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You've Spelled "White Superiority" Incorrectly...

"Racism does not have a good track record. It's been tried out for a long time and you'd think by now we'd want to put an end to it instead of putting it under New Management." -- Thomas Sowell

There are three things in Life that are assured. Death, taxes, and that in the wake of a mass shooting the perpetrator will be immediately labeled as "Right Wing", facts be damned.

With regards to the Mosque shootings in New Zealand, let me first say the following:

1. If you're expecting me to be shocked and appalled, guess again. I've seen and experienced too much to be shocked and appalled, anymore. If you're expecting me to have any sympathy for the victims, you will be waiting a very long time. Having been on the receiving end of an airliner turned into a suicide guided missile of mass destruction by adherents to the Religion of Peace I'm not particularly saddened that they've gotten some of their own back.

Some will take exception to this attitude, and their first objection will be "but those specific people did not cause 9/11", and my response will be "I've been waiting two decades for the "Moderate Muslims" I'm assured exist to rise up and speak out against the wanton terror and violence perpetrated in their religion's name by "extremists" and have, to date, been sadly disappointed."

 Using the Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez standard of Congressional Interrogations, silence upon a question is direct evidence of guilt or complicity.

There are no "Moderate Muslims"; the Religion is founded upon violence, and has practiced it for 1400 years. You can look it up. There is no impetus for it to stop from within it's own ranks because those who would speak up know who they are dealing with: people who would kill them for speaking up.

Perhaps now that "Moderate Muslims" peacefully practicing their "religion" have been the victims of an unwarranted attack, they might start to begin to know how it all feels. I hope they feel it deeply; I hope it scars them psychologically; I hope it makes them all feel fear and trepidation and as vulnerable as everyone else who has to share living space with these inbred animals.

Call me "racist" if you wish, but just remember" Muslim" is not a race, and the culture fostered by Islam is diseased. I freely admit this is a personal animus and this neither embarrasses me, nor does holding this bias make me a bad person. It is a result of experience, and it's there. If I have to accept your "Reality" that you're a 7' Asian female trapped in a 5' 6" male body and can menstruate with but a thought unquestioningly, then you have to accept mine in the same way.

2. I feel no need to apologize for the shooter on behalf of my race. I don't need to apologize because he's white; nor because he is male; nor because he's a Westerner or a heterosexual (for all we know). I haven't done anything so I need not apologize for anything. I'm sick of apologizing, not that I ever do. But the sort of squishy dope that fears giving offense and who believes they must make public and ostentatious amends for the actions of others -- even actions that occurred centuries before -- on behalf of the entire race/culture/nation make me want to vomit.

You do these things for personal reasons that have nothing to do with feeling genuine guilt. To be seen as compassionate and inclusive (when reality says you're neither); to gain brownie points within your social circle (which is most likely clogged with soft, virtue-signalling morons), and it's fake beyond all comprehension. Transparently so, for having "apologized" on behalf of the Collective That Doesn't Exist, you are really buying insurance for yourself (you think), and don't really give a rat's ass about anyone else.

I feel no need to prostrate myself before people who have IQ's measured in cubic millimeters and who have, on the whole, contributed little of value to the world I live in, except exotic diseases, 400 varieties of diarrhea, clitoral mutilation, the practice of drinking camel urine and finding new and exciting ways to spice up their love lives with livestock.

They kill one another with reckless abandon all over the world, after all, and are very familiar with mass death from worse than gunshot wounds from famine to cholera to dousing one another with gasoline and lighting a match. I have no sympathy for people who toss homos off rooftops, beat their wives for making eye contact, eat with the same hand they wipe their asses with and whose greatest technological achievement is the suicide belt.

Fuck 'em.

3. The Western press, collectively, may be just as dangerous -- and as stupid -- as the violent human waste that populates 75% of this planet. No sooner does the "Breaking News" banner and dramatic music come on television than I am informed within 13.7 seconds that the shooter is a "racist","white supremacist", "far right", and that somehow this is America's or Donald Trump's fault, as if anyone knows his motivation that quickly, and as if Donald Trump is communicating with dangerous individuals on the other side of the planet to convince them to go out and shoot someone.

It is a fantastical leap to a pre-determined conclusion that usually turns out to be false and ridiculously easy to have avoided. In this case, the whackjob left a "Manifesto" (they usually do) in which he describes himself as an "ethno-nationalist eco-fascist" who admires the Communist Chinese government; he professes to hate "Conservatism"; he admits his motive is to begin an apocalyptic battle that will be blamed on the United States; he's an environMENTAList (yes, this all sounds so very "right-wing" to me).

