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At Least Cruelty Sometimes Sleeps...

 "Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity at some point satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likely to make a Hell of Earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be "cured" against one's own will and to be cured of states we do not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles and domestic animals..." -- C.S. Lewis, "God in the Dock; Essays on Theology"

Before I begin, a disclaimer:

I am NOT making a defense of Vladimir Putin, who is perhaps one of the shittiest human beings alive today (although I'm sure his kids and dog love him). However, I do not see Vladimir Putin as the World's Greatest Danger.

There are people roaming the streets of Manhattan right this very second who are FAR more dangerous than any ex-KGB Russian potentate with a nuclear arsenal at his disposal.

Rather, I am going to take exception to the amount of blame that attaches to Mr. Putin for things that are not his responsibility. That blame is firmly stapled to him, in many cases one can argue unfairly, simply because the American Ruling Class is an inbred community of highly-credentialed, but mentally-challenged jackasses, acting in such a way as to force their constipated worldview and preferred behaviors upon billions of unwilling people.

And failing. Hard. And often.

And they do this because, somehow, they "know better"; they are justified in whatever perfidy they engage in because they "care".

This disease, for it is the REAL disease that now infects Western Culture and which is more-virulent and destructive than any horror that could ever have escaped a Chinese Laboratory, has reached it's critical and fatal stage. It will take an enormous effort to cure this particular illness and the effects will be social unrest, economic hardship, and political rancor, which is somewhat fitting, since it was exactly these forces which combined to create the current sickness we've all been afflicted with.

If you're a doofus, there are members of this Ruling Class who have targeted you, directly, for a concerted propaganda effort centering on fear-mongering, undertaken with the assumption that the average person has an animal-level intelligence (they may have a point), and that other than the well-intentioned-but-ill-informed (or is it ill-intentioned-and-well-informed?) actions of a class of self-appointed "saviors" we have no alternatives but to obey, obey, obey.

And by the way, they're taking the alternatives away from you, piece-by-piece, so that "obey" is all that's left.

Before we get to all of what Putin is supposedly responsible for, let's take yet another look at who this Ruling Class really is.

As I've mentioned here before, many times, this Ruling Class is largely a creation of a complex society. As private capital (and to a large extent Private LIFE)  and government come into conflict on a variety of points, a middle layer of what James Burnham referred to as "Managers" arises to act as essentially referees. These are highly-trained and specialized functionaries whose job it is to regulate everything in creation, or that for which they can merely manage to find an excuse to regulate, to maintain stability in an ever more complex world.

Eventually, they discover that they are the true rulers of a society -- because the Class exercises control over the means of distribution and becomes arbiter of all things right and proper --  and so begin to concentrate power and privilege in fewer hands (their own) and to their own benefit. They form a distinct Social Class in every society they arise in.

The two main examples of these "Managers" are to be found in business and government (they have adjuncts in Media, Science, Academia, Law, Military forces and Religion): the business world spawns technical experts of all sorts who manage a panoply of secondary-and-yet-vital functions related to running a business -- tax and labor lawyers, advertising executives, finance executives, supply chain functionaries, Human Resources directors, and so forth. They don't have anything to do with production, they don't generate profit, but they are required in order to compete in the marketplace, or to deal with government.

In the swamp of government these are professional bureaucrats and political appointees whose function is to regulate all aspects of life, particularly those which a private individual is incapable of seeing to themselves. The bureaucracies that deal with environmental law and conditions, international trade agreements, defense arrangements, foreign relations, tax  and tariff law and enforcement, law enforcement in general. These people don't care what they do: they merely follow the orders of those -- presumably elected (see: Dinesh D'Souza). They will readily run the bureaucracy along one set of guidelines today, and then switch to adhere to new guidelines tomorrow, as they span political regimes. Their role requires them to be relatively apolitical, and their jobs depend on merely enforcing "rules", good, bad or indifferent.

A major difference between the two groups is that, in private enterprise or life, failure is often catastrophic to an individual, or at the least has serious consequences. Loss of profit, poor decisions, bad business practices, all lead to unemployment, bankruptcy and ruined reputation; in bureaucratic government, there is no need to worry about such things. Government can operate in the red forever; responsibility never descends upon a single individual; failure is always a consequence of bad political policy or poorly-drafted legislation, a lack of funding or understaffing, but never incompetence or malice.

