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Douchebag of the Week (Week Ending 9/14/18 - 9/11 "Truthers")

"The problem with Conspiracy Theorists isn't that they might be right; it is that even when they are wrong --provably, demonstrably, scientifically, conclusively, irrefutably wrong -- they still manage to BELIEVE themselves right...and sane"  -- The Overlord

I really hate this time of year.

This is going to be long. It has to be, because I reckon this is the last time I will ever discuss this subject. If I can help it.

I won't bore you with the details of where I was, what I was doing, what my thoughts are on everything surrounding 9/11. I'm sick of doing so. I have been doing so for 17 years. Suffice it to say, the event turned my life upside down and inside out, it ruined my career, it introduced me to the world of mental illness and I'm only alive by a matter of about 30'.

To save additional time, I will state that I am familiar with the construction of both Twin Towers, having spent a considerable span of my career crawling around utility cabinets, snaking cables under raised floors, co-ordinating all sorts of projects with electricians, carpenters, HVAC guys, structural engineers, and so on and so forth, installing mainframe computers and their associated hardware in both buildings.

This last will become important later on.

The absolute WORST part of this time of year is dealing with a truly curious human being which refers to itself as "a Truther", i.e. someone who believes the entire truth of 9/11 has never been told, never will be told and who has often concocted (or accepted whole) a myriad of conspiracy theories surrounding the event for a variety of reasons.

I have dealt with these fucktards for 17 years. They have repeated the same tales for those 17 years, often changing details, but never straying far from them. Many are deliberately, offensively obtuse. Some seem to get a quiet satisfaction out of tormenting others with their bullshit. Others have a variety of mental illnesses and axes to grind which conditions their...I hesitate to call it "thinking" such an extent that you begin to wonder if they didn't have any friends growing up, or perhaps they got beat up for their milk money every day, they didn't get enough oxygen at birth, or if maybe they found themselves using a doll to show the judge where Uncle Phil touched their No-No.

Generally speaking, these people come in four basic types:

1. The Genuine Skeptic.
2. The Mental Patient.
3, The Political Propagandist.
4. The Anti-Semite.

There is considerable overlap between the last three groups.

The Genuine Skeptic is actually quite reasonable. He has questions about 9/11 that have not been answered to his satisfaction. He is legitimately interested in the event, as an event, exclusive of all other concerns. His intent is to ferret out what he considers to be absolute truth. If this type does have an issue, it is that his standards of proof are often ridiculously high. They might even slide a little higher when his pre-conceptions are challenged, but he is willing to listen to and consider a good argument or theory.

The Other Three all have issues. Deep-seeded, perhaps incurable, issues.

These manifest in the absolute flights of fancy their belief in conspiracy will take them on, even to the point of ignoring or rejecting anything that sounds reasonable, logical, or which has been established as fact.

The majority of the people of this type I've come across over the last 17 years all display the same sort of stupid that would have made Joseph Goebbel's dance with glee. I'll list all of the paranoid delusions and complete fantasy they all believe in for you below, but we need to examine this special brand of retard more closely.

The first, striking feature of this breed of halfwit is their obsession with the concept of Control. They do not take it as axiomatic that sometimes "shit happens", or that systems fail, or that people may innocently make bad decisions or choices which have unintended bad consequences. The very idea that Life, and the events and circumstances that surround it, may often be random fills them with fear and anxiety. The idea that human beings might be evil is one they assign only to a category of human beings they dislike, or may have a personal, political, economic, or ideological difference with.

They have a pantheon of entities and individuals who all exert Control over all aspects of life. These run the gamut from the Republican Party, The Jews, The Council on Foreign Relations, Wall Street, government in general, The Vatican, International Communism, The Boy Scouts, the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, Aliens, Capitalists, The New World Order (is that a Boy Band?). and others either more ridiculously stupid or outright insane, who all "work in cahoots" to direct the world as we know it and Control every aspect of Life.

If something bad ever happens, it is because those in Control wanted it to.

What these people are, when you come down to it, are Nazis. Whether they realize it or not, they have swallowed whole Nazi propaganda and methods of disinformation, personalized them, turned them into a religion. Those listed above are exactly the same people and institutions that the Nazis (and other fascists) railed against routinely.

If you disagree with them, if you try to convince them otherwise, if you have verifiable proof of how wrong they might be, then denial sets in and you suddenly become an Agent of the Mossad. A closet Zionist. A mind-controlled slave of the government, a liar, an agent provocateur. You're on someone's payroll, you're benefiting from "The Big Lie", you're mentally ill, you deserve to be killed. This is Projection coming from people who feel very insecure about the world around them. So insecure that they readily will retreat into Fantasy when Reality becomes too painful to confront...But it's YOU who has the questionable relationship with Reality, naturally.

