Godsend for Men -- low-hanging fruit, so to speak -- the Trifecta of a sexually-aggressive/liberal female, who did not wish nor "need" a commitment, with an ability to avoid the responsibility of an unwanted child.
It has been feminism, coupled with the welfare state, that has steadily eroded the link between Man and Woman, the first portraying Men as useless, predatory, unnecessary, dangerous, criminal, "toxic"; the second standing in poor stead of husband and father. This while Women are encouraged to openly hate and revile Men, while Men have turned their attention to the problem of perfecting the sex robot.

Well, if Men can be considered disposable by the modern female, then two can play at that game. If Men can be held responsible for every evil that stems from a woman's personal shortcomings, then why bother with a woman? The more this Ford-Kavanaugh disaster advances, the more-attractive the sex robot becomes.

At least it doesn't speak, unless you want it to and when you get tired of it you can trade it in for a newer model without having a court take half your shit.

And then women will have something else to complain about. They're not happy unless they're complaining. But, I digress...

It has been the Left which has advanced agendas regarding homosexuality, transexualism, pedophilia (excuse me, "Minor-attracted Persons" is the new term of art); called for tolerance of Men in the Ladies' Room, and which has made Gender as form of identity (in some cases, the ONLY fact of identity) to the point where people feel perfectly free to invent their own, and change them from day to day.

As a young man coming of age in the mid-80's, the Left told us we did not need to exercise "judgment". Judgment was bad. Judgment was the fountainhead of all prejudice. It did this at the height of the AIDS epidemic, which previously had been known as GRIDS -- Gay-related Immunodeficiency -- so as to not cast hasty aspersions upon Gay Men. One wonders how many died needlessly for the sake of propaganda. We did not need to exercise judgment in the area of sex, either, except to remember to "Wrap that Rascal"; otherwise, everything was fair game until or unless you heard the word "NO", and every circumstance -- innocent or not -- was in some way perfectly capable of being interpreted as "Yes".

By today's definition, I wonder how many young ladies I have (retroactively) "raped" -- who didn't bother to report it, who never complained to me, who only remembered the experience under the influence of a therapist. Having been handsome, athletic and making a good buck back in my day -- and often sought after by females -- there might be scores. I wonder; could any of them, 30+ years later suddenly recall a consensual experience, taking place under a different set of moral and social mores, as a rape/sexual assault?

Today, we see children trafficked; we are treated to teenaged girls tarted up to sell music; we celebrate the sexually profligate or unusual (whether it is a woman who gives birth to octuplets for the welfare money, teenaged mothers on TV, or a prostitute-on-film who claims to be able to sink a President); we see the highest levels of our institutions corrupted by the false ideas and double-standards promulgated by the left -- sex is a sign of power, all women are sexually-available, or willing to use/trade sex for personal gain, or just because it's fun, to be a feminist is to be a whore or else you're a hypocrite, which brought us the factoids of a blowjob and a stained dress in the White House -- so that people who have tax-payer-funded slush funds to pay off their victims can sit in judgment (which was supposed to be prejudicial) of a good man, accused by a woman who has no memory and cannot identify him as her attacker with any reliability, obvious mental issues, no evidence, no witnesses, who should be believed solely because of her gender.

And if you don't, then you hate women and want them to be raped.

And then women complain that Men do not take them seriously.

ometimes there just ain't enough bullets.
The Left has always been very good at creating double-standards and of operating under the auspices of Cognitive Dissonance. The Good Leftist swims in an ocean of double-meanings and convenient memory lapses that allows them to switch between meanings as required orthodoxy demands without feeling the guilt and shame that comes with being a hypocrite. You see it every day:

Race doesn't exist...but racism is everywhere.

Gender is a social construct....unless it helps you get into law school, then it's a fact.

Men are all sexual predators....and the newspaper this morning has yet another story of a ditzy blond 20-something caught diddling her pre-pubescent students (probably because Feminism has taught  her to fear and loathe Men, so that she can't handle one).

We believe in Justice and Equality....unless there's an advantage in Injustice and Inequality.

The same dialectic is at play here. We're supposed to believe an allegation made without evidence because it is made by a Woman, because that's Justice; but the Man accused on no evidence is not allowed to defend himself. His guilt has been pre-ordained in the name of "balancing the scales". That this is done in full view of the entire Republic, and along stringently-partisan lines, all of it making a mockery of Due Process, of Senate Hearings, of the Rule of Law -- even of common  decency -- is supposed to be ignored.

That is all to be sacrificed upon the altars of orthodoxy and expediency. Because the Left needs them to be, RIGHT NOW. The Left is ALWAYS about Right Now.

Next week, when it becomes necessary to reverse course, millions of Americans will suddenly develop amnesia, and consider themselves upright moral people occupying a celestial higher ground.

We will engage in an act of Sexism today, and then decry Sexism tomorrow, when the roles are reversed.

This is a mental disorder. We are allowing people with severe mental handicaps to vote.

And then we wonder why government is so dysfunctional?

UPDATE: Fixed some grammatical/spelling errors.

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