Saturday, June 4, 2022

When the Criminal Won't Co-operate With The Narrative...


"Which, to an American Journalist, is the greater tragedy: that a room full of schoolchildren should be murdered by a madman, or that the madman turns out to be a non-Caucasian?" -- The Overlord

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(Pictured above, Tulsa murder-suicide perp, Michael Louis).

In the wake of a spate of shootings this past fortnight -- the disturbing shooting in Uvalde, and the more-recent slaughter in Tulsa -- The Overlord suggests that you start bookmarking web pages and get your Wayback Machine skills sharpened, because both will soon disappear from any and all media sources any day now.

In fact, the last shooting -- in Tulsa -- was already in danger of being Memory Holed before the facts of that drama were even disclosed to the general public. 

As soon as any media outlet will begin describing a shooter as "a male between 35 and 45", you know he isn't a White Guy.

Because when it's a White Guy who engages in mass slaughter, the media can't wait to tell you his race.

Because the American Media, made of up of the same low intelligence of the mass of the political left, automatically assumes, and operates under this assumption, that the only people capable of killing on any kind of scale happen to be White. It is an axiom of what passes for leftist "thought" that White Men are all murderous, genocidal maniacs.

Which flies in the face of objective reality: if White Men are all about genocide of non-White people, then how the fuck are there so many of you still running around to cry like bitches about how unfair and hostile America is to you?

We White Men must really suck at this genocide thing.

In the meantime, a weekend in Chicago, where any number of people will be killed in the same incident -- drive-by shooters and those trained in the finer arts of firearms use by repeated viewings of "New Jack City" -- by the same person(s) in a single event, are common occurrences. More people die over a weekend in half a dozen American cities at the hands of non-Caucasians every week than those who are killed by Whites.

And it's not just the run-of-the-mill "crazed, lone gunman" White guy who supposedly murders indiscriminately and in great numbers the poor, huddled masses of the Urban Jungle. The Police are notorious killers of the Urban Aborigine; the U.S. Military exists, according to the biggest brains of the Left, to carelessly slaughter non-Whites all over the globe.

The same people who will make such outrageous statements, by the way, are the same people who usually state their belief that only the government should have guns.

Cognitive Dissonance.

Remember Frank James? You don't? I wonder why that is, considering he opened fire on a crowded New York City subway but a few weeks ago, littering the internet with all sorts of racist, genocidal posting and ramblings.

Could it be because the media stopped reporting on him?

Not white.

The Tulsa shooter, identified as Michael Louis, a black man with the sort of Thousand Yard Stare that should get anyone who possesses it an automatic stay in a rubber room, couldn't be identified publicly for two days, despite the fact that he shot four people -- two doctors -- inside a hospital. Why hide that detail?

Not white.

Salvador Ramos, departed perpetrator of the Uvalde shooting, is already off the scope. The "Gun Control" debate has pushed the details of his ethnic or racial heritage off the list of things to endlessly talk about; the televised funerals of ethnic children must take precedence. Why, someone at ABC (allegedly) went through all the trouble of running Ramos' pictures through the process of de-Latin-izing him: they (allegedly) lightened his skin, adjusted his jawline to make him appear "more" White.

Like that other infamous White Hispanic who everyone has forgotten about. Why?

Not White...and Trans.

ABC has, of course, denied the allegation, but considering the recent history of American news outlets to resort to such underhanded tricks, the doubt lingers, anyway. The denizens of the internet can trot out all the "Fact Checkers" they want, but neither media nor "Fact Checkers" have any claim to veracity or professionalism.

Now, before I get accused of "injecting race" into a serious and important discussion about a terrible social ill in this country, I would like to counter that race got "injected" into the debate long before I wrote this. For racism ,as we've been endlessly lectured to for the last five decades by the Great American Race Industry, doesn't have to be overt. Au contraire, as we White Boys have been endlessly flogged over the head with, racism can be insidious, invisible, subjective and stealthy.

You engage in a racism of omission when you refuse to identify the color of the perpetrator of a dastardly, and cowardly, crime. I believe the terms of art are "microaggression" and "systemic racism", the idea that by not addressing race you're still being racist being the operative fact.

And a funny (as in "peculiar") aspect of this double-reverse, super-secret racist accusation made by Race Hustler, Inc., is that its greatest proponents -- and wealthiest practitioners -- are universally Un-Caucasian, themselves, and occupy positions in American Society that their own rhetoric says that others have been denied on the basis of skin color.

How to explain the oddity of an Eric Michael Dyson or a Lamont Hill, "celebrated" professors of bullshit subjects at prestigious universities?

How to explain the bewildering influence upon politics and culture of an Al $harpton or Je$$e Jack$on?

The AOC's of the world, who see the greatest dangers to America as "White Supremacy", "The Rich" and "Systemic Racism", who then take engagement rings from very wealthy White men?

The ersatz-Indian Lizzy Warren, making the case that only the government should have guns, despite the experience of her "Cherokee" forebears?

How did Sunny Hostin come to get rich and famous in a country that hates her? Or Oprah, for that matter?

How to consider the curious position of the idiots who make up "The Squad" (more like "The Squalor", considering their own backgrounds) who will routinely tell you how horrible White people -- but especially White Men -- are, while ignoring the propensity of their own kind to explode in crowded public spaces, or to shove homosexuals from rooftops, behead the other for YouTube, or turn airliners into weapons of mass destruction?

I would put it to all of you that there are more mass shooters, and they are on duty seven days a week, in places like Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Newark, Chicago, Atlanta, Oakland than anywhere else. We just don't hear about them, because the victims -- typically people who look exactly like their killers -- are not interesting enough, and because their bodies don't have the same political impact or uses.

These are the real racists and this is The Narrative that needs to be told.


GMay said...

Chris Dorner
Omar Mateen
Nadal Hassan

Why, given the disproportionate representation of non-narrative-demographic perpetrators of mass shootings, one might wonder why our mass shooters don't Look Like America™.

Matthew Noto said...

Can't hate on White men, exclusively, if you point out the killers aren't white, Silly.