Friday, March 29, 2019

A Majority of One (An Open Letter to "The Resistance")

"You think I'll weep?
No, I'll not weep. Storm and Tempest.
I have full cause of weeping, but this heart
Shall break into a hundred thousand flaws,
Or e're I'll weep. -- O Fool, I shall go mad."

William Shakespeare, King Lear

It has not been a very good week for our friends on the left side of the political (or is it Autism?) spectrum.

Their Messiah, Robert Mueller, Special Counsel charged to lead an investigation into non-existent crimes -- an investigation which was itself sparked by the committing of a felony by the former director of the FBI -- has failed them. But then again, Mueller had no case to prove and surely no case to bring; after all, didn't he have the transcripts on the wiretaps of Trump Tower on his desk on Day One? You know, the wiretaps that were obtained by acquiring illegal search warrants via false FISA applications?

You would think they covered this sort of stuff on the first day of Law School: if the only crimes committed were by the prosecution you don't have a case.

And so Mueller stated: Trump did nothing wrong. His people did nothing wrong. There is no "collusion", and since there is no wrongdoing and no "collusion" and the only evidence of a crime committed by anyone seems to implicate the FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice, Trump and Co. cannot have obstructed justice, since the process was unjust to begin with.

But the process was never meant to be just. It was meant to be punishment that took the form of placing a Presidency under a cloud and smearing everyone connected with a false narrative of guilt.

And that part of our national nightmare is now over. The remainder of this farce is still to play out in the expected investigations into the likes of Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Ohr, McCabe, et. al., and one hopes, reaching all the way up (although now it feels more like reaching all the way down into a sewer) to former President Obama and The Dowager Douchebag of Chappaqua. What comes of this, I make no predictions upon.

For my concerns lay elsewhere this day.

It is often said, and it is a vile slander against my good name and character, that Your Overlord is uncaring, callous and a most-vicious prick, but I protest. This is simply not true: my sympathies, where I have them, are reserved for special categories of being that are most usually deserving of them.

I have sympathy for children.

I have sympathy for dogs (fuck cats).

I have sympathy for the Mentally Ill.

I typically dispense with empathy, since that is overrated, and about as useful as Chuck Schumer.

It is with this last category of person that I wish to address today. The members of a self-styled and self-appointed "Resistance" who seem to believe that if you just ignore reality, just hold your breath long enough and stamp your feet sufficiently, every inconvenient fact, truth, and event either magically disappears like a cigar inside of a Clinton intern, or is mystically transmogrified into it's exact opposite by sheer stubbornness and willpower.

You see this every day in a variety of forms: if you just wish it hard enough, Men become Women and vice-versa. Crimes become Justice. Lies convert to Truth. History occurs in a way that disagrees with external memory and written records. Socialism becomes a viable system and economic model that has never failed.

The Left has this curious disability that permeates every thought, deed, or word; everything is fungible. Words mean their opposite (when required), deeds that are beyond the pale when committed by an adversary are suddenly heroic when done by one of their own, ideas that would normally cancel out are suddenly simultaneously true and not mutually-exclusive. And this baffling tendency to see Down as Up, and typically as one needs Down to be Up, finds it's way into every nook and cranny of their daily lives.

For to be a Leftist is not just to be one on Election Day, nor when one is merely in the company of other Leftists, it is a full-time, all-consuming job that requires the adoption of a variety of suspect mental techniques that make no sense as a means of making sense of it all. Your typical Lefty eats, drinks, sleeps, shits his ideology all day long. It is part of his daily routine; it's in his breakfast; it's present when he's making love; when he does his laundry or watching television or masturbating (they do a lot of that). Always, his actions are shaped, his thoughts condensed, by the need to measure and view all of existence through the narrow lens of orthodoxy.

It is the only way to keep Reality at bay, for the Lefty has a problem with Reality; it's the only thing that never changes, no matter how fervently you pretend that it does.

It is here that I must stop and beseech my Leftist friends to consider just what it is they are doing, and the eventual harm, that will come of it. You are deluded; you are fooling yourselves; you are preventing the natural growth of your intellects, intelligence, knowledge and experience when you insist that things that have happened haven't and when you lie to yourself that things that will not  ever happen are still possible.

I have noticed a reluctance among my Leftard friends to acknowledge certain realities, vis-a-vis this "Russian Collusion" business. The realities are these:

1. Mueller ran an investigation for two years, with the full benefit of the unlimited resources of the Federal government behind him. He found no conspiracy. In fact, the very word "collusion" is a euphemism for "conspiracy" and a slick one at that: "Conspiracy" is an actual crime; "Collusion" is not, or at least is not defined as one by criminal statute. That was the dead giveaway that the investigation was a farce; it was investigating something that is not defined as a criminal offense.

2. Mueller, having discovered no conspiracy, came to the conclusion that no crime had been committed, and therefore, the concomitant allegation of "Obstruction of Justice" was also false. If there's no crime, there's no obstruction of a non-crime.

