Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Judging Judges and Other Signs of Mental Breakdown...

"So God created Man in his own image...Male and Female created He them..." Book of Genesis, Chapter 1, Verse 27.

"..but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him. And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof; and the rib, which the Lord God had taken from Man, he made a Woman and brought her unto the Man..." -- Book of Genesis, Chapter 2, Verses 20-22.

So, apparently God took two swings at making a Woman...and failed twice.

So much for perfection, infallibility, and having a plan.

If I believed in this claptrap I'd be the first on line to demand my rib back. It seems we Men have been cheated.

I've said it before but it bears repeating:

If God exists, then it MUST be Female. Because only a Woman could fuck up this comprehensively and still have the unmitigated gall to demand to be thanked, praised, worshiped, feared and financially supported for it.

Which brings us to Judge Kavanaugh.

The Left's continuous caterwauling would have you believe there is something called a War on Women taking place. Totally ridiculous. If there's a War on, no one told me...and I attend all the He-Man Woman-Haters Club meetings.

In fact, in true leftoid fashion, the phrase "War on Women" is a deliberate act of Orwellian Doublethink. The "War" being waged is actually against Men, advanced under the cover of being for the equality of Women. As always, never listen to a goddamned word the Left has to say on anything because it's always a Lie; just observe their actions and reactions, and you will eventually see The Truth.

Your middle-school daughter is to ignore the penis she suddenly discovers in her locker room should it belong to a "transitioning" (mental patient in training) classmate; by the time she reaches Prep School, she's under dire threat from the One-Eyed-Moisture-Seeking Missile on a daily basis. Every last one of them belongs to a potential rapist, an oppressor, with magical powers to create "Glass Ceilings", a symbol of "toxic" "patriarchy" that wants nothing less than to impregnate her against her will, so that even the mere mention of "penis" sends her into a mental and nervous breakdown that lasts 35 years, compete with repressed memories and a divinely-granted prerogative to fuck with the Constitutional Rights of others and turn Senatorial hearings into a circus.

It begins in Grammar School, where your penis-bearing child is first made aware that he's on dangerous ground because, other than the janitor, maybe, there's not another swinging tallywhacker in sight. He's surrounded by stupid and insanely neurotic women ("Education" majors are notorious for being the least-academically successful students) who have hounded most of the males out of the profession on the basis that they're all sexual predators, even as a dozen Bimbos with an "Education" degree a week are paraded through the daily newspapers, accused (and usually convicted) of preying sexually upon their students.

If your "toxic" little bundle of X and Y chromosomes is aware enough to notice, he will discover that his coursework has been watered down or outright manipulated so as to favor females. He will be subjected to the worst sort of bullying by the Weaker Sex in order to teach him NOT to be a bully to the Weaker Sex. He will be extorted into compliance with the dictates of "Diversity" that will invariably favor females. He will be exposed to a curriculum that constantly downplays the role of Men in World history, instructed in the finer aspects of homosexuality, continuously feminized by constant exposure to all-female teaching and administrative staffs, all in an effort to control the disease he carries: maleness.

And if this does not work, the teacher lady who just...can't...deal...with a rambunctious seven year old who is probably smarter than she is, the Educational Establishment (dominated by other stupid females) will label your boy as "Special Ed", bestow a variety of maladies upon him beginning with the fake diagnosis of ADHD and probably ending at Autism, and zap his ass with massive doses of Ritalin so as to get him to shut up, conform, and handicap his performance, lest some girl feel "threatened" or "lessened".

And then everyone will wonder why he brings an automatic weapon to The Prom.

If he manages to survive to college age without school-mandated drugs, crap psychology, gerrymandered curriculum, without being "confused" by his own Wedding Tackle, or becoming a mass murderer/suicide, he will soon discover that admission to an institution of higher learning can be conditioned by his gender. If he's lucky enough to get to a college campus, he is soon flogged daily with a more-sophisticated and more-militantly-menstrual version of what he endured through 12 years of primary and high school education.

Once he enters the workforce, he will soon find that no matter how hard he works, no matter what he achieves, no matter how respectful, thoughtful or professional he is, just accidentally piss off the wrong vagina -- get a job she wanted and felt she deserved, make more money than she does, show her up in front of management -- and it's all quite possibly ruined by an unfounded allegation lobbed by a nasty little mess of hormones who was also trained by the same educational experience to believe that she's somehow both "powerful" and at the same time "powerless". "Entitled" and "Denied". A powerhouse of creativity, smarts and merit, and yet, a permanent victim, simultaneously.

The Male is disarmed by social convention, training, groupthink, education, and the legal system; the Female is weaponized to become a perpetual screaming maniac victim of a Pandora's Box of Injustices Against The Vag.

Do you believe that corporate Diversity regimes exist to ensure that Male, especially White Male, concerns in the workplace are addressed? Fuck no. Having been subjected to that bullshit on a yearly basis for a decade, I can assure you they are intended to intimidate Males, especially White Ones, into silence and conformity.

