Monday, June 13, 2022

But We're Not Grooming Your Kids...Really...

 No quote today because there isn't one that comes to mind that is appropriate for such a disturbing topic.

If you have been following the Newzzz recently, you've taken note of a) the nation-wide kerfuffles over the "trans rights", "normalizing" pedophilia, and so-called "don't say gay" controversies, and b) the increased coverage given to stories in which the "trans", pedos and more-extreme gays are given inordinate airtime, and in many cases, celebrated as some kind of heroes.

Let me state, again, that The Overlord does not care if anyone is gay. He has his own problems, thank you very much. It is not his job to judge what people do in their private lives and just wishes everyone else would return the favor. His world is not enriched by cockamamie notions of "Diversity" that reach into the realm of the absurd, nor is his life bettered in any appreciable way by the insistence that there are something on the order of 60 (and counting) "genders".

I'd prefer if you kept your private life just that way --- private. And I'll do the same... capiche? That way, we can all get along much better, because ignorance often really is bliss.

There is no battle here for "rights", civil or no, only a battle for people with severe problems to go on having an excuse to let them go on untreated, a fight to achieve a higher level of rights than those available to anyone else who doesn't believe in this "identity" bullshit, and an attempt to bully society into  a series of changes that both defy the entirety of human experience as to what constitutes "good" cultural practices and  to accept (and elevate) behavior that most societies and cultures find abhorrent, disgusting and unnatural, mostly so that the abhorrent, disgusting and unnatural don't have to feel bad about themselves for being abhorrent, disgusting and unnatural.

What I am about to discuss is entirely anecdotal. I have no scientific evidence to back up my assertions, just direct experience obtained by dealing with real people for many years. I do not hold myself out to be some sort of "expert" in the field, nor do I have specific, clinical training on the subject. But what I do have, however, is literally thousands of hours of personal interaction with hundreds of gay people who, through various means, have given me what I think is some kind of minor insight into what makes them tick.

The first source of direct experience comes from my colleagues.

For some reason, the Information Technology field draws homosexuals (of all kinds) like honey draws flies. I have worked in the industry for nearly 40 years now -- on Wall Street, mainly, and in personal business -- and it is a rule of thumb, almost, that one cannot swing a dead cat inside a data center and fail to hit at least three homosexuals.

And perhaps soil two more within blood-splatter range.

The only category of people more-prevalent in the IT world than homosexuals is perhaps ugly, ungainly, socially-awkward geeks walking the tightrope between "normal" and "functioning autistic".

There's also a shit ton of drinking that goes on.

Office parties. Celebrations of successful projects. Corporate shindigs, often paid for by vendors looking to sell your company something. After-hours get-togethers because people who spend 12-16 hours a day, six days a week, locked inside an over-air-conditioned steel box, don't usually have much time for a social life. You party with the people who are closest to you, in a literal, if not emotional, sense.

The liquor flows. Tongues get loosened. People start talking. You hear a LOT of shit, and since the people I'm talking about are usually super-intelligent, have few redeeming social graces, and often relate better to machines and code than others, the inebriation produces a compulsion "to share" all sorts of things with people one feels a certain affinity to.

No need to go into the gory details.

The second source is my -- now former, because thanks to the City of New York offering drug addicts nice, clean, "safe" shooting galleries, handing out free needles, giving away pot for getting your vax, decriminalizing many street drugs, and operating a catch-and-release program for criminals, it is becoming an impossible task to help anyone clean themselves up. It's like trying to save the Titanic by bailing with a thimble -- experience with helping addicted people find the help they need to get and stay clean.

A shocking number of people abusing drugs happen to fall into some of these categories; gay and "trans", at the very least, but pedophiles are still leery of admitting it in public.

Probably for good reason.

And while I am NOT a social worker, nor a licensed counselor, nor do I have any training in the psychological department, one of the first things that happens when truly desperate people enter a rehab center seeking help is what comes out of their mouths -- you get the entire life story and confessions that would give even a Catholic priest a coronary.

Again, no need for the worst examples.

And from both sources, what you typically get is the following (your mileage may vary):

1. Most gay people -- regardless of gender -- were sexually abused.

2. Most gay people -- regardless of gender -- were abused by someone they trusted or regarded as an authority figure, family members, ministers, coaches/counselors/teachers.

3. Most suffer a variety of mental disorders that are logically expected to stem from such abuse -- lack of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, self-destructive and anti-social behaviors.