This Ruling Class is drawn from the finest universities in America, where whatever their political affiliation or what school they've actually attended, the denizens have been thoroughly indoctrinated in common philosophies of American History, American Culture, and the proper role of Government. The differences between an R and a D are not matters of kind, but rather degree. In all respects, they have been trained to think of their nation as morally bad, the people as mouth-breathing idiots, and that their proper role is to redeem us all.

This is not a unique phenomenon: it has been a common thread that has run though American Society since the Mayflower Compact, when religious zealots set out to build the New Jerusalem in the New World...and failed.

Those witch-hunting New England dumbfucks eventually grew into what is now known as "the Northeastern Liberal", but that is a story for another day. Essentially they convinced themselves that their failure to create Heaven on Earth wasn't because of a lack of piety, or the fact that The Almighty just might not exist, but rather that the material they were given to work with was sub-standard.

This was the Gospel According to Saint Darwin.

The American Civil War was instigated, in part, by this desire to "reform" what were seen as morally- and ethically-degraded Southerners. In the Abolitionist Movement, it was a desire to "uplift" the physically- and mentally-degraded Slave, and this belief that self-appointed, morally-superior assholes could right all the injustices of the world and create a "perfect" society has remained with us till this day.

The belief has been passed from generation-to-generation through the university systems, the political parties, the issue advocacy groups, the media, and a million smaller and largely-unnoticed processes. It has passed through various stages, as well: Reconstruction, Socialism, Communism, Progressivism, the Eugenics movement, Fascism, government management of monopoly trade and civil rights law, and at several points led to things like Colonialism, the White Man's Burden, the Holodomor, the Holocaust, and wars fought for principles that, after close examination, ultimately have led to no one's "good" or improvement.

We're now approaching end-stage where this struggle for control -- of everything -- as a means of perfection -- of everything -- is coming to its conclusion.

The main problem with those who are convinced that they "know what's right" for others is that failure is easy to dismiss. Much like the Holy Fucktards seeking a New Jerusalem, every failure finds a convenient excuse which has nothing at all to do with the intentions and actions of the Ruling Class: always, it is some deficiency in methods (a bureaucracy cries that it is underfunded, understaffed, and its mandate is insufficiently broad), of circumstances (it would have worked if not for all you racist/sexist/homophobes!), or because of "unforeseen results" which, upon closer examination, were usually not only truly foreseen, but ignored as inconsequential to or as a roadblock to the desired result.

And when the excuse making no longer suffices to quell discontent, the Ruling Class resorts to lying. When the lying no longer works, they resort to censorship, subversion, targeting their enemies in various ways and by devious means, and eventually, in violence.

Usually deadly violence.

Just ask the people where Vlad lives about that.

We're at the lying/censorship/subversion/targeting stage right now.

The Biggest Lie is that all of our problems are somehow Vladimir Putin's fault (we can quibble about what the Biggest Lie actually is, there being so many to choose from, but I'm focusing on this particular one right now).

If there's War in Ukraine, it's Putin's fault. The issue of NATO, a moribund and largely unnecessary MILITARY organization continually expanding when it no longer has a enemy to fight, notwithstanding. Now, the Overlord does not particularly care if Russians and Ukrainians want to kill one another; in fact, the Overlord doesn't care if Iranians and Iraqis want to slaughter the other, or if Bosnian Christians and Muslims want to do each other to death, and to a lesser extent, if America's Urban Aborigines want to gun each other down by the hundreds every day (because if "Black Lives Mattered", the Blacks would be the first to start saving them).

If there are shortages of fertilizer so that there will be food shortages around the world, it's Putin's Fault, too. Although to judge from this, the Ruling Class sees this as an opportunity to push a Green Agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with feeding anyone. because never let a good crisis go to waste, right

If the price of gasoline and heating oil is skyrocketing, that, too, is Putin's Fault. The fact that American government has shut down the construction of pipelines, restricted access to domestic supplies, raised the level of American imports from overseas, and handcuffed the economy for a year-plus with lockdowns and the resulting "supply chain problems" (which have gone completely unattended to by the government, because it's not affecting the Ruling Class to the same extent it is affecting Joe Schmo), can be ignored. Besides, your car is destroying the planet, so you deserve to be bankrupted by just filling up your tank.

