Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Double Standard Explained...

"We cannot negotiate with people who say 'what's mine is mine and what's your's is negotiable'" -- John F. Kennedy

Right. One more time.

It's always the same; someone asks me "How do they get away with it? The lying, the double-standards?", and I have to answer.

"They", of course, means "The Left".

The secret is that there's really no secret. The trick to understanding things like why Barack Obama could lie on national television about keeping your doctor when he knew full-well this was untrue, or why Diane Feinstein could sit on an "anonymous" letter regarding an alleged sex crime for two months and only refer it to the FBI when it was too late to prevent a judge from being appointed -- but not too late to smear him in the public mind -- is to understand the Modern Leftist.

The Lefty is a child. A spoiled child. They are a bottomless pit of WANT. They are lazy, physically, intellectually, ethically. In fact, they consider ethics and morality to be two powerful forces that conspire to keep them from what they want. Oh, sure, they're quick enough to trot out charges of unethical or immoral behavior against others, but this is always a tactic designed to shut the opposition up; they have no core belief in a system of either ethics or morality.

Hence, an unsubstantiated, 40- or 50- year-old allegation of an alleged sexual offense committed against a then-young girl by a Supreme Court nominee you don't like is a serious matter, but the 10 or so female teachers who lose their jobs or get jail time EVERY WEEK for preying upon pre-pubescent boys is ignored. By people who will often cloak their motivations beneath the slogan "It's for the children".

Or, as an another recent example, shifting $10 million from FEMA to ICE in order to improve conditions in illegal immigrant housing facilities prior to the landfall of a hurricane is a scandal, even though the re-allocation of funds was preceded by outcries about the standards of living of the children currently detained in the facilities.

The Lefty is also dangerously stupid. Bulletproof stupid, sometimes. Liberalism, it is said, is a movement of the ill-informed-but-well-intentioned led by the ill-intentioned-but-well-informed. This is true. One need only look around them or listen to their lefty friends; they do not grasp issues in any but emotional terms; "reason" is a dirty word to them; their decisions and opinions are driven by circumstances quite separate from intelligence. They feel this or that is right; they adopt positions depending on how popular those positions are; they will swallow whole the most ridiculous notions on the basis of whether or not these decrease or bolster their social standing within their closed group of retarded cohorts.

The Right is confused by this behavior. Brought up, typically, in traditions of church, respect for the law, marinated in traditional notions of integrity, honesty and fair play, when confronted by a lefty outright lying, seemingly incapable of seeing or making a moral judgment, apparently detached from the simple ideas of propriety and respect for others, they have but two reactions. The first is to be uselessly gobsmacked; the second is to get angry.

Some will have this stupid notion that the Lefty can be converted by engagement and debate and eventually compromise, and then realize they've been had.

The only compromise possible is that the Lefty gets what s/he wants. It's all about want. It's all about the exercise of power over others. The second you compromise with one of these little shitstains you have surrendered your power to them. The Lefty then has an orgasm.

When it comes to the Lefty politician you must remember this: they are well-aware that they stand at the forefront of an army of emotional, needy, disinterested,  unintelligent locusts who simply want things -- free this, that or the other, to avoid work, to acquire things they have not earned, to be "free" to practice any sort of depravity they can conjure up, to not be judged, to not be held to any standard whatsoever -- and at the same time, reap all the benefits this society has to offer without having to contribute to it.

So long as the Lefty politician delivers on this desire they can be forgiven anything. Everything can be excused. The Lefty will support anyone, anything, that promises MORE and considerations of whether MORE is good, where MORE comes from, or what MORE costs someone else, are hardly considered. And then both the rank-and-file Leftard and the politician who feeds on her find new versions of MORE to go after.

Regarding the photograph up top, it strikes the Righty as totally hypocritical. Here is a self-professed champion of Socialism bedecked in expensive designer wear that is the product of a capitalist system she claims to abhor that costs more than most working people will take home in a month, maybe two.

It doesn't matter.

Since Alexandria advocates for "free" college, "free" medical care, "free" rents, an elimination of the meritocracy (of which she is a member, natch. You'll find that Lefties are all about eliminating ladders...only after they've climbed them) in the name of egalitarianism, the hypocrisy is excused.

(The truly insane part of this particular kerfuffle though, is that you know Alexandria did not pay for that get-up. The designer gave it to her in the knowledge that upon seeing a Socialist "Rock Star" in her clothing, every Upper-Middle Class Leftard female on the Upper East Side and Left Coast would rush out to buy the same or similar outfit as an outward show of political solidarity and female empowerment. Alexandria, in railing against the Capitalist system, just played (probably willing) stooge to a capitalist who stands to profit. Then again, does Alexandria strike you as particularly bright, and do you think she actually cares? All she knows, probably, is that she got to wear a nice outfit she probably couldn't afford, because she's a fucking teenaged girl in a woman's body).

So long as the checks keep coming (and there's more zeroes at the end of them) a Lefty can be forgiven anything by their flock of morons.