By the way, "ethno-nationalist" is not be conflated with "White Supremacist". The giveaway is the "ethno". One can believe in the superiority of his ethnic group without being a racist; an Indian professing the superior qualities of the Rajput over the Bengali is not a "racist". The Welshman who believes in the excellence of the Gaels over the English is not a "racist". He is expressing an opinion, which, true, might be motivated by hatred, that says his sub-set is better than another. I don't know what "ethnos" they have in New Zealand, but I would reckon that there's a mix of ethnic Scots, Irish, Welsh, and Dutch, and they're all white, and probably have some level of minor animosity between them that is usually good-natured until you get a mental case who takes it too far.

"Ethnicity" is not synonymous with "Race", and you have to be a drooling moron to believe otherwise.

Now, could we possibly wait to confirm that someone is a "White Supremacist" before reporting as fact that he is? Can we take a little time to verify someone's actual political stances and affiliations before we slap the label on him? Can someone actually read the political excretion this idiot left on paper before we assume there's an internationally-connected convocation of hating hatery haters being controlled from Washington, D.C.?

No, that would be too easy, and besides, the immediate jump to a conclusion forestalls the need to take a breath and assess what is really happening, which might cause people to ask inconvenient questions that might cast their fundamentally dipshitty (lack of) thought patterns on subjects like "Diversity", "assimilation", immigration policies, how we treat (or don't) the mentally ill, or, Heaven Forbid, examine the failures/successes of Government Policy in an unattractive light.

No, just label it "right wing extremist hate because Orange Man Bad", make sure you get it out there early, repeat it often, and just ignore the facts. When this happens again, repeat the process, call for Gun Control and pontificate about how "this is not who we are" and "we cannot, as a society, condone this", and blame it on unfashionable political opinions.

Because that always works.

And now we come to the subject of "White Supremacy".

Like most terminology that originates in the constipated bowels of Leftism, this term contains both a seed of a small truth and simultaneously obscures a larger one. Also, like most Leftist terminology, it is based upon an emotion; it is, in fact, deliberately designed to evoke an emotion. As almost always, a negative one which is politically useful.

It is also useful to note that whenever the left pukes up such a term that it will work like sled dogs to erect a superstructure of additional word vomit and complete nonsense in order to bolster it's weak ideological underpinnings.

If we take the term at it's face value, "White Supremacy" is a doctrine that states that White People are superior to all others. They must be, otherwise they could not lay claim to "Supremacy".Since this would be insulting to the People O' Color the Left is trying to mobilize in order to acquire power, additional doctrines are constructed in order to make the Savage feel less inferior and more angry. Angry enough to forget that the original term implies The Other is a loser and to supply him with a laundry list of ready-made excuses to convince him that his lower status is not his natural state, but rather the result of cycles of deliberate victimization.

So, we get all sorts of things about Colonialism, Slavery, Capitalism, oppression narratives, imperialism, etc. that are intended to simultaneously make The Other feel inferior while admitting The White Guy WAS superior, under the guise that "superiority" is relative to race. If he -- the White Man -- wasn't superior, he couldn't have exerted control and spread his influence across the globe.

Now, I do not say that Western ("White") culture is not guilty of having done terrible things. I simply did everyone else. For every Spaniard that brought Smallpox to Mexico, there was a wave of barbarian horsemen from the Asiatic steppes that brought rape, pillage, plunder and conquest to the Middle East, India and China. And what about those Mexicans? The Aztecs terrorized, conquered and occupied their enemy's territory and stole his produce and walked his people up the steps of a pyramid in Cancun to have their hearts ripped out in mass human sacrifice. The American Indian is often portrayed as the "Noble Savage" (an invention of a white guy, incidentally, who never met a savage, noble or otherwise), but ask the Indians themselves and they can tell you horror stories from their own oral histories about the Sioux and Apache. In fact, the word "Sioux" is Mandan for "Snake", "Apache" means "Enemy". So what does that tell you about them?

Do you think lilly-white Europeans in frilly doublets trekked into the interior of Africa to obtain slaves? No, they bought them from other Africans.

And the telling factor in who got to lord it over another is not due to the innate superiority of one race over another, but of one Culture over (many) others.

It is assumed that every people"victimized" by the West were simply peaceful, innocent bystanders, minding their own business, never hurting a fly, when the nasty White Dude suddenly arrived like a plague and destroyed the idyllic world of The Other. their own history of violence and crimes against one another are to be conveniently forgotten so as to focus hatred upon a single target and apportion blame to same.

