Thursday, October 25, 2018

Bombs, Bombast and Boobs...

"Death is the solution to all problems. No Man - no problem." -- Josef Stalin

Quite a bit of thinking on this recent spate of hand-delivered bombs yesterday. My thinking is a bit disordered right now, so I want to put a few ideas out there just so I won't forget them. Perhaps later this week, as more is known, I'll be able to flesh things out a little bit better.

According to what is known -- or at least being reported -- as I write this:

* None of the bombs is an actual bomb. That is to say it is a reasonable facsimile of a bomb, but they appear to not be intended to explode: no detonators, amateurishly constructed, carrying a lot of symbolic messages in the form of stickers (one sticker is the favorite joke of Larry the Cable guy: they read "get 'er done" written in what appears to be ISIS-style script). Someone went to the trouble of putting what is supposed to be construed as a timer on them (why hand-deliver them, then? Did you expect them to be delivered and opened at a specific time?). Yes, they have sections of pipe; yes they may have black powder in them; no they aren't bombs. None of the things that would make it a bomb are connected or working.

* Some experts on television are dismissing these things as bad jokes. They believe these things were designed to be found very easily, which is not the hallmark of a "serious" bomber, perhaps purely for terror effect, or to send a message to the recipients which has yet to be discovered.

* The political overtones -- and the over-the-top manner in which this was done, in terms of numbers -- are obvious. The question is whether it's a Righty or a Lefty who did it.

* This sort of thing is right out of the Anarchist's Cookbook. It's on page 14, right after the entry on"Not Shaving Your Legs and Armpits as Fuck-All Serious Feminist Statement". It's the kind of thing you would expect young, stupid, so-frustrated-they-have-nothing-left-but-violence-to-express-themselves first year Gender Studies morons to do.

I mean, after you scream from your vagina for two weeks and get no results, what's left? Blow something the fuck up.

I have a theory, to which I freely admit I have no evidence to back up. Pure speculation. It goes something like this:

This is NOT what you would assume it to be: a deranged right-winger sending bombs to deranged lefties, but an even-more deranged lefty sending bombs to other lefties for a deranged purpose.

Historically, the left engages in purges; it has always eaten it's own when "Own's" political usefulness comes to an end. Stalin and Mao purged tens of millions; Pol Pot killed half the population of his country; who knows how many Castro and Che executed in the name of Scientific Socialism. In America, the early Progressives set about to systematically purge America of what it considered "sub-humans", a program emulated -- and surpassed -- by the Nazis, both eventually turning on supposed and presumed allies, like Communists and Socialists. The American Neo-Cons are all, down to the last man, refugees from the Left who were forced out of the mainstream because of disagreements about dogma and ideology. Libertarians are typically left-leaning (Libertarianism has its roots sunk deeply in the left) , but have found a home on the American Right. The founder of National Review (James Burnham), the Conservative Bible, was a former Communist.

The left is always pushing out or killing those it finds politically inconvenient or those it finds it expedient to turn upon.

Think about who got bombs and who didn't:

CNN got one; MSNBC did not.

The Clintons, Obamas, Maxine Waters, all got one; Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Corey Booker did not.

George Soros got one; Tom Steyer did not.

If one was a conspiratorial nutcase (and I am not), why, one might start to think that the more-radical elements of the American left may be sending a message to the Old Guard. The Old Guard that failed. It is almost axiomatic that when Leftardism fails -- Radical Islam follows the same script -- the reason isn't that their ideas suck, not that they don't know how to get things done, not that they haven't realized their rank-and-file are all blithering idiots. No, they always fail because the standard bearers were imperfect; they were not pious enough. They were not ideologically pure. They failed to believe. They abandoned the Dream for personal enrichment.

And just as Radical, FundaMENTAList Islam believes that success lies in a stricter interpretation of Scripture, a more-fervent, ever-more- draconian, purer system of belief tied to more-radical action, so does the political Left. You hear the same excuses all the time:

"Socialism hasn't failed because it hasn't been tried".

 "That's not Socialism".

 "Socialism would work if we just found the right Socialists to run it".

And just as the Imams denounce and issue fatwas against the Apostates, the Radical left does the same.

The New Guard is telling the Old Guard: you have failed us and our patience has run out with you. We would have succeeded in getting "free"everything already if only you old, unorthodox, self-interested, ineffectual lying sacks of crap weren't in the way. Just as Islam has Apostates and Infidels, just as Stalin had Hoarders  and Wreckers, the New Left has it's enemies among it's ranks, as well.

Socialism hasn't failed...the Old Guard failed Socialism. The Old Guard is the cancer that must be excised for Socialism to win, just as the True Believers must be freed of the influence and presence of the impious to see Allah's will be done.

Just a thought.

As an interesting experiment, I floated this theory to my Progtard friends. The response was predictable in every case. The depth of the fucktard, however, was often shocking.

