Thursday, September 27, 2018

Great Moments in Dumbfuck (Supreme Court Edition)

"If you have to wallow in self-pity it's probably because no one else liked you enough to have any for you..." -- The Overlord


Such a small word. But, oh, how destructive it can be!

What we all witnessed this past two weeks vis-a-vis the ordeal of one Judge Brett Kavanaugh was the destructive influence of self-pity. It was a fountain of self-pity, nay, a veritable volcano of the shit, which raged and thundered and spewed forth the most noxious vapors, the most incendiary material, and created a landslide of dumbfuck.

If you ever wondered just how far into the sewers the American left could dive, you've just seen it. They didn't even try to hide it. They practically bragged about doing it.

And now I have but one question for you all, My Minions:

If the American left will go through the trouble of framing a man for an alleged sexual assault, that then became an allegation of gang rape, that then became an allegation of a drug-plying rape gang terrorizing prep school girls in Maryland in the early 1980's, with no evidence, no witnesses, a rigged polygraph test, an echo chamber of innuendo, a blatant disregard for due process, a naked attempt to manipulate the Senatorial process, in order to frame a man for an alleged 35 year old crime the accuser can't say really happened, can't say when it happened, where it happened, who knew about it, with no police report, no forensics, absolutely no evidence whatsoever, what else do you think they've done?

Could they have committed multiple felonies, including leaking classified information, perjury before Congress, submitting false search warrants, illegally spying on American citizens, in order to influence an election?

This whole farce really puts that "Russian Collusion" thing into perspective, doesn't it?

And it all stems from a bottomless pit of self-pity.

The self-pity of the Modern Feminist, who after 60 years still can't succeed in a system they've rigged with social and legal minefields to the detriment of men, now complete with false accusations of rape woven together from thin air, or generated by an insane urge to claim additional victim status by inventing a crime where there was none. Willing to go as far as to manufacture crimes in order to preserve the system of double-standards by which Upper Middle Class white women succeed by fucking up and suing someone instead of displaying talent and a work ethic.

The self-pity of an aging Diane Feinstein, besieged for the first time in her political life by a raucous attack from the far-leftard precincts of her party, so desperate to cling to power that she'll stoop so low as to engage in a frame-up.

The self-pity of a certain subset of the Diversity Wing of the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party, stung by the lack of success of the previous Diversity Hire, knowing full well that no one who looks like them will EVER ascend to the White House again because of his failures and incompetence, looking at a future where the Other Diversities outnumber them, desperate to save the Sacred Cows of Affirmative Action so that their Diversities can continue to live like second-class citizens while they get rich.

The self-pity of an entire democratic party (small 'd' intentional) who have lost the White House, the Senate, the House, are probably about to get their asses handed to them again in the midterms, and now, will watch in abject horror as Donald fucking J. fucking Trump replaces potentially three Supreme Court justices with known Strict Constructionists, which means the old stand-by of using the courts to get what they want when democratic process fails them is now in danger, and the carefully-constructed structure of abuses they've used to achieve, abuse and maintain power through judicial fiat is about to come to an end.

The self-pity of a Clintonista political machine who believed they were above the rules, arrogant with stupidity, cocksure and confirmed in their belief that they would rule like the dynasts of old, only to watch the 'merican people undermine all their carefully-concocted graft, bribery, chicanery, and felonies with their goddamned Electoral College.

Because one thing is for damned certain today: If you were paying even five seconds worth of attention to this entire cluster fuck you caught a glimpse -- even a momentary, fleeting one -- of who the democrats truly are. The mask dropped ever-so-slightly, and all the shit about Champion of the Little Guy, Defender of Women, Slayer of Racists, and It's For the Children was exposed for the sham it always was for all the world to see.

And at the bottom of it all, are people who are consumed with self-pity.

I'm a minority. Pity me!

I'm a woman. Pity me!

I'm gay. Pity me!

I'm all three. Pity me!

I don't want to work. Pity me!

I have no talent except for making babies I can't feed. Pity me!

Life is hard. Pity me!

And pity apparently comes with benefits: money you didn't earn; extra-constitutional rights; special consideration under the law; the lowering of standards on your behalf; the ability to deprive someone else of something you aren't entitled to; the ability to allow complete fucktards like Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, and Sheila Jackson-Lee to write laws that allow the government to insinuate itself into every nook and cranny of your life.

Between the four of them, they couldn't muster enough intellectual firepower to burn calories.

The Left has constructed an entire political program on the basis of pity. It's about to collapse.

Mark this day on your calendar (and you should be keeping calendars. Who knew they could come in so handy?), for it was the day when the democratic (small 'd' intentional) party could no longer hide what they are, nor excuse away what they say you didn't see.

Shit is about to get REAL, my friends, between the Kavanaugh farce and Trump playing with declassifying the entire Russian Collusion case, and many who thought themselves above such petty things as accountability and The Law are about get a rude awakening.

I would say have pity on their souls, but they deserve no pity and they have no souls, either.

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