Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Erection 2018...

"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Public.." -- H.L. Mencken

No, that was not a typo.

I meant to write "Erection".

Because it is apropos this evening, considering the last two years have been an exercise in masturbation.

I stayed away from blogging this week precisely because I did to want to get into the weeds of this election bullshit. Now, thanks to the room-temperature IQs of people all over this great nation, I have to do stuff I didn't want to figure out why the GOP got beat, besides the usual bi-polar activity of the usual mid-term (menstrual) cycle. If only to understand it, myself.

The 'merican People, in their infinite fucktard, decided the thing to do this year was to jam an unlubricated 10' pole up it's own, collective ass. Why the country continually sees fit to do this to itself is beyond me. Perhaps there's a psychiatrist out there who can explain it?

It's the political equivalent of the crazy ex-girlfriend who won't go away.

If you are a democrat this evening, you can rejoice, at least for one night, with wet dreams that more "free!" shit is coming your way with a dem-controlled House of Representatives.

None of it will ever get through the Republican-controlled Senate.

You can comfort yourself with the thought that, finally!, the Cheeto Hitler will be impeached, because Maxine Waters got her way.

Impeachment will never pass a Republican-controlled Senate.

You can exalt in the idea that you can, finally!, investigate every aspect of the Trump Administration from top to bottom from dusty corner to cobwebbed cubbyhole.

I say, go right ahead: you'll only be investigating your own criminal activity conducted within the bowels of government.
Yes, forge ahead with your full-on Socialist program of making America like Venezuela.

Don't be surprised, though, when your Social Justice Warriors suddenly abandon that shtick, revealing it for the election ploy it always was, and then sell you out as they confront perhaps the greatest Deal Maker of All Time.

I'm betting Trump already has a list of the easiest-to-bribe and has already worked out a strategy to peel them off.

Incidentally, I'm already anticipating the savage fighting that will occur in your ranks starting -- oh, tomorrow -- as your younger, dumber phalanx of new House arrivals immediately begins arm-wrestling with the older, dumber generation of hippies and clapped-out Civil Rights-era relics for party leadership.

Keep thinking Beto will win in 2020. That's a good one.

If you are a republican this evening, you have to be asking yourself "What the fuck just happened?". because after two years of the Left losing it's collective shit, rioting in the streets, behaving like spoiled children, setting out to deliberately destroy people's lives and careers from sheer spite, and generally behaving like fascists, you somehow lost. Despite near-full employment, tax cuts, a humming economy, international victories over China, Mexico, Canada and the E.U. over trades policy, de-nuclearizing North Korea, moving towards a renewed containment of Russia.

Personally, I'm already anticipating the "spin" from the Flapping Rectums on television that this just proves "Trump is divisive", that republicans are "mean-spirited", and that "violence from the right" in the form of fake-bomb making mental patients and synagogue shooters tipped the sales in favor of the donkeys, but this will be as transparent a lie as Lizzie Warren's cultural appropriation for fun and profit.

Personally, I'm thinking the GOP line up just wasn't personally appealing. Because Americans are that shallow.

So, what to do?

Well, take solace in this, American Right:

You can, and should redouble your efforts to cram every conservative/republican judge you can through the Senate. The left will be unable to stop it, since they destroyed the filibuster (thank you Harry Reid). Twenty-four-seven-three-sixty-five Mitch and Lindsay should be pushing judges through the process. Do what the Other Side would have done had the situations been reversed: poison the well for them for a generation.

Then find some people to stand for election in the House who aren't Paul Ryan clones, that is to say, ineffective elitist assholes with no courage.

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