Thursday, August 12, 2021

Critical Race Dogsqueeze...

"Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point where he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself or others. And having no respect, he ceases to love..." -- Fyodor Dostoevsky, "The Brothers Karamazov"

For many years I was subjected to the abject torture of what is known as "Diversity Training". If I had to describe the experience in terms most people could relate to, I'd do so, thusly:

It's like having your dentist extract your wisdom teeth, through your anus, without anesthetic.

It's like being wedgied with your own scrotum.

It's like completing a session of absolutely fantastic sex with the most-incredible, adventurous and accommodating partner and then having her tell you your brother and father were better.

It's like eating broken glass from a bus station toilet bowl with no utensils and your hands tied behind your back.

It's like sinking in quicksand up to your neck and suddenly discovering you need to take a really wicked shit. 

That is to say, it is NOT a pleasant experience. But then again, it was never intended to be; the purpose is never to learn anything or emerge a better person, the purpose is to always accuse, blame, shame, guilt, shift responsibility, excuse failure.

In short, it's meant to suck. Hard.

All forms of what we now call "woke" were always intended to suck. That's the point: it's supposed to be annoying and it's supposed to hurt you, and you're supposed to give in to have someone just STFU or to make the pain go away. Unfortunately, like everything else, even Suck has to come in new-and-improved versions every so often, which is how we end up with Critical Race Theory.

If you need a quick and dirty on what it's all about, watch Ben Shapiro literally fuck the King of CRT without lube right here.

Take note of how quickly the idiot runs to play the race card when he's challenged. Watch him flounder when he's beat over the head with his own retard. 

As I worked my way up the ladder of cubicle slaves in the corporate world, I was subjected to this combination of Maoist Struggle Session and Group Therapy for the Fucktards on a yearly basis. Usually during Black History Month, the shortest month of the year (coincidence, or another manifestation of racism?).

Now, it was obvious as to why we were subjected to this crap against our wills. The two main reasons were that the people whom Life had stamped as "losers" would have a venue to vent their grievances (real and imagined) is a totally safe, consequence-free (so the thinking went) environment. It was a safety valve that let the discontented vent, whereas if they didn't have this opportunity, worse shit could happen. In this way, Diversity Nonsense is like a hockey fight -- better two guys should settle their differences with punches than that they use their sticks and skates to carve each other up.

The consequences of venting this, though, were obvious: if you were a manager you now knew who the worst complainers were, you knew exactly what they were thinking, and you knew you would have to develop a pretty slick strategy to eventually rid yourself of this pestilence. You knew keeping them around was probably dangerous to your position and paycheck.

The second reason was purely legal. The first defense in a discrimination suit is always "My clients have committed to a full program of equality and equal opportunity, and to create an unbiased and cooperative working atmosphere. Look, my clients even mandate diversity training for employees, Your Honor."

Now, when I worked on Wall Street (bastion of white male privilege) there was certainly bias, in individuals (I was the target of it, sometimes, too, being of working class extraction), but never on the level of "corporate". The attempt to impart human feelings and motivations to inanimate objects is a pretty neat leftist trick, and they've been using it for a couple of centuries now.

It is impossible for a corporation to be "racist", for example, as a corporation isn't even human. True, it is made up of human beings, but those human beings are not in monolithic lockstep in their feelings, thoughts or actions. One cannot make a sensible argument that an organization consisting of shareholders, employees, managers, in their thousands, have combined to create something critically biased and injuriously ____-ist.

That's another leftist trick of removing personal responsibility from individuals and placing them on the back of inanimate objects (ex: "Guns Kill People"). Here we shift blame and responsibility from individuals to systems and organization, even entire races.

All I know from those days is that The Golden Rule was "Make Money", and quite frankly, the people who gave the order to make money weren't particularly picky about who made it. They didn't care what color the guy was; they did not care what genitals she was sporting; they did not they care if some found a penis forcibly rammed into the rectum to be sexually satisfying.

The only color anyone saw, for all intents and purposes, was GREEN. The true discrimination came when you weren't making any. The personal details about who was raking the green stuff in were usually not very important.

It was, perhaps, the least racist environment I've ever known. That's not to say it wasn't entirely free of classism and elitism, but not really racism, sexism or "homophobia".

As the years have gone on, we've passed through the stage where merely pointing out the differences between people (the first requirement of all the _____-ism's, incidentally, so that in the quest to teach people NOT to be ____-ist we have to first teach them HOW to be ______-ist) and then learning to accommodate them didn't work.

