Monday, March 11, 2019

Voices Inside My Head (#13 - Stuff That Needs Sayin')

"Do not consider Collectivists as "sincere but deluded idealists". The proposal to enslave some men for the sake of others is not an ideal; brutality is not "idealistic", no matter what its purpose. Do not ever say that the desire to "do good" by force is a good motive. Neither power lust nor stupidity are good motives."  -- Ayn Rand

Just some stuff I need to shout about.

The first is an article that describes the sort of rank dumbass that can only come from a Millennial, a sort of Boutique Bolshevism in Brooklyn.

Now, before the de rigueur comments about "You New York Liberals" begins from the chorus of douchebag that lives in the kinds of places sophisticates like me only experienced vicariously in Hee-Haw or Footloose (although Thomasville, NC is about as close to hell, I think, as I've ever been) , let me just say this:

I want to make it clear before the expected chorus of "you libs in New York" begins; these are not OUR liberals, Middle America; they are YOUR'S.

The Native New Yorker is a disappearing breed, rapidly being replaced by a new kind of whining, effeminate, pig-ignorant fucktard hounded out of every one-stop-light shithole with a Dairy Queen.

You hounded them out of your own towns because they were gay; because they refused to conform to your constipated view of the world; or because no son of your's was going to make it as a ballet dancer, no daughter you gave birth to could possibly believe a man was trapped inside her body (that wasn't her uncle after a three-day moonshine bender and an accident involving a tube of Crazy Glue).

They came here deeply psychologically damaged and angry, all the while understanding this was one of the few places where they would also find acceptance (mostly because we Natives don't give a shit, and will ignore you, no matter how evil you get in an attempt to garner our attention). And now we are out-voted by neck-bearded, skinny-jeans-wearing, ambiguously-gendered morons who want cocktails with crushed cucumbers and jalapeno peppers in them, and who wax philosophic about IPA's like a goddamned connoisseur and you know that they just started drinking beer last week.

Pretentious little fuckers.

They have ruined life for normal people in this city. Mostly because they couldn't get even with YOU. Now, having invaded the largest and richest cities (turning them into open sewers with human feces and dirty needles everywhere) they believe they have the demographic power to, finally, fuck everyone over.

So, good job, Helicopter Mommies! Good work, mentally-stunted religious bigots! Excellent plan you had there, inbred hillbilly cousin-banger!

I often hear friends of mine in the South complain about how the influx of "Pushy Yankees" into their previously provincial backwaters has them all feeling like they have sand in their vaginas. I say "Good". I hope it irritates the fucking bejesus out of you that the Middle Class with No Class flees Philadelphia, Boston and Long Island for the muddy, gap-toothed barnyard ambiance of Charlotte, Raleigh, Nashville, and Dallas.

I reckon it's a fair trade -- and your just desserts -- considering what we got back.

This is what happens to a real city when the refugees from Pigfucker Holler get their revenge on the wrong people.

And I agree with the author's final summation: when the flags go up for Red Revolt in New York, your fragile, low-self-esteem, mentally-challenged, Safe-space-seekers will be clubbed like baby seals, assuming they even show up. because if there's anything you can depend upon a Millennial for (other than crying a lot), it's to pick the day that they advocated that everyone else make sacrifices and take grave, personal risks, to sleep through the alarm clock or suddenly get violently ill from all the soy in their diet at just the proper moment....and still feel virtuous about themselves.

Next item, more-or-less related:

If I have to listen to one more retarded, sanctimonious bartender or professional agitator with a net worth measured in millions of dollars extol the virtues of Socialism one more time, I just might have to do something drastic. And bloody.

Let's get something straight: Marx was wrong. The proof is not just in the results, but go back and read -- and by that, I mean skip all the stick figure drawings in Das Kapital, et. al., and pay attention to the actual words he wrote -- and understand just what a jealous, bitter, nutcase the man truly was.

Giving the Devil his due, Marx did get one thing correct: inequality exists. However, this is a discovery on the same intellectual level with discovering that water is wet, or that sand is dry, or that Maxine Waters resembles a baboon in the right light. It's self-evident and it didn't take a genius to figure it out. If you doubt that inequality exists, just remember that LeBron James is a billionaire because he can shoot a basketball and you can't.

That's not an inequality that is "superstructual" (i.e. erected by society as a method of oppression), as Karl might have said, but one of simple physiology. Le Bron is an athletic freak and 99.999999% of the planet is not, in much the same way that I am a friggin' genius and 99.999999% of the planet can't tie their own shoes without a government program, or chew gum and walk at the same time (hence why Maxine has a job, despite the propensity to fling feces).

Inequality exists as a fact of life. People are born with different talents and liabilities. There is no program of government-controlled "leveling" that will ever fix this basic inequality. It is from this primordial inequality that the Political Left sprang, because when everything is left to the competent, the efficient, the smart, and the hard-working, the rewards are distributed unequally, so that the incompetent, inefficient, stupid and lazy fall further behind and this causes all sorts of additional problems.

So, yes, the Left serves a vital function in that even complete morons need champions if they're not to starve to death in numbers great enough to be inconvenient (because someone has to take tolls, mop floors and lose important government paperwork between her 11:50 coffee break and 12:00 lunch hour, and these jobs are best left to the clueless and talentless). Otherwise, they either wander the streets aimlessly picking their noses and scratching their asses, or they get violent. Where the left makes a major mistake is in believing that fucktard can be overcome by government diktat.

