Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Two Diseases...


"In light of all the recent talk of new mask mandates, new shutdowns, and more-draconian restrictions, we may have to draw two unmistakable conclusions: the first is that "the shot" does not work. The second is that the people who are supposed to be "in charge" don't know what to do except to double down on fucktard. It should now be unmistakably clear that they have never known what do...and apparently do not care. You could easily be forgiven for starting to believe that these extraordinary levels of incompetence and venality are not mere accidents of personalities or failures of systems -- they are, and have been, deliberate acts undertaken for specific purposes." -- The Overlord

Before I get to the insufferable piece of shit that is Andrew Cuomo, I have to say a few things about this persistent pain in the ass called COVID-19.

The last 18 months have been a tour-de-force, Potemkin-level performance of complete and utter bullshit.

It has probably been known for the entire time that this virus originated in a Chinese laboratory; it has probably been known to everyone who might count in this thing -- governments, intelligence agencies, the scientific and medical communities -- that the Chinese were conducting "gain of function" research into Coronaviruses. It has probably been known that the purpose of this research was ostensibly medical, but more-likely to be an exercise in biological warfare. It has been definitively known that the Chinese government has bought and sold various and sundry government officials, scientists, universities, and probably medical and pharmaceutical companies all over the world.

It was definitely known that the US government agencies tasked with protecting us from deadly outbreaks of virulent diseases were not only funding this nonsense through third parties, if not in contravention of law, then at the very least in a mind-blowing orgy of who-gives-a-fuck?

Anthony Fauci has lied to you every day of the week for the last year and a half. He has lied to two Presidents, to Congress, to the media, to anyone who will listen to him spew dishonesty like a firehose.

The Shot does not work, for if it did, this virus would have been beaten down, already, people would not be getting sick at the rates they are reported to be (although we have to take into consideration these numbers coming out of your idiot box every night are most likely lies, too), and millions of people all over the planet have been stampeded by fear into voluntarily giving up DNA samples to governments, becoming guinea pigs for a new and untested vaccine produced by new and untested methods, and frightened into complicity by bureaucracies all over the planet into giving up their freedoms, their livelihoods, and potentially, their lives.

The Overlord is not given to conspiracy theories. He believes them to be the products of disordered and fevered imaginations. He knows, from having heard the same theories repeated and debunked multiple times, only to revive in another form at a later time, that the primary problem with conspiracy theory is that it treats history as if it occurs in a vacuum. Having established a premise, the conspiracy theorist then works backwards to "prove" it by selectively picking out other bits of history that prop the original premise up and ignoring all others that would tend to disprove the theory.

But even the blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn. Sometimes there is a conspiracy. Maybe not the one the tinfoil hat-wearing set believes there is, but it's there, nonetheless.

The reaction to Corona in the United States has been easy to fit into this pattern. As each day passes, however, more emerges, and the pattern starts to blossom into something resembling a picture. The picture begins to expand into something resembling a plan.

I won't go into too many details here. It would take me hours to write and hours for you to read. Given what we know and what we have experienced, every key institution, vital organ of information, important individual involved in this fucking fiasco looks like they have something to hide.

Politically, if you were the American left, Corona is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it has completely wrecked every major issue you have stood for for the last 40 years. Open Borders allowed the disease to be brought into the country. Unfettered illegal immigration in large part was the vehicle that brought it here. The government-run sector of the health care system has failed miserably (so much for Universal Healthcare!). The professional bureaucracy which laid claim to "expertise" that was unavailable anywhere else, and from which it drew it's authority, is now something akin to an enemy of the people. The ideals of the Green Movement in which high-density urban living and mass transit were the twin engines of saving Mother Gaia have proven to be the great enablers and facilitators of epidemic.

The sword's other edge, however, has been useful in destroying democratic norms to keep the incompetent shitheads who allowed this to happen firmly in power and to extend their authority further.

Economically, the virus has been a boon to those who still preach Socialism, in the sense that these newly-re-empowered bureaucratic agencies spewing contradictory edicts on a daily basis, spreading fear, doubt, and indecision everywhere, have managed to shut down and severely cripple the world's strongest economies. The Socialists and Commies didn't need to destroy Capitalism, after all: they could strangle it by bureaucratic imperative exercised in the name of "emergency".

Fuck, they were already on their way to doing so in the name of "Global Warming". It turns out fear of the flu beats out fear of burning planet. Who knew?

And for a virus, that I'm told by trusted medical authority, is easy to treat --provided the government isn't threatening to lock you up for practicing real medicine or doing real science, and administrators are not going to destroy your career for not obeying government diktat to the letter, and that hospital Boards of Directors aren't pressing you to "find" more COVID deaths in order to milk the cash cow of government "recovery" funds -- and which has a better-than-99% survival rate in people who don't already have severe underlying health concerns.