A candidate for New York State Senate can literally invent an entire biography from whole cloth and outrageous lies, and still win a primary. Besides, it doesn't really matter of that is THE Truth, because it is HER truth (invented or not), and we're supposed to accept that in the same way we're supposed to accept that a 6' 5" man with five o-clock shadow, wearing a dress and size-18 pumps, calling himself "Loretta" is entitled to use the Ladies room, despite still possessing an X and a Y chromosome which makes him biologically male. Truth, after all, is soooo relative. Why? She's promised the left MORE.

A candidate for the Presidential election can violate federal law, treat state secrets with disdain, destroy records in order to hide her crimes, be a party to a money-laundering scam disguised as a charity, lie about her complicity and lack of action in a terrorist attack, defend a husband who is, for all intents and purposes, a serial rapist, she can trade upon her position as an appointed or elected figure to build a vast personal fortune while claiming to care for the poor,  she can be fired from the Watergate Committee for suborning perjury, be a principal figure in a real-estate scam that stole millions from investors, she can lie with impunity about her personal history -- being named after a famous persona who achieved fame 6 years after she was born, making claims of dodging sniper fire in a warzone she wasn't even close to, can rig an election, switching her political positions every other day according to what polls tell her you want to hear, and no one will investigate her or send her to jail, and she will be defended by millions of idiots. Why? She promises MORE.

I don't mean to be picking on the ladies today, but women are the biggest hypocrites of all. If Feminists didn't have double standards, for example, they'd have none at all.

Like this one: women are powerful; they can do anything that a man can do, better. Women are stronger, tougher, smarter, and harder-working them men.

Right up until one can't pass a math class for a STEM degree, loses out on a promotion because she won't put in the hours, can't cut it as a cop, firefighter or infantryman, and then whines constantly that she's a victim of her vagina...when she isn't using it to manipulate men to get what she wants.

You must understand that Leftist political theories and policies in America are based upon the BIGGEST LIE EVER TOLD. That lie was:

"All Men Are Created Equal."

Practical experience proves this is a lie.

I cannot dunk a basketball. Conversely, I don't think LeBron James can operate a mainframe computer system. I can't do the math required for higher-level physics, but then again, Steven Hawking couldn't play ice hockey. I can't give birth, but I have a feeling that Kim Kardashian couldn't put together an entire Ikea living room because the illustrated directions are too confusing.

They literally believe it, and when everyday experience disproves that lie, they must invent a cavalcade of other lies to prop it up. You know the list:

The Legacy of Slavery

Systemic Racism

Glass Ceiling

Rape Culture


Cultural Appropriation


Toxic Masculinity

I could go on, but there's no point in doing so. The little lies are created to explain away failure predicated upon The Big Lie, failures which the Big Lie says are impossible, since we're all equal... an' stuff.

And here is another reason why the Double Standards exist: in the quest for MORE, the lefty is perfectly willing to accept these lies, to be lied to, in fact, he expects to be lied to. None of it matters so long as MORE is delivered.

If you're still confused, Righty, I'll reiterate:

You are dealing with stunted mentalities. They are willing dupes, who only understand the concept of being given something they haven't earned in return for telling lies or being lied to. They will forgive any transgression, no matter how abhorrent, they will excuse every sin, no matter how ugly, so long as they get whatever it is they want right this very second. These are petulant children trapped in adult bodies. They are not particularly bright. They labor under the misapprehension that simply being alive and breathing makes them as worthy as people who accomplish. They are consumed by notions of "fairness" that only go one way, and that is usually in their favor. They are never satisfied with what they get, because having not earned it, they know they don't truly deserve it, which only leads to them wanting MORE to cover the pain and shame of realizing they're a pile of shit. They are continuously filling this empty pit they have inside them with things they don't work for and which are typically acquired through lying, cheating, stealing and threat of violence.

And then the cycle repeats.

Their leaders are truly venal people. Disgusting examples of human beings, who are cynical, self-interested, and totally without scruple. They are interested solely in power, in ever subtler forms, which they define as the ability to direct the opinions, tastes, habits, activities, beliefs and money of millions of others against their will. They do this because they are self-righteous assclowns who are also driven by the need for MORE without doing anything productive to achieve it.

They are all guided by a principle that is provably untrue, who will find every means by which to make it true or to at least keep others from realizing it is untrue.

They don't care about right and wrong.

They don't care about Objective Truth.

The don't care about ethics, legalisms, or systems of custom.

They don't mind committing crimes in the furtherance of their goals.

They demand to be lied to and lie as easily as you breathe.

They are thieves.

They are committed to destroying you and everything you hold dear, so that they can take even more from you.

It's all about power and getting paid. So long as the Lefty feels he is in the ascendant (meaning he gets to rub your face in it, because deep down this is how petty every one of them is), and the check he didn't earn arrives in the mailbox, everything is hunky dory.

I've been telling you this for years. You are up against barbarians driven by primal urges that often border on insanity. Some of you still don't get it.

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