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Douchebag of the Week (Week ending 3/15/19 - Baby Boomers)

"The Baby Boomers: whiny, narcissistic, self-indulgent people with a simple philosophy: "Gimme that! It's Mine!" -- George Carlin

The Overlord has never made a secret of his intense dislike for that vast swath of (in-)humanity referred to as "The Baby Boomer Generation". In fact, were it up to me, everyone born between 1940 and 1960 would have been composted, already, becoming in death far more useful than they ever were in life.

There are various reasons for this, and I will even freely admit, some of them have to do with my own (insanely self-absorbed) parents and the crappy childhood they forced me to endure. And the crappy young adulthood they forced me to endure. And the crappy everything else they made me endure until I finally learned to say "No". To sum up my own experience, it goes something like this:

Parents are supposed to sacrifice FOR their children, not make sacrifice OF them. Parents are supposed to financially support their children, not the other way around, and certainly not for 25 years.

My parents were not especially evil people, just selfish, which is why they probably divorced and did so in a most petty and belligerent manner that stretched out for years. This was mostly because my father was a vain and vindictive Man, and my mother (still is) possessed of the most extraordinary Martyr Complex. One would not believe it unless one saw it.

My father did us all a favor and died young (at 37), having achieved nothing in his life that wasn't immediately taken away from him (including his marriage) by his manipulative family. He died penniless, broken, remorseful (I'm told) , but apparently not enough to try to fix all the damage he had done.

My mother is still here to haunt me, and having made one mistake in the matrimonial field, went on to make another with a Man who was a walking specimen of the Hitlerian Mindset if ever there was one.

Unfortunately, he did not die young, and the Martyr Complex somehow conspired to leave me -- at 20 years of age -- as the breadwinner as the divorce lawyer put my mother into bankruptcy, necessitating that I give up the independence that I had just gotten for the sake of my brother and sister, while St. Carol The Twice-Crucified turned her own mental issues into (psychosomatic) physical disabilities that kept her from working.

I don't have a Mother-Son relationship with my mother; it's more like I'm her third ex-husband.

My experience of going into the workforce increased my hatred for these pitiful creatures when my advancement was slowed -- often deliberately -- by people just above my age bracket, by about a decade or so, who held onto their jobs for dear life, and would screw with me just as often as they could. Even at that, I still managed a managerial position before I hit 30, and probably would have gone farther in the corporate world had I not left it and if the Hippies weren't in solidarity concerning their private preserves. In most -- certainly not all -- cases where I encountered a Baby Boomer in a corporate setting, it was of a certain type; they grabbed with both hands and boxed you out with their enormous asses, like Shaquille O'Neill going up for a rebound. They jealously guarded their privileges, and played by a set of rules that were constantly changing in a way that justified whatever outrage they were committing that day, but which didn't apply to you.

I have a thorough dislike of these people, in general (some individuals are okay), and have come to understand that whenever anything bad happens in American life, you can bet the house that a Baby Boomer is in it up to her eyeballs, did it because she thought she could get away with it, and figured she was entitled to do it, even if it screws 300 million others. The fact that she can do it "just because" is enough justification.

This is, after all, the "if it feels good, do it" generation. The problem is they obsessed over their feelings and then addled their senses with drugs, bad politics and an unhealthy obsession with their genitals, and then did not have the self-awareness to realize what fools they all were.

To hear them tell it, they were all Paragons of Virtue, back in the hazy, fuzzy, half-hallucinated days of Haight-Ashbury. The fact that they accomplished little of real value and degraded the social system, simultaneously, completely eludes them. For example:

They'll tell you they stopped a war. They did no such thing; they just avoided the draft. The War had been going on for a thousand years before they got there, and it went on for another decade after they rioted for peace.

They'll tell you they "Spoke Truth to Power", but conveniently forget to mention that what they THOUGHT was Truth was no such thing, and as soon as they became The Power, they were ready enough to abandon the Truth they formerly claimed to love so much.

The recent parade of retards that passed for "leadership" in America for the last three decades -- Clintons, George W, Gore, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, John Kerry, Elizabeth Warren are the prime examples -- has had the same quality, which is a lack of quality, that specifically identifies the cultural morass the Baby Boomer grew up in. They are shallow thinkers; they are impulsive; they tend to rate form and appearance over substance; they are quick to scapegoat and even faster to deny responsibility; they are double-talkers; their actions never mach their rhetoric; they believe that rules and standards do not apply to them; they are arrogant -- not just in their demeanor but in their ignorance.

They lie, about everything -- sniper fire, fake Indian heritage, policies, their belief systems, their educational background -- even when there is no obvious reason to do so. They say one thing and then do another. They have this unerring capacity to talk shit out of both sides of their mouths and their prehensile asses, simultaneously, and make no sense in a 3-for-1 extravaganza.

And look at the devastated landscape they've left, like a swarm of locusts, in their wake.

If college costs $200k and your kids come out dumber and more-Communist than when they went in, well, who are their professors? Those would be Baby Boomers.

If you've lost your home because politicians bought votes with government-insured mortgages handed out at exorbitant rates of interest and with a bankrupted insurer (Fannie and Freddie), well who did that? That would be Baby Boomers.

If your television screen and internet feed, even your daily newspaper, seem to be more and more constructed of a transparent political framework over which is stretched a complete work of fiction in which a "journalist" is busy telling you what she thinks SHOULD happen instead of what actually DOES HAPPEN, well who is her editor/publisher? That would most likely be a Baby Boomer, and we've already established, they wouldn't know Truth if it bit them on the ass.