They tend to believe in the most outrageous stuff imaginable: Flat Earth Theory, Hollow Earth Theory, UFO's, the Moon landing was faked, long-distance Weather and Mind Control, fluoride-in-the-water-gives-us-cancer, Pot cures cancer... fuck, Pot cures everything (which is how you know a lot of them do little but smoke the shit all day long).

There is no reasoning with these folks. I've tried. For 17 years. They simply dig in deeper, retreat further into their fantasies and there is nothing you can do to change their minds. They are willfully, defiantly stupid. No science, no logical argument, no proof of incorrectness penetrates the bulletproof fucktard that surrounds them. No doubt will ever seep into their little bubble of Alternate Reality.

And so it was that this week that I was savaged online by a brace of these shitheads, not that I wanted to be involved in their nonsense to begin with.

A Facebook "friend" who routinely argues with these idiots brought me into the conversation by mentioning my name and tagging me in a post. Before I could even catch up on reading on what was being discussed, I found myself being attacked as a liar (I hadn't even responded yet), a secret Jew, a Mossad operative, a propagandist working for the government....and worse.

The fact that I'm an eyewitness, the fact that I survived the ordeal, the fact that I might have information they don't, doesn't matter.

They're not interested in "truth", only the propagation of their stupidity.

You know how I know this?

Because any argument you make is immediately dismissed as "strawmen" (even when the term does not apply).

Because the pictures and videos do not lie (because no one would EVER doctor those for nefarious purposes, right?)

You couldn't have been there. Even when you were.

You aren't a _______ (fill in the blank: engineer, physicist, demolition expert, scientist, academic, what have you. The fact that neither are they flies right over their heads).

You are simply a mind-numbed sheep who has fallen under the evil influence of the Zionist Mind Control apparatus.

It is telling just how large the Joooooos loom in everything. If a plane hits an office tower; it's the Jews who did it. If the United States government decides to go to war or not go to war, it's because the Jews gave them their orders. No matter what happens, the Jooooos, especially the Jooooo bankers, always benefit.

Is it raining? The Jews.

Cut yourself shaving? The Jews.

Your football team lost last Sunday? Jews.

The waitress brought you a burnt grilled cheese sandwich? The fucking Jews.

Make the point that if the Jews really had this kind of enormous influence and power they wouldn't have had to stick around Europe for a thousand years to be needlessly and mindlessly slaughtered, and they wouldn't be fighting for their very existence for a piece of desert smaller than metropolitan New York City, and that, too, is part of the Jewish Conspiracy; it's how they generate sympathy to cover their crimes, you see.

Make the point that after 17 years of Conspiracy Theory no one has found evidence of a conspiracy, and that becomes proof the conspiracy exists. "They" wouldn't leave evidence behind, would "They"? Point out the conspiracy theorist has been continuously arguing about evidence for 17 years and the Cognitive Dissonance causes them to shut down.

But not before they call you a Jew Lover and a Kike Puppet.

So, without further ado, here's a list of absolutely TRUE arguments I have heard from 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists (in no particular order) over the last 17 years, complete with my own answers to them.

Enjoy. If you don't die laughing or puking, first.

9/11 was an "Inside Job" pulled off by the US GovernmentIn order to swallow this nonsense you have to believe that the same government that cannot find 16 million illegal aliens hiding in plain sight (they don't go to school? They don't use Emergency Rooms? They don't line up  outside Home Depot every morning looking for work?), that does everything according to the lowest bidder or Diversity requirements, which pays $16 for corn muffins, $400 for toilet paper, sends Social Security checks to dead people for years, which cannot turn a profit with a monopoly on First Class Mail, that cannot tell you how many people work for it, that is still -- in some instances -- working with carbon paper, that cannot secure it's own electoral systems, that is largely staffed by mouthbreathers who only have a job because they managed the absolute minimum on a test written for monkeys, that routinely loses important paperwork, routinely gives callers to it's own information lines incorrect information...

...suddenly becomes the most-efficient organization, EVAH!, and executes a massive secret plan involving hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, all working in complete ignorance of what the guy next to them is doing, with airtight security, that leaves no evidence behind, no witnesses, no paper trail, that even 17 years after the fact, no one is able to discover exactly what they did ..except for some dumbfuck smoking pot in Mommy's basement surfing his intertoobies.