You're killing Stone-Age, pig-ignorant headhunters in New Guinea every time you drive to the supermarket (assuming there's anything to buy) you Climate Denier!

If you are having a difficult time finding baby formula or baby food for your infant, that is Putin's Fault, as well. I tell ya, this Putin Guy gets around! OF COURSE it has nothing to do with stupid government regulations concerning the import of infant feed over what are essentially labelling requirements, nor does it have to do with the monopoly status granted to suppliers to government through Welfare programs. Besides, the EEEEEBILLLLL GOP is about to destroy the "right" to an Abortion, so if The Ruling Class can't kill 'em in the womb, at least they can starve the little bastards after they're born, right?

If you find yourself struggling with a health issue related to an untested vaccine you were lied and stampeded by fear and disinformation into taking, well, just wait...somehow that will be Putin's Fault, too. But don't fret: all these people damaged by bad government policy and dishonesty will probably soon be the beneficiaries of even more government "help" in the form of elevation to "identity group" status, and who knows?, maybe all these people harmed by an untested vaccine will be a good excuse for Government-run healthcare, despite the fact it was the government health authorities -- all members of the Ruling Class -- who funded the Chinese death bats in the first place!

And who failed, universally, in the aftermath.

If your internet comments and posts are being censored, deleted, moved lower in feeds, being reported to authorities as "disinformation", that's ALL Vlad. Because, you see, Hillary is a fucking lying crook who lost an election, which was blamed on Vlad's meddling in American elections, hacking DNC servers kept in a bathroom, and pulling Donald Trump's strings, because she lost. The fact that she's a provably horrible and disingenuous human being, a congenital sprinkler system for lies, a criminal who may have a hand in several murders, money laundering, human trafficking and war crimes, was no disqualification, after all. Why, Vlad the Colluder is so bad, that the remedy to all this "disinformation" is the creation of a Thought Police on the KGB model, led by a raging lunatic whose real ambition in life seems to have been to become a Broadway Diva.

(As an aside, how is it the Biden Administration, on the one hand, cannot identify what a woman is, but on the other keep giving people jobs on the basis of being a Woman? And how indicative is it of just how ridiculously stupid everyone at 1600 Pennsylvania is that they keep finding the absolute worst examples of the gender to push in front of television cameras? Vice-President, New-and-Old Press Secretary, First Lady, Disinformation Czarina, Supreme Court nominees. and so forth).

If your elections aren't on the up-and-up, that's because of the Trump/Putin "collusion", you know. There's no vote, no, no...that's a conspiracy theory you peasants believe for no good reason. The Left didn't stuff unsecured ballot boxes with fake ballots, and the Right didn't squander $100 million that it specifically raised to prevent such a thing. Eventually, it'll all be the doings of America's New Favorite Scapegoat, Vladimir Putin, who took down the previous reigning champion "White, Heterosexual Male".

There's NOTHING this Vlad guy can't do...except maybe beat the Ukrainians.

Whatever the merits or demerits of the Kremlin's primary resident, this much is clear: he's a convenient target of opportunity, the donkey upon which the blindfolded Ruling Class is trying to pin a tail on. He has to be: the alternative is to admit the self-selected Elite is seriously incapable, not as smart as they think they are, blinded by a self-interest (more like "self-preservation"?) and has no reason to remain in place. You get  the distinct impression that not only don't they believe the very nonsense they utter with every minute of every day, but that no human being with a barely functioning brain stem can possibly swallow it whole.

And yet people very much like the Ruling Class, or people who wish to join it, lap it up like a hungry kitten at a saucer of milk.

The American left, primarily, having decided the best means of disguising who they are and what they stand for -- not to mention WHAT THEY DO -- is to blame someone else for their own failures, is now all-in on this Putin line. It has no other option but to blame someone except themselves for the mess they've created. This was, perhaps, a natural result of the Series of Really Big Lies that began with "Russian Hacking", that went on to "Russian Interference", that then made the Great Leap to two impeachments of Donald Trump, sans evidence, the Hunter Biden scandals, and which will now serve as the basis of American Foreign Policy, as stated by the Dribbler-in-Chief, that "regime change in Moscow" is the official policy of the U.S. Government.