Standard treatments -- proven to work -- have been abandoned in the name of politics.

Cheap medications, readily available, with proven anti-Corona effects, and freely-dispensed for other maladies, are suddenly rebranded as deadly poisons because "the wrong" people happen to mention them.

The people who are not responsible -- a President, people who choose not to get a vaccine that is now clearly ineffective -- get blamed. They get denigrated on a daily basis, harassed, and in some cases, physically attacked.

The people who are responsible -- the Chinese, the WHO, various health authorities all over the world, the illegal aliens -- are held up to be paragons of virtue, totally innocent of any wrongdoing.

I have it on good information that this "delta variant" now going around is not the same virus as your garden-variety COVID-19. I have read, heard from individuals in the know, and from other sources, that the Chinese were not just working on ONE coronavirus, but rather several, and in some cases were trying to figure out how to tailor them to infect specific populations.

The "delta variant" outbreak began in India. The "delta variant" is genetically distinct from the COVID-19 varieties we saw here and in Europe in the early days of the outbreak, I'm told. If this is true, it's quite possible that the disease is not "mutating" as scientists believe, but rather they are looking at a variety of engineered viruses which are similar and drawing the wrong conclusions.

We now have to consider the possibility that the lab in Wuhan didn't just leak (or let loose?) a single coronavirus, but several, either simultaneously or serially.

The Chinese need to be made to pay dearly for what they have done, in every conceivable way. If we had someone in command who had all of his faculties, who wasn't on the Chinese (and other's) payroll, and who wasn't compromised and hamstrung by galactic-level stupidity, maybe they would.

If I were in charge, I'd turn the entire planet against China and make them beg for mercy, even if it meant getting into bed with every piece of shit tyrant, dictator, kleptocrat or miscreant on Earth.

And then I'd make my own government pay for their complicity in this entire assault on Constitutional Rights and public health. The Swamp that Donald Trump warned you about was never the democrat (small 'd' intentional) party; it was always the professional bureaucracy, no matter what department, that has turned incompetence into a Golden Goose and which has a culture in which fucking up by the numbers and sucking up to the politicians who fund your department are the engine of success.

As to the second disease....

Andrew Cuomo is scum. He is the worst sort of scum. And by saying this I don't mean to insult the actual scum which might read this by associating you with this bag of fetid wind.

He kills people with poor decision-making and arrogance...and it's someone else's fault.

He is lauded for failure and handed awards for stupidity...but he's a hero, and don't you forget about it.

I really have run out of means to describe just what a ridiculous piece of shit this sub-human semi-ape really is. if you really would like to know what I think of him, you can read this...


and this...

(Seriously, all you have to do is click the little "Andrew Cuomo" tag at the bottom of this post to see ALL of the anti-Cuomo screeds, for they are too many to link).

I cannot conceive of any more words to use in describing who and what he is and what he does.

What I really cannot conceive, however, is what the Attorney General who released her report on his philandering ways had to say about what to do about it.

Which is to say, she'll do nothing.

She has suddenly decided that, despite the evidence, despite the fact that she has spent a year investigating the allegations, despite the fact that she has eleven victims of the governors wandering hands, lips and perhaps other parts, she doesn't have the authority to prosecute him.

Excuse me?

Then what was the fucking point of the investigation?

And here we get back to the criminal incompetence of many people in government. Letitia James is yet one more example of the complete lack of intelligence, the complete lack of accountability, the disastrous habit of putting unqualified people with no character  into positions of authority, that plagues this country. This goes far beyond mere "corruption".

I seriously hope that if Andrew Cuomo never sees the inside of a courtroom from a defendant's chair that he contracts a multitude of corona variants and dies the painful death he deserves.

Getting back to the Swamp: it exists at all levels of government, and the time has long passed where just  simply "draining" it will suffice.

This sonofabitch needs to be burned to the ground and whatever flees the flames shot, stuffed and mounted.


Larry Dressler said...

Agreed on China, but note the issue is synonymous with US government spending as described by David Goldman ( The answer to the corrupt bureaucratic state is to win elections and reshape government to focus on resisting China externally and rebuilding the under/working class internally.

Take away government subsidies and ogopolistic corporations and the left would lose their prominence.

Political control over the budget and legislation will come from expanding the conservative coalition by focusing MAGA on the underclass, with every voter won a plus for us and a loss for them.

