Thursday, August 16, 2018

"Presidential" This...

"When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the losers..." -- Socrates

I'm going to hit a few subjects very quickly (well, quickly for me, anyway) about the cry from the Whining Pansies on the Left about the lack of "Presidential Behavior" on the part of Donald J. Trump. In no particular order:

1. The left's cry for "civility", a consideration they routinely deny to their opponents, is little more than a plaintive wail for mercy. They have lost power, fear they will not get it back, and are frightened to death that all the progress they've made in turning America into a cesspool with burritos and Sharia will be reversed in very short order.

They fear that we, the Big Public, will find out exactly what they have been up to; we will discover exactly what sort of fell deeds they have committed; they fear that the power of the State that they abused routinely -- from siccing the IRS on political opponents, to engineering FISA warrants, to cheating in elections, to selling American assets to foreign powers for personal gain, to repeated failures of government -- will come back to haunt them. That their political opposites -- nay, enemies -- will do to them what they attempted to do to us.

The Mueller Investigation is not about "Russian Collusion" to help Trump get elected; it's about hiding the fact that Hillary's servers were hacked and National Security was imperiled; it's about the DNC hacking in which the leaked documents showed us what the democrat (small 'd' intentional) party really thinks about Average Americans; it's about the failures of Benghazi, Syria, the Iran Nuclear Deal, Obamacare, crooked trade deals, the coziness with media that protects them; they fear sunlight.

(I would say that if Trump had any obligation to Putin he's acted in incredibly bad faith -- trade sanctions on Russia, arming Ukraine, getting NATO to spend more on defense, holding exercises in Estonia and Poland, killing Russians in Syria, pretty much put paid to the idea that Trump is Putin's Boy Toy).

What the Left really means when they say "civility" is simply this:

"You will be nice to me and give me what I want. In return, I will continue to call you a Nazi, racist, homophobe on (P)MSNBC. You will fail to retaliate for fear of being seen as an aggressor."

That was the state of affairs before the election of Trump; the Right in this country believed that you could reason with the left, they could be persuaded, there was always a compromise that could be achieved.

They were wrong.

The American left does not compromise. It is genetically too stupid to be persuaded. It is too selfish and pampered to make concessions. They have been used to having things a certain way for a very long time: they cry, whine, protest, slander, smear, lie, dissemble, attack, ridicule, cast aspersions until they get what they want from a Right that fears being called bigots, and then they find something else to whine about until they get that, too. The cycle continues and the demands get increasingly bizarre, ludicrous and insane. For example: having won on Gay Marriage, this was immediately followed up by Transgender Issues about bathrooms and 800 derivatives of the personal pronoun, and already the pedophiles -- excuse me, Minor-Attracted Persons -- are lining up in anticipation of having their mental diarrhea normalized, too.

Trump has broken that cycle. When they call him a name he calls them one right back. When they attack his character he insists that's rich, considering they have none. When they lie he calls them out. And when it comes to compromise (from their point of view, defined as the Right surrendering to their demands for nothing) -- making a deal -- they have found themselves up against someone who is better at it than they are and who rarely doesn't get what he wants in return.

He has mastered a way of speaking over the heads of the media and the non-entities in government directly to the people, forthrightly and in a way which they can understand, which denies the Left the opportunity to hide their true intentions behind a veil of lies and misdirection and deliberate false reportage.

This they call Trump being "Un-Presidential". As if there is a standard, approved method or mode of behavior and speech that someone is supposed to adopt the second they take the Oath. It's amazing how often people who scream loudly about "Diversity" and "Freedom of Speech" keep inventing circumstances that end up with them calling for conformity -- so long as it is their conformity -- in all things.

Considering these same people cheered a career criminal who called the right "a basket of deplorables" and another dim bulb who referred to us as "bitter clingers to religion and guns"-- calling his own grandmother a racist, in the process -- who exhorted his braindead legions to "bring a gun to a knife fight" and "punish our enemies", because "elections have consequences" and he followed a President who had been cast in the role of a Retarded Monkey by the same people, who followed a President who was (is!) a serial rapist and admitted perjurer, this is a very strange position to take.

