Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Reality ALWAYS Wins...

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away" -- Philip K. Dick

Reality has had a good month.

Let us begin our retrospective of Reality's winning streak with the case of one Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts, and her claim to American Indian Heritage.

As anyone who has ever watched the Maury Povich Show could have told Betsy, "DNA tests are a bitch".

Before reveling in the bitchslap Reality delivered to this poor woman, I would like to say the following:

Everyone embellishes their resume. Everyone who has something to sell polishes it up. Everyone who believes they have something to brag about engages in puffery. However, when the irresistible force of Reality makes an appearance and the resume is found to be lacking in veracity, and the polished turd is revealed for what it is, and the hype is discovered to be illusory, then it behooves the liar, the turd polisher, the charlatan, to do the right thing and fess up. You've been busted. Have the good grace to at least pretend you're embarrassed, make your apologies, and then slink away.

This is what Adults, normal human adults, do when they've been trapped by a lie. They confess their sin; they apologize; and then they go and hide under a rock until the whole thing blows over. If they have any shred of decency they learn a lesson and never try the same tricks again.

What Mental Patients do (and perhaps people who are fearful of losing something important, like a Senate Seat, or perhaps afraid of lawsuits based upon what their lies cost others?) is double down on the lie. They parse words; they play fast and loose with semantics and facts; they attempt to warp Reality in such a way as to "prove" they did not warp Reality in the first place.

Senator Warren lied. She claimed American Indian heritage in order to advance her academic career. One supposes she did this because she lacked talent and/or merit and this was the only option (other than murder-for-hire) that was available to her, and much more expedient than doing anything to attain talent or merit. She did it twice (that we know of): once to get a plum job at Penn State, and again to get a bigger plum at Harvard.

It wasn't as if no one noticed. The moniker of "Pocahontas", applied with sarcasm, stuck to her, an indication that she wasn't fooling anyone. The circumstances surrounding her lie, however -- the institutional embarrassment that might follow her firing for being dishonest at two of America's "better" colleges; the dictates of Political Correctness which protect even the most-egregious of dissemblers if they happen to be part of an "in" group -- saved her.

They served the dual purpose of giving birth to the lie (she lied to get something she wasn't entitled to) and shielded her from her just deserts (having her lie believed made those who believed it look bad).

But now it turns out that Pocahontas is really Pocahonkey.

Under political pressure from that mean 'ol bastard, Donald Trump, and a political upstart who actually happens to be a real People O' Color, Elizabeth Warren did what every two-bit politician with limited mental faculties and wedded to the sense of Entitlement that comes with Affirmative Action would do: she took up the challenge to prove her authenticity.

It was purely a political gesture: on the one hand, if she did it she might be vindicated and have the entire "Sitting Bullshit" and "Dances With Truth" nonsense go away. It would dog her no more, and the resulting embarrassment of her political opposition would allow her to milk the cow of victimization (the original purpose of the lie) just a little bit more for even more personal gain, maybe even the White House.

On the other hand, if she didn't rise to this challenge, it would appear as if she had something to hide, that the charges against her were, indeed, true, and the perception would be that she lived in fear of being found out. That sense of fear is like the smell of a rotting carcass to a predator or a scavenger, political or media, and the question would become a continual handicap.

Trapped between ambition and her own lie, she took the test.

And the result was about what everyone expected: Elizabeth Warren is no more American Indian than I am made of Vanadium.

What followed was a Victory Lap in which the revelation that Lizzy may be 1/1,024th Native American --  a conclusion, incidentally, impossible to confirm because of the lack of AmerIndian DNA to compare it to (we'll get to that in a second) -- was supposed to be vindication, and now the subject could, finally!, be put to rest.

Except that it can't. It won't. It will never be. The test, in and of itself, confirmed nothing...except that Elizabeth Warren is whiter than a light bulb. She's Hospital White. She's so white she reflects moonlight. She is so lacking in pigmentation that albinos have been known to point at her and say "Holy Shit, she's fucking white!". She's whiter than Edgar Winter. She's so pale as to be transparent.

Which is funny, because the whole thing was supposed to be about transparency.

Seriously Senator, if you had any humanity in you, you'd apologize, understand your career in politics is probably over, and then go find a job better suited to your abilities.

Like polishing turds.

