Saturday, September 28, 2019

Douchebag of the Week (Week Ending 9/29/19) - The Chillun.

"Youth is the most beautiful thing in the world -- what a pity it has to be wasted on children." -- George Bernard Shaw

I don't know about you, but I have become thoroughly sick and tired of other people's children.

In particular, the children of suburban, upper-middle-class, usually white, whining, prancing, stuck up, smarmy liberals. You know, the sort that produces retarded children at prodigious rates (it's from the elitist inbreeding), and which expects to be cheered and financially rewarded for allowing their brain-damaged progeny to actually live (curious: in a day-and-age where the liberal sees Abortion as "a right" and necessary to spare "society" -- not THEIR society, of course, but everyone else's --  the cost of every Down's Syndrome or Autistic waif that sees the outside of the womb, they never seem able to pull the trigger on their own diseased and defective offspring).

Nothing gives more pleasure to a suburban genetic potato salad production plant than to be patted on the back and given a medal for how "brave" she is for foregoing a medical procedure she would have eagerly advocated for a Person O' Color or a conservative.

Except the assumption of moral superiority and government check that comes with it.

Normally, the Overlord adores children. He would rather spend his day with a bunch of kids, because they're fun, than with most adults (who are fucking retards). But this dialectic began to change in or about November of 2016.

It began with the cavalcade of Post-Election liberal sob stories of dubious truth, which are more indication of just how emotionally and intellectually fragile your typical upper-tier libtard is than anything else. In order to avoid being labeled "whining pussy", the lefties in media began telling morality plays in which their super-woke children suddenly became spokesdouches for an entire generation; vessels of vicarious expression of the inner turmoil their parents were suffering because Orange Man Bad.


Miss Prissy-Pants, columnist for the Times, wrote of her distraught 7 year old, who looked up from her free-range organic non-GMO muselix and gluten-free-seven-grain toast to ask Mommy, tears in her eyes, if this meant the Trump Monster would destroy the world with Nuclear War?

Or there was this:

Mr. Whitebread-Manpurse, Op-Ed writer for the Post, regaled you all with the pitiful story of his four year old who asked, a snot bubble forming at his nostril and lower lip a'quiverin', if the election of Donald Trump meant that people would no longer be able to choose their gender and have to live in a Hell in which pronouns would be applied to them in accordance with their biology and genitalia?

Or this one:

Mrs. Blueblood-Frigidsnatch, wannabe-hippie free-lance supplier of complete crap to whatever fifth-rate website thought it a good idea to publish her hysteria, who tells us of her newborn, suckling at the breast, who suddenly demands the family renounce their American citizenship -- because legacy of slavery -- and move to Europe, where the brown people play and frolic as Gaia intended, because staying in America to be killed by all the filthy air and water Trump will produce is unthinkable.

As if that wasn't overwrought enough, as the weeks went by the children got progressively younger, the imagined holocaust that much more severe, until the stories simply were recycled versions of the same three or four talking points and the children in question were warning of incipient Fascism in utero.

Each new iteration became so transparently false and laughably unhinged that the habit failed to evolve into an art form, thankfully, but the Left is still determined to use children to advance it's multiple, self-conflicted agendas, anyway.

This is something peculiar to the left, this Cult of Youth, if you will. Every leftist movement in history has made use of children -- as propaganda tools, as a means of evoking feelings of sympathy, as a method of preventing the opposition from making it's own case by a manufactured sense of shame and outrage, to claim a moral high ground predicated on the defense of the most-helpless.

There was the Hitler Youth, children indoctrinated into the theology of the Leader and Supremacy of the State; the "Struggle Sessions" of Maoist China wherein teenagers were given free reign to terrorize their elders. Antifa is a newer version of the same idea.  Most-disgustingly sycophantic in recent memory were the "aw-shucks" spectacles of first graders taught to sing hymns to Obama.

However, the most-disturbing trend on this Leftist tendency to advance behind a screen of children has to be the teenaged "activist" who has the methods of achieving a level of fame and who has the ability -- thanks to the Internet and 24-hour media -- to continue to pound the table for a stupid agenda before a global audience.