Have no doubt: had the Zulus, the Aztecs, the Punjabis, Aborigines, Eskimos, Kalahari Bushmen, Iroquois, and what not, been possessed of the numbers, technological means, organization skills and economic base, they, too, would most probably have crossed oceans to exert control over others. They didn't. It's why they lost.

China was probably the most-advanced culture in the world when the Portuguese showed up in their ships, and began a process that would see The Center of the Universe (as the Chinese see it) overrun by successive waves of English, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, German, American and Japanese traders and imperialists.

Spaniards were in Tenochtitlan; Englishmen were in Delhi; Frenchmen in Siam. They came as conquerors, businessmen, missionaries, scholars, rulers . Their opposite numbers never set foot in Madrid, London or Paris, except as servants or curiosities. This is an indication of the superiority of Western ways, but not necessarily of their people. And the curious things about it all is that despite the constant complaints about how unfair it all was, and how destructive to native cultures, those who were on the receiving end are quite happy to EMULATE the "White" way. India, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Latin America, Vietnam are all quickly adopting the tenets of constitutional government, free inquiry and speech, the scientific method, and Capitalism, to one extent or another.

Again, in the context of "White Supremacy" The Other is supposed to accept the benefits (and, in fact, demand MORE of them) of White Ways that Destroyed His Culture, and at the same time, feel guilty about doing it (because he can't produce the benefit for himself). The wound has salt poured into it so that the sting lingers forever.

China, which still complains loudly and cries like a bitch every 15 seconds, once claimed it had nothing to learn from the smelly, big-nosed barbarians, and then went through cycles of Democracy, Fascism, Marxism, and now Capitalism. It would seem that if you had nothing to learn, you wouldn't have thought change necessary, and you wouldn't have selected the systems of your oppressors.

And can we stop with the "genocide" bullshit, already? If there was genocide, we White guys obviously did it very badly because there's so many of you left to cry, complain and grab with both hands.

That's the little truth about White Supremacy.

Here's the bigger one. And it's a cruel joke the left plays on people in this regard.

When People O' Color use the term "White Supremacy" they are, in fact, implying that their own race/culture is inferior, so that a term used to describe racism is, in fact, another form of racism.

What it truly is is a mark of surrender: it is a backhanded admission that competing is just too tough, and a plea to stop competing at such a high level or even at all. In order to "level the playing field" and in the name of "inclusiveness" the White Guy is supposed to deliberately hamstring himself because if he doesn't, the Other Guy can't compete. Making the demand is all but admitting that he can't.

It's a double-edged sword: it is both an acknowledgment of an historical fact, and a means of keeping the non-White inferior.

The question is: if The Other can blame all of his failures on White Supremacy, and use the doctrine to pry benefits and money from The Supreme Whites on the basis of shame and guilt, then what motivation does The Other ever have to examine himself, his actions, and his cultures, and improve, perhaps even to surpass the White?

And the answer is: none.

As long as this mindset continues, is advanced under the banner of "equality", The Other will remain culturally inferior. Individuals able to break free of it will prosper, but the overwhelming majority will remain in a state of inertia, and perhaps even regress.

The purpose of the Left has shifted from being a champion of the downtrodden to ensuring the down remain continuously trodden upon.

To sum up:

I don't give a shit if a bunch of Muslims are dead. The more of them that are dead means fewer to hijack airliners, rapes Swedish girls, groom English girls for a life of prostitution and sexual assault, rampage through the streets of Belgium beheading people, shoot up French music halls or American government offices. If they'd like to save their own skins, they could grow a pair and start turning in their crazy sons, brothers, uncles and fathers, and take the blowback that comes with it; because that's what responsible citizens who wish to be part of a community do.

I'm not sorry about it, either the event, nor the not feeling sorry about not feeling sorry.

The Press is more dangerous than any asshole with a mental illness and an automatic weapon, because they can't help but promulgate lies. Even before they have any evidence and sometimes even after they do (The Manifesto was received by a New Zealand media outlet prior to the shootings, and they still went with the "Angry, White, Nazi male because Trump" routine) . The Press complains that people afford them no credibility, and then wonder why. Like the Muslims with bullet holes in them, it's your own fault; perhaps if you had cleaned up your own backyard, you could have avoided this sort of thing (looking foolish and having to continue lying in order to prop up all the lies you've previously told).

Unfortunately, you need to believe your own lies, and therefore, are not motivated to do anything other. The Alternate Reality is part of the price you willingly pay in order to be among the self-selected Elite. Just remember: dishonesty must always be paid for and will always return to haunt you, and, there's no point in being an Elitist when it's so obvious to all concerned that you're a whore.

UPDATE: Corrected a glaring grammatical boo-boo.

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