And if that means sanctions which forbid the importation of Russian Oil and which resulted in the retaliation of Russia's withholding of fertilizer, if it means famine and higher energy prices, if it requires expanding NATO for the benefit of Ruling-Class-connected Western (but primarily American) defense contractors and pushes the globe closer to nuclear war, if it means we have to poison our own people with medicines of unknown quality and even-more unknown side effects, if we have to starve American infants while supplying the babies of illegal aliens all the nutrition the future welfare recipients require, then so be it.

The stakes, for the Ruling Class, are too high: for them it means having to actually get real jobs that produce something of value. The alternative translates into the Ruling Class being unable to direct the thoughts, habits, living conditions, activities and desires of millions in a way that suits the needs, priorities, pocketbooks and (mental) comfort of the same being denied. If this means no one will ever look into disputed elections that vomited forth a deranged old man as Leader of the Free World, alleged fraud and bribery of a sitting president (not that fake stuff they dredged up on Trump), or simply lets you alone to lead a relatively quiet life, then this cannot be allowed to stand.

They are better than you, you see, because they are Cosmically Right. Their privileged upbringing, best-schools-education, and connection to politics says they are. And if in the process of being Cosmically Right they happen to continuously create crises which justifies more of their brand of Cosmically Wrong, well, that's just the price they are willing to let you pay so as to remain at the front of every line and at the top of every heap.

Because Ivy League and Seven Sisters, or close affiliation -- if not symbiosis -- with either.

The question one needs to ask oneself this coming fall is not merely one of D versus R. As I've intimated above, the Machine/Establishment Republican is part-and-parcel of this Ruling Class, too. That simplistic formulation is tantamount to making a choice between whether it is better to have Harvard or Princeton wipe his boots on your face.

No, the question is "What Sort of Country Do You Wish To Live In?", and the answer MUST begin with "one where sanity prevails and where responsibility means something".

The American Ruling Class, regardless of party affiliation, has proven itself insane. Sane people do not, after all, enter into interminable arguments about parliamentary procedures, hypocritically change their opinions depending upon which way the wind is blowing, believe that crime and criminal activity is best left to "communities" of largely-imaginary people (or worse, shadowy groups supported by government grants) to sort out, nor do they make irrational decisions and pronouncements about the fate of millions based upon their desire to eliminate the things that make modern, civilized life possible -- like gasoline, legal systems, international trade, respect for life, and American Institutions like the Supreme Court and Constitution.

These assholes don't care about any of those things, because they have decided that government is only good for ONE THING and that is their own, personal benefit, for that of their friends and allies, and for the global network of self-appointed saviors they've created.

It's all about STATUS.

This goes beyond mere Swamp Draining; it's a Counter Long March Through the Institutions, a true Civil War we're talking here that is an existential conflict in the making. I've told you here before that it is possible for the "Normals" in America to win this fight because the Ruling Class is weak in character and what plays out as "political battles" are really just outward expressions of various factions within the Class fighting among themselves over this or that method of pulling the above-mentioned levers of government to their advantage.

When threatened they retaliate, certainly, but they never sacrifice themselves. Only others. The ANTIFA Molotov-thrower and the BLM looter are the footsoldiers of the Ruling Class (so are the dumbfuck Militias running around in the woods playing "Red Dawn", or the Serpent-handling redneck zealots) -- unruly, dangerous mobs, ginned up by propaganda, funded by the Rulers, themselves, that are meant to frighten opposition into complacence and silence. If the War is carried directly to their own doorsteps, if the sacrifice becomes personal, they fold quicker than a busted flush to an inside straight. They largely depend upon remaining anonymous or using the power of government to protect them; their own physical courage and fortitude lacks.

The Solons of the gender-neutral, environmentally-friendly salons of Berkeley and Sarah Lawrence, the Best and the Brightest of the Skull and Bones and Phi Beta Kappa are no such thing.

These are dilettantes playing at God. Which they profess no belief in.

But somehow it's only Vladimir Putin that has super-human abilities that transcend borders, the internet, Time, Space, Matter and Energy which make it impossible for America -- the greatest country in all respects on Earth -- to feed, power, protect, defend, and provide for it's own people, while the Ruling Class cries crocodile tears, feigning helplessness in the face of his imagined onslaught, for fear, of above all else, admitting they've been categorically wrong about everything in American Life for decades.

And fearing the consequences to follow.

UPDATE: Corrected some spelling and grammar mistakes.

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