Seventeen years later, not one deathbed confession. Not one instance of pillow talk between husband and wife. Not one confession to the parish priest. No one unloaded their burden of guilt or shame to a therapist. Not one jerk trying to make millions off a book deal. No documents turn up; no one slips and lets the cat out of the bag.

And, of course, none of these people involved EVER asks a question, like "Why I am I placing demolition charges in a perfectly good office building in front of tens of thousands of witnesses?" , or "Why am I practicing shooting down civilian airliners?", because being "government" they're all robots who only do what they're told, have no minds of their own, or they've all been paid off, or they've all been silenced by threat of retaliation, even murder, of themselves and their loved ones.

Alternately, it's not REALLY the US Government which did this, but the Mossad, working in it's name, but really working for it's Zionist masters. (You need a scorecard at this point)

It's only ever the mental patient who is the independent, clear-headed thinker, you see.

Which leads to the next question:

Why Would The US Government Do Such a Thing?
Naturally, because the Jews needed it done. Or the Bankers, which is the same thing. It's all about money, you see. People get rich off wars. The idea that people very often get filthy rich without resort to war eludes these idiots. The idea that the very concept of war is incompatible with Capitalism -- since the essential act of war is the destruction of capital, materials, labor, that otherwise would have entered the general economy and elevated everyone's living standards -- doesn't register. The idea that wars for profit are a bad idea since War, itself, is unpredictable (and there's nothing a good Capitalist likes more than predictability), is dismissed. The historical fact that Capitalist countries have been the most reluctant to go to war, is completely pooh-poohed.

This idea that wars are begun for the material gain of a select few is as old as Western History, itself: similar accusations were made during the Peloponnesian Wars (c. 431-404 B.C.), The Punic Wars (c. 264-146 B.C.), The Roman Gallic Wars (c. 58-50 B.C.), The American, French and Russian Revolutions, both World Wars, the Cold War, Vietnam, the Panamanian Invasion, both Gulf Wars. The accusation is as old as man, itself.

But, somehow, it's all about money, and if it's about money, then it must be because of the Jews. The Jews run the financial world. They own all the factories. They own Wall Street. Somehow, they manage to make money by blowing things up and destroying factories, roads, bridges, power plants, railroads, dams, mines -- which all will have to be repaired or replaced before they are productive again, meaning immediate outlay of capital, not immediate profit --  and have decided this is the best way to get richer.

It's clear the Conspiracy Theorists don't understand much of anything: economics, politics, military history. None of that matters, actually, because the real issue is the Antisemitism. George W. Bush went to Afghanistan and Iraq because this made Jews richer, and if the Jews are richer then the war is a bad thing, undertaken for reasons we were lied to Iraqi WMD's (a Jewish fiction).

Incidentally, this is when you are told that "it's been proven" that every single Jew who worked in the Twin Towers was given instructions by the Mossad to stay home that day. (Wait? I thought the US Government did this all by itself?).

Fire Cannot Melt Steel
How do you think you MAKE steel, Dipshit?

Jet Fuel does not burn hot enough to burn steel
This is true. But when the burning jet fuel sets fire to everything it comes into contact with, like paper, wood, furniture, plastics, sheetrock, carpeting, bodies, luggage, cardboard and a thousand other flammable materials that are probably found in a modern office building with a crashed jetliner stuck in it burn, too. All together, fed by an indraft of air through a hole set 80 stories above Manhattan, it certainly can and does get hot enough to melt steel, Dumbass.

Or did you think only the jet fuel burned?

Those buildings were fireproof
This is misunderstanding, often deliberate, of what "fireproof" means and what the process of "fireproofing" is. Everything in the universe melts or burns. Apply enough heat to reach the melting point of that material, and it begins to melt or change into another state of matter; apply enough heat to achieve "flashpoint" and it bursts into flames.

"Fireproofing" is the process of applying one material to another material so as to protect the second from exposure to flame. It accomplishes this by BURNING FIRST, buying time for fire-fighting measures to extinguish the flames before they reach the protected material. It does not (always) protect the material beneath it from the effects of heat, however.

As a simple experiment, wrap that Hot Pocket you're going to scarf down after your next joint in tin foil and put it in the oven. Did the cheesy center melt and get very hot, even though the Hot Pocket, itself, did not burst into flames?

You now,partially, understand the concept. But I'm betting you used all of Mommy's tinfoil to make hats.

It is impossible to control an airliner traveling at 600 mph just above sea levelHow do you think they get airborne, Stupid?

Also, I don't think the term "sea level" means what you think it does. Since most planes operate from dry land, they're already above "sea level". Otherwise they'd be operating in the ocean.

It's why we call it "land" and not "ocean" and why the process of bringing the plane down is known as a "landing" and not a "sea leveling".