It seems the following are win/win ideas that would help the underclass and benefit conservatives:
• Vouchers: I can’t figure out why every politician doesn’t ride this in 2022 and 2024, but I think it is partially because it is only a conceptual argument with no coordinating body for direct action.
o The act of recruiting churches/organizations to run schools, and students to apply for 2022/2024 is itself a political campaign in the democrats voter base.
• Reverse subsidiarity (bringing people closer to the government?): All government employment gets analyzed on a training breakeven with hiring limited to that term. Some jobs take knowledge and experience but some just sell tickets at the gate. Government employment would be structured more like the military with most on a short term commitment with less loyalty to the bureaucracy.
o This might be done while the democrats are in control as it will be additional spending initially.
• If it ain’t aimed at China, the military should be focused on technical training with increases in Guard/Reserves funded by active duty decreases and funding increases.
o Guard/Reserve has always participated in emergencies and should participate in a broader range of government activities to increase resiliency and surge capability, in partnership with as many government departments as possible.
o If the partnership is broad enough it would allow the continued function of government if emergencies or budgetary pressures forced reductions/shutdowns.
 Military personnel should be given priority for government employment, providing a feeder system of more trained and disciplined candidates for short term government employment described in point 2.
• Jobs requiring higher education and experience can use military personnel of similar capacity.
 Military personnel are active in the many areas, and can support the State Department, all Intelligence Agencies, CDC, etc.
 Funding of areas that offer additional training opportunities that could be staffed by military personnel such as merchant marine.
 Funding increases to support military personnel participation in trade & technical training/community college and STEM.

Matthew Noto said...


Interesting. I'll take a stab. No particular order.

If one of the fundaMENTAL problems of American Politics is the obsession with Identity then elevating the Identity of "Veteran" even further is just another exercise in the same. Bad idea. Just because someone has worn a uniform doesn't make them more virtuous, smarter, better-prepared for a job. Besides, it only creates a new problem: if the problem of Identity politics is tied to identifying and pandering to identity groups who are all seeking the same things -- a grant of special right or privileges not available to other groups -- then we're not solving anything, and only making things worse.

On vouchers: I have been involved in distance learning projects for the last ten years; I have also undertaken several projects for the NY City Board of Education over that time. Given the revelation parents have had concerning their children's curriculum and "learning" this past year, the time has come for the public school to go the way of the horse-drawn carriage. We could easily fund the student, rather than the system, and the student would have the advantages of choice in school or subject, speed at which they learn, teachers, and they could take school with them anywhere there is a WifFi signal, so that year-round schooling could take place.

Not to mention the ability to instantaneously replay a class, lecture or so forth, at any time for review.

The main obstacles are the Unions: they, too, are identity groups of themselves, and they have begged and acquired special rights and privileges from government they aren't going to give up easily. This may be one of those instances where "if you build it, they will come" will actually work,. unlike, say, Green Energy.

The solution to the problem of intrusive, incompetent and omnipresent bureaucracy is no a political one. Winning elections won't help, because even MAGA knows the business of running a government is super complex. Complexity is why these bureaucracies exist, in the first place. No, rather the issue is that this pernicious Middle Layer of government sees itself, and acts as, a self-interested and distinct SOCIAL CLASS. And worse, it sees itself as a Social Class that is superior to all others.

Another Identity group that can be farmed for votes with grants of special rights and privileges not available to anyone else, you see.

If you haven't, I would recommend James Burnham and Angelo Codevilla on these subjects.

Craig C said...

Censorship made this possible, informed consent was made impossible and sometimes illegal. This applies to masks, home arrest and "vaccines". The Nuremberg Codes have been breached on many levels, the trials should be public, so should the executions. Incompetence on this level requires organizational skills far beyond normal political idiocy, this took planning, like event 2O1 for instance.

Matthew Noto said...

@PS At Larry,

Given the recent professions of devotion to identity politics expressed by the current crop of military "leaders", giving primacy of place to military people is probably just as bad as continuing to recruit bureaucrats from the Kennedy School or Georgetown. The military of the near future is going to be just as indoctrinated -- and most likely just as stupid -- as the professional bureaucratic caste is.

Matthew Noto said...

Craig, I don't know what "Event 201" is, and I probably wouldn't care to find out. It already sounds like one of those wild-hair-up-the-ass stories told by people who live in Mommy's basement surrounded by Nazi paraphernalia and a HAM radio.

I don't think the people who "planned" any of this are inherently stupid: just self-interested and isolated from public opinion to the extent that they are incapable of seeing anything beyond their own prerogatives and the extension of their own power and influence. They are incapable of learning from their mistakes.

This is what makes them dangerous and evil; they don't believe they've made any mistakes, are incapable of doing so, that if their grand schemes have failed, it's because the American people are a bunch of drooling, knuckle-dragging reprobates who just need more of their enlightened "leadership" (or despotism) to get with the program.

By their dim lights we don't need "better leadership" we need more-compliant sheep.

So long as they directly control the levers of government -- because for all intents and purposes, they ARE THE GOVERNMENRT, Congresscritters and Presidents are merely temporary figureheads -- none will be held to account.

You have to break the class before you do anything else(and such a class exists in every government around the world, too; they work internationally and across borders, you know). Simply winning elections and putting "sell-by" dates on employment won't work. Nor will fantasies about a New World Order.

