Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Mueller and Tilting at Windmills....

"The truth may be stretched thin, but it never breaks, and it always surfaces above lies, as oil floats on water" -- Miguel Cervantes, "Don Quixote"

I'm about to take you on a journey, friends, through one of the greatest novels ever written, Don Quixote. It is a tale of a Man obsessed with his own virtues, which are largely illusionary. This assumption of virtue leads him to all sorts of misadventures and madness, until he descends into a swamp of his own insanity.  At first his crazy zeal for the chivalric code leads him to do merely stupid things and then dangerous ones. We are to have sympathy for Don Quixote, even as we laugh at his psychopathy, because he means well, and if it wasn't for the fact that he was a few fries short of a happy meal and a bumbling idiot, he might have been a great hero.

Don Quixote may have been a fictional character, but we have the real thing, in spades, walking among us in the form of the Deep State, a phalanx of individuals so driven by their insanity -- to see Hillary Clinton win election -- that they have damaged the institutions they served and were sworn to protect. And much like the unbalanced, would-be knight-errant, they believed they acted from higher form of virtue and wisdom that has not been evident when compared with their actions.

(If you haven't read the book, or merely seen the movies (a poor substitute), I recommend that you do. It is one of the Top 5 novels ever written, in my opinion).

... truth, whose mother is history, who is the rival of time, depository of deeds, witness of the past, example and lesson to the present, and warning to the future.” -- Miguel Cervantes, "Don Quixote"

Two years of investigating nothing. No more indictments, not a single case of "collusion" found ("collusion" is not defined by any criminal statute, anyway), the only guys who go to jail are a "tax cheat" who stole his own money, and a guy who didn't file a piece of paper on time while the Podesta Brothers -- who never filed the same paperwork, at all -- are running around free.
We now know our bureaucracies, especially in Federal Law enforcement and intelligence, are politicized at the highest levels and untrustworthy, and will readily break the law if the people within them see fit to do so.
Fucking Dog and Pony Show, country at each other's throats, all because the Dowager Duchess of Chappaqua couldn't find her own considerable ass with both hands, and can't deal with losing.
I hope they have a cell large enough to contain her fat carcass when they finally get around to nailing her for all the rotten shit we KNOW she's done.

Mueller has done a dirty, but necessary, deed to his country. History will recall what was done by a failed President (Obama), on behalf of a failed politician (Hillary Clinton), carried out by cadre of ideologues and mercenaries in government all interested in covering up their own crimes, or of helping them to do so in expectation of being rewarded for it. The whole sorry cast of characters -- Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Rosenstein, Rice, Powers, McCabe (especially McCabe) -- should be made examples of in such a way as to put the fear of God into every "government employee" for generations to come.

"The fault lies not with the mob, who demand nonsense, but with those who do not know how to produce anything else." -- Miguel Cervantes, "Don Quixote"

And if you think our long national nightmare is over, think again. Mueller's report could say that Donald Trump and his associates are absolute angels, they help old ladies across the street, and their dreams are full of rainbows, unicorns and candy canes, and the left will not cease in their efforts to overturn a legal election, or to "get" Trump.

They have to.

They have nothing to offer in terms of policy or program in 2020 that hasn't already been tried-and-failed (sorry, but renaming ObamaCare as "Medicare for All", doubling the funding and building a bigger bureaucracy to run it is nothing different than HillaryCare was), that isn't intended to appeal to drooling mouthbreathers ("New Green Deal") who understand neither science nor economics, that doesn't appeal on the basis of further erosion of social and cultural norms (Open Borders, Transwhateverism), or which is not an open bribe (Reparations for Slavery).

And if none of those big-ticket items appeals to voters, then the rest of the menu in this Smorgasbord of Shit -- unrestricted baby-killing, dismantling the Constitution one Amendment at a time, destroying the electoral system, packing the Supreme Court, extending the franchise to children -- is even less so, and probably comes with a severe strain of salmonella, too.

"Getting" Trump is all they have. It's the only way to avoid electoral loss in 2020, presuming The Donald doesn't do something insanely stupid. Considering the 417 democrats (small "d"intentional) already announced, the only one who has at least an interesting and different point of view on something is a Chinese billionaire who has a major hangup with circumcision.

Dude, if I were Asian, I'd stay away from that particular topic completely. There's a reason why you don't see many Chinese men in porn movies, if you get my drift.

“Where envy reigns virtue can't exist, and generosity doesn't go with meanness.” --Miguel Cervantes, "Don Quixote".

And here we come to the source of all our troubles.

Poor Hillary Clinton. Always a bridesmaid, never a President.

Perhaps it's the fact that you're an off-putting, hypocritical, lying sack of shit that prevents the electorate from putting you over the top. Maybe,just maybe, it's the long record of criminal activity, shady characters, amorphous political positions, the enabling and covering for a nominal husband who shows you no respect and therefore sets the example, too. It's entirely possible that your personality, such as it is, makes you appear less human than Pinocchio, and twice as manly. It just could be that you're a total fraud who has never accomplished anything in her life that wasn't first obtained for her by her husband, who is apparently quite keen to pay her off while he gallivants about disrespecting her more, and she seems perfectly fine with that.