Greta Thunberg, the obviously-mentally-distressed Swedish teenager who is so concerned about Global Warming that she jets hither and yon to pontificate upon it, advocating and inciting protests that tie up traffic leaving idling internal combustion engines to spew carbon indiscriminately and streets full of litter in the aftermath, is but one example.

There's David Hogg and his "Clod Squad" of Gun Control Advocates, looking for all the world like the United Colors of Dysfunction, calling for the disarming of innocent people because his school (run by liberals) was shot to pieces and his classmates killed, apparently completely unaware that he and his ilk were partly responsible for their killer's spree (what with their elitist cliques on campus), and the State to which he turns to as a means of achieving his goal is the same State that knew the killer was a threat, did nothing to stop him, and ran a school which turned out to be nothing more than a convenient means of concentrating the potential victims, poorly-secured, and married to leftist policies and ideologies (like "Diversity" mandates) that ensure that dangerous people aren't identified, investigated and maybe even locked up before they go berserk.

(The Overlord has written on this subject before).

These kids are nothing more than parrots. They simply spout whatever nonsense their parents and people ideologically-aligned with their parents, tell them to say. Greta has been obviously subjected to years of psychological torture; Hogg is just an infantile buffoon.

Those are just two examples, but another thing they have in common (besides bad Left-think and incoherence) is this sense of hysterical fear, this idea that if their pet peeve is not addressed NOW and in the most regressive and draconian fashion, that they will die. Like, right now.

Listening to these idiots admonish the entire planet for the sins of individuals or spout poorly-understood science as if it were Holy Writ is to be flabbergasted on an incredibly visceral level. To hear them tell it, we're all doomed, they've been cheated, they will never have anything good to look forward to, and no one, ever, has had it worse or had to deal with existential crises before this generation of brain-farting know nothings.

So when I hear a Greta Thunberg cry that she has been robbed of her future and that no one understands (it is amazing how often the teenager, throughout the history of civilization, has screamed "no one understands!") what it is like to have to live with the prospect of imminent mass extinction, I laugh.

A lot.

Sweetheart, I lived through the Cold War. You might have heard about it, if you weren't skipping school to lead a (bowel) movement of fucktards. In my day, if the flag went up, we all had about 20 minutes to kiss our asses goodbye, and it was debatable as to whether you actually wanted to survive a nuclear exchange. For all her bluster about the U.N. being ineffective in addressing Climate Change The Weather, the most-ineffective counter to Nuclear War ever conceived was "Duck-and-Cover", and I can remember practicing that hopeless and useless maneuver in first and second grade. The Vietnam War was piped into my living room every evening, for a decade. Three Mile Island and Chernobyl were the physical manifestation of the End of The World As We Know It.

And if Nuclear War and the following Nuclear Winter, or The China Syndrome, didn't kill us, Greta Darlin', we' were all sure to die when the Ice Age returned, or when the Population Bomb finally exploded and we all starved to death, or when we  finally reached "Peak ______" in which civilization was to come to a screeching halt. Assuming we didn't all melt in the Acid Rain or Ozone Depletion. Everyone it the 1970's had cancer. Everyone had AIDS in the 1980's. As a child I lived through a Mob War on the streets of Brooklyn at a time when the Son of Sam was roaming the same streets at night. Race riots were still a common occurrence in the 1970's and '80's. I've been a target of terrorists all my life, whether it's been Puerto Rican separatists (FALN), The Black Panthers, The Weather Underground, who all planted bombs all over New York City back in the day, or when I survived 9/11 when 19 Muslims tried to kill me with a bunch of airliners turned into guided missiles.

There is an especially annoying breed of these young dingbats who I desperately want to attack with a baseball bat. It's the whiny, vapid, clueless Millennial who cries that his generation will "never know prosperity", oblivious to the technological and economic splendor in which he lives.

