Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Tale of Two Morons...

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." - Issac Asimov

So, it would appear as if my theory of fake pipe bombs being a bit of Left-on-Left Violence Theater is incorrect. It happens. Egg on my face.

But that is only according to what we have been told; what is known is a different animal and yet to be revealed.

No sooner is the panic over novelty pipe bombs beginning to fade when some other doofus decides that shooting up a Synagogue is a perfect means of killing -- no pun intended -- a Sunday afternoon.

One is, conveniently, framed as "political violence" instigated by the President's "overheated and hateful rhetoric"; the other, perpetrated by a man who apparently screamed "All Jews Must Die!" before opening fire, is portrayed as the rampant racism that exists in America, and which fuels the Trump machine. One is portrayed in the media as an indication that the Right is unhinged, the other is evidence that the left is only unhinged because of the Right, although the only evidence we have of unhinged-ness in the first affair is an indication of severe mental illness, and in the second event, a rabid case of anti-Semitism.

No matter: it's all Trump's Fault.

Why? Because he's mean to the media and won't let the left win anything.

Poor fucking babies.

But let's dissect, according to what we have been told (again, what is known is a different thing) about both of these jerkoffs.

Cesar Sayoc is a known mental case. He's a known felon. He's a known self-hating fag and steroid freak. He obviously has trouble with realty, referring to himself as a Seminole Indian, despite the fact that his heritage appears to be Filipino and Italian. Maybe he and Elizabeth Warren could trade DNA results?

For some strange reason, Florida seems to be Disneyland for the mentally ill, who despite being known to authorities, still manage to get their hands on firearms and explosives, whether you're a deep-in-the-closet-former-male-stripper-convicted-felon-living-in-denial-and-literally-living-in-a-van-down-by-the-river conspiracy nut, or a high school student who's dog told you the entire 11th grade was the anti-Christ.

It goes without saying the nation has a problem in dealing with it's mentally ill; it appears it has a problem with Florida, too. Florida can't seem to keep it's insane from weapons, or get them anything approaching treatment. Then again, Floridians couldn't read or push a piece of sharpened steel through a piece of flimsy cardboard in 1999, either.

If there is an amusing side to all of this, it is the great lengths to which media, especially CNN, have gone to describe Sayoc "White", even going as far as to intentionally lighten his mug shot. Remember this ploy? The last time the media tried it was when they invented the term "White Hispanic" to gin up racial hatred between blacks and whites for Obama.

In the Pittsburgh shooting, Robert Bowers leaves behind a social media profile which both indicates some serious racism and a lack of intelligence. No sooner does this man go on a rampage, than Gab, the social media platform he was using, suddenly goes offline. Despite attempts to paint this asshole as a "White Supremacist", it's quite clear (from screengrabs and internet scuttlebutt) he's one of those old-time Progressives. I mean, like Ur-Progressives of the type that went in for euthanasia and Final Solutions. He, too, is a conspiracy nut, who believes everything on Planet Earth is run by Joooos with the intention of achieving World Domination.

The media can dress this pig up in an attempt to link him to Trump, but it's bullshit: this guy is an old-style Progressive of the sort that would have been welcome at Woodrow Wilson's Dinner Table, or who would have taken Margaret Sanger to the Prom. He and Hitler would have been bowling buddies. It's obvious this guy is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, as well.

The only way this guy doesn't get attached to Trump by media is if he had the poor taste to engage in an act of cultural appropriation and scream "Allahu Akbar!" before opening fire. Then they'd be calling him a "racist".

If that had happened, (P)MSNBC would have already aired a three hour special on the invisible American Islamophobia problem, already.

I just want to make a distinction between the two on this basis: the results. Otherwise, I want it known that both probably deserve a death penalty.

The one guy the media is creaming over for his overt support of Trump didn't kill anyone. Whether this is because that was not his intention, he's incompetent, or whether the Left found themselves a perfect patsy, is yet to be determined. Bottom line: he didn't mail bombs that worked; the powdery substances he sent were, likewise, harmless.

The other guy who spouts Progressive Boilerplate online and exhibits all the disgusting virtues of leftist anti-Semitism (most leftists are anti-Semites; they try to hide it by making a distinction between "Jews" and"Zionists", but it's gossamer thin camouflage), kills 11 people and wounds six more.

The Guy who's in the tank for Trump, just when it seems Republicans are on the verge of winning big at the ballot box in a week or so, decides NOW is the perfect time to go on a bombing spree in favor of Trump.

The Guy who hates Jews that the media decided is pro-Trump, too (despite all the anti-Trump tirades on his now-vanished Gab posts) decides it's time to go on a shooting spree, because nothing will enthuse and energize the right like a good-old-fashioned pogrom a week or so before electoral victory.


All of this takes place against the backdrop of some 7 to 70,000 "refugees" waiting to storm the American border, as if the entire population of Central America all simultaneously decided this was a good week to try and do so.


In the end, we're going to find out who is behind all of these shenanigans, and I'll bet every one of them is a registered democrat or a socialist douchebag.

And the really interesting thing about it all, I find, is that it all takes place when the Left is losing, so badly that it is using it's allies in social media to impose an open censorship on opinions and media outlets it doesn't like, while the traditional media is hysterically advancing a "narrative" about "dangerous rhetoric" that is mostly aimed at it and is a result of it's inability to do it's proper job, and when the Left can't get a message beyond "Orange Man Bad" out for all the good news and lack of ideas.

