Friday, April 23, 2021

You All Suck (# 45-- You First, Comrade...)

 "The problem with the unhinged leftist (is there any other kind?) is that he's always very keen to force others to do the things he wants them to do, but which he would never himself do in a million years...." -- The Overlord

I'm tired of moving mouths that exist simply to suck all the oxygen out of a room.

I'm tired of people who posture and virtue signal and dictate to others without exercising a single moment of self-restraint and with nary a hint of self-awareness.

You know they type of person I'm speaking of. Just in case you don't, here s/he is:

This is a person who is never happy. The only time they approach anything resembling even  a fleeting second of joy is when someone they don't like suffers, and even then the good feeling rapidly evaporates because the suffering wasn't intense enough for their liking or ended too quickly.

This is the sort of person who has a complaint about everything but never a decent solution to any problem that ails or annoys them, whether the problem is real or imagined. What often passes for a solution is some formulation in which someone else is made to endure equally or to whom the complaint is transferred and made responsible.

This is the kind of (I hesitate to use this term) human being who is so self-possessed, so eager to please other self-possessed people, and so willing to step over the corpses of others in the quest to be accepted by the herd of self-possessed people, that they can -- and often do -- make the most-grievous logical errors and mental lapses and ignore them completely.

Here's your example. I knew this young man years ago in my professional life, but everyone, I'm pretty certain, knows many people JUST LIKE HIM:

"Dave" is a progressive. He's proud of it. In fact, he's smug about it. "Dave" has a take on everything in creation, even the stuff he knows absolute dick about, which is just about everything. "Dave" is one of those people who is, provably, stupid, but who is emboldened to speak out -- all the time -- because he got a trophy for coming last in school and therefore thinks highly of himself. "Dave" is one of those people who never knows what he's talking about and yet can't seem to ever shut the fuck up about it.

Should you point out "Dave's" shortcomings, then it's you who has the problem. You're "a hater", have some form of mental disorder called "a phobia", you kick puppies, eat babies, want old people to die of starvation, and are any number of things ending in the suffix "-ist".

This is not because you actually ARE any of these things; it is only because you've proven "Dave" has tapioca for brains and hurt his feelz, and being a passive-aggressive little dickweed, this is the only way in which he can attempting to make you feel badly, too.

"Dave" is that guy who stands around the water cooler and tells you that White Males are a deadly threat to everyone; they destroyed the planet; they are all secretly racist; they rape everything; they are mindless robots in a corporate army that seeks world domination at the expense of the downtrodden and indigent.

White Males should be killed, according to "Dave" because they are more-dangerous than any disease, deadlier than any weapon, and happen to be really fucked-up, sucky people.

And then you point out that "Dave" is a White Male, he drove to work in a Suburban, you saw him spit on a homeless guy asking for change not two days ago and he's been a middle manager in a multinational corporation for the last decade, making six figures. 

So you ask him when he's going to kill himself and he gets insulted. 

You explain to him that if White males are all that bad, then he should do what he's advocating and off himself, so as to spare the planet from his toxic White Maleness, his disgusting Carbon Footprint, save the downtrodden from his innate racism and capitalistic tendencies and make women everywhere safe from his uncontrollable rape reflex. Only then will "Dave" have the moral right to lecture everyone else, because he would have shown his dedication to the cause and set the proper example by eating the business end of a pistol.

Otherwise, "Dave"....shut the fuck up.

But you know he won't. He can't. If he's not spouting this sort of nonsense 24/7/365 he'll have no friends who, likewise, spout the same shit on a continuous basis. It's the only bond they have, being all miserable bastards with no personality or other redeeming qualities.

He has no answer for you, and so storms off in a huff to report you to the HR gestapo. You've "threatened" him, you see, by suggesting he does to himself what he advocates be done to others.

The one clear-sighted individual left in HR tells "Dave" to go fuck himself and grow up.