The teen or 20-something of today lives a life of luxury compared to the generations of the past, when there were no such things as supermarkets, internets, X-ray and MRI machines, public transportation, indoor plumbing, instantaneous communications, access to all the collected knowledge of Mankind in a phone, electric light, heating and cooling systems, a day and age where very few people went to college (let alone spent several hundred thousand dollars examining useless subjects like Gender Studies, while living in an efficiency apartment built with the billions pulled in by televised collegiate sports). They live in a time where the world is probably more-peaceful than it ever was, is cleaner than it ever was, is wealthier and healthier than it ever was. When I was a kid, we were haunted by visions of starving masses with bloated, distended bellies, covered in flies.

Now the world's greatest health risk is the scourge of Morbid Obesity.

You live a life that would have made a Robber Baron of old green with envy, and the really funny part is that you had nothing to do with the creation of this circumstance, but you expect to reap all of it's rewards. You're somehow mystically ENTITLED to it.

Whining little bastards.

Capitalism, the system that you now decry as "unfair" and "destructive" and which has "deprived" you (you fucking twatwaffle! Capitalism has been responsible for cutting world poverty rates by 50% in the last 30 years, alone!) and yet still provides you with every last faggoty accouterment to your life from hair gel to Starbucks, from beard wax to your obnoxiously clueless Che t-shirts, from your avocado toast to your ubiquitous cellphone, with everything you could ever want delivered within 24 hours in whatever quantity and designer colors you could ever hope for, works.

It, in part, helped to defuse the hair-trigger dangers of the Cold War. It freed billions of people from the mental and physical slavery of back-breaking labor for no gain.  Market forces moved corporations to "Go Green" and clean up their act. Capitalism has fed multitudes unheard of in history -- Jesus only fed a few hundred with a fish and two loaves -- the American Farmer feeds the world with Monsanto, International Trade and GMO's.

And herein lies the problem, methinks: anyone under the age of about 40 walking around taking up air these days is clueless about everything. They are unaware of anything that happened before last Thursday, and then only if it went viral or if one of their friends posted a snap to Instagram.

You lack perspective.

You lack experience.

You lack knowledge.

You have no ideas of your own. You simply repeat what has been drilled into your earholes for year after year in a so-called school, and under the tutelage of your so-called parents, who generally regard you as little more than accessories to their chosen lifestyle of self-segregated dumbfuck. Your parents may talk a good game about Kalahari Bushmen dying of severe sunburn, or New Guinea Headhunters drowning in rising oceans, but at the end of the day it's all hot air. What they care about is their own environment, their own immediate surroundings, their property values, their social circle, their pocketbooks, and all the talk about Gun Control and a dirty Environment is just really talk about keeping the kind of people who would own a gun away from them (because fear), and keeping the air and water surrounding their own gated-community-four-bedroom-cookie-cutter-two-Volvos-in-the-driveway McMansion free of (other people's) filth.

All of which means everyone else must be punished or made to conform.

Part of this lack of perspective is your general ignorance: your educational establishment has cheated you. It turned long ago from the task of creating informed people capable of independent thought and exercising judgement to instead creating a generation of dumbass, obnoxious, self-centered punks who talk a good game about how much they care, but who are unaware of how little they actually know, every last one pre-programmed to believe their salvation, their safety, their prosperity, is connected to a series of disjointed initiatives undertaken for the sake of concentrating control over their lives in the hands of a very few....who are only just slightly smarter than you are.

It used to be said that "children should be seen, but not heard" and nowhere has that ancient bit of wisdom needed to be applied than in this Modern Age.

I bestow upon all the uppity child cardboard cutouts for the effete self-selected elites the Douchebag of the Week Award.

Share it with Mommy. Perhaps a cleaner Babymaker is the key to preventing her giving birth to more morons.

It certainly couldn't hurt.


Anonymous said...

Had basically the same argument with a brain damaged boiney panders supporting niece just this past weekend. You sir nailed it beautifully.

PetrasPatriot said...

Love the snark!!!

As a recovering former government school teacher/baby sitter, I hear and see the truth of which you speak.

Keep up the fight against the 2-Volvo, latte-sipping libtard fascists, brother!

Matthew Noto said...

Thank you both!

I do my best.