The standard response was "We shouldn't leap to conclusions; we don't have enough evidence yet. But I'm POSITIVELY CERTAIN it was some fascist, racist, bigoted, homophobe Trump supporter."

Cognitive Dissonance.

The idea that the Left would target other Leftists hadn't occurred to them. This is not surprising, since your average Progtard is historically, culturally, and politically ignorant. His embrace of Post-Modernist bullshit has cut him off from the very tools he would require to put the thing into a proper context, so that you get a response like this in which a Lefty dumbfuck actually tries to make a conservative argument. This was one of the more shocking takes:

"Isn't a shame the bomb squad had to be called! I hope whoever did this is forced to make restitution for the millions of taxpayer dollars wasted!"

Apparently, that money would have been better spent on abortions, more welfare, and Pussy Hats, but I digress...

The problem with that response is this: you're angry the bomb squad had to be called, but not angry that someone felt compelled to send bombs to threaten and perhaps hurt people, presumably over political differences?

Your priorities are fucked up.

Then again, these are often the same people who see no problem with masked young men roaming the streets beating up people who disagree with them, women making false allegations of rape in order to destroy people, or hounding folks out of restaurants and movie theaters for not kissing their asses, referring to anyone to the right of Mao as a Nazi, fascist, racist, deplorable, bitter clinger, rape apologist, and then crying about the lack of "civility" in today's culture.

They openly call for your property to be taken, your money stolen by government, your children to be made property of the State, your job given to someone they deem "victimized", your culture to be destroyed and for your extermination if you're a White Male or a Conservative and then can't figure out why you want a gun.

Complete and utter boobs.

I've told you this all before, but I shall repeat myself: we are not dealing with smart, rational, emotionally-stable people here. The Right has it's dumbasses, too, but the modern "Progressive" is a basket case. These are people eternally cursed to have an adolescent mindset trapped inside adult bodies; you can't reason with them; it doesn't take. They haven't the tools to reason, especially if they've gone to college. They have been painstakingly trained to miss the obvious, to avoid applying logic, to conform in thought and deed above all else, to redefine words, to substitute feelings for logic, to reject facts, evidence or arguments that threaten to undermine their implanted and treasured orthodoxies.

Most cannot explain to you the real differences between a Classical Liberal, a Conservative and a Socialist, but they sure as hell know the other two are supposed to be bad and the third good. They cannot ask themselves the simple question "What if I am wrong?" and then give themselves an honest answer. They cannot countenance new information that might actually cause them to rethink a cherished idea or ideal; the new information is always suspect: "Where did that come from? Fox News? That's fake! Are you a conservative? You have White Privilege and are a racist, therefore anything you say is wrong, you misogynist fascist."

The response that makes me laugh the loudest is this one:

"I agree that everything you've said is true; however, I don't like the way you said it, therefore I will ignore it."

Orwell referred to this phenomenon as "Protective Stupidity". In "1984", it was presented as the process of Crimestop. The first discipline required to master Doublethink.

Let's sum up:

* We may have a leftist split occurring, with the more-radical elements of the left actively threatening the more moderate (according to their dim lights) wing of the party.

* We have seen two years of nothing but raw, unrestrained, irrational, emotional fury from the Left. Everything from whining, crying, anxiety, triggering, screaming from your nether regions, scratching at doors, openly wishing for people to be killed, mock executions, stalking, doxxing, sheer pettiness, obnoxiousness, and vindictiveness, topped with physical violence, and now, perhaps, terrorism of a sort. The immaturity and intolerance on display have been disgusting. The hatred is visceral.

* The Left used to be good at persuasion, but not much anymore. It has abandoned persuasion for intimidation. It left civility bruised and bleeding in a back alley the day Hillary lost an election that was rigged in her favor, and in which the Bernie Bros. had to suck it up and take a backseat to her Heinous. Obama failed to deliver on anything in 8 years. Having completely lost the power to express themselves -- by choice -- by whittling down all political questions to matters of feelings, identity, and black-white thinking, the left has nothing left but ever-more demonic hissy fits. Buckle your seat belts.

* The left will be incapable in the very near future of fixing itself. It lacks the intellectual honesty to do so, and the leftist footsolder is a mind-numbed robot programmed to reflexively take offense and denounce ideas they don't understand or just don't like, trained to be stupid to the point of infantile credulity, conditioned to regard people who disagree with them as monsters, incapable of understanding the principle and uses of Free Speech, robbed of the ability to understand context -- robbed of context, itself -- it will continue to turn upon itself. It will continue to fail, and lacking intellectual honesty and an ability to process Objective Reality, continue to blame others for it's failure.

Assuming I'm right, bombs may be the least of our problems for the foreseeable future.

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Anonymous said...

You cut to the heart of the matter, which too many in the conservative press won't do because they think so highly of themselves they've become Tennysons with a right slant. The majority of the right does not realize this is a war, not just of ideas any more, but it's become physical. One day a leftist is going to mess up Ben Shapiros hair and he's going to be preturbed.