Thursday, May 19, 2022

Douchebag of the Week (Week Ending 5/21/22 - Nina Jankowicz)

 "Progressives just don't redefine (and valorize) deviancy; they insist on renaming it, too..." -- Kathy Shaidle, "Confessions of a failed Slut"

The effin' trainwreck pictured here is the soon-to-be (it is hoped) former "Disinformation Czarina", the Orwellian O'Brian of the Biden Administration.

The Department of Homeland Security (three lies for the price of one; Curse you G.W. Bush!) was slated to implement it's own version of the Thought Police -- with Nina Skankowicz Jankowicz as it's nominal head, but the pushback from those who happen to want our civil liberties restored was too severe for even the clueless clods in Joe's basement to withstand, and as things shake out as of this morning, the Ministry of Truth is as dead as any Clintonian victim of Arkancide.

The Communists in the press, prime among them the incomparably inane, insane, and inhumane Taylor Lorenz, rumored lizard person and schoolyard bully, insist this well-deserving and well-qualified woman (depending on what definition of gender they need to use today) was done in by the wretched "right wing internet smear machine", and has been unfairly maligned and unjustly accused of all sorts of evil, twisted ideas and ideals.

It a loss to the country, these assholes with bylines insist. She (Nina) had only good intentions, to save us all from the doubleplusungood dangers of independent thought misinformation.

That's when she isn't yet another victim of the Right Wing Internet Bullies, the cyber version of the He Man Woman Hater's Club.

Of course, this is misinformation, as well. But because it is left-oriented misinformation, then it's okay.

It's always different when they do it, you know.

Of course, what the lefties conveniently leave out of their lamentations is that Jankowicz was largely undone by her own stupidity. This happens a lot to the Wimmen o' The Left. This is because most of them lack a linear thought process, and what thinking they do manage usually consists of an unhealthy obsession about what goes into or comes out of their vaginas.

Nina is no different. After all, her main claim to fame is having written two books on the perils of possession of a Mantrap in Cyberspace, because if there's anything that represents the greatest danger to the Western Female, it is that some Male might -- without being asked or given permission to do so -- respond to her drivel on a public forum. That's "Mansplaining" and "bullying", you see, because Heaven Forfend that a Vaginal-American who publishes books, gives interviews in newspapers and on television about them, and who insists that her written word be taken as Celestial Truth in her quest to make money should NEVER have to defend or explain her position (the position she should assume is "Missionary", assuming one wears a blindfold and skips the foreplay).

She wrote the thing to make money, you see, not to have to argue with people who are smarter than she is. When you get your cyber ass handed to you on a regular basis because your premises are based upon unprovable assertions, lack of direct evidence, your fuckin' feelz, and anecdotal evidence and incontrovertible proof that you're a dumbfuck, that's somehow unfair.

Jankowicz is the living embodiment of the warning that we should all be very, very careful about what we leave on the Internet. It is her horrible and questionable behavior, her propensity to act like an overgrown and sullen child, her apparent infection with Moonbat, her drama queen antics, that eventually tripped Nina up.

She's simply neither a serious, nor a very bright, person.

Other than crying about how hard it is to be a woman online, her only other accomplishment in life appears to have been as an advisor of some sort to the Russian Government, essentially teaching the Kremlin (who one would assume didn't really need the help) how to produce better propaganda.

Which sets up something of a puzzler: how is the person who taught Putin how to lie better and who was on his payroll the right person to protect the rest of us from Russian disinformation?

How was that supposed to work?

Her shtick is to write complete emo crap for an audience of emotionally-unstable and mentally-fragile women (feminists), and should some "toxic" Penile-American get all uppity and challenge her, if you should correct her when she was factually wrong, if you pointed out the contradictions inherent in her postulates, the flaws in her theorems, or simply exposed her as a moron, you are a danger to society, and besides, no one was talking to MAN, you.

You're a "bully", a ":mansplainer", and probably a secret rapist, as well, and she's been victimized once again by people who can out-think and out-argue her.

Poor thang.

The Biden Administration (seventeen lies for the price of one) has this really neat trick wherein in their zeal to play identity politics as a smokescreen for their incompetence they somehow manage to achieve a) not being able to define "a woman" and b) giving jobs to women who are the worst examples of the (socially-constructed) gender you could possibly find.

The list is long and hardly distinguished, starting with Princess Kneepads, "Doctor" Jill, the now-departed Peppermint Patty of Propaganda (Jen Psaki), Jens' replacement in the black-lesbian-Caribbean-descended Mouth of Sauron (Karine Jean-Pierre, but at least she speaks Kamala, right?), a Supreme Court nominee confused by the contents of her own panties, and so many more that we'd be here all day mentioning them.

The real problem(s) with Skankowicz Jankowicz are personal and mental. If you haven't seen her cringe-worthy "Mary Poppins" video, it is a valuable insight into the shallowness of this woman. She's a performer, a frustrated Theater Kid. She's not very mature, a thing one would think would be a prime requirement for so important a job as leading "the Disinformation Governance Board".

She's not a very original thinker, either, since the "I'm a woman and that makes me a victim" genre of paperback nonsense is overflowing with similarly-challenged females who get the vapors the second someone asks them a question they can't answer (at least not truthfully), or embarrasses them by showing up a phony erudition or "expertise" they claim to possess. Nina's only modification to the standard "Woe is Me!" word salad is that she moved it from the realm of reality into the dusty, musty dungeons of Cyberspace.

