Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Majority Of One: "Be Careful What You Ask For...".

"The safest road to Hell is the gradual one - the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts." -- C.S. Lewis

(Disclaimer: The Overlord does not dislike women. On the contrary, he LOVES ladies....he just hates uppity cunts with limited faculties).

You know the old saw about being careful about what you ask for, because you might get it? Especially the unspoken bit about getting it in unexpected ways and good and hard without lube?

I've been thinking about that in recent days, if only because my newspapers are telling me that there's an awful lot of people getting it good, hard, unoiled, and by surprise.

We begin with the feminists, because why not?

Because when it comes to The Unintended Boomerang Effect no one has been better at it than this bunch of panty-bunched, pearl-clutching dingbats, who between their unbridled stupid and unhealthy obsession with their vaginas, have somehow not only managed to make civilized life nearly impossible but to simultaneously impale themselves upon the proverbial purple throbbing one without fail. Every. Single. Time.

This time, it's been two unintended consequences of the execrable collection of brainfarts and toxic menstrual by-products that have combined to produce that sordid mess known as MeToo.  Ladies, if you did not anticipate that when confronted with a change in the social landscape that Men wouldn't either simply change tactics or make certain you got EXACTLY what you've wanted and deserved in order to shut you the fuck up, you haven't been paying attention for the last 2,000,000 years.

When you create an atmosphere of paranoia and hysteria around rape, when you falsely accuse Men of being animals simply because you feel like it, or because you think you're pulling a fast one for momentary personal gain, don't be surprised when Men figure out your game and then decide to turn the tables on you. We're smarter than you are. It's why we've invented just about everything useful, from Geometry to Telemetry, and you haven't.

So, when I read on the Intertoobies that the Rape Sisters are all pissed off that Men have decided that having women around in the workplace is more trouble than it's worth, I'm not surprised, and quite amused.

So, here's a bunch of Whining Vaginas making noise about Men in the financial world covering their own asses by avoiding women. I stand and applaud. Long overdue, Fellas.

Now, what's particularly funny about this little example of Shooting Yourself With Your Own Gun is that it's demonstrative of the common thread that runs through all of these asinine Female Problems that ultimately stem from too much feelz and not enough braincase. This common thread is:

I can't do it. Some Man will have to do it for me.

So much for "empowered women." Every Life Support System for a Vagina interviewed in that piece said the same thing: I can't do it. Some Man do it for me.

Remember this subtext whenever you deal with a feminist issue: ultimately, the feminist wants something changed, but it's the Man who is supposed to make the change on their behalf.

The second ball of dumbass is this little gem: We're back to the Myth of the Gender Pay Gap. One of my favorite fairy tales.

Let's establish something before going forward which indicates the tortured (lack of) thought process involved in perpetuating this stupidity:

If anyone could get away with paying a woman 77-cents to every $1 a man makes, legally, there would not be a single Man employed anywhere in America.

If you are incapable of following the logic of that statement, perhaps you should go out and kill yourself; you're only going to produce retarded offspring, anyway.

This dead equine has been pummeled into disintegration for two decades, already. Give it a fucking rest.

Once again, the feminist "solution" is that someone else, Men, will have to fix this problem for them, by either doing something against their own self-interest (foregoing pay raises, for example), or pay women more for less work.

Because the root of the problem, Ladies, is less work.

Women earn less over the course of their lifetimes because they work less. They interrupt careers to get married, have children, care for their parents, and a variety of other reasons. One reason that I can personally attest to, having once been a manager in the financial industry and having seen it first-hand, is that Women do not put in the hours that Men do. They choose not to. They often demand not to.

And like every other victim group in the world of identity politics, this is someone else's fault, the personal failings of an individual don't matter, and the idea that sacrifice is often required for success, is ignored.

But wait, it gets better...

Now Men, or in this case, a particular Man, is responsible for Women not being happy in their marriages.

Holy Cowshit! There's so much mental disorder here it's difficult to know where to begin.

Let's start with the severe butthurt that came with Hillary losing an election she cheated at and rigged to succeed in. Apparently, her plans fell short. Not surprising: she's female and lacks a linear thought process. So, to a particular caste of permanently menstrual upper-middle-class Women of Privilege (privilege usually obtained by marrying up, not by earning them. See? The thread returns: I want to be privileged, I'll just shag a rich guy and social climb) when The Smartest Woman In the World (ha!) loses a fixed election, it must be because Orange Man Bad.

And since Orange Man is male, everything else Male is yucky and responsible for it, because in addition to lacking a coherent thought process, being in possession of a vagina that makes life a misery and floods you body with hormones that make you batshit fucking insane, your husband/significant other must suffer for it.

Because that makes perfect sense. Three year olds behave this way.

So, let's see if we can make this worse: Donald Trump not only trounced the Crusty Black Pantsuit, the Bully, I will have to wreck my marriage in my process of grief because I can neither control my feelz, separate the political from the domestic, nor understand that perhaps Hillary was the worst possible choice...unless you plumped for love-child-of-Hitler-and-Ghengis-Khan-with-Yeast-Infection.

So, we lost an election and we feel our lives are ruined. So let's make sure we go all the fucking way just in case our lives don't co-operate and ruin themselves for us. Because unless everyone else is unhappy, we're not happy. Because we're assholes that way.

Five decades of feminist bullshit have convinced you that the world will not be perfected until a Woman is elevated to the highest seat of power; your feelz led you to back the wrong (nominal) Woman, whose flaws and pandering to your fears, were obvious, and so, instead of happiness and contentment, you find yourself mired in rage, depression, anxiety and dumbfuck and your husband and children must be made to pay for it.

This is indicative of both childishness and emotional instability.

And we still haven't reached the apex of fucktard yet.

Having ruined Sex by making it Political, you went one step further and made it Criminal. Because Equality. You invented a "rape culture", perpetuated a myth of every man as a potential rapist, just thinking rapey thoughts 24/7, until you fear Men so much that you can't handle a real one.

This is why 24-year-old school teachers are convicted every week of humping their students. It's why you view all aspects of Sex through the lens of "power". It's why we have the noxious skullduggery that revolves around the word "consent". I have two recent examples.

The first, I wrote about last week, wherein some douchebag who calls herself "a college sex expert" is under the mistaken impression that should a woman take a man's penis, voluntarily, into her mouth, this is not an indication of "consent". (Then what the fuck is it?)

The second refers back to something I said earlier: if you demand something from a Man either expect a change in strategy or your request followed to the fucking letter.

So, now we find out that, in order to achieve this coveted "consent" which has the fairy gold quality to it, Men are making a demand of their own: when consent is given, I want it documented. On video.

Of course, this pisses Feminists right the fuck off. You can almost hear them, in unison, shouting "But that's not what I meant!". Naturally, the Feminiazis HATE this idea, because the entire purpose of the Shell Game That Is Consent was never to determine definitively that consent was given; it was to argue that it could be voluntarily, and arbitrarily, withdrawn retroactively if that seemed advantageous.

Why would they do that? For a variety of reasons: in today's world of Identity Politics everyone is a "victim" and victims get special status. if later you should change your mind about your choice, you can not only erase your mistake by a false accusation of sexual assault/rape, you can also erase the career, education, and freedom of the one you made the mistake with, so that you don't have to see him ever again and thus be reminded of what a fuckwit you are. Perhaps your friends made fun of you for your choice, and rather than suffer the social stigma of having shagged a pariah, you can just claim rape or that there was no consent.

Presto! No responsibility, no social approbation, in fact, a social elevation, and you get to enjoy all the perks that come with being a fake victim -- no one questions you, you can always stand on moral high ground, you can destroy someone's life if you want to, and, of course, there's always a way to monetize these things, isn't there?

Just ask Christine Blasey-Ford.

If feminists didn't have ever-shifting double standards, they'd have none at all. This is indicative of a vindictive streak unrestrained by a moral compass. Once again, the thread: when something in my life makes me unhappy, a Man must pay for it or fix it.

So now the game has new rules, Ladies. Once again, the Boomerang Effect makes an appearance.

Thank you, smartphone. Turns out you can be useful for something other than finding skanks advertising their whoredom in order to spring rape traps on Tinder. Like making sure the skank exonerates you before you ever get accused.

So, let's sum up:

When you make a pain of the ass of yourself in the workplace, when you lie and propagate lies, when you make false allegations, when you behave like children, when you're emotional, angry, physically and intellectually lazy, waiting for everyone to make changes and sacrifices you won't on your behalf, when you can't control your feelings and engage a sense of reason, when you become disagreeable and difficult just because you can, when you engage in a deliberate campaign to rig elections, laws, social conventions with a system of double standards, when you take mo responsibility for your own actions or failings, and all you seem able to do is cry, moan, bitch, whine about how "unfair' everything is, don't be surprised when:

Men refuse to associate with you, do not take you seriously, refuse to help you, decline to put up with your bullshit, hold you to your own standards and demand documentary evidence in their own self-defense.

You are going to just HATE living in the world you've created.

It would seem that far from almost achieving the Brass Ring of Power in the name of Women everywhere, Hillary Clinton instead managed to grab something akin to the One Ring of Sauron. It would appear her elevation and near-victory did not advance the cause or state of Womanhood one iota, and instead set it back into a Medieval Age of anger, sadness, bitterness, and in the process exposed Feminism for what it truly is, and always was -- a nasty, pernicious virus of jealousy and spite.

The Boomerang Effect.

Because at base, this is what most Women are all about, have always been about. Some just hide it better to varying degrees.

If you doubt this, listen in on how they talk about one another behind each other's backs, and take a look to the reaction of Women to the nomination of Bret Kavanaugh and the election of Donald J. Trump.

A Woman alone in my office? Too risky, no win situation, no return on investment.

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