Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Douchebag of the Week (Week Ending 7/2/22 -- Hillary Clinton)

 "Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue, street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which The Party is always right..." -- George Orwell, "1984"

Oh, for fuck's sake. Do we really have to do this again?

I know I promised a jab at the Right this past week, but I'm still doing some research on that before I write it. In the meantime, the Dowager Douchebag of Chappaqua has crawled out from under her rock once more to test the waters, as it were, of viability for her third try at the White House.

After she told the Financial Times last week that she wasn't running, but in that convoluted Clintonian way that told you that she was.

It was particularly rich how she expressly told the "activist community" to STFU; she can't win -- no leftist could in this environment -- if they have to constantly answer inconvenient questions about their position(s) on child grooming in public schools, food and fuel shortages, vaccines that don't work but which are endlessly foisted upon us, the loss of civil liberties occasioned by a new wave of Political Correctness that defies the definition of madness.

Will no one rid us of this troublesome lizard being?

As I often console my "conservative" (small 'c' intentional) friends when they whine like little bitches that things like logic, appeal to tradition, ethics, legalisms, and so forth, fail to sway their leftard adversaries, you can't shame the shameless. You can't argue with those who have been trained to ignore an argument that will cause a rethinking of their ideological viewpoint as if by reflex. You cannot hope to use decency as a weapon against those who consider decency a form of oppression.

Until a leftist is actually THE VICTIM of what they advocate be done or imposed upon others, they cannot -- ever -- change their tiny minds.

They are, in the political sense, what the devout is to religion: no appeal to facts, no pointing out of fundamental mistakes in their worldview or dogma, no amount of impassioned argument, can shift them off the ground they have mentally claimed.

You can't reason with people determined to be unreasonable, and whose motto is usually "to the bitter end".

These people have no shame; they have no morals; they have no ethical infrastructure. Their compass only points in one direction -- what's in it for me, and what group of people I hate gets punished in the process?

They despise you for your morals, ethics, logical thought process, and partiality to law and order; because these things stand in the way of the ultimate goal of ensuring complete losers are supported forever and ever on someone else's sweat, and elevated above the people who pay their freight based upon whatever twisted ideological or philosophical excuse they can pull from their collective ass at any given moment.

As an example of these tendencies, but especially of the ability to accuse others of doing exactly what the leftard is doing (or has done), I give you this fucking gem of nonsense regurgitated into the open maw of the fledglings by Clinton and eagerly swallowed.

 Justice Clarence Thomas, says Her Heinous, is a "person of grievance".

So says the purveyor of the "vast right-wing conspiracy".

So utters (or is it "udder"?) she of the revanchist assaults upon other women in the wake of her nominal husband's multiple "Bimbo Eruptions".

Such is the amazingly un-self-aware keening wail of the woman who claims she was "robbed by the Russians".

This is the woman who instigated a coup de etat against the man who beat her in a straight-up contest of votes.

Hillary Clinton is nothing if not a "person of grievance", herself.  She's an entire grievance industry, all her own.

As for Justice Thomas, never mind Jesus -- this man has been pilloried and scourged, beaten and abused; he's worn a metaphorical crown of thorns for nearly 40 years. The only thing that hasn't happened to him -- or his wife, also the subject of frequent (often racist and misogynist) attacks by The Intolerant Tolerant -- is to have been nailed to two pieces of wood.

Talk about a martyr to The Cause!

What Justice Thomas has had to endure, and to have remained a person of dignity as he endured, is almost beyond comprehension.

Beginning with the bullshit tale of Anita Hill, she of the infamous "pubic hair on a can of Tab" (for you youngins, you might want to Google "Tab". It was as disgusting as it sounds), "Long Dong Silver", and supposed late-night discussions of pornography, this was the original "all women should be believed" episode.

Unless, of course, Bill was the villain in these sordid tales of Rapes of Opportunity, in which case, Hillary's the real victim, playing the role of long-suffering wife who is mystically "owed" for her husband's indiscretions to the proverbial tee.

As an aside: The most astounding part of the Thomas hearings, I recall, was watching serial rapist and woman killer Ted Kennedy grill Thomas about sexual harassment.,

Clinton has parlayed her cheatin' bent-penised hubby (didn't she once say she wasn't Tammy Wynette? What a buffoon!) and the bullshit about "Woman's Rights" that her husband violated every time a change in wind direction gave him a boner, into a Senate seat in a state in which she did not live, and eventually, into a gig as Secretary of State, where her magnum opus unfolded upon a rooftop in Benghazi, Libya, and which cost people their lives.

