Monday, May 30, 2022

Shameless Promotions and Thank Yous....


The latest fare from my new podcast, "The Idiot's Perspective" is now available -- for FREE!, dammit -- on Spotify and Anchor.

Soon to be appearing on fine streaming and podcasting sites everywhere.

Take the journey into dumbfuck as my co-host Joe Rice and I delve into the burning questions of dramatic import to the American public.

A great way to kill 40 or so minutes, and a wonderful sleep aid for the insomniac in your life!A short list of "thank yous" for a slew of recent visitors to the Death Star and other endeavors:

Thanks to those of you who have followed/subscribed to The Idiot's Perspective in it's first week. 

Big shoutout to the fine folks at Infidel753 for including Your Overlord in this week's internet round up and a nice slab of engagement. Looking forward to hearing from/seeing more of you.

Thanks to the good people at the wheelchair clinic at Staten Island University Hospital for finally delivering Mrs. Overlord's new wheels. She finally has a chair that suits her particular needs, it looks fantastic, is super comfortable, and best of all, the Overlord no longer needs to destroy his lower back in packing up or taking out.

This being Memorial, Day Weekend, I would be remiss if I did not stop and thank the countless millions of American veterans who have sacrificed so much on our behalf, and to give a round of applause to my own serving member, my nephew, currently on his way to Alaska as an EM2 in the USCG.

This country stands because some of you fell. You will be remembered with honor, dignity and gratitude.


Carol said...

Hope you will be on Apple podcasts! I hit your site every day for any new posts and podcasts are my thing when I work around the house.

Matthew Noto said...

Thank you, Carol!

Apple is on the list. Most likely in the coming week (I have to finagle some XML code, which isn't difficult, but it is boring and I've been putting it off).

We plan to be on 20 or more platforms before the end of the month.

If I can ask: anything you'd change, or like to hear?

GMay said...

Congrats on getting off the ground. Maybe I'll put a bite guard in and listen in from time to time. Get some wifebeater T's as merch and I might actually sub.

Carol said...

Nope. Don’t change anything. I come here to read YOUR stuff, not something different.