It is definitely evidence of a severe mental disorder and I don't take people who wear pussy hats with mental disorders seriously.

Mitt Romney may have been the most gentle, kind, conscientious soul to ever run for President. The left tarred him as a rapacious oligarch who gave people cancer, hated women, and wanted to put black people back in chains (I would have settled for cages).

Sarah Palin and her children were subjected to unconscionable hatred, even at one point with Andrew Sullivan, for example, so obsessed with the origin and birth of her retarded baby that he became practically an armchair gynecologist and devoted several years and millions of column inches to the subject.   Her daughters were publicly slandered as harlots. Daily.

By comparison, if you criticized The Magic Negro -- even legitimately and constructively -- you were destroyed online, people looked into your background, they tried to ruin your career, you found a crowd with tar and feathers on your lawn and of course, you were "a racist".

Civility? I don't think that word means what you think it does.

Presidential? You do know The West Wing was only a TV show, right?

By the standards set by the Left, Trump is not only civil -- he hasn't ordered your executions, for example -- but begins to resemble a combination of Winston Churchill and Pericles of Athens more with each passing day.

Besides, this is Trump. Did you expect anything different?  It's not like he was an unknown entity.

On a final note, Donald Trump wasn't elected to teach anyone etiquette; he was elected to do a job in a certain manner that previous generations of Republicans refused to do. In that way, one could consider Trump a Political Mexican, doing the dirty jobs that American Politicians won't do.

His level of support remains high not only because he's been successful, to date, but because millions of people the left has shit on for generations are enjoying the shit show as Trump does to their tormentors what the Left did to everyone else.

And the Left doesn't like it. They can't stand to be ridiculed, exposed or proven wrong. Which is why they lie to themselves about being serious super humanists and ultra-virtuous all the time. Most, on a good day, might be able to manage enough intellect and ambition to masturbate more than once.

And even then, they want someone else to pay for it.

But what was that phrase again? Right..."Elections have consequences, and I won."

So, Eat it, Leftist Pussyboy.

2. "Alt-Right" versus "Antifa" is a load of bullshit.

To begin with, there is no "Alt-Right".These are Leftists -- preaching the Gospel of National Socialism -- and guided by Wilsonian principles that were once the bedrock of the Progressive movement that brought us the Tuskegee Experiment, Stateville Penitentiary, Planned Parenthood, the Guatemalan Experiments, Eugenics, The American Breeders Association (they bred "super-humans"),  Segregation, maltreatment of the mentally ill, and The Virginia Sterilization Act.

These are Ur Progressives. LEFTISTS.

The idea that "fascism" is a threat from the Right is a relic of World War II. It was necessary to blur the distinctions between Left wing fascists like Hitler and Mussolini (The Enemy) from other leftist fascists like Josef Stalin and Marshal Tito (Allies of circumstance, not choice), while we also took a part in the war between two Right-Wing fascist factions, viz., Chiang Kai-Shek and the Japanese Imperialists.

If Stalin was the cuddly "Uncle Joe" and he was a lefty in conflict with Hitler, then Hitler MUST be a Righty. The fact that both were the same sort of totalitarian monster was never mentioned. Hitler had his Death Camps, Stalin had his Gulags; the Gestapo terrorized a population into strict obedience, but so did the NKVD and later KGB. Hitler slaughtered millions by industrial method, Stalin slaughtered millions more through starvation and brute force.

It didn't cease being "Socialism" just because you put "National" in front of it. It was Socialism tied to cultural and racial prejudice predicated upon notions of superiority and natural fitness to rule and a divine right to take from others and sent off to war. It was Progressivism at it's worst.

Antifa, on the other hand, is certainly NOT anti-fascist, considering it's rationale and methods are fascist to their core.