But, like any good leftist apparatchik, the point of fucking up is to get ahead, and who you are counts for more than what you are (and in Hillary's case, there may not be enough expletives to adequately provide such a description), she fervently believed that it was her just due -- her turn, or just desserts, as it were -- to sit in the Oval Office.

And the American people said no...twice. They've understood just what a vile piece of work this overstuffed pantsuit, this criminal, this unindicted co-conspirator in a myriad of underhanded shenanigans, this -- allegedly --  murdering shrew really is.

Why, it was just last week that the FIFTY-SIXTH potential victim of Arkancide was discovered hanging from a tree...with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Yes, suicide, indeed.

Vince Foster agrees.

And no sooner is this guy dead, no sooner is Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced (and no one will ever see her client list), and Epstein hung himself while on suicide watch in prison, and the whisperings begin among the pantybunched precincts of the left that Biden is toast, as Hillary emerges from her sewer, like a venal, besotted Venus.

I guess the coast is clear now, and the message was sent, huh? Despite the fact that it was only a few weeks ago we found out -- for certain -- where Russiagate came from.

People this disgusting need to be defeated, and according to their own rules, by any means necessary.

One wonders just what, exactly, she will run on?

Nostalgia for the Clinton Years? (essentially this is a tacit admission that Bill will really be President).

Does she have some mystical program to solve the pressing problems of this nation, a good many of which she is complicit in creating?

Is there some message -- beyond "I'm not Biden" -- that will resonate with people enough for them to forget that this is Lucretia Borgia on steroids?

Probably not.

So why do it?

Because she can. Because she thinks she's deserving. Because there are still millions of witless bags of protoplasm in this country who are operating under the false impression that somehow, despite all the death, all the criminality, all the scandal, all the avoidance of personal responsibility and criminal charges, all the graft, all the dense layers of cellulite, that somehow Hillary is "good".

Hillary is "good" in the same sense that a battery acid enema is: it will clean you out, but it kills you in the process.

Maybe we should start calling her "Killary", because that seems to be what's she's really good at -- getting people killed and then throwing her hands up in the air -- what difference does it make, after all? -- and then pretending that the real aggrieved soul is herself.

She's a victim because of who she is. You can only redeem her in her victimhood by giving her the highest office in the land, so that she can victimize others.

Yeah, that'll win.

One almost wishes Donald Trump would run in 2024, just so that we can see him confront her directly about Russiagate on live television. Will she run away? Would she feign a heart attack (as if Hillary had a heart?)? Would she refuse to even stand on the same stage knowing what's in store for her?

As I've said, one has to assume that people this shameless cannot be embarrassed, so you never know.

We're just supposed to forget what she is and what she has done.

History is to be forgotten, or better yet, rewritten to present her as the sympathetic figure? Or as something of a great statesman?

Not on your life, Son.

All I know is that this fatass has been a cancer on the Body Politic for far too long, and it is time she was escorted -- forcefully -- off the public stage, and perhaps, as fitting punishment for her callousness, criminality, coarseness, and corpulence, and if there is any justice in this Universe, she'll have to share a room at the Alzheimer's Ranch with The Big Guy.

Where they can engage in a rousing game of "I can lie better and more frequently than you can" to their heart's content.

The dishonesty of Hillary Clinton has been well-documented, and doesn't need me to reiterate. This woman is a congenital, pathological liar, and the truly amazing thing about it all is that she lies even when she doesn't need to, and does so as effectively as Kamala Harris recites tongue twisters, or AOC recites economic theory.

"Ice Princess" does not begin to describe this cold fish, nor does fish, for both have redeeming and useful qualities.

Hillary is about as useful and redeeming as a does of The Clap. Something Bill has probably brought home many times.

I once heard it said of Mrs. Clinton that she was "the perfect dipstick for measuring the depth of the surface".

If Anal Warts ever needed a poster child, she's be a shoo-in, but not for President.

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GMay said...

Who else are they gonna run though? They'll switch out poison for whatever experimental shit they've been propping Biden up with before the let him run again, that is, if he doesn't die from prolapsing his entire colon on TV first.

The best and the brightest from that side were just floating the idea of Liz Fucking Cheney for Prez, for fuck's sake. Until she - being the uber competent politician she is - mouthed off about how great it was to overturn Roe, then she torpedoed that little fantasy, along with her already-sunk attempt to get re-elected in Wyoming.

Who else do they have? Nobody. You'll get that gangrenous cunt Hillary, and maybe even Hillary Vs. Trump Two: Electric Boogaloo if you don't behave, young man!