Thursday, April 15, 2021

Four Observations and A Diagnosis...

 Been busy packing up the Death Star and searching out more worlds ripe for conquest. Apologies for the interruption in the supply of snark this past week and for having no quote today.

First Item: on the death of another scumbag in Minneapolis.

I'm not saying the kid deserved to be shot to death, nor am I implying the police are always innocent, BUT...

We're talking about a kid operating a vehicle without tags (a crime), with an outstanding warrant regarding gun and robbery charges (two crimes), resisting arrest (another felony). This propensity for the Urban Parasites to turn every fucking swinging dick felon into a saint is disgusting, and is probably indicative of why -- after 150 years of freedom, civil rights laws, affirmative action, and special treatment in everything from college admissions to government employment -- the majority are no better off than their tribal forebears in terms of lifestyle, advancement, socialization, and civilized behavior.

Some of these folks just might as well be roaming Minneapolis and environs in grass skirts hunting with a fire-hardened stick in a scene out of National Geographic. The only things missing are the gazelle bones stuck through the nostrils and malaria.

Daunte Wright was a fucking punk and barring some great epiphany or somesuch was probably going to remain a fucking punk until either one of the other fucking punks ended his existence or he ran into another police officer who would end up putting a bullet into him, too. I can prophesy that with the same certainty with which I can predict the turd following the fart. His social media history (now made public) is indicative of just what sort of useless, criminal douche he was. 

Yeah, I said that. Fucking deal.

Yes, I'm sure his mother loved him, anyway. She already shows signs of thinking of cashing in on her bundle of fucktard's untimely demise. Considering what a rotten job she obviously did as a parent, its all crocodile tears in my opinion.

Resisting arrest is not a right. Resisting arrest is fucking stupid because you're not going to win.


The Police have numbers, they have guns, pepper spray and tasers, they have dogs, and they have helicopters and radios, SWAT teams, and are trained to take you down no matter how big and bad you think you are.

Yes, Daunte Wright should not be dead (by the way, wtf is it with spelling names like this? I guess we should be thankful his parents didn't name him by simply opening the medicine cabinet and adding a few inconvenient and unnecessary apostrophes to the resulting mouthful of fucktard, right?

I swear, every time I hear a black mother calling her children I start to giggle, imagining one day I'll be hearing "Cepacol! Robitussin! Listerine! Summerseve! Exlax! Nyquil! Dinner time, motherfuckers!", or something like "Kia! Lexus! Mercedes! Toyota! Chev'ro'let! get your stupid ass in here!".

But, I digress...

I'm also fairly certain that Daunte Wright would be alive if he a) didn't have a history of carrying guns, b) went to court when he should have, c) just got out of the fucking car  when asked and didn't act a fool, d) stopped smoking weed, and e) didn't create a scene of complete chaos where an officer reaching for a taser accidentally (allegedly) grabs her pistol and fatally shoots him.

Daunte Wright is dead because he was an asshole.

No amount of post-facto...ahem...whitewashing...his post-mortem-sainted memory will change this. Beatifying the wart does not cure the virus that caused it.

The same goes for George Floyd and about 98.7% of all the other made-up Martyrs O' (only one) Color.

Of course, there is no easier path to the Big Money than race-hustling, as demonstrated copiously by any number of bullshit, storefront "Reverends", so-called academics, and hack politicians, not to mention the recent revelations involving a BLM "leader", a self-proclaimed Marxist with a penchant for pricey real estate in bourgeoise zip codes. But it is becoming apparent that some of these morons are inching us ever-closer to a real race war in America and they haven't figured out that this is a battle they're going to lose.

Then again, they won't be the ones on the front lines. Naturally. So why should they care?

The price will be paid by the people they are ostensibly "serving". If push comes to shove, they'll soon find that even the paternalistic soft racism of the Upper Middle Class whiter-than-a-lightbulb libtard will no longer suffice as a shield, as even the most "woke" of bougie fellow travelers ultimately don't want the Inner City Rash anywhere near their swanky gated communities, private schools, and golf courses, either, and will turn on them in an instant.

Because when it comes to money and property the average lefty is quite capable of disposing of what others have but will defend their own with all the ferocity of a menstrual wolverine on meth. Their forbearance ends at their own checkbooks and only extends into neighborhoods where they don't live, after all. The sympathy, the shallow socialism and phony concern for The Downtrodden is all a dodge and a means of assuaging the guilt that comes from having a private income the recipient feels to be unearned, but enjoyed-to-the-hilt, nonetheless.

Second Item: On the outrageous harassments of and assault upon an Army Officer, captured on body cams.

What the actual fuck?

Three things:

a) Why an army officer -- of any color -- should be afraid to deal with law enforcement is beyond me. Ask yourself if you'd want to be in combat with this dude if he's afraid to get out of his car during what should have been a no-big-deal, super-minor traffic stop. Peacetime Stateside, no less.

I'm not condoning what the police did, but I get the feeling that there's more to Lieutenant Scaredycat than meets the eye and the people who should be telling us aren't about to, because "narrative".

b) It seems, in retrospect, the whole thing could have been settled amicably and peacefully if Lieutenant Whatshisface just got out of his car, showed the officer the temporary tag in his rear window and corrected the false belief that the car had no license plates. Not to excuse Officer Asshole's behavior in any way, shape or form, but it has to be frustrating sometimes to have to deal with people who apparently haven't got the same sense as your Irish Setter and who feel compelled to believe they're somehow "special" and deserve preferential treatment.

c) The officer who turned a molehill into a mountain of shit is Hispanic, but will soon be magically en-Whitened by the press in a matter of days. Mark my words. He's also probably an indication of what happens when you give authority to someone who does not have the maturity, temperament and intelligence to use it properly. I wouldn't doubt he was an affirmative action hire, too.

