Sunday, January 31, 2021

No More Cuomo...


"If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools..." -- Plato

The chart at left is so not only gives you the information you need to determine if you're in an abusive relationship, it also confirms that you live in New York.

I've had it. I will take no more. Its time to start fighting back.

And since the monstrosity of bureaucratic government is too big to take on, at least for now, I will do the next, best thing, and take on the asshole who pretends to run it.

My governor -- not by choice -- is a cardboard cutout; the tough guy routine is a sham; he's a spineless coward. I fear no retaliation from him or his bootlickers.

For those of you who have been regular readers of mine for years, you do not need to be told what my issues with Andrew Cuomo are.

For those of you who need a primer on just what an excessively vile excuse of a human being this piece of shit really is, I refer you to the three times he's won my (not-really) coveted Douchebag of the Week Award.



And Here.

The final straw is a long-awaited report on COVID-19 deaths in New York nursing homes, where sick people were deliberately sent to infect otherwise healthy people who might have lived, just so that Andrew Cuomo could put yet another meaningless graphic in his televised tour-du-crap Power Point circle jerks, i.e. "Flatten the Curve", and to portray this pronouncement of a death sentence on tens of thousands as "leadership".

Himmler would be shocked.

"Flatten the Curve" sounded good, at least to people who thought it had anything to do with combatting the Orient Distress. If you have the same mentality as a sand flea (this would include about 95% of democrats), you were easily led astray by this catchy slogan, and associated it -- as intended -- with effective action. You were mistaken. You were taken for a clod. You were deliberately lied to.

"Flatten the Curve" meant clearing out ICU beds in government-run hospitals, the implication being that if fewer ICU beds were in use then the pandemic was being brought under control. This has NOTHING to do with combatting a disease or treating it's victims; it is a bureaucratic metric, an administrative benchmark. It was sold to you as a means of gauging government response to a deadly pathogen.

Th funny thing about bureaucratic metrics and administrative benchmarks is that the people these things DO have a meaning to will do anything to achieve them. Especially in government. They will fudge numbers; they will obfuscate; they will play semantic games with definitions; they will often outright lie. If your livelihood and prospects for continued employment in government -- not that anyone ever gets FIRED for being a fuck-up, that's a pre-requisite for the job -- but failing to meet your "numbers" consistently means The Boss looks bad. He may have to answer serious questions from the 4.5 real journalists left in America. He may even -- gasp! -- have to face the voters. And obvious  incompetence that costs lives is practically a death sentence for a politician.

It's one reason why Hillary never became president.

So, the people whose job it is to "make the numbers" had a problem on their hands. How do you hit your benchmarks, vis-a-vis "Flatten the Curve", when demand outstrips supply because the customer base continuously insists on getting sick? You can't accomplish the goal -- which is to APPEAR to be effective while accomplishing nothing -- when objective reality makes your task all that much harder.

Well, you ship sick people out of the hospitals to free up the beds and then stockpile them out of sight in facilities that aren't equipped to take care of them, and they die inside of a closed facility (because lockdown) where no one can see them and no one will know.

Call it the "Stalin Solution".

"Death is the solution to all problems; no Man, no problems...".

Andrew Cuomo sent thousands of people to their deaths in the name of a bureaucratic metric, just so he could look impressive on television with a nice pie chart. To give the illusion of a government system functioning in the face of a dire situation that government had a large part in creating.

And when we finally find out how many actually died, after months of stonewalling and the propagation of absolutely made-up numbers of casualties, Andrew Cuomo's response is to tell you that none of it matters.

A repeat performance of Hillary's infamous "What difference does it make?".

I'll tell you what difference it makes you sub-human fucking piece of shit:

You've been taking a victory lap for the last six months. You have bragged that you have beaten COVID, nay, even conquered Death itself. You have been tooting your own horn; you've written a book trumpeting what you say passes for good leadership while people were still dying. Your sycophantic (and probably syphilitic) brother, another phony tough guy, probably with a very small penis, made a media darling out of you by not challenging you. So much so, they gave you a fucking Emmy award.

Some were even praying that Joe Biden might die so that you would be Johnny-on-the-Spot to pick up the mantle of Presidential Candidate. You probably still labor under the severe misapprehension -- a by-product of whatever genetic anomaly created you -- that you could be President, one day.

I'm here to tell you that it will NEVER happen.

Primarily because you are a thoroughly off-putting creature. Because your "style" of "leadership" is to posture and pose (like Mussolini), scapegoat like mad (like Hitler) and then threaten to sue someone (like Obama), and then NOTHING HAPPENS.

And nothing happens even faster if the people you scapegoat and threaten happen to have the means and the temperament to put you back in your fucking place (which I'm thinking is one of the lower circles of Hell, or under a wide variety of rocks).

You run like a frightened schoolgirl when your bluff is called. 

Every. Single. Time.

You are an insufferable prick. You are a liar, an ignoramus, one of those truly stupid and shallow people who mistakes flimsy appearances for deep substance. 

You are the perfect dipstick for measuring the depth of the surface.

And you're running for re-election in 2022 to continue to be the governor of a state that has been devastated by the previous 12 years of your masturbating for a government check.

People are fleeing the State in droves.

Highest taxes in America (or damned near to it) and a woeful lack of services in return.

A state whose debts are spiraling out of control.

New York City is a ghost town.

Businesses are dying faster than COVID-19 victims.

But you keep patting yourself on the back?

No more.

I'm making this vow -- right this very minute -- I WILL FUCKING HAUNT YOU ALL THE WAY TO ELECTION DAY.

You will see me in your sleep, Governor. You will hear my voice inside your head.

I will make your life a living hell.

Every day or so, I will post whatever nonsense it is you've engaged in, complete with commentary. I will pick apart everything you say and strip it of spin and obfuscation. I will expose you for the idiot you are. I will tell the world just what a rotten fuck you are.

I will organize a petition drive to have you recalled before we even get to election day.

You will get no rest, no respite.

You can't hide.

Your children will hang their heads in shame that they carry your name and genes.

And then it will be Little Fredo's turn. That obnoxious shitstain needs to go, too.

I've had it. The dumbfuck, the lies, the cluelessness, the absolute audacity to be proud of what you have "accomplished". You've destroyed my city; you've devastated my State; you've KILLED PEOPLE.

And so I turn to you, Minions, if there is anyone interested in helping me to achieve this goal -- a world without Cuomos anywhere near a position of power or influence -- drop me a line and let's put the power of the citizen to work for the greater good.

Start deciding which nursing home you want to go to, Governor.


ricmon said...

What slays me is the the media and now even Democrats are calling for his resignation because he hit on 7 females. Creepy yea but not one iota near as bad as the thousands of old folks he murdered. What is wrong with society today when flirting and unwanted advances are deemed to be worse than murder? The world has gone mad!

ricmon said...

What slays me is the the media and now even Democrats are calling for his resignation because he hit on 7 females. Creepy yea but not one iota near as bad as the thousands of old folks he murdered. What is wrong with society today when flirting and unwanted advances are deemed to be worse than murder? The world has gone mad!