Tuesday, June 21, 2022

An Enforced Absence...

Things can get a bit hectic around the Death Star... 

Apologies for not posting anything sooner, but things have gotten a little out of control here at The Death Star.

For a start, I've been battling some dental issues that have me in a fouler-than-usual mood. Nothing serious, but when you've had a lifetime full of dental issues, it gets a little aggravating.

Long story short: 21 years ago I had serious reconstructive surgery in the old mouth region. An accident resulted in a series of surgical procedures to replace the shattered bones beneath my gum line. Seven bone-implant operations, seven lost teeth, and about $25-grand in bridge work later, I had figured my oral health problems were over.

And then a decision made at the time has come back to haunt me.

Rather than opt for synthetic implants, which at the time had something of a bad reputation, I instead chose to receive "donor bones" (yes, real bone taken from cadavers and implanted in place of your original hardware), which have finally decided to metaphorically give up the ghost a second time.

Dental work is never fun. And we haven't even really gotten started, yet. It's mainly been minor discomfort and a boatload of anti-biotics, but I have been soldiering on.

I shall spare you the future grisly details.

And then there was the BBQ and excuse it provided to get drunk.

And the two day hangover that followed because, even though old alcoholic, I can't handle that kind of consumption, anymore, due to age and 20 years of making a conscious effort to never get that sloppy drunk ever again.

All that misery was also a welcome excuse to get less screen time. Something I think everyone should do every so often.

I feel refreshed.

The podcasting has taken up a good deal of my time, and last week resulted in the first kerfuffle of my infant podcasting career, when my cohort and I had a major disagreement as to whether something should be posted.

I'll repeat that: whether or not something SHOULD be posted.

My position was, and still is, that if Free Speech means anything, it means the ability to say whatever you wish to say. My co-host is of the mind that since Big Tech wields a mighty hammer, it is a good idea not to twist their short-and-curlies, because retaliation, de-platforming, and torch-and-pitchfork-bearing mobs on front lawns.

Well, this resulted in a lack of content for last week, but the situation has been resolved: we have a way of posting it for public consumption in which Big Tech can't stop us or interfere with the podcast.

We hope.

The first "lost Episode" will appear sometime soon.

In the meantime, The Idiot's Perspective is now available on a multitude of internet forums which currently consists of:

Amazon Music
Google Play
Radio Public

You can also follow us on Facebook.

There will be more platform options available in the coming weeks.

Give it a listen, please, and if you like what you hear, please Follow, Like, Subscribe or whatever options your provider gives you, and pass the good word on to your friends and family.

In the GOOD news department:

My "23 and Me" report was finally received this past weekend, and the GREATEST...THING....EVAH....happened, and it turns out my Sicilian ass is 2% African.

Just in time for Juneteeth!

So now I not only get to play my "White Privilege Card", I also now get to play the Race Card whenever I feel like it, and especially when it is unjustified.

Because Equity and Diversity.

And now that I'm a favored minority, I wish to take this opportunity to claim the proverbial mile that I'm entitled to on the basis of this genetically=bestowed inch, and claim that I also now identify as a fucking unicorn that pees lemonade, shits Skittles, farts rainbows, cries gumdrops, sneezes glitter and pukes cotton candy.

My personal pronouns are "Huh?" and "WTF?".

I expect a job in the Biden administration any day now, not to mention a shitload of government checks


GMay said...

Sicilian, huh?


Anonymous said...

Congrats! You're more African than Liz Warren is Cherokee.

My personal pronouns are "Yes sir" and "Please not in the face".

Matthew Noto said...



waepnedmann said...

Not surprising.
For centuries the residents of the island of Sicily and the residents of the north coast of Africa conducted slaves raids on each other.
Note: Do not share this info with your Uncle Vito and expect to be invited to the next family gathering.

BrianinTn said...

Ditto the above comment. Haven't you ever heard a reference to 'black sicilians' and how that term came about?
It's YOU, baby!
Revel in your bubble!

Anonymous said...

I love your rants and agree with your worldview, and congratulate you on your new podcast. Alas, I am getting deaf (saw one too many of the Who's farewell concerts, back in the day) and also haven't the attention span for listening to podcasts. However, I do like to read. So, perhaps you could post transcripts of your podcasts on the website a few days or whatever after the podcast?

Matthew Noto said...

Hmmm...a closed-captioning option on a podcast?

May have to look into that.

Titan Mk6B said...

I don't need 23 and me as I can link directly to the Dawes rolls via my Grandmother. I actually resisted getting my "card" for years but my wife finally talked me into it. I mainly use it now just to annoy people.

Plus, a while back they sent me $2K. I was OK with that.

As for pronouns, asshole seems to be the prominent one for me.

"You dick" pops up fairly regularly also.

I like what I read here. Pretty much agree with it all.