Do you believe that judicial regimes that are constantly reviewing hiring practices, civil service examinations and requirements, litigating sexual harassment law, exist to benefit and protect Males? You're a fool if you do.

Do you even think, for a second, that the Kangaroo Courts convened on Kollege Kampuses to "investigate" reports of rape and sexual abuse -- which strangely are rarely reported to police -- exist to ensure fair and equal treatment, to uphold the rule of law, or to follow the facts to their logical conclusion? Wait, let me tell you the one about the priest, the rabbi and the minister in the lifeboat.

Did you believe that all those fat, ugly broads marching in vagina hats cared one whit about equality?

Speaking of those corpulent cunts in clitoral-themed chapeaus, you could not find a better example of the doublethink in action (see photo to left). I'd bet dollars to douchebottles that those landwhales aren't all up in flippers over sexual assault so much as they are engaged in the time-honored and traditional, passive-aggressive, feminine pastimes of Projection and Jealousy. Their problem isn't that a judge may have waved his Pelvis Bazooka at some broad 35 years ago as a teenager; its that no one is offering the same to them.

And perhaps never HAS.

If you'll excuse the obvious pun, the seminal motivation for all this pearl-clutching and vapor-fainting is Feminism. Never mind "Masculinity"; this may have been the most toxic idea ever invented.

The danger of Brett Kavanaugh being named a Supreme Court Justice isn't his (alleged) Wandering Willie; it's that in conjunction with the recently-appointed Neil Gorsuch and the possibility that the desiccated mummy pretending to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg will soon give up the ghost, the Court will be "stacked" by (nominal) conservatives who will steadily chip away at the foundations of the edifices carefully constructed by Feminist, Inc.

And what happens then?

Why, Feminists might have to work for a living; Women might have to compete on a level playing field; Females might have to be more discerning about where and upon whom they bestow their sexual favors. The entire structure that Feminists have...ahem....erected...over the last 50 years, the system of double standards, the weaponization of law, the rigging of bids for government contracts, the viability of the female voting bloc in favor of the Left, the "Right" to dispose of inconvenient children, the Welfare State that replaces the Husband, the favoritism extended to women in hiring, promotions, admissions; the entire System that has been constructed specifically to be manipulated by Women for personal gain, might all shrivel up and blow away.

Like an aging feminist's Ladynest.

And then what will Upper-Middle-Class White women -- and the few minorities who manage to stay in their good graces by repeating their swill -- actually DO with themselves if they can't "earn" a living obsessing over what goes into or comes out of their Furburger in "Think Tanks" and "Diversity" regimes, and "Gender Studies" departments, all funded by extraction from government and capitalism?

This is the REAL threat of Brett Kavanaugh and every other Male who finds himself the subject of these sorts of accusations: it is not that he may have groped someone, or dangled his dipstick in some chick's face, or exposed himself uninvited, or didn't get consent forms signed in triplicate from some broad who regretted saying "yes" afterward. It's that Privileged Women who don't do anything constructive might have to work for a paycheck, only to find they're either not cut out for work or have no fucking talent other than inventing shit to be outraged about.

I don't know if the guy actually did what he's accused of, nor do I think it's important if it is only brought up 30 years after the fact by an accuser who, to judge strictly by the news reports about her, is one part party animal and two parts mental case. See the photo purported to be of her above. If that's an indication of anything...

Personally, I don't think it's fair to anyone -- regardless of gender -- to bring up their teenage escapades for the simple reason that a) teenagers are provably and notoriously stupid, and b) apparently no one cared enough to raise a stink about it the day it happened...or a week later...or a year later...assuming it actually DID happen, because, quite frankly, if you tell me you've only remembered it with the help of your therapist, and a couple of lawyers, I'm inclined to NOT believe you.

After all, anyone can make an accusation, right Senator?

This is just another aspect of the extended hissy fit that calls itself "The Resistance". It's obvious their first resistance is to reality. Any movement that has Hillary Clinton, famous enabler of the most-famous (bent) Weapon of Ass Destruction in human history shilling for it is, by my own estimation, not worth taking seriously. The Vagina hats, Handmaid's costumes, screaming from the Vulva, and playing games with how, when or even if you will ever testify, just reinforce that position.

So, no, there is no "War on Women" and the actions of those who insist there is, particularly in the case of Judge Kavanaugh, prove it. They are not so much standing for Women's Rights are they are marching and screaming for the continuation of a system which ultimately leads to only one place, when the day comes when Men are relieved of all consideration, but saddled with every responsibility, and Women are given every consideration and relieved of all responsibility.

With pay.

In fact, this whole mess puts me in agreement with Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, who often writes:

"You know, you can make a pretty strong argument for patriarchy just based on how fragile and gullible women are according to feminists."

UPDATE: Updated for spelling and grammar.

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