Wednesday, May 11, 2022

"2000 Mules", Logic, and Podcasts...

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1. Saw "2000 Mules" yesterday. Without spoilers, some quick observations:

a) The technical evidence is compelling that fraud took place, that the fraud was extensive, and took place across multiple states. I would not claim the evidence is definitive, however you cannot ignore it and you cannot, I believe, after seeing it, not come to any conclusion but that a nation-wide investigation is necessary and the chips need to fall wherever they may. 

Being a tech guy and understanding exactly what was done -- and the implications -- I was moved into the "where there's smoke..." camp quite convincingly.

Partisanship cannot be a part of this process.

The System is obviously broken; it was deliberately broken some time ago. It is too easy to scam, it is too easy to avoid responsibility for the illegalities involved. COVID broke it beyond the point of repair, perhaps. This may be one of those times where a flying "People's Court" might be necessary because to judge from the opposition this documentary is engendering -- from both sides -- that everyone has something to hide, and the people who are essentially the gatekeepers cannot be trusted to set it aright.

b) The ease with which any individual in this country can be tracked and traced without their knowledge is frightening.

c) The ease with which someone can simply purchase such information commercially is inherently DANGEROUS.

d) These vote harvesting and vote-stuffing operations work exactly like drug rings.

I spent a few hours yesterday evening arguing with someone who purports to have been "on the ground" in Fulton County, Georgia during the 2020 election, and who also claims to know everything about this documentary...who then admits, proudly, that he hasn't seen it, and has no intention of watching it.

He also claims to be a republican.

A cursory internet search on this individual -- and his political organization -- lends some weight to his claims of affiliation, but there's no possible way his personal knowledge of events is perfect, nor can he be qualified in any way, shape or form to pass judgement on a documentary he calls "a grift" and a complete fabrication...again, without having seen it.

He certainly didn't personally stake out 200+ drop boxes, particularly the ones without State-supplied security cameras on or near them.

Which tells you all you need to know, I reckon, about the criticism of this film from the right.

If all of this is indeed true, then heads need to be put on spikes.

But, the Overlord is nothing if not solutions-oriented: no more mail in voting, no more early voting (that just tells the criminals how many votes they need to manufacture to win), you have to show up at the polling station to get a ballot )to maintain chain of custody), no more machines -- just a plain, old paper ballot -- you need to present ID, a signature, and when you're done, you get a purple thumb.

If it was good enough for Iraqis and Afghans, it's good enough for us.

No fucking media looking over everyone's shoulders 24/7. We can wait a day or two to learn the results. It isn't a football game, it's an election, and the need for accuracy, fairness and integrity outweighs the need for networks to fill empty airtime with commentary that often has influence upon voters.

2. The Pitfalls of Owning A Female:

Mrs. O: I feel very anxious right now. I don't know why.

The Overlord: Well, what's on your mind?

MO: Nothing. There is literally nothing on my mind, right now.

TO: Okay, let's establish that you have a anxious feeling, about something you cannot identify.

MO: Okay.

TO: Let's see: you're in a safe place, you're comfortable, you have food, water and a bathroom when you need or want them. You have me to take care of you, and we have plenty of medicine and medical supplies on hand. You're not gearing up for the Big Game; you're not preparing to run a 5K. You don't have worries about a job. We have no kids to fret over. You're not sick. No one is putting a gun to your head.

MO: Okay,

TO: So, logically, if you're not aware of anything you should be or are worried about, if all of your needs are taken care of, if you are not in any danger, if you have no outside distractions to plant the seeds of doubt or anxiety in your head, then the answer can only be ONE THING.

MO: What's that?

TO: Look squarely at your vagina and tell it to shut the fuck up. Be stern. Stand your ground. If that doesn't work, just get back to me when you finally figure it out. I've needed to take a crap for the last ten minutes while we play at psychoanalysis and I have other things to do today just so that you never have anything to ever worry about, like always, and you're keeping me from them.

He said with a smile.

(Did I mention I woke up in a foul mood today?)

3. Podcasts:

These were to begin this weekend. A little snag: Every name we seem to choose for it appears to be taken.

This is a minor technicality. But an annoying one.

You will soon be able to hear the dulcet and soothing tones of your Future Dictator on a variety of internet thingies, all lovingly crafted using time-honored artisan methods (and colorful language) while trapped inside your vehicle on your daily commute.

Or, if like Mrs. Overlord, you have nothing better to do while your spouse and caregiver breaks his ass to make sure you're fed, housed, clothed and medically covered.

(Did I mention I woke up in a foul mood today?)

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