Incidentally, hitting an office building 90, or even 40, floors up is not anywhere near "sea level".

But, we have pictures of planes hitting the towers
...which often purport to show missing wings, giving rise to the theory of missile strikes, or which suggest that the planes were attacked before they crashed into the towers, and so forth.

What you have, Idiot, is still photos of a moving (at high speed) object taken, usually, from security cameras which are often not recording in real time but at intervals. The images captured in a still frame of a moving object are bound to be fuzzy and will distort or obscure certain features.

Some will point to the existence of "Pixel Dust" in these photos which is, they say, evidence of fuel leaks, fires, an explosion, but really what they are is...afterimages of a moving object that have been pixellated. Like if you took a picture of your dog and he moved at the very last second; the image will be blurry, in some places indistinct, in some areas unidentifiable, even with a digital camera.

The best is when someone tells you they have a picture of a missile hitting the Pentagon or WTC and then five minutes later argue it's an airplane, or vice versa. Again, they can never be wrong -- even with photographic proof, because they have proof of both --  and interchange them as easily as you and I might breathe.

And, naturally, no one would EVER think of doctoring a photograph to show something that isn't there to be there, or to deny that something that was there isn't there. Certainly not to advance an agenda or engage in propaganda.

You know, one of the alternate definitions of the term "airbrushing" refers to the Soviet practice of removing "unpersons" (persons executed by the State) from official photographs taken with Stalin. The manipulation of images is as old as images, themselves.

You Didn't See What You Say You Saw Because That Did Not Happen
Then this means that I, and hundreds of thousands of other people, all hallucinated. We all had the same exact hallucination. We all had it simultaneously.

This gives rise to accusations of mind control chemicals being sprayed by the jets (or other ones transiting the area prior to the crashes) before they alternately crashed/didn't crash (you know, like Chemtrails), or we all fell victim to government manipulation of television images (but I was an eyewitness; no matter, I've been duped, too! Besides, studies show eyewitnesses are always wrong!), that the infamous Zionist Mind Control Device was in full operation that morning because some other stoner in his mother's basement in Tel Aviv said it was, we're all liars, we're all insane, we're all on the Mossad's payroll.

It was on the internet, you know (which is followed by a link to a non-existent webpage, a kiddie porn video, some guy's YouTube account that is full of skateboarding vids and 9/11 conspiracy pablum from other morons).

Experts Say...
And it's amazing how many of these "experts" turn out not to be experts at anything. How many of them weren't at Ground many of them never examined the wreckage themselves, how many of them hawk holistic medicine and UFO conventions on their webpages, how many of them aren't structural engineers, physicists, scientists, have no ties to construction, aviation, demolition, or even reality.

Most will admit to never ever having stepped foot in New York City.

When you DO get someone who's credentials you can sorta-kinda believe, they hedge their guesswork very carefully and usually turn out to be awful SJW antisemites, too. My faves are the junior military officers who have no, and never did have, access to military intelligence, security clearances, had no post-attack connection with recovery or rescue or warplanning, but by nature of the fact they "filled in the paperwork for ______ that I found questionable" , or "I answered the most-unusual phone call that day" are accepted as genuine experts on everything.

Naturally, none of them ever says "By the way I know it was an inside job because I helped plan and/or execute it...", either.

The Residue of Thermite Was Found in the Wreckage...This Proves Explosives Were Used!

First of all, Thermite is not an explosive. It does not explode. It is an incendiary; this means it bursts into flames and then generates intense heat. It is usually used to fuse metals and set fires.

Second of all, Thermite consists of specific ingredients: an oxide, a nitrate, and a powdered metal, usually aluminum.

You have a tall skyscraper, with a steel exoskeleton. Steel rusts (oxide).

That steel exoskeleton was sheathed in aluminum cladding. Not powdered, incidentally.

Those buildings both attracted pigeons by the thousands, and were famous as nesting grounds for New York's population of Peregrine Falcons, which meant that bird shit -- a nitrate -- was laying around in the tons, no doubt.

What was found was not "trace" evidence of Thermite (which doesn't explode, remember?), per se, but the ingredients to make Thermite, provided the aluminum was somehow pulverized first, to allow the oxidation process to begin with an outside heat source.

This shit has been peddled by people claiming to have degrees in chemistry. They are either really stupid, not very good at what they do, or they are lying their asses off. Or just trying to dupe the easily fooled.

Gravity Does Not Work That Way
This argument gets trotted out to explain how the collapse of 1 WTC was impossible without a controlled demolition. When 1 WTC came down, it did so in "pancake" fashion, with one floor falling onto the one below it.