"Dave" resigns because "hostile work environment" and files a lawsuit that goes nowhere, because there's still a judge out there with common sense.

(Yes, this has actually happened to me).

As I've said, "Dave" is ignorant and proud of it. Downright smug about it. He's "Smugnorant".

Everyone else should have to live like a caveman, deprived of electricity, eating only what can be gleaned from local trees or formed out of bean curd, forced to live without heat, a home, left to walk everywhere or train a dogsled team...but not "Dave". "Dave" is invested in Carbon Credits, only eats "farm to table organic" you know, and so doesn't have to suffer those indignities.

Everyone else should be taxed at outrageous rates, the money "distributed fairly" to the "less-fortunate", but not "Dave". After all, he donates his expensive designer suits and obsolete computers -- but only after he takes the depreciation deductions on his income taxes -- because he "cares" for "his community", meaning a place nowhere near his own suburban, gated community.

Everyone has rights...except the ones "Dave" doesn't like. Those should be taken away. On the other hand, "Dave" is allowed to invent new rights -- for himself -- out of thin air.

Everyone should have "free" education, unless that means your kids get to go to the same "exclusive" schools that "Dave's" kids go to, and the schools lose that cachet of exclusivity because they let poor people and "hard cases" in.

We all know "Dave". "Dave" is a jerk. "Dave" is a hypocrite, and worse, he's a pious hypocrite laboring under the misapprehension that he's a paragon of virtue. "Dave" doesn't mean a word of it. He never does.

Because if he did, then "Dave" would be dead, being evilly White Male, and all that.

"Dave" used to be a rare bird; someone you encountered every so often. You found him to be a douche, a long-winded one, at that, but you only had to deal with him for a short time on a daily basis and so the urge to staple his lips shut and throw him an epic beating is somewhat easily-controlled.

Fast forward some 15 years or so, and it seems "Dave" has been busy, indeed. He has either fathered literally thousands of idiots just like him, or "Dave" was a far-more common bird than originally thought, it's just that the rest were not as brazen about exposing their dumbass for the world to see.

And so it is that this week he have a million versions of "Dave" all spouting their uninformed, clueless, smugnorant opinions like an erupting volcano.

First there is Chris Cuomo, the brother of the Angel of Death, advocating for the genocide of white people. I'm sure that includes himself , his wife, and his own children. It for damned sure should include his brother, the murderer.

Then comes the usual parade of non-entities and limited mentalities we call "celebrities", What they are being celebrated for is usually beyond me. It certainly isn't good taste, intelligence, self-awareness, or talent. If people are unnecessary, Assholes, then who is seeing your movies, listening to your music, and otherwise spending money that finds its way into your own pockets?

Not to be outdone, the other celebrated American -- the ignoramus who can dunk a basketball -- chimes in, cluelessly, about the conviction of Officer Chauvin by making something of a threat to another officer in a different city who killed a knife-wielding black woman in order to save...another black woman....because Dribbling Ignoramus says Black Lives Matter, but some matter more if by complaining about them everyone forgets that you work for an organization that condones slavery, murder and destruction of individual rights.

Naturally, this is to be followed by that newest sub-species of "journalist", the one who can't stop writing "My Kid is So Fucking Woke, it's Incredible!" puff pieces that a) are hardly believable, b) so dripping with fucktard that it leaves an oily stain on the floor, and c) old hat. This form of "journalism" first appeared shortly after the election of Donald Trump, it was something of an emotional response by dingbat leftists to Trump, and apparently we will have to suffer with it for a long time, since this is how talentless hacks manage a paycheck now.

No dissertation on the hypocrisy of a leftist in full dumbfuck mode would be complete without an entry from Congress. In this case, the Congresswoman who says that rent is racist, but who has no trouble collecting it, herself. The Black calls the Kettle Pot, methinks.

None of you has any moral authority until you put your own money where your filthy mouths are.

So shut the fuck up.

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