Whatever the reason(s), Hillary tried and failed. Twice. Losing to men she insisted were inferior to her. Because "Vagina" and "Former First Lady" somehow meant she had better gifts than either Barack Hussein Obama or Donald J. Trump, and because her disgusting form of feminism ("fight" in public, let your husband humiliate you both privately and publicly, take the sympathy prize of a plum job you're not equipped to do) is so obsessed with putting a woman in the White House that they fawned admiration for Her, who seemed to be the closest to that goal, and not because they had any love for her.

It must suck really hard, almost Monica-hard, to be Hillary Clinton, to be that entitled, to live under the expectation that you just deserve things by virtue of existing, and then, discover that deep down, half the country hates you and then they hid the entire state of Wisconsin from you.

It's unfair. Someone must have cheated. The fact that Hillary cheated was to be ignored, because in true Clintonian Fashion, she does not cheat -- she merely helps herself in ways that don't conform to any rules. And there were plenty of people who were happy to help her cheat, not because they liked her or agreed with her ideas, but because, like Hillary, they expected to be given something in return for being a douchebag.

We now know that all ended up with an "independent" counsel who is so "independent" that he ordered a pre-dawn raid on his own client's home (Paul Manafort) in an effort to obtain evidence with which to prosecute him (want to talk about conflicts of interest? And by the way, why is it necessary to conduct pre-dawn raids on white collar guys who a) know you're coming, b) are usually keen to volunteer to turn themselves in, and c) are not likely to start a gunfight with several hundred federal agents armed with tanks and helicopters, except to intimidate?)

The Steele Dossier; the infamous Comey exoneration letter written weeks before anyone investigated Hillary's e-mails, the non-investigation-investigation by Peter Strzok. The "accidental" tarmac meeting between Bill and Loretta. The memo that followed instructing the DoJ to drop the Hillary e-mail investigation.

Who would have believed, after all that, it would Anthony Weiner -- aka Carlos Danger -- who would suddenly become the hero in all of this. Had he not been sexting and sending dick pics to a 16 year old, the FBI would never have taken his laptop as evidence....with Hillary's deleted e-mail on it. The Hillary investigation was back..and quickly dropped again, with Comey lying out of both sides of his mouth and his ass, simultaneously, about "lack of intent", as if that mattered?

Keep this in mind: Donald Trump has been cleared this day, the true depravity of the Deep State, the seriousness of the illegality of the Obama Administration,  the obvious politicization of the legal and intelligence apparatus, were all exposed because Anthony Weiner can't masturbate without the aid of an electronic device and a 16 year old to expose himself to.

Talk about unlikely heroes in the vein of Don Quixote?

Hillary's envy brought us here.

“All you have to do is try, with meaningful words, properly and effectively arranged, to honestly unroll your sentences and paragraphs, clearly, sensibly, just explaining what you're up to as well and as powerfully as you can. Let your ideas be understood without making them complicated or obscure. And see, too, if your pages can make sad men laugh as they read, and make smiling men even happier; try to keep simple men untroubled, and wise men impressed by your imagination, and sober men not contemptuous, nor careful men reluctant, to praise it.”  -- Miguel Cervantes, "Don Quixote"

The dead giveaway that the Mueller investigation was nothing but a fishing expedition is contained in one word: "Collusion".

Strictly speaking, there is no such crime as "collusion". The word appears in not a single federal criminal statute. The proper word is "Conspiracy", which is a crime, but if you call it "Conspiracy" then you must produce evidence of a conspiracy in order to bring a charge and prosecute a case, whereas "collusion" evokes a sinister circumstance without necessitating we follow anything so troubling as Due Process of Law.

Orwell once said that the first casualty of Politics is language. That in order to make a case for this policy or that, politicians -- and here he meant a particularly evil sort -- will corrupt language in an effort to excuse the inexcusable and obscure and distort the logical. The purpose is to change the meanings of words to hide true purpose and to confuse a disengaged and often stupid electorate.

We have become used to this sort of thing in America: "Freedom of Choice" refers to your decision to abort an unwanted baby, but not to drive an SUV, own a gun, or smoke cigarettes. The Arbiters of Polite Society have decided that there are some choices you should be able to make and that others should be taken away from you, for your own good, as they define it. "Hate Speech" is another example; anything these same self-appointed scolds disapprove of, don't understand, or which threatens to expose their corruption is immediately pronounced beyond the pale and should never be uttered, under threat of penalty.

So too the word "collusion". It was excuse to conduct an open-ended investigation that ended up being about everything BUT proving a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian Operatives -- See Cohen, Flynn, Manafort, Papadopoulos -- and a justification for investigating everything else: tax returns, process "crimes", mistresses, to weave a web of guilt by association, or even guilt by mere implication.

