Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Majority of One (A Mental Health Fortnight...)

Note to Readers: The thickness of the new breed of bullshit was such as to make it necessary for your Overlord to step away from the keyboard these last two weeks just to avoid committing an act of mass murder.

By the way, if you were expecting me to finish my takedown of Libertarians, I finished two more parts but lost all enthusiasm for the project for all the unmitigated moonshine surrounding it. I'll summarize for you in five sentences:

A libertarian is a lefty who understands that Socialism does not work without Capitalism. His overriding goal in life is to avoid communal responsibility as if it were the clapped-out barfly at closing time, but he'd do her, anyway, carried as he is by his whim, his boner, and the drugs he's taking. His ideology is based upon taking convenient bits and pieces from whatever source he can use to justify his bullshit and then insists that the glaring inconsistencies are not mutually-exclusive contradictions so much as they are your lack of intelligence. He waves his nonsense Non-Aggression Principle in your face as a form of aggression; he's letting you know that if you disagree with him and take steps to counter him, he will consider you, morally, the aggressor, freeing him up to fight fire with fire. He's an insufferably smug, passive-aggressive asshole who just doesn't want to pay taxes and would like to spend his time getting high....preferably for free.

There's a reason why I wanted to avoid politics on this blog.

Mostly because the great majority of the Great Unwashed don't know much about the subject. Instructing them in the fine art of political maneuvering was always akin to casting pearls before swine and the situation has gotten much worse since November of 2016.

Neither do they understand basic economics and the two subjects are often intertwined. My own understanding of the subject is, admittedly, limited. Two decades in the Belly of the Beast, however, that is to say, Wall Street, probably gives me a greater understanding of the subject than your typical 20-something -- marinated in a deliberate program of Enstupidation since pre-school -- is likely to have. And yet I'm told they are "the real power" in America.

By themselves, naturally.

Actually, Snowflake, the real power in America is your grandparents  and great grandparents, 80-million strong -- now retiring and armed