The next stage was to accuse others of being mentally ill; you don't MEAN to be a bigot, but you can't help it. It is sub-conscious, but you can learn to control it.

Any psychologist will tell you this is bullshit. If something is happening sub-consciously the individual is unaware of it. If the individual is unware of the behavior, he cannot control it. Even with effort.

We then moved on to blaming culture. You don't mean to be _____-ist, but your culture trained you to be. The assumption being that no other cultures were similarly infected with biases, prejudices and shit-for-brains of their own. Especially the brown ones. Only the White Male heterosexual One was so handicapped.

Funny just how precisely specific that identification of The World's Worst got to be over the years, isn't it?

We have now entered the final stage before the turd is sucked down the swirling vortex, which is to say, if it isn't just a matter of accepting differences, or mental illness, of cultural training, or it's Tuesday or My Shorts Are Riding up My Ass Crack, then the problem must be that all systems are specifically designed to make certain people fail and there's no hope of correcting them, so let's just get rid of them, and replace them with a Bureaucracy of Dunces, instead. 

Lower standards, then eliminate them, altogether. The real reason why you should go along with this doesn't matter; the truth will be obscured with a convenient lie -- that doesn't hurt anyone's feelings --  and it's okay.

This is how you get Ebonics in school. It's how you get Common Core Math. It's how you get school systems graduating students who can't read or write. The problems of correcting the system are assumed too great, they are beyond the capability of the biggest whiners to correct -- which is appropriate, since the biggest whiners usually don't know how to do much of anything, anyway -- and so the Final Solution (and I'm not joking here) is to simply surrender, give everything to Dumbfucks, and if the predictable results are as bad as you think they are, well, then that's equality.

If we can't all be equally successful, we'll all be equally miserable.

If I can't have shit, then I'll fuck up your shit, and then we'll all be even.

It's a spiteful construction for people who have nothing but spite left, because brains were initially in short supply.

Now, the problem for people like the now-holding-his-own-ass Malcolm Nance is that he can't come out and tell the truth; that Critical Race Theory is an admission that correcting failure is simply too painful and difficult to achieve, and so we should just surrender to an eternal program of letting the fuckups run the nuclear reactor.

But Malcolm is full shit. As Ben Shapiro has pointed out, Malcolm is a product of the very systems he advocates destroying. Now, that doesn't make any sense, so why should he suggest it?

Because Malcolm doesn't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about "equality" or anything except securing his own status. Having achieved success, having become recognized as "an authority" on all things race, having secured a good living and high reputation in some circles for doing nothing useful or helpful, that is to say, having achieved a STATUS WELL ABOVE HIS CONTRIBUTION he is concerned to pull up the ladder behind him, so none can follow.

The worst thing that could ever happen to Malcolm Nance is that there's another Malcolm Nance out there, waiting to take his place.

We in America have a habit of lying -- about everything. We cannot tell the truth about anything because the truth is often ugly and it will invariably offend someone, or to tell the truth reveals an agenda other than the one stated, so we invent philosophies and political theories that obscure those truths until the point comes where we cannot even seem them, anymore, and no one gives a fuck, either.

Critical Race Theory is a great big lie intended to obscure truths. It may be the last lie those shortchanged in The Great Lottery of Life have left to cling to, but it is a lie, nonetheless.

Nothing good ever comes of lying.

UPDATE: Corrected some pretty bad grammatical and spelling errors. 


Felid Daddy said...

Excellent piece! Well done! Thank you.

Matthew Noto said...

My pleasure.

GMay said...

Your idiom usage alone deserves more page views.

Black JEM said...

It is a disease. And those who espouse it must be challenged. If it is in your schools - fight like hell to get it out. It cannot stand the light of scrutiny, because it cannot stand against an honest criticism. Everyone of us can do this. If your work forces it on you, scream civil rights violation 1964 and you are going to the EEOC and then you are going to sue the company for all you can. Disrupt, politely, the training you are in, suggesting you do not intend to listen the rantings of a bigoted racist (the trainer) and have your civil rights violated. Ask others to walk out of the meeting with you. If they try and fire you now you have a retaliation violation on top of the other.

If your child's teacher is a CRT whack job, make their life a living hell, and expose them to other parents you know.

You've wondered what you could do yourself, now is your chance.

Matthew Noto said...

I just used to take a nap, personally.