Monday, April 5, 2021

The Blasted Heath...

 No quote today because even the wisest men of antiquity could never have conceived of this sort of clusterfuck...

Young Man of my acquaintance, speaking on being offered a job that is "beneath him":

"I bring value to that job. So, I should be higher-paid and not have to work more than 40 hours per week."

"But, you've just recently graduated and have never held a similar job before: you haven't "been there and done that", and so have no experience. What value, exactly, are you really bringing?"

"Give me the proper training and I'll excel."

"That's the rub, Son: until you're trained -- and have gained experience -- you're practically useless to them. They're making an investment in your potential, not your self-perceived value. Until you reach that potential, the investment is going to be as small as possible, because you just might fail. The real reward here is opportunity"

"But...but...I have an MBA!"

"So do millions of other people. It's not all that big a deal. It no longer holds the cachet it once did. You know how many other people with an MBA are looking for work right now? Do you have any conception of how many other newly-minted MBA's would kill their own grandmother to get the opportunity being dangled in front of you?"

"But not for that salary and not with those working conditions."

"Beggars can't be choosers, Young Man. It's called 'paying your dues'."

"Go fuck yourself."

"And now we know why you won't get the job."

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'll let you in on the secret: "Woke" is a game. 

It is a competition between infertile, supercilious, tiny minds to see who can be the most obnoxious, condescending, clueless and originally insane.

"Score", if you can call it that, is kept on a sliding scale of non-virtues masquerading as virtues, which is basically a long list of your self-inflicted personal deficiencies and long hours of navel gazing, called "Intersectionality". The Rules regarding "Intersectionality" change on a frequent basis as new intersections are invented out of thin air. One acquires "pity points" based upon each aspect of one's loser and somehow this makes one loser a better, and therefore, more-worthy loser than another.

Except that there is no prize for being the biggest loser in all Loserdom.

So that in the end, somehow, someway, everyone comes out "equal" and no one ever "wins".

This is the purpose of the game: there is never to be a winner -- among the professional Victim Class who plays. Their role is to continue to be and to create an ever-expanding pool of losers. Losers, incidentally, who can be more-easily-manipulated into supporting and voting for policies that will ultimately sink the value of their non-virtues ever-deeper through the machinations of a cadre of ringleaders with ill-intent. The ringleaders will get rich; they'll get the plum jobs; they'll receive the fame, fortune and notoriety that comes with being at the forefront of a phalanx of whiners, criers, and mental masturbators.

And that's always been the goal of the upper-tier of the Left: to make themselves just as well-off as the bourgeoise they claim to detest while claiming sainthood, and thus, absolving themselves of the guilt that comes with knowing that you're a thief, a liar, a scoundrel and a charlatan.

Just keep ignoring the evidence that proves the thesis and continue to believe as an article of faith that loserhood is your ultimate ticket to prosperity. It certainly is someone else's, just not your's.

The only way to win is to not play the game.

After all, the ringleaders got that comfy lifestyle  and the power that comes with it for your benefit, not their own, right?

Some notes on the steaming pile of fresh donkey shit that is anyone named "Cuomo".

It's not enough to kill 15,000 people by government diktat.

It's not enough to (allegedly) sexually assault 10 women.

It's not enough to be so obviously incompetent that other incompetent people point at you and say "Goddamn, he's a fuckup!"

No, all of that is just garden-variety stuff to the New York State democratic (small 'd' intentional) party, and pure bush league for the national party apparatchiks. Heck, the bunch in Washington is even worse -- that coven of dipshits doesn't even flinch when babies are tossed over walls, or people drown crossing the Rio Grande in order to suckle at 'Murica's bulging tits.

Even ensuring there's a clear delineation between Nomenklatua and Proletariat that makes it unmistakably evident just how phony you are doesn't seem to be enough to motivate these idiots to do something good...even if it's just because they need to cover their asses.

Now we discover that Andrew Cuomo -- possible alien invader or genetic experiment gone horribly wrong -- went ahead and ensured that in the opening days of a "World-Wide Pandemic" that the really important people -- his own worthless family -- got COVID testing, access to treatments, and probably much, much more, in secret, while the Governor was busy screaming gloom and doom over the lack of "ventilators", medicines, testing kits, and all manner of other stuff that ultimately has killed 35,000 other New Yorkers.

Some of whom might have been saved if only they had access to the Cuomo Platinum Plan.

Calls for shared sacrifice while you're not sacrificing a thing behind the scenes? Par for the course.

Implementation of a double standard? Just another day in the office.

Taking a victory lap in the middle of an obvious defeat? Even Hitler lacked the brass ones to try that after Stalingrad.

Now, I understand that the modern democratic party has very high standards when it comes to villainy -- it will defend rapists, beatify criminals, excuse theft, lying, cheating, and condone violence if doing so advances it's disgusting causes -- but even a democrat can be expected, at some point, to reach the stage where nausea becomes strong enough to overcome the blind faith of ideology, no?

At exactly what point does the State ASSembly here in New Yorkistan, the attorney general, and the law enforcement community reach the critical mass needed to open a good ol' fashioned can of Whoop-Ass on these Cuomo dudes and do the right thing by throwing them all in jail, right down to the generations yet unborn and residing inside Andrew's enormous sack (perhaps the reason why he's grabbing everything with a vagina within reach; he needs to spawn)?

We've reached a Gold Standard here that even Bill and Hillary Clinton didn't -- graft, obstruction of justice, entitlement, lying to legislators, withholding evidence from investigators, sexual assault and 35,000 dead through sheer incompetence and carelessness.

The longer this goes on, one figures, the more-obvious it becomes just what sort of depraved individuals acquire power on the Left. How much longer can the public -- which cries out daily for his warty hide to be nailed to the Capital doors -- be expected to endure the injustice? Even in these highly-politicized times the requirements of ideology and politics are finding it difficult to compete with the need to hold those in power accountable.

Which breaks first -- the public's patience and forbearance, or the democratic party?

Considering the pair of morons currently residing in the White House are doing their level best to fuck up by the numbers, too, you figure the party will have to sacrifice someone to save itself.

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