According to people who believe in Flat Earth and Hollow Earth, this is against the laws of gravity, one of which is (paraphrased) that unsupported objects will fall straight downwards to the center of the Earth. Since Flat/Hollow Earthers usually do not believe in the force of Gravity (because Gravity's very existence makes a mockery of their beliefs), either, this is just too cute by half. They attempt to invoke a scientific principle they normally reject in order to suggest that in this case the scientific principle doesn't work the way it's supposed to.

This is Cognitive Dissonance.

Here we must take a moment to understand how both towers were constructed.

The plan for the WTC envisioned an open floor space on every floor, 1 square acre to each floor. This means no internal, load-bearing walls. So, how did they keep the floors in place? Each slab of steel-reinforced concrete floor was connected to both the internal core of the building and it's external steel skeleton by an arrangement that is, for all intents and purposes, a more-sophisticated version of a hook-and-eyebolt, like one might have on the bedroom door.

This means the floors are mostly attached to the OUTSIDE of the building, and supported there. Pass a large object through one side of the building, say a jetliner, and one of the four support structures holding the floors in place is compromised. Pass a jetliner through TWO walls, at a corner, like what happened at 2 WTC, and half the supports of the floor are compromised.

Now, you have a floor of heavy concrete and steel being supported by three instead of four sets of hooks. There is a fire raging inside. That fire generates tremendous heat. That heat will, eventually, begin to affect the other three supports. As the other supports begin to melt and warp under the heat, the floor starts to sag. Where does it sag? Straight down.

The weight gets to be too much for the melting supports to hold, the floor collapses, gravity (which does work, Flat Earther!) pulls it straight downwards. Gravity does not make the floor move to the left or the right, it travels in a straight line towards an imaginary point in the center of the Earth.

The floor eventually falls. It falls onto the floor beneath it, which is also weakened, and so on and so forth, until when even the floors not damaged by fire are hit, they cannot take the weight of all the previous collapses landing on them.

It is also (conveniently) forgotten that the prior attack on the WTC in 1993 blew a hole through six stories of sub-basement beneath 1 WTC. Although repaired, this represents another a potential structural weakness, and lends more credibility to the "Gravity Did It's Job" theory, since the weight of the falling building above would have eventually landed on the (repaired) sub-basement floors and simply caused the foundation to cave in.

And which way would it cave in?

Why, downwards, naturally! The Law of Gravity says so.

It Was A Controlled Demo
This is also something for the 'Gravity Did It's Job' Theory. What some people reported as explosions were not explosions at all; they may have been the sound generated by one heavy object -- a 1 square acre floor slab, for example -- coming into contact with another large object, like the 1 square acre floor slab below it.

In addition, the two heavy objects coming into contact with one another would do something else: like expel the air between them outwards at a very high rate of pressure/speed in all directions. This would tend to force dust, ash, and debris to scatter everywhere, which when combined with the sounds mentioned last paragraph, would look very much like an explosion. The air would also create a popping noise of it's own as it approached the Mach barrier.

Repeat this process over the course of 70, 80 stories, in sequence, and it would very much resemble a "controlled demo".

Otherwise, you would have to believe that professional demolitions experts would work for weeks, perhaps months, planting thousands of explosive charges, running hundreds of miles of cables, in a building populated 24/7, subject to frequent maintenance, reconstruction, installation of new infrastructure and repairs to same, in front of thousands of witnesses, over hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours.

And no one would ask why they were wiring a perfectly good building for demo..with people still in it?

An Aluminum Tube Cannot Penetrate Steel
Tell that to anyone who ever survived a Kamikaze attack.

Tell that to anyone who ever witnessed or survived the crash of a B-25 bomber into the Empire State Building in 1945. That one, a piston-driven aircraft, not only penetrated the steel of the Empire State Building, but blew through a layer of granite before it even got there.

Velocity and weight count.

At a high rate of speed, say 5 or 600 mph, and 200 tons of airliner will cut through steel like a hot knife through butter.

Propel anything at the right velocity and it will go through steel. Ask anyone who has ever been inside a tank hit by an enemy sabot round (assuming they lived). Ask anyone who cuts steel for a living with a Water Jet.

So this argument is bullshit, too. It ignores the basic physics of velocity and mass.

These people often have kids. They sometimes have important jobs. They fucking VOTE.

I would like to give them all their own, individual Douchebag of the Week Award, but since I'm simply a puppet of my Zionist Joooo Banker paymasters -- and Jews are notoriously cheap --  there aren't enough to go around.

UPDATE: Corrected some punctuation, grammar and spelling.

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