Someone should start turning out bumper stickers that say "Compliance Saves Lives" (only in Ebonics) and maybe we can stop having our otherwise-peaceful lives shattered by the occasional riot and media-stoked explosion of Cosmic Fucktard.

This is what happens when idiot collides with incompetent. We're lucky no one got shot...this time.

Third Item: There is no dumber human being on Earth than Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez. There may never have been a dumber human being, ever.

We're not to refer to the onrush of human waste piling up on the Southern Border as "a surge" since that sounds a lot like "insurgents" and that makes people think of terrorists. Apparently, the people who think this way and would make that connection are unacquainted with the English language.

Darlin', the bus that took you to Boston University was of the short variety, wasn't it?

Let's just stop and consider for a moment that all this phony concern for a wave of people who have walked -- aided and abetted by a bunch of governments and criminals along the way -- to the United States to suckle on the Welfare teat is the smokescreen for what is really happening: millions are being encouraged to enter this country illegally as a means of destroying a democratic republic from within, so that total dipshits like AOC don't have to work for a living.

AOC is to politics what the "YouTube Influencer" is to society at large: A fucking parasitical infestation that accomplishes nothing, is rewarded far beyond their usefulness, and who manages something of acclaim by simply screaming for attention.

AOC is the living proof that the Theory of Evolution may have to be revisited: is it REALLY evolution if a random collection of pond scum, miscellaneous elements, and the odd amino acid accidentally comes together to form this sort of idiot?

Final Item: No, your Utopian Ideals are bullshit.

Another rambling stew of misused words and random sloganeering from a 20-something moron the other day led me to remember something I had previously forgotten. The problem with people who are convinced that everything can be made "equitable" is that they (conveniently) forget that the world is full of people.

People are stupid. People are selfish. People are usually short-sighted and do peculiar things at unpredictable intervals that tends to fuck up life for everyone else.

Why would we want an "equitable" society if it means rewarding people like this? Long ago, nature was allowed to take it's course and people like this usually did something stupid that got them killed, sparing the gene pool from further corruption.

And life went on.

Anyway, what I recalled was something I've read a million times from a million different places about the mental illnesses attendant to Utopianism. The first mistake the Utopian mindset makes is in believing that Man is perfectible. This is demonstrably false: trillions of dollars spent on "education" prove it. Thousands of years of moral teachings from the great religions of antiquity being perverted, misunderstood or misused underscore the lesson.

When confronted by this deluge of empirical evidence, the Utopian falls back on his last line of defense:

Okay, so maybe Man isn't perfectible, but Systems are.

Until you remind them that whatever "perfect system" you put in place will have been created by and will be run by...people. Who will still bear all the scars of their imperfect nature; people who will act upon them -- both the scars and the system --  in much the same way as people have for generations before.

He them lobs what he believes to be his Atomic Bomb on the subject:

Well, if we can't be perfect, we can at least be better than what we are.

Who gets to define "better"? Would that be...imperfect and non-perfectible people?

The problem with all forms of Utopian (I hesitate to call it such) thought is simply this:

Every attempt to reach perfection -- or sometimes merely "better" -- always results in tyranny. The Man who tells you he seeks perfection, and knows best how to achieve it, is a fallible human being, who, in the course of perfecting everything will make mistakes. The mindset behind the mania for perfection prevents the fallible human being from drawing any lesson from his mistakes, he'll go right on making them, and so he enacts a system of fresh tyrannies to cover the previous failure(s) and to discourage anyone from speaking out against or opposing his "system".

The intentions are good, the execution is poor, and even though "the System" has shown it's flaws "the System" somehow remains pristine, viable and unassailable. The fact that the Utopian is a fuckup is to be ignored because good intentions.

These blind spots in the Utopian's view of both the world and himself, and this need to always be seen as working for good ends despite obvious evil that arises from time to time, make the Utopian an unstable mass of conflicting emotions, contradictory ends, poor thought patterns and hyper-narcissistic self-regard.

In the end, it's never about the "good of the many"; it's about the Utopian somehow understanding on a sub-conscious level that he's a piece of shit on an eternal quest to prevent other people from making that discovery for themselves.

Utopianism, "equity", "Diversity" whatever mask you give it today is always about the piece of shit forcing others to make penance on the piece of shit's behalf. The tyranny, injustice, economic, political and social destruction that come with it are simply the price the piece of shit is willing to have YOU pay to make him feel better about himself and to hide his true nature from casual discovery.

Daunte Wright is a result of this mindset.

Police officers who can't tell the difference between a pistol and a taser or who abuse their authority because someone dumber than them gave them a badge and a gun, because "Diversity" rather than competence, is a result of this mindset.

Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez is a result of this mindset. The mindless hordes who never pick up a dictionary and who voted her into office are a consequence of this mindset.

Young Men who believe there's a magical unicorn out there, somewhere, handing out all the necessities of life "for free" and who can mystically correct every problem in the Universe with good feelz and rainbows, are predictable waste product of this mindset.

We need more mental hospitals and jails, methinks.

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