4. Most will report having been manipulated emotionally after -- often for years -- the abusive episode. They are usually tormented by guilt, shame, self-loathing, a feeling of being "unclean" in some way, that their abusers ritually reinforced upon them.

5. Most will remain in this state of confusion, emotionally and sexually, because they believe there isn't any alternative, that "normal" society will reject them for having been victims.

Again, I'm not an expert, but these are things I've been told -- directly -- for decades, now. Many are trapped in this lifestyle because they either feel they can never be accepted outside of the gay circles they travel in, or because they have never truly come to grips with what has happened to them, I believe.

I also believe you can't "de-program" many because the trauma runs too deep, and that even making the attempt is (or can be) something very much near the original abuse that hurt these folks so deeply.

And when one stops to consider the question as to whether gay people are "born that way" or "made that way", I don't think either side has made a very definitive case, although I lean rather towards the "made that way" side of the argument.

If we assume that other examples of what we might consider "homosexual activity" which occur in the animal kingdom, are actually that, what we either end up concluding (broad brush here) is a) this is "normal", probably as a means of natural population control, or b) maybe we're just anthropomorphizing stupid animals.

But this much is clear, and it's certainly logical, if open to argument (because I can be wrong. It happens, sometimes):

Since homosexuals are engaged in sexual activities which are guaranteed to NOT result in human reproduction, then one can assume that the "pool" (if you will) of homosexuals is limited, finite and will eventually "dry up" to some extent (assuming the "born that way" school is incorrect).

But then one has to wonder where the next generation of homosexuals comes from.

And that requires going outside the "Gay Pool" and recruiting from the "Non-Gay Pool".

This means repeating the process of abuse and emotional manipulation.

And this means GROOMING.

So that when drag queens are taking dollar bills in their g-strings from 7 year-olds in a strip club, it isn't an exercise in expanding their minds or educating them in any real sense; it is a means of desensitizing them, or breaking down the fear of the big, hairy dude in size 15 Kenneth Coles and garter belts who would probably like to probe your nether regions, once you're old enough.

When teachers are pushing a curriculum that reinforces the notion that to disobey Nature on a conscious level is to be a good person, just a matter of your being open-minded and accepting, so that when Uncle Ticklepickle wants to "take you fishing", which somehow involves fondling everyone's privates, you shouldn't object because that would be something ending in -IST, and would make you a really bad person.

The same people who were screaming last week about protecting children from guns apparently have no worries about protecting children from being introduced at a very early age into a lifestyle that my experience tells me produces very damaged, very miserable, very angry and self-hating individuals, and in the process, creates much easier prey.

These are not the sorts of things children should be exposed to because they do not have the cognitive, experiential or contextual tools to process what it is all about and how it may affect them. These are questions for adults, and quite frankly, there's one side here that keeps proving that whatever else they might be, adults ain't one of them.

But think of all the glitter...


GMay said...

I've generally been of the live and let live persuasion for my entire adult life. I couldn't muster up any celebratory spirit after Obergefell, but thought "Okay, maybe they can all shut up now and we can move forward with not caring about what everyone does with their naughty bits." Oh, what a fool I was.

I'm really, really starting to re-evaluate my worldview on that. As an agnostic for longer than my adult life, I've never cared that much about religion beyond an academic interest, but I'll be damned if it doesn't appear that the religious folk hadn't been warning of this slippery slope for awhile. I really, really don't want to believe they were right. But holy fuck.

Watching this concerted effort at grooming kids - from top-level politicians, institutions, corporations, and academia of course - happen on such a large scale and with relatively horrifying speed after Obergefell has got this dad of four ready to nuke shit from orbit.

(Dear NSA Bob, I don't really have nukes...yet.)

Matthew Noto said...

Yep, it's amazing how often slippery slopes turn out to be much more slippery than originally thought.

It's not like this wasn't predictable once gays got the "right" to marry (marriage is not a civil right -- it's a legal status bestowed by the state, who can't guarantee that any of us will ever get hitched). As soon as you give an inch, someone is always waiting to take the proverbial mile.

And this is why something I said a few weeks ago is relevant: the GOP has a habit of fighting rear-guard battles and then surrendering, anyway. This can't go on, because The other Side has finally gone all Full-Blown Revolutionary on everyone's ass and contest everything TO THE BITTER END.

The time for persuasion is over.