Now two mental patients, separated by some 800 miles, just happen to make an appearance, just happen to have backgrounds that would suggest they were moved by this "dangerous rhetoric", and engage in a campaign of terrorism and murder. And the only thing the Flapping Rectums on Television and in the newspaper columns have to say about it is "none of this wouldn't have happened if the Right, and Trump, specifically, would just shut up".


I'm not defending Donald Trump: although I think he's a brilliant businessman and communicator, it's also true that I believe him to be an obnoxious twit. This makes him the perfect foil for the Modern Left: Trump is living proof that one should fight fire with fire.

The problem is, he's better at it than they are.

And he's accomplished shit.

When the left is losing, whether at the ballot box or in the realm of ideas, the first thing it wants to do is to silence someone. Having discovered that they have lost the argument and have no counter, then the thing to do is to take away the winner's ability to hammer home his argument. You can see this from the slant of the news coverage: we're not talking about anti-Semitism; we're not talking about the availability of explosives; we're talking about SPEECH.

This silencing of anti-Left opinions that are effective is, indeed, the basis and ultimate point of Political Corretness.

If it takes a few fake bombs (like they'd mail real bombs to their own?), and 11 dead Jews, to set up a morality play in which the ending is "You guys should shut up!", then so be it. They've already done far worse in weaponizing the bureaucracy to go after their opponents, concocting schemes involving foreign influence to deligitimize  their opponents and the result of a fair election, dehumanized every last one of them, accused an innocent man of rape, nullified federal law on immigration, and sent thousands of drugged-up pubescent dunderheads out into the streets to cause mayhem, so why not go all the way?

They doth protest too much, methinks, and in so doing, give the game away.

As for the violence that follows "heated rhetoric" and the Left's inability to take note of it's own responsibilities in this regard, let me just remind them of a few things:

Bill Clinton and Janet Reno burned 80 Christians, including children,  to death -- on TV -- in Waco. Tim MacVeigh, the Oklahoma City Bomber, was painted as a White Supremacist Militia dude, and after that, all mention of the precipitate event -- that attack and 51 day siege in Waco -- was ever mentioned again. Why is Sarah Sanders regularly emasculating Jim Acosta during press conferences a predicate for violence, but incinerating people to make a political point on Gun Control, not?

Every Republican since Eisenhower has been Hitler. Barry Goldwater was Hitler. Richard Nixon was Hitler with shades of Al Capone. Reagan was Hitler with Alzheimer's. George H.W. Bush was a kinder, gentler Hitler, but still Hitler. George W. Bush was Hitler, too, when he wasn't portrayed as a brain-damaged chimpanzee. Bob Dole was Hitler with erectile dysfunction. John McCain (a result of his accumulated mental disorders from his time as a POW), was Hitler who tapped a Rustic Hitler (Sarah Palin) to share his ticket. Mitt Romney was the Bruce Wayne of Hitlers, who wanted to bring back slavery, chain women to stoves and give everyone cancer.

The only Republican to escape the Hitler label was Gerald Ford. Ford wasn't Hitler only because Chevy Chase owes his career (and subsequent painkiller addiction) to portraying Ford as a mumbling, stumbling, child-like, oafish, accident-prone retard.

Barack Obama referred to White America as "bitter clingers", who framed all opposition as "racism", who exhorted his followers to "punish our enemies". Hillary Clinton referred to the entirety of the Right as a "basket of deplorables", not even human, and they whine about NPC memes being "dehumanizing"?

The Left hounds people out of restaurants; camps on their lawns with torches; gets them fired for holding opinions the Left dislikes; it accuses everyone of possessing a variety of phobias. Everyone is a racist;everyone is a sexist; everyone is an unprincipled douchebag, except Lefties, who consider themselves virtuous and incorruptible as they go about being most un-virtuous and corrupting everything they touch. Everyone is a rapist who needs to be killed, or jailed before they commit the rape they just haven't gotten around to, yet.

It is the left that has taken to framing every issue as one of "Resistance" and Revolution.

Speaking of dehumanizing, the Feminists have called for the elimination of the male, specifically the White male, for a generation. The Radical Blacks have, likewise, endorsed the murder of the White Race. These are core democrat constituencies. They advocate that the Other Guys should be robbed, killed, dispossessed. The sandbox with beer that is the Kollege Kampus is a playground for anti-White, anti-Male sentiment, where it is openly advocated that Whites should be enslaved, thrown in prisons, have their culture, language and religion destroyed because it makes others feel badly about themselves. Antifa is Fascism masquerading as anti-Fascism. The so-called "Alt-Right" are socialists, just of an especially disgusting sort.

And the the left can't figure out why anyone would want a gun?

After decades of separating people by means of race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, educational status, social class, through identity politics, the left is suddenly flabbergasted that White people suddenly discovered they had an identity, too, and they used it to put Donald Trump -- Orange Hitler -- in office. And it drives them nuts, because they have no answer for it.

Except violence and ever-subtler forms of "shut up".

So, let's stop all this nonsense about "civility" and "dangerous rhetoric" because you mean none of it, and you started it.

What role if any, it had to play in our Fake Unibomber wanna-be's and Heinrich Himmler, Junior's activities is yet to be revealed. Their motivations have yet to be revealed. The people who helped them, if any, have yet to be revealed.

An honest media and an honest left would take a good, long look at itself in the mirror and start to wonder if it really does have the moral high ground it's now claiming. When the get the answer they deserve, which is "NO", then maybe it them who ought to shut up.

UPDATE: They can't help themselves (H/T to VictoryGirlsBlog)

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