3. It is over. You will not "get" Donald Trump with an invented conspiracy theory of Russian "interference". yeah, you can scream "Southern District of New York!" and "Adam Schiff!' and "House Oversight Committees!" all you'd like and it just ain't gonna happen.

4. Pretending that Mueller didn't say what he did, or that he said things that he didn't, or even worse, making up new "facts" as you go along to continue this fight is obsessive. There are only three reasons to do so:

a) You're a  fucktard.

b) You're pretending to be a fucktard so that the real fucktards don't give up the fight because even a fucktard eventually gets reality.

c) You've got nothing else.

Now, Numero Uno is indicative of the pathological in the sense that it is simply extremist partisanship taken to new and uncharted depths of asshole. It's a bald-faced lie told for political purposes that a non-criminal, non-defined offense suddenly becomes one because you insist the law is on your side. It wasn't; it never was. You have to twist the law and torture it to make it so, and if there's anything we know Leftards are good at, it's twisting the law to suit their needs. You went too far on this one, however.

Number 2 is simple logic. No crime means there is no administration of justice to obstruct. Of course, the True Believers can't grasp this simple point or they at least pretend not to be able to grasp it. By purposely not grasping it, they keep the dream alive. This is both mental illness and a dick move.

Number 3 is simple deflection. The SDNY is not even investigating "Russian Collusion" and is instead digging into the details of Trump's tax returns and business history. It is doing so without, so far as I know, presenting a shred of evidence that it has a possibility of convicting anyone or finding anything, or even has jurisdiction. Schiff has nothing (besides a big mouth) that Mueller didn't already have, and if he does (highly doubtful), HE'S obstructing justice because he did not make his evidence available to the Special Counsel and so we're back to Square One: someone will have committed a felony ostensibly to reveal another felony. As for Congress, the Obama administration set the standard for dealing with Congress regarding potential criminal activity by the administration a long time ago: it didn't.

Like Harry Reid discovered, it's a bitch being screwed by your own rules.

As to Number 4, being stupid or pretending to be stupid because you have no other argument to make, for the sake of simply being contrarian, while maddening to those who wish to argue with you, is no virtue. It merely proves what phony, shallow, ridiculously insincere and insecure people you are. Clinically speaking this would be a Borderline Personality trait.

Now, Your Overlord is not all a rainy day my leftist retarded (sorry, that was redundant) Minions -- he is quite capable of giving credit where it is due, and if there's any consolation to be taken from this catastrophic failure it is to found in these two small successes:

The First is that while there was no "Russian Interference" in the 2016 election, the propagated lies you told most certainly did have an effect on the 2018 election. Certainly while the issue hung in the air, some may have switched their votes to your party in the last midterms and allowed you to win a number of seats you might not have otherwise (what was it you called it? A Blue Wave? It turned out to be more of a Blue Ripple). Enjoy your temporary victory.

Because now that we know the whole Russian thingy is a big, fat pack of lies, I have a feeling that having proven yourselves untrustworthy, a lot of those votes will be switching back. And here's the really funny part: come 2020, the whole dishonest production might very well boomerang on you, and you'll be banished to the political wilderness for quite some time. So, in effect, the fake story of "Russian Interference in our election" will become a quite different truth than you perceive, you will be banished from power and the story will become true in this regard: your fairy tale of Russian Influence will, in fact, Influence...against you.

And neither Trump nor Putin will have to lift a finger.

Congratulations! You've crafted a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have shot yourself with your own gun.

The Second success is this: Donald J. Trump, Real Estate GENIUS is now living, rent-free, very deep in the recesses of every one of your tiny minds. He has hollowed out your mental neighborhood and done a masterful job of Urban Renewal in gaudy neon and over-the-top Baroque. He has built yet another gilded-tinfoil-and-plastic masterpiece smack dab in the middle of your head. It is here that you have lost and haven't yet realized it.

Between this Russian garbage, the Kavanaugh travesty, the gangs of obnoxious youths roaming the streets destroying property and shutting down free speech, the tragic opera of the Covington Kids, the sublimely slimy Jussie Smollet kerfuffle, the out-and-out racism of the likes of a Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, the disgusting anti-Semitism of the Tlaib's and Omar's of the world, the World-Class dumbfuck of an Ocascio-Cortez, the venal stupidity and uselessness of a Beto O'Rourke, the Alzheimer's disease of the Nancy Pelosis, Chuck Schumers and Diane Feinsteins, the adoption of an open policy of nationwide infanticide, the exposure of the American media as mere shills for the Left, the murderous turn taken by Black Lives Matter, Elizabeth Warren's insane DNA stunt, Joe Biden suddenly and cynically apologizing for being white, 20 -- and counting -- potential candidates, all about as interesting and appealing as a toenail fungus, the announced intention to destroy the Constitution one amendment at a time and remake the electoral system to rig it in your favor you are doomed.

If all of that didn't make you appear to be dangerously bad, seriously misguided, completely untrustworthy and evil people, then digging your heels in deeper and promising to ignore reality until the bitter end just makes you appear flat-out crazy on top of it all.

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