Friday, May 27, 2022

The Mental Illnesses of the Left...

 A second post today, because there's too much fucktard floating around out there and someone needs to jump up and down pointing at it...

Open you local paper, or turn on the Idiot Box today, maybe spend a few minutes surfing the Intertoobies, and you will come across some insane leftist (sorry, that was redundant) talking out of both sides of her mouth -- and rectum -- simultaneously.

It's almost always "a her" and the resulting flow of hot air, regardless of orifice of origin, is fetid and full of nonsensical word vomit that has to be carefully read and deconstructed in  order to see just how ridiculous it all is.

The same people who today are lamenting the deaths of innocent children in a school are the same people who were screaming just three weeks ago about losing their "right" to kill children in the womb.

These are the same people who have apparently concluded that if you can't kill American children in utero, then the next-best option is to ensure they can't be fed by artificially creating shortages of baby food and formula by government diktat, and then making a great show of importing baby formula from Germany, while the domestic supply is diverted to the benefit of illegal aliens and Ukrainian children.

"Only the government should have guns!" they shout in unison like a troupe of parrots, only to forget that their own rhetoric routinely describes agents of government -- police forces and the military -- as psychopathic, murderous barbarians who randomly and indiscriminately kill for any number of reasons that end in ____ - ist, while they enjoy the freedom to shit upon such agents with impunity because government agents with guns keep them free and safe.

The same group of loudmouth know-nothings who have no problem with government exporting missiles, tanks, ammunition, guns and explosives to Ukraine so that they can kill others. Or who show no hesitation in starting civil wars in Libya, Yemen, Syria, leading to more senseless violence and death, and in rewarding a pyscho-State like Iran with a gift of nuclear weapons.

"We need more cops in the schools!", say the morons who routinely protest against putting more police in schools and in favor of defunding police forces.

These are the folks who tie themselves up in rhetorical knots in order to make a fine distinction between "disinformation", defined as "facts or arguments they find inconvenient" and DISINFORMATION which is defined as anything that might make people think twice about pulling the lever for a democrat.

The same people who "defend free speech" when it comes to assaulting political opponents in the streets or destroying public monuments for a political end, but then want to create an Orwellian Ministry of Truth with police powers...also for their own political ends.

The assholes who call themselves "Anti-Fascist" who operate on the Fascist tactical model.

The hammerheads who routinely call for the imprisonment without due process, dispossession, physical harming, social and economic destruction of people who simply disagree with them, and then can't figure out why anyone would want to own a gun.

The meatheads who bestow the power of self-awareness, activation and moral motivation to inanimate objects like SUV's, Guns, and Cigarettes, but who are somehow capable of totally ignoring the immorality and culpability of many of the people who use them to detrimental effect.

The usual crowd of mouthbreathers who are suddenly all for "law-and-order" in the wake of a school shooting, but who encouraged complete monkeys to riot, loot, burn and "occupy" America's cities in defiance of such for two years. That's when they aren't continuously plotting to pack courts in their favor, ignore constitutional means in the quest to get what they want, subvert the voting process, undertake vicious smear campaigns and attempted coup de etats, or destroy any semblance of justice on purpose.

The dickheads who toss around the phrase "common sense" in an effort to present as simple an argument to any number of  complex issues as their tiny little minds can formulate, and then fail to realize there's a lot of "common" and no "sense" in any of it.

The same fucktards who insist that a government that can't (or won't) control it's borders, can't stop lunatics from shooting up schools and city streets, sends Social Security checks to dead people, can't do basic math, and is populated by the worst examples of humanity who only have jobs by virtue of a civil service exam or having been voted in by bigger idiots, can somehow control the weather and produce vast amounts of energy "for free" by controlling the weather.

The same dumbfucks who believe that inflation is caused by tax dodging and not by government policy.

The chorus of "Follow the Science!" scientifically-illiterate pests whose ignorance and panic brought us vaccines that don't work, permanent masking, economic destruction, lockdown, untold educational and social harm because their fear of catching the flu or getting a really bad sunburn override whatever semblance of intelligence they may have left.

The selfsame throng of degenerate thinkers who inveigh us all to "invest in America", which is defined in "use taxpayer money to fund projects that won't work and only increase the power and authority of government", now stand n front of podiums preaching "A Marshall Plan for Ukraine". If the new "Rebuild Ukraine" idea is anything like "Build Back Better", Ukraine would deliberately opt to remain a pile of rubble.

There are several terms for this sort of mental disorder.

Cognitive Dissonance.




These are merely the first descriptions to come to mind.

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GMay said...

"The same dumbfucks who believe that inflation is caused by tax dodging..."

Price gouging. Don't forget price gouging!

Oh, and if I might presume to offer a nice closer for your final list: