Friday, November 30, 2018

Minor Shitstorms of Stupid...

"Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of our society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs; we should test people for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power." -- P.J. O'Rourke
Just a few complaints about some incidences of minor moron that, of their own accord, mean very little, but which when bundled together begin to form something that resembles a context. This context, I think, helps explain some of the reasons why the existence and prominence of some of our favorite retards here at Galactic Central -- like Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez --came about.

Perhaps it's just the curmudgeon in your Great Galactic Scourge, but I doubt it. There is direct evidence that people are not only becoming dumber, but have been deliberately trained to be obtuse, unobservant and dull-witted.

Once I've related these minor vignettes, snapshots in time, if you will, of jackass, I'll get to the real point which I'd like to think explains the meteoric rise of someone who obviously could not tie her own shoelaces without a government program being elected to the House of Representatives.

The first example has to do with this sign.

Now, I'm betting that most people under the age of, say, 45, do not know what that sign means, and I'm being generous. The reason why this sign is important is because of a conversation it sparked between myself and my 20-year-old nephew some time ago. We were driving around one day when we came across a building that had that sign still nailed to it's exterior. The building in question happened to be the middle school my 4 nephews all attended, which I believe may have built in 1960, or thereabouts.

Passing the building, my nephew asks me what that sign means -- he had seen it every day for a few years, but had no idea of its significance, and had never thought to ask anyone before. This led to a discussion of the horrors of nuclear warfare, the Cold War, and what it meant to live in a world where children were drilled in "Duck and Cover" and lived with the constant idea that, at any given moment, you might become aware that you only had 20 minutes or so to live, and that, really, you might not want to after the mushroom clouds dissipated.

He literally did not know what the Cold War was all about, did not know that the USSR and USA once (probably still do) had ten thousand missiles pointed at one another and could not comprehend growing up in a world where you KNEW everything could be destroyed in seconds. No one ever taught him any of that. No one ever brought the subject up. So, he went to a middle school every day for three years that was built with the purpose or serving as a shelter for people who were probably unlucky enough to survive (Staten Island was Ground Zero in the event of nuclear war: highest point on the Eastern seaboard south of Maine, and an airburst centered here would wipe out almost the entirety of New York City). The proposition struck him as ludicrous.

He had no context; he did not know of the Berlin Wall, KAL 007,  Vietnam, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Francis Gary Powers, Russian defectors, The Domino Theory. All of this happened before he was born, no one explained it to him, it was outside of his experience, and it was only a relic of that time -- a forgotten sign and a chance re-sighting of it -- that allowed the gaps in his knowledge to be filled in.

The second example is more in the way of a complaint.

If there's anything Your Overlord hates more than democrats, chihuahuas, hemorrhoids and public displays of fucktard, it's an SUV full of teenaged girls. Nothing good ever comes from an SUV full of teenaged girls. For a start, expecting a 90-pound, low-IQ, 17 year-old with a cellphone to control of 3 tons of rolling destruction at any speed above 20 mph is the height of parental irresponsibility. Any parent who does so should be taken out and kicked to death. But the real horror is what those SUVs full of teenaged girls actually DO that might be a sign the Apocalypse is nigh.

It would seem that every time I approach a drive-thru window with the intention of feeding myself, I find myself waiting in line behind Mommy's BMW daycare center on wheels overflowing with screeching young thangs holding up the clockwork, assembly-line process of dispensing food by pulling up and ordering half a dozen fufu fucking coffees that all take 3 hours to prepare. Just as I lose patience with this bullshit, I find a car or two behind me, which means it's too late to pull out. I'm committed.

So, while Madison, Tiffany, Sophia, Olivia, Alexis , Taylor, and Ashleygh (because there's always that one with the fucked up spelling) are busily ordering iced Diabetes in a Cup with extra whipped cream, soy milk and precisely 1.7342 pumps of caramel, 5 sugars and a dash of vanilla,  (because heaven forbid we actually taste COFFEE. That's, like, so gross), I starve.

You may find this selfish of me, but a hungry or caffeine-deprived would-be Dictator of the Universe is not a pretty sight to behold, and as the minutes pass -- this last time was 20 -- his demeanor morphs from "lovable eccentric with a Death Star and Mind-control powers" and begins to resemble the combination of angered grizzly bear, menstrual wolverine, frenzied shark and Maxine Waters subjected to an IQ test.

The Drive-thru exists for three purposes: speed, convenience, and feeding my fat, in-a-hurry-because-I-have-important-shit-to-do ass in a jiffy.  An oversized station wagon full of baby fat, braces and acne demanding Columbia's Finest slathered in iced cream toppings defeats all three purposes.

 The reason WHY five or six soon-to-be-single-mothers believe they have a right to do this to others is because every one of them has been told every second of every day that they are "special", which means if everyone else has to spend time they don't have waiting for specialty coffees to be manufactured in Taiwan and shipped overseas, then that's just your tough titty, isn't it? The idea that ordering such a thing at the drive-thru might be inappropriate doesn't register. We only recognize that others exist when there's some reward for us in it.

Like the certificate you got for sitting through the Diversity puppet show without fidgeting, or the artificial-but-temporary high that comes with virtue signalling. A minor point, but one worth remembering in the greater context.

The really funny thing about it, though, is that if you ever see these sorts in a sit-down situation inside the restaurant, the sharing of exotic sugar bomb cocktails is seen among them as a sign of sophistication. That the conversation surrounding this display of chimp-like imitation of the adult, likewise, gives the event an air of farcical cruelty. I'm accused of using the coarsest language imaginable, but these youngins' certainly give me a run for my money.

I can promise you, they're not discussing the merits of Kierkegaard versus Heidegger, the history of the French Revolution, or comparing notes on Shakespeare, Chekhov, Ibsen and Shaw. They're most likely to be discussing which reprobate beta-male they blew in the Red Robin ladies room.

Speaking of selfish and under-developed adolescent females, there was this nonsense in a Twitter feed that caught my eye the other day in which someone who somehow managed an M.D. (probably through Affirmative Action, or maybe sending enough box tops to the cereal company) was attempting - because feminism -- to make the case that the foreseeable consequence of the sexual act (the creation of a baby) is somehow both dependent upon obtaining permission for the fetus to form in a womb, and yet one more horror with which the modern female must endure in her quest to achieve equality by making every one else equally miserable.

You know, this "consent" bullshit it getting just a little too thick and it's defenders have overreached You can tell they have when they start treating a pregnancy, which is entirely avoidable, as if it were on par with leasing an apartment. Sex -- and it's consequences -- are not a business arrangement, nor a legal process. That this sort of complete douchebaggery can be puked up by someone claiming to be a doctor is fascinating and frightening.

The argument can be summed up that an abortion, far from being an event fraught with moral questions concerning Human Life, is little different than an eviction proceeding. Which sets up an interesting case of Cognitive Dissonance; if a womb can be viewed as property doesn't that fly in the face of decades of Feminist insistence that women's bodies are not mere commodities?

No matter: what really counts is that someone should be protected from the moral hazards and consequences of their poor decisions. Consequences that are both easily foreseeable and easily avoidable. No one should have to suffer because they were stupid, apparently. We all must be protected from our inner jackass and if we have to engage in semantics, hypocrisy, distortion and hiding behind the authority that comes with the title "Doctor" -- who takes an oath to first Do No Harm, and then dismembers a baby in-utero --  then so be it.

These are the common threads of the New Culture: Ignorance (dammit, Boy, you have a smartphone connected to all the Collected Knowledge of Mankind in your hand all day: use it to do something other than text your girlfriend!); Phony sophistication -- we drink coffee which is more whipped cream, sugar, and syrup than coffee while we gossip about what whores we all are. This type will eventually be the sort that leaves college with a great many credentials, but no fucking information or method of forming a coherent thought. That is to say, with no ability.

And, of course, no one is ever responsible for anything. An unwanted pregnancy is compared to a home invasion in service of a very bad ideology (feminism) for the purposes of keeping a barbaric form of birth control of last resort a viable option, despite there being 32 prior options available beginning with "don't do it without protection" to "You can buy condoms in CVS, you know" to "birth control pills are ubiquitous to the point where they're poisoning the water supply with female hormones" and ending with "if you're bragging about using your awesome oral skills in Red Robin, you could probably also use them when you don't have a sponge, spermicide, intrauterine device, under-skin-time-released birth control, everywhere else and avoid getting pregnant".

If you've ever wondered why young people today seem to believe that Socialism is a good idea, here's your answer: Socialism feeds on ignorance of it's past evils; it appeals to a shallow mindset which cultivates the illusion of worldliness through empty display; it appeals to those who wish to avoid responsibility as if that came with both fleas and a bad rash; it is promulgated by authority figures who use the stored-up regard for their profession (like doctors and professors) to behave in direct opposition to their supposed calling.

Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez is simply the vanguard of this New Generation of Pretender. Lavished with degrees from one of the top universities and yet pig-fucking ignorant; espousing an economic system that she cannot explain and has apparently not learned has failed repeatedly via Google. (Someone shoot her a pic of a Russian breadline on Instagram, quick) while pretending to be all' stuff.

Her cohorts will be along soon as they finish that knee-knocker in Best Buy, only stopping long enough to hold up the drive-thru line with an order for 400 more cups of McDumbass.

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