Let's begin with a question: What is fascism?

Fascism is not an ideology; it does not bring with it a clear political program which offers a set of presumed solutions through political process or means. Fascists have come from all over the political spectrum --  conservatives, communists, socialists, social democrats, and everything in between. There have been left-wing facists (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Peron, Moseley, Quisling) and there have been Right-wing fascists (Franco, Chiang Kai-Shek, Japanese imperialists, the South African Apartheid crowd).

Modern scholarship always places fascism on the right side of the political spectrum but this is because most modern scholars are dumber than dogshit, blinded by their own leftist/fascist biases, and still have to cover FDR's ass vis-a-vis the "Stalin is the good guy" routine that most American academics and journalists already believed, anyway.

Fascism is neither left nor right. It is a technique.

Fascism despises liberal democracy. In fact, it blames liberal democracy for all of the problems in society. It has no patience for the give-and-take of democratic process, because democracy often achieves the "wrong" results, i.e. results that do not suit the fascist. The fascist eschews the persuasion, the deal-making, the ideological reasoning of democratic institutions, often even elections and parliaments, and replaces them with the impetus of a mass will.

Willpower will achieve what elections cannot. The individual's will is not all that potent; joined to the will of millions more, it becomes a deadly weapon.

Fascism is a mob of grievously dissatisfied people (it is amazing how many fascists were utter failures in all other aspects of their lives) who are willing to impose their will through terror and violence upon a society to see that things get done "their way". These are people who feel powerless within a political system that appears to not take their concerns seriously. When you can't get your way through elections, or law, you can always gin up a mob of like-minded people and overthrow a government, and who gives a fuck what system or ideology replaces it? Finally, someone is taking your concerns -- which are often petty, selfish, and detached from intelligence -- seriously and you have WON.

Always, there is a foundation of acute, perceived, injustice. An extreme dissatisfaction with one's lot in life. Too much energy without a positive outlet. You find the worst sorts of people here; the violent, the lonely, the losers, the poor, everyone who has a grievance to nurse and who believes they are cosmically owed something by the whole fucking planet. These people are bottomless pits of SUCK.

Mussolini and thousands of disaffected Italian soldiers who had sacrificed on the worst battlefields of Europe in World War I came home to a bankrupt nation, with no food, no jobs, no future, led by liberal democrats who failed to get Italy any of the spoils of war at the negotiating table. They left half a million comrades on the battlefield and sacrificed for nothing. Instant fascists.

Hitler and the men of his generation somehow lost a war they believed they were winning on behalf of a superior state and culture. They returned to a country -- untouched by war -- that was starving, bankrupt, dismembered by the victorious Allies, forced to pay reparations for a war they didn't start. They had fought the Russians to defeat by Revolution; they had ended the war in possession of Belgium and a nice slice of France; they had fought the Royal navy to a rough draw and nearly starved Britain into submission by submarine. The government -- forced upon them by the same victors -- was incapable of seeing to their need; Communists were everywhere inciting violence and threatening revolution; armed bands of men -- former soldiers --roamed Germany fighting each other, the Commies, and the government. It was chaos. They left three million comrades on the battlefield for nothing. Along came a douchebag promising order, pride and restored life and riches. Instant fascists.

How? By sheer willpower. There's a reason why the Nazi Magnum Opus was entitled "Triumph of the Will".

What does Antifa stand for? It claims to stand for Marxist-Leninist principles, i,e. Socialism and Communism, too, but herein lies the distinction:

While the so-called Alt-Right stands for Socialism, it wants to limit that Socialism to people it approves of, that is to say, only the people it deems WORTHY to inherit the spoils of a Socialist system. That means people who look like them or whom they recognize as being party of their own unit, tribe, sect, whatever, since it considers all others inferior and only living by their sufferance, or because Natural Selection is just really, fucking slow.