Yes, I've said this all looks planned: you either have to believe incompetence runs this deep, otherwise, but it's not "a plan" in the sense that a bunch of people met in a hollowed-out-volcano on a deserted island to scheme. It's "a plan" that was created ad hoc and implemented under the sense of panic to push aside citizen and legislator and let the REAL government that "works" in the Department of Fried Meats and Commission on Shadow Puppets on the Walls take their "rightful" place at the steering wheel.

Larry Dressler said...

Thanks for the reading recommendation, I do love Angelo but don't recall reading James Burnham. My focus is to try and address the issues raised almost 50 years ago in the Moynihan Report, so my interest in the military is for training purposes (if the military's sole purpose is China, the rest becomes more of an "Outward Bound" adventure/experience).

If you win elections you can direct spending. K-12 vouchers fund an education chosen by the parent(s), followed by 2-4 years in a community college/trade school track while in the military or short-term Federal job like TSA, Post Office, etc., outside of the wasteland the underclass calls home. At least the kids get a better shot, and the training combined with onshoring jobs begins to reverse the Democrat big government and Republican labor arbitrage dynamic that is destroying the working class.

Identity politics is just virtue signaling since that is the way to get ahead in the absence of a bottom line, which enforces accountability. CRT is used by the left to divide America to win the politics and control funding, implying that defunding the left is the best way to defeat it. Read JD Vance's speeches, there is a new generation of politician's that will aggressively work to defund those that hate America.

And of course you are right about the persistence of government bureaucracy, but with subsidiarity and moderation of deficit spending perhaps it can be limited.

Matthew Noto said...

Burnham was an American Socialist , later Conservative. Burnham was one of the founders of National Review.

His most-famous work is "The Managerial Revolution" from 1940. It described a new form of government in which Capitalism would be replaced by a planned economy, but Socialism would not follow.

Prime examples of Managerialism were the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. He detected the beginnings of it in the United States with the advent of The New Deal.

The theory supposes is that, as in business, a layer of bureaucracy arises that deals specifically with issues of complexity in a system. The Managers are academics, lawyers, technicians, scientists, military men, politicians, media types and administrators who form the Managerial Caste.

This layer inserts itself between the Capitalist and the Masses. By virtue of the specific functions they fulfilled and the extremely complex and technical nature of the work they did, running a corporation became impossible without them. With the New Deal, the process was applied to government.

It was already active in government in Germany and USSR, where The Party was in control of everything, meaning not only were the means of production in the hands of professional bureaucrats, the means of distribution were, too, and distribution would largely depend upon connection to or patronage of this caste.

To win WW2, the Western allies had to out-Nazi the Nazis; co-ordination and re-organization of society on a huge scale with expansion of government power into previously-unknown places. Example, turning private capitalism into a command economy (this was the Military-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower complained about).

Burnham also saw the rise of three superstates . All three superstates would be in a constant state of low-level war (Cold War), leaving each other's borders inviolate, creating economic autarkies run by a Managerialist form of government. Where Burnham went wrong was in predicting that Germany would win WW2.

This brought criticism, particularly by the left which had it's hopes pinned to a Russian victory. His biggest critic was GEORGE ORWELL who shit all over Burnham's theories, but then used them to create the world of "1984".

Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia are managerialist states. The Party and it's four Ministries in "1984" are Managerialist, all Fascist in orientation. According to Burnham, it did not matter what ideology any of the superstates professed what counted was the fact that they would be Managerialist in nature.

Burnham was right: Germany lost the war, but it won the Peace. Democratic Socialism, as it is practiced, is the Nazi economic plan to a tee. The E.U. and Common Market are lifted directly from Nazi occupation policy. All scrubbed of overt racism and warmongering for appearances sake, but it is Managerialism on the Nazi blueprint.

The Managerialist state is one in which elected leaders and owners (often masses of shareholders) are unimportant. Against the professional Managers they cannot muster the weight of public opinion or collective action. The Managers toil anonymously, unelected, unaccountable to electorates, and accruing ever more power to co-ordinate the lives of millions to conform to their ideas, tastes and needs, while extracting a very good living.

These managerialist bodies operate transnationally; a bureaucracy in one nation deals with it's counterparts in others, so that they form a worldwide CLASS whose sole goal is the acquisition of power and influence.

Burnham also wrote two sequels to the original, which are entitled The Machiavellians and an essay, Lenin's Heir.
Orwell's essays on Burnham are better known that Burnham's work, and they're fascinating reads, too.

Larry Dressler said...

Sounds about right, and "The Managerialist state" is a much better descriptor than "Uniparty." I guess we'll have to wait for the results of 2022 and 2024 to see if the there are any actual cuts, or if those elected get coopted as usual.