Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Classic Lunatic #4 - A Tale of Two Kitties...

I have to do it this way, Kiddies, because otherwise Libtards don't understand. I've discovered recently that a Libtard manages to just barely grasp a simple notion if you present it graphically, and if you can include cat pictures they love it even more.

Now, I know that people are not the same as cats, but bear with me, because I have to explain a thing or two about these animals before I make my argument. Perhaps after this little explanation, the analogy will start to make sense. The cat on the Left is a pampered housecat. The one on the Right  (below) is a feral cat, and yes, my use of Left and Right does have a specific point, and that will become crystal clear as I get to the end of this little screed.

The pictures of the two felines are a metaphor for American Life:

Fluffy, the Cat pictured above, is analogous to today's modern Liberal. She lives entirely by the efforts of others; someone feeds her, she doesn't pay for the food, and all she has to do is probably kick up a fuss, and some dipshit with little native intelligence will bring her a bowl of food and some water, and perhaps the occasional saucer of milk. That's primarily why she's such a fat little fucking bastard.