Monday, January 25, 2021

Outrage, Politicians, and Immigrants...

 "It takes a special brand of sociopath to "work" in government..." -- The Overlord

It has already been one of those "Kick You In The Balls" mornings.

My first function, after coffee and the morning dump, of course, was to open all the mail that arrived over the weekend. 

This means writing checks.

But, there was one particular piece of correspondence which has aroused my ire (which is more arousal than Chuck Schumer is obviously getting, these days). It was a notice from the New York City Parking Violations Bureau vis-a-vis a "speeding" fine I received (and don't recall receiving first notice of) via a speed camera some months ago. This, in itself, is maddening, but it gets worse, for the City of New York is nothing if not stunning in its infinite ignorance and overall sense of fucktard.

For while the Governor and Mayor have decreed by Papal Bull, or something, that I CANNOT eat in a local restaurant, or have family and friends in my home for dinner and cocktails for fear of spreading a virus that has a 99% recovery rate unless you're old or depend on government health care, I CAN enter any Department of Finance Payment Center to stand on line for hours at a time among hundreds of strangers (all tested?) in a confined space to pay my $50 fine for exceeding the speed limit BY THREE FUCKING MILES PER HOUR on a deserted road at 2:35 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

That the ability to pay said fifty smackers may be impeded by the fact that Imperial Edicts regarding lockdowns -- implemented for "two weeks" some eleven months ago -- has been an obstacle to earning a living is, of course, never taken into consideration.

Now, I can afford the $50, but there are others who can't, and never mind congregating in a government-run edifice where one is very likely, almost assured, of rubbing elbows (even six feet apart) with the same human waste from the Third World Shitholes who brought the Chinese Bat Snot here in the first place.

It takes a special brand of sociopath to "work" in government, from the elected douchebag who can stand before millions and spin a tale of an alternate reality that does not match observation for votes -- and not only KNOW he's lying the entire time, but BELIEVING his own bullshit, simultaneously -- right down to the unionized cretin who had to pass a test (which consisted of coloring inside the lines just enough) to be paid $70k a year to staple two pieces of paper together and then immediately lose them.

One day, when our Bug-eyed, hunchbacked, oversized-hairy-thumbed (from the texting and peering into tiny screens) descendants finally get around to studying our era, they're going to come to the conclusion that we were both led by idiots and idiots, ourselves, for allowing this to happen.

And the government-sponsored moron continues elsewhere, as for example when we read this news story about police officers making donuts with a squad car in order to fend off a threatening crowd, and striking a "pedestrian" (the news media is, likewise, full of idiots).

I guess there's just never a social worker around when you need one?

But, wait, there's more government-approved tomfoolery to enjoy! For after writing the checks, I took a drive down to the Post Office to mail them off...only to find the drive-through drop-off is now closed, and will be due to "COVID-related Issues". When you inquire as to what these "issues" are -- because you're now forced to enter the Post Office, which has a long line of people that exceeds the state mandate of 10 or less (or whatever it is), you discover the drop-off boxes had to be closed because people are tossing their dirty masks and gloves into them.

Whether this is a means of silent protest, an attempt to do real harm, or just the more-disgusting aspects of human nature on display is anyone's guess, but I find it difficult to reconcile the idea that the Post Office will hand-deliver billions of envelopes sealed with possibly-infected spit with the reaction to finding a used facemask in a mailbox, which probably happens a million times a day, now.

And if you dwell too much upon this question, you miss the next example of stupid government policy.

For as you attempt to leave the parking lot, someone decides to back out of a space without looking for oncoming traffic and nearly smashes your front-end with their rear-end. It takes but a moment to figure out what is happening here:

Black Toyota Camry.

T&L C license plates.

Ride-share service stickers in all the windows.

...and then you KNOW what you're dealing with: a descendant of Tamerlane possessed of a 7th-Century mind, given a license to operate 19th-Century technology festooned with 21st-Century "sensors" and cameras that apparently aren't used, when you know the guy was just herding goats in the Khyber not three months ago, and drives said vehicle like a three-legged, pregnant dromedary. 

(That he probably knocked up in the first place)

Then the Central Asian dirtbag gets out of his vehicle to posture and yell in that combination of gibbering, guttural sounds and fart noises that passes for a language in whatever cave they grew him in, and for good measure, his furry, obnoxious-smelling, nose-picking children are going to get out and wander the parking lot aimlessly. 

This is the sort that probably believes an internal combustion engine is powered by djinn and the same infidel magic that is shrinking penises everywhere from Aden to Tashkent.

Yeah, I know -- that's raaaaaaycist.

Fuck off.

Long story short, Achmed The Dead Terrorist got back into his modern-day Flying Carpet the second I got out of mine to respond to his warm-and-affectionate (I'm sure) well wishes.

Fucking coward.

My day is not likely to get any better, as I was informed this morning that some more people will be coming by to view the house, and I anticipate this bunch will be yet another horde of Third-World reprobates who all seem to have enormous sums of cash to spend -- but then end up not spending it on my house -- while everyone else is unemployed.

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