But more than anything to punish those who helped Trump win and serve as a warning to any who may serve him in future: we will drag you through the mud; we will bankrupt you with legal fees; we will subject you to a legal rectal exam of epic proportions, so best to stay away, and in this way, deprive the President of the people he wants on his team and deprive him of their experience and expertise.

Above all, this laser-focus on the extraneous, the unconnected, the minutia, kept us from asking the questions that needed to be asked: did the previous administration, for the benefit of Hillary Clinton, begin an illegal espionage program against the opposition party and candidate, based upon the flimsiest of evidence and authorized by the President of the United States?

It's apparent that the answer is "Fuck, Yeah!".

And so while we watched Micheal Cohen squirm over the "crime" of stealing his own money, we saw the career of Micheal Flynn destroyed with a deliberately-set perjury trap, while we watched Paul Manafort get fitted for prison oranges for failing to file a piece of paper, the real criminals, who committed real felonies, went on book tours and became highly-paid mouthpieces for CNN and MSNBC, and no one was investigating them, or their actions.

“And what hast thou gained by the government?" asked Ricote. "I have gained," said Sancho, "the knowledge that I am no good for governing,” -- Miguel Cervantes, "Don Quixote"

But it's not all a rainy day, however.

If the Mueller investigation has a silver lining, it consists in these:

It confirmed the Electoral College worked as intended.

It confirmed that the Legal System, even when tortured and abused, still works.

It confirmed that the professional American Bureaucracy, overseen by political appointees,  is too big for it's britches, and is a system that requires a massive overhaul. This is your Swamp, ladies and gentlemen, and it needs to be drained, yesterday. It has just proven that it will stop at nothing to achieve it's own aims, and that it will readily abuse authority, the law, and the apparatus of state to ruin and destroy any individual who threatens it's prerogatives.

It confirmed everything we thought we already knew about the venality and lawlessness of the Clintons, and gave us an even greater insight into the depths of their depravities, and it confirmed that Barack Obama, for all the oratory, for all the moral posturing, was just another crooked politician obsessed with power and eager to cover his own crimes committed while in office. For if Hillary was elected, these would have been forgotten; now, they will be exposed.

They messed with the wrong hombre: as a New Yorker, I can tell you that the response to this two years of absolute bullshit, personal attacks, attacks on the Presidential Family, will not now be met with a conciliatory attitude and a call for healing. That's not how New Yorkers respond to such things.

No, the bloodbath is just about to begin. Not only will those who have done wrong pay the price, but so will generations of democrats to come, so will the Press.

In Don Quixote, the delusional knight-errant and his faithful servant come upon a collection of 30 or so windmills. Mistaking them for "hulking giants", Don Quixote is convinced that attacking them and liberating their ill-gotten gains will be a positive boon for the forces of good and righteousness, and off he goes, lowering his lance to slam into the side of an immovable object, despite the pleas and cautions of his faithful squire. In the end, Don Quixote is unhorsed, his spear is broken, and he is injured (yet again).

There is a parallel here.

Arriving to help his friend, Sancho Panza asks Don Quixote why he attacked a windmill, to which the knight responds that Sancho has been deceived; that what he perceives as windmills are really giants, hidden by the illusion of a magician. Sancho lacks the experience of a crazy knight to know the difference, and so what appears to him to be common sense and the evidence of his own eyes and brain, cannot be trusted according to his loftier, social better.

And so it is with the Mueller Investigation. Despite the fact that Mueller has exonerated Trump (never mind "obstruction of justice". There cannot be obstruction if there is no underlying crime), many of the very people who have been calling for his impeachment, arrest, prosecution, death, etc., continue on as if nothing has changed. They are convinced of his guilt, and if you, the public, cannot see it, it is because, like Sancho Panza, you're a judged by a madman.

This particularly stupid coterie of reprobates, led by Adam Schiff, the insufferable Maxine Waters, and the ambiguously-gendered treant named Rachael Maddow, insist the persecution will go on. Even the circumstance of being unhorsed and your metaphorical lance being splintered by contact with a solid object has not blunted their fervor. And like Don Quixote, their madness drives them onwards to fresh injuries, to new misadventures, to new avenues of ridicule.

In the meantime, the Wall gets built; North Korea behaves itself; trade deals get done with China; Putin gets put in his place, ISIS is defeated; Venezuela rejoins the capitalist world; the economy continues to improve and Americans once again taste prosperity. Fully vindicated, Trump marches through Washington like Godzilla did through Tokyo: he gets just about everything he wants, now.

The Resistance is broken. It knows it, too. It can't backpeddle fast enough and it's more recalcitrant elements can do no more than scream louder.

Robert Mueller just took away every reason you may have had to not trust a President Trump, and gave you every reason to not trust his opposition. So, in the end, all this nonsense about foreigners influencing an American election will, indeed, influence an American 2020.

Not exactly what the democrats had in mind.

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