To the American Indian tribes who advise their members not to take part in genetic surveys, it appears as if you're in the same canoe as Senator Warren. The reason you don't want your people doing this DNA thingy is because you're afraid of what the results might be. If the results match some of the latest scientific theories (and physical evidence) regarding colonization of the American Hemisphere -- that you were not The First -- and the evidence of Europeans among you before Columbus, might have been here before you, even going back into pre-History, were proven correct, then your entire Victimization Gravy Train dries up, too.

The Paleface (of which the Senator is just the palest of the pale) is on to your hustle. Given the increasing use and importance of DNA and genetic testing in medicine, it's only a matter of time before we discover that "indigenous" is as much a fantasy as The Noble Savage (a term coined by a Paleface who never met any Savages, noble or not).

Add this small victory for Reality to the Kavanaugh Kerfuffle (evidence rules!), the disclosure that the "Russian Collusion" narrative was concocted in the Oval Office on the off-chance that Trump did not recognize the results of the election,  and that Stormy Daniels has made history by being the first whore to ever have to provide a refund, and Reality is batting 1.000 this month.

Along these same lines, my newspaper's sport section is suddenly overflowing with transgendered athletic accomplishments.

In all of them we find a "former" (I'll clear this up for you in a second, you confused, delusional idiots) male dominating women in competitions which are supposed to be female-only.

So, we get the spectacle of a "trans woman" winning a body building competition. A cycling World Championship. A Powerlifting title. A State Wrestling or Track contest.

In all of them, a MAN now claiming to be a woman has "won" a female-only competition that involves muscular strength, endurance and testosterone.

Wow...what a fucking amazing feat.

One imagines what the real women who lost really feel about all of this. They can't come out and say it's unfair -- to do so would see them ridiculed and socially isolated in today's politically-correct environment, perhaps even banned for intolerance by the governing bodies of these sports -- but it can't be admiration, good sportsMANship, or happiness.

But then again, Feminism hitched it's wagon to Identity Politics long ago, and now the other Identities are crawling out of the woodwork to take advantage of the double-standards real women once established for themselves. Like Senator Warren claiming minority status, like Tonto living in fear of what his own genes might do to his claim for eternal welfare, the deranged portion of the population that believes that Biology is not Reality is swooping in to reap the rewards at the expense of those to whom they properly belong.

There is no such thing as "transgendered". You are born -- with very rare exceptions -- Male or Female. Your belief that you may be a woman trapped in a man's body is simply a mental disorder. More like a variety of mental disorders. The list begins with a lack of self-esteem, a need for constant attention, a self-mutilation fetish and then gets worse from there. You cannot fight Biology. I'll demonstrate.

If you are a male, you have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. Every cell in your body will have this XY arrangement, and it cannot be changed. Science cannot (as yet) change it, and a denial of Objective Reality does not make it untrue. You will ALWAYS have an XY; you will ALWAYS be Male.

You can wear make up, adopt feminine mannerisms and patterns of speech. Still XY, still Male.

You can wear women's clothes, have electrolysis, pump yourself full of estrogen, subscribe to Cosmo. Still XY, still Male.

You can pay some sick fuck with a medical degree to implant silicon breasts, shave down your Adam's Apple, soften your facial features, mutilate your sexual organs. Still XY, still Male.

You can get government to recognize your mental deficiencies by obtaining a legal status and special privileges, and it does not alter Reality one bit. Still XY, still biologically male.

Also, still no ovaries.

And what are we celebrating?

A dude beat a bunch of chicks at sports. Who could have seen that coming?

And what is the consequence of that?

Well, don't be surprised if suddenly a whole mess of athletes suddenly decide they're not who biology says they are for personal gain and start taking things away from people who either deserved them or for whom they were intended.

Like scholarships. Endorsement deals. Legal and social status and privilege.

Eventually, this stuff reaches a critical mass and the people who stand by biting their tongues for fear of backlash will eventually get mad enough to make some noise about it.

The next thing you know, every Senator will have to take a DNA test, every contestant in a sporting event will have to prove their gender, everyone claiming minority status will have to prove they are, in fact, a minority, and sanity -- that is to say, Reality -- will be restored, but not without much rancor.

Identity Politics is dying a death from a thousand cuts. It is failing for the same reasons most other stupid ideas fail, too: they eventually cannot reconcile their own internal contradictions, the institutions and structures they call into being collapse under their own weight when confronted by a logical crisis, and because Reality can only be ignored for so long.

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