Marx's original mistake was in blaming the institutions of the West for inequality, primarily democracy and capitalism, because these overwhelmingly reward the competent for their participation. But then again, Marx wasn't particularly bright or useful, either, and it's not exactly a great idea that when you're plotting to entice others to violently take your revenge for you (like the Brooklyn Pinkos above) that you tell the poor bastards who will have to bleed for the sake of your bruised feelings that the reason WHY they suffer from inequality is because they're not cut out for anything better.

"All Men Are Created Equal" is the biggest lie ever told, and in the effort to maintain the illusion of it being an all-prevailing truth, the Left will tell a billion other lies to protect it. Yes, I did just put Jefferson on the same moral plane as Marx. They made similar points: that all inequality radiates from external sources under the control of self-interested individuals or institutions, but that there was some higher power that 
supersedes this all. Jefferson identified a Supreme Being; Marx skipped over the deity part and invented an impetus, part political, part emotional, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, in much the same vein as "Divine Right".

The Second-biggest lie is that "Socialism" is an answer to losing the great Lottery of Life.

Naturally, every two-bit douchebag who will ever tell you that we don't know if Socialism will work because it's "never been tried" is just proving my point that Socialism is an ideology for those who got shortchanged by DNA.

What they mean to say, and this is a result of the deep narcissism which all Marxists (including the original one) suffer from, is that if only THEY were in charge, it would work, because they're better and smarter than everyone else. The 100 million corpses (and counting) of the many Socialist experiments are proof that it doesn't work, and most of them were killed merely because they happened to muster up just enough attention span to notice.

Just some quick observations:

1. The Press in this country seems to do little more than invent crises from thin air, and then search desperately for someone else to blame them on.

2. I have to dispose of this in the same way that one disposes of a dirty diaper; there is no Gender Pay Gap, and the fact that this blatant falsehood persists is proof that women are deprived of a linear thought process. I'll Mansplain slowly, Ladies, so that you can follow:

If it were perfectly legal, acceptable, and risk-free to be able to pay a woman 77-cents to every Man's dollar, no Men would be employed. Anywhere. The fact that Womyn Everywhere continue to believe this crock of bullshit is indicative of two things:

a) Womyn don't understand Capitalism. Maybe that's a reason why you might get 77-cents on the dollar.

b) The people who spout this nonsense have never examined the logical consequences of their utterances, and if they have, then they just expect that the Womyn who will take up this battlecry are too stupid to realize the insanity the phrase implies.

3. Anti-Semetism is now socially acceptable in some quarters, apparently. The worst practitioners are the ones who, on the one hand, claim they're only fighting racism and hatred (with racism and hatred of their own. yes, I know, Jews are not a race, but a culture; then again, racists are not very bright and they can give you all sorts of reasons why Jews are a race), and on the other, are very keen to split hairs in defense of what is an obvious bias they otherwise cannot hide -- the idea that if one simply trades "anti-Zionism" for "anti-Semetism" one looks less-racist , and is still entitled to call everyone else a "Nazi".

There is an interesting kernel in that transmogrification of one into another: the people who do this are aware just enough to know that anti-Semetism is still disreputable. So much so that they have to disguise their own hatreds and biases by conflating two different terms, but ending with the same result. This is an indication of guilt, and if you ever hear anyone make this distinction without a difference, call them on it. If they have any shame, they'll run away from you and never speak to you again.

Facebook argument in this vein yesterday, which demonstrates the sorts of Cognitive Dissonance of some who espouse anti-Semetism will go to have their Jew-hating cake and eat it, too. The doofus who insists that the Jews are at the heart of a conspiracy for world domination and at the forefront of the illegitimate conception of the U.N.-Freemasons-New World Order-One-World-Government that will destroy the sovereignty of all independent nations to make us all Jewslaves, says the Jews are a greater threat to Mankind than the Iranians and the North Koreans. Why?

Because "Israel has illegal nuclear weapons". Several things:

a) Does anyone have proof that Israel has nukes? Press releases and intelligence reports from foreign governments are not proof.

b) If Israel does have nukes, and the One World Government in all it's permutations (including the U.N.) is illegitimate, then who declared Israel's nukes "illegal"? How can something be simultaneously illegitimate and an authority?

c) Why does this illegitimate New World Order suddenly have legitimacy when it comes to Israel, and not North Korea?

d) If the Jews really did have this sort of power and influence, Dumbfuck, they wouldn't have spent the last two thousand years engaged in a fight for a sandy patch of desert the size of Manhattan, hanging around Europe to be killed in pogroms, by Inquisitions and then gassed by the millions.

e) If the Jews really did have that sort of power, and were that cunning, devious and brilliantly underhanded as you've made them out to be, Jerk, then why haven't they just tricked the Arabs into a peace on favorable terms instead of having to trade bullets and bombs with them?

This type of person is not worth taking seriously, and should probably be reported to mental health officials when discovered.

Final rant:

It seems that Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez, the gift that keeps on giving (like herpes) is attracting an awful lot of attention, these days, and that a Cult of Personality has already begun to crystallize around her. I expect  that any day now, she will be seen on a balcony above a sea of mental deficients waving banners and placards, chanting her name, and the next thing you know, she'll break into a rendition of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina", like a modern-day Evita.

More like Velveeta, if you ask me. And that assumes she could learn the words.

Just remember that the real Evita died aged 33. AOC is now 29. With any luck, perhaps the clock is already running on our Great National Embarrassment and walking advertisement for the poor quality of education to be had at Boston College for 70k a year.

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