If your government doesn't work and it's unresponsive, and one branch has deliberately punted it's responsibilities to two others so as to never be blamed for inevitable failure that stems from it's own innate fucktard,so that we have to endure "We have to pass it to find out what's in it", or "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan", or "What difference does it make?", or we see a coup detat engineered by Baby Boomers on behalf of another Baby Boomer who lost fair and square, and it's all directed by other Baby Boomers who through deceit, inertia, lawlessness or deliberate delay and neglect, came within a fingernail of overthrowing the results of a democratic election because the outcome threatened their privileges, well....what do you expect?

These are not very good or very nice people. Literally the bottom of the shitpile, and what makes it all frustrating is that when you DO manage to come across that rare example of a Baby Boomer worthy of respect (they do occur, like a Jim Abbott no-hitter*), there's still 2,753 other examples out there of what a colossal waste of DNA most of them are.

Now, what set me off on this?

This flabbergastingly irritating pronouncement from perhaps the worst of the lot. A college professor, set to sail off into his sunset years, probably quite comfortably by the combination of tenure and the racket whereby the university system fleeced successive generations of idiots who were told to "follow your dream" rather than "study something useful" manages to get one last "fuck you" in before he disappears with a pile of someone else's money and the expectation of being kept alive in a useless state until he fossilizes.

The fact that it is disguised as "an apology"is especially galling. The idea that it is only now -- as he makes his getaway with the money bags -- that he has noticed the damage done to civil discourse and social cohesion by the collective fucktard of his generation, is rich. We've seen the "empty-apology-delivered-too-little-too-late-with-false-sincerity" from a Baby Boomer routine before. They've elevated it into an art form.

When you consider the damage done to the economic system, the political system, the social dynamic between Men and Women, the destruction of the nuclear family, the denigration of American culture and institutions, the "apology" rings hollow. If the Professor presumed to speak on behalf of millions of fools like him, he's barking up the wrong tree. He knows few, if any, share his sentiments. If it was only a personal apology, he can still go fuck himself because he's already got his and knows it, so it's meaningless unless he gives it back.

I won't hold my breath.

Assuming the professor is really and truly sincere, what does he intend to do about any of it? Why, nothing, of course. He'll virtue signal that he's finally "got it", and still be walking away with a comfortable lifestyle paid for by someone else. Besides, his generation didn't "do". Doing meant work and responsibility, and those were things most of them avoided, unlike AIDS and substance abuse.

The point here is that the Baby Boomer, even when genuinely contrite, does not get the benefit of the doubt; they don't deserve it. Their reserve of goodwill and credit ran dry quite a long time ago, what with "I didn't inhale", "fake-but-accurate" news stories, "bitter clingers" and "deplorables", "no child left behind", and "I was for it before I was against it".

And here we come to a message, from one who has suffered directly at the hands of these bastards, to the generations behind me, the so-called Gen Y and Millennials.

I see the fervor on your part for change in the arena of public life. You have voted into office the likes of Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and far worse, in an effort to get your's before it's all gone (because you're more-mollycoddled and have a greater expectation of entitlement than your grandparents), to sweep away the last vestiges of The Old Way of Things (mostly because you don't understand them), and be all Progressive an' Radical an' Hip an' Popular an' Shit.

I'm here to tell you that you will fail.


And not only because most of you are Irish-Setter dumb. You will fail because the Modernity you serve had one unintended side-effect: the people you wish to push out of the public and corporate sphere will still be alive 20 or 30 years later. Medical science will actually exacerbate this issue, for as it advances, it can't help but to prolong life even more. The victims of your Maoist purge will still be alive, in very great numbers -- like 80 million of them, about 1/3 or the total electorate -- to fuck you even harder than they fucked my generation. Because the facts of their existence will be these:

* Sitting around living off accumulated capital, supplemented by welfare in the form of Social Security and Medicare which will be paid for by you.

* They will have nothing to do but vote. When they figure out that "free" college and "Medicare for All" means less Social Security and Medicare for THEM, they will exercise that right. En mass. And because your parents only bred at a rate of 1.4 children per household, while their parents spat out kids at two to four times that rate, you're outnumbered, and fighting over the same pile of cash against the greediest motherfuckers the galaxy ever spawned. Good luck with that!

* Just look at your television screen on any given day and marvel at the cavalcade of surgically-preserved Baby Boomers flogging expensive prescription drugs treating everything from a dry vagina to Alzheimer's, sailing their yachts upon rough seas, touring their personal vineyards, swimming in Alpine lakes, and mountain biking their way up Pike's Peak in fucking spandex -- at the high end.

Then see the the numerous commercials flogging back and knee braces, chair lifts, step-in bathtubs with jacuzzi, mobility scooters and Medical Alert communications systems all paid for by Medicare, at the low end.

Understand: these people expect to live either way at your expense. For as long as is Humanly possible. Get your head on straight; your problem isn't Capitalism or the Patriarchy; it's a legion of Old People who expect to be kept like Pharaohs or favored pets at someone else's expense.

Like you want to be.

Flush out your headgear, Young People, drop the dorm-room Marxism and identify your TRUE class enemy. Join the Dark Side....we have a common foe....and cupcakes.

So, it is with a combination of unbridled glee and burning hatred that we give this coveted award to the people who put both the "douche" and "bag" into the word. It is usually difficult to give such an honor to an entire class of people, because we're typically on the lookout for specific incidences of  individual doucheyness to call out, but in this case, the choice was surprisingly easy. If ever there was a circumstance which cried out for disapprobation, that represents such a clear and obvious danger to human life and dignity that needed to be exposed, it is this one.

So, congratulations, Baby Boomers! You've earned the trophy. I'm sure you will very quickly figure out how to either smoke it, fuck it ,or steal from it in short order, because that's your special talent

*Classical reference for those too young to get it.

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