Antifa, on the other hand, seeks a more universal, International, flavor of Socialism. One that includes the unworthy and inferior, as well (which would describe about 95% of Antifa).

Much like Hitler and Stalin, these are mirror images; they merely quibble about the details. Both are ready and willing to resort to violence when democracy lets them down; both have a list of enemies based on race, class, profession, political outlook who they intend to dispossess and punish when they achieve power. Both seek to impose their will upon others through violence since the means of persuasion and/or political maneuver either elude them, or they believe they are being denied them (like when a complete coughing, criminal fucktard with obvious symptoms of Parkinsons in a crusty pantsuit -- who is OWED, because vagina -- doesn't get elected, or their aging would-be Trostky in a Truss turns out to be easily bribed with a lakeside dacha and a convertible).

In either case, the result is the same: a system in which a self-selected elite has managed to attain power solely for the benefit of themselves. It's about who gets to share the spoils. It's always about the spoils. It's why leftist movements continually turn on one another; no one wants to share. A professed desire to share is merely a pretext to get others to help you arrive at a position where you don't have to share.

Now, some wiseass will comment, "But, My Lord, those Nazis carry Pro-Trump signs! Some of them even voted for Trump! You must be mistaken!".

And my answer to that query, my Clueless Minion -- get back to licking my boots, fool! -- will be thus:

a) Of course some of them did (the ones who may have some residual shred of belief in democratic politics or agents provocateur), because what did the democrats (small 'd' intentional) offer them? When your political/social beliefs revolve around the inferiority of other races, ultra-nationalism, and threat of  demographic tidal wave that will destroy your culture, why would you vote for the party that wants open borders -- even the elimination of borders -- unfettered immigration, miscegenation, Affirmative Action, and welfare for everyone who doesn't look like you, which professes to hate you, and has even called for your extermination?

b) The Old "Look, The Nazis voted for the Republican! The Republicans are the Party of the Nazis!" trick is an old one. Again, these people are LEFTISTS and their stock-in-trade is disruption. There are ample examples in the past of leftists, particularly the democrat (small 'd' intentional) party, actively working to get Nazis on ballots; to show up at GOP meetings and rallies; to make public statements of support for Right-wing candidates, for the purposes of engaging in "guilt-by-association".

How many times has a republican had to turn down an unsolicited endorsement from David Duke? How many times have you heard a reporter shout at a politician to publicly denounce someone he doesn't associate with, nor would ever want to? How many times do you remember a republican having to state (and re-state) the obvious -- we don't hate, we don't want people marched to ovens, we don't want to put people in chains -- just because some whacko made a donation to a campaign, showed up at a speech and made a nuisance of himself, or wrote a letter to the editor falsely equating a policy or position in Nazi terms?

Did you think the Nazi Fairy delivered them?

Did you believe they just materialized out of thin air?

Did you think they spontaneously generated from bread mold?

No. They are deliberately recruited, funded, encouraged. By the left. It not only serves the left's purposes to artificially associate these doofuses with the GOP, it also reassures their own side that "we're the good guys."

I wouldn't eve doubt that this last "Nazi Rally" in Washington this past weekend was a deliberate set- up for the television cameras. Twenty five or so Nazis surrounded by thousands of Antifa. Oh, the mischief one could cause with such an image. Pure propaganda to encourage the Antifa assholes.

There is no Alt-Right, and in one of those delicious ironies that can only be spawned in the unholy hell of leftist politics, if one took Bernie Sanders at his word, he'd be closer to the Nazi position than the Antifa one.

There is no Alt-Right. There are only Socialist and Communist pigs in different shades of lipstick.

Note to Readers; In reference to the essay prior to this one, I am thinking of beginning a regular podcast, with call-ins and guests (if I can swing them). It will be primarily oriented to discussing and exposing the stupidity and hypocrisy in American Life.

I've been trying to gauge interest through various sources Please leave a comment or drop an e-mail. Thank you!

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