Where, if you're a fucktard, you get called out in real time.

Having been a denizen of Sodom-on-Hudson for all of my life, and having once been a young, healthy, good-looking man-about-town back in the day, I can tell you with absolute truthfulness that I have known at least a dozen Nina Jankowicz' in my time. They aren't just "a type" but rather a sub-species all of their own.

These are very spoiled suburban girls from over-indulgent families who come to the Big City to make a name for themselves. Most are some sort of self-proclaimed "artiste". In Nina's case, this appears to be dreams of singing, acting and dancing on the stages of the Great White Way. Giving credit where it is due, she can sing quite well. Just not well enough to land those prime gigs.

They fail. Usually hard.

And, of course, the reason why they fail is because someone else made or caused them to fail. We're all in conspiracy against them, you see. We peasants (that's how they think of anyone not obviously of their social class and the stint at Bryn Mawr, hotbed for rich, stupid females, just reinforces the notion) just never appreciate their greatness, and so The Dream of being the next Bernadette Peters, or the first female avant-garde sculptor to work in reclaimed garbage, or the great American Novelist, or the one who revolutionizes the fashion world with a stupid and ugly design, is shattered, and they just...can'

There's never any self-reflection or recrimination, just a reflexive application of blame to an outside source, or person, or group of people. In the past, they were protected from the consequences of having to deal with failure because Daddy just wrote someone a check, or Mumsy told them it wasn't their fault, and all the therapy in the world failed to dent the surface of their armor-plated entitlement or explain the facts of Life (it's unfair!) to the privileged little snotheads. 

Their ambitions crushed, they take to something they hate just to earn a living (until a rich man comes along and gives them an Upper West Side condo, an au pair, and 2.5 pink babies that someone else will take care of) and resent the rough-and-tumble of having to earn a living. Typically, they will do something that is connected to either a) nothing no one needs done, or b) government, or c) both, and extract a better living than they're worth from it.

They work out their frustrations in every trendy and shitty little basement "wine bar" that opens and closes within a month, where, after a few too many Blueberry/Kiwi Bellinis, they throw themselves with reckless abandon at anything that promises to take them away from the drudgery of real life, only with servants, high-falutin' parties, a weekly shopping spree, and the all the upward mobility they can stomach.

You can always tell when one of these mercenary scifuzas (that's Brooklynese for "filthy slut") is on the hunt for Big Game; they leave tell-tale signs everywhere.

The first is the heavy application of lipstick. The redder the better. This is a visual display, intimating an offer of...shall we say...Kamala-like delight that never gets delivered.

The second is the dress. Clingy and flashy, usually ridiculously ostentatious, but always top-drawer designer.

The third is the name-dropping. They want you to know who they know, who they think they know, and who they don't know but who they will try to either impress -- or beat you into submission -- with association.

The fourth is that they are "always on". These are people who seek attention in the same way that Illegals seek Green Cards. They can never get enough: it is compensation for being a failure. if you can't be important, at least people should treat you as if you are. This reinforces all the nasty habits of deranged thought that Mommy and Daddy implanted in you, because it was easier to give you what you wanted and to kiss your ass than it was to actually have to talk to you.

And if one of these Fugazy (Booklynese for "phony") Femmes manages some modicum of attention from certain sectors, then they suddenly become The Most Important People in The World, and everything they do, say, puke, shit, eat is the bestest of the bestest EVAH. They have been elevated above the rest of humanity, and when that happens, the pent-up narcissisms just reach tsunami-like levels and wash upon every shore.

They lose all sense of reality and propriety. Whatever they say is witty, funny, significant or authoritative. Even if it's wrong or unhinged.

They tell the funniest jokes, it's just that the rest of you clods don't "get" them.

They are supremely talented. Even when they display none at all.

Their eccentricities are "cute" rather than disturbing or annoying.

And if you burst this bubble, then you need to be silenced.

Or destroyed.

It's all about appearances and (perceived) status, because on the inside, these are really self-hating, incredibly-depressed nervous breakdowns just waiting to happen.

Someone this unserious, this immature, this ridiculously unaware, this full of herself, has no place in government. Certainly not as unofficial chief censor of the country, with implied police powers (it is, after all Homeland Security).

Now, I have no doubt the Biden People will go ahead with this Ministry of Truth nonsense, anyway. The problem was that Jankowicz drew too much attention to herself and became too easy a target. Her "resignation" is simply the smokescreen -- they'll continue to police "disinformation", but in secret, and there's no visible boil to lance should anyone ever discover it.

So, we award this installment of the Douchebag of the Week Award to a wanna-be Patty Lupone. Alas, we did not get to know ya, Nina, but what little we saw convinced us it was an introduction most of us would have paid good money to avoid. We thank you for your short-lived service, the benefit of which is that you exposed the appalling lack of standards, taste and judgment exercised by anyone surrounding this "president", and at least did so in a slightly-entertaining way.

If Vlad won't give you your old job back, there's always dinner theater in Dubuque.

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GMay said...

Remember right wing smear machine is defined as: posting a video of their statements (or singing), or reposting their tweets.

I notice they're not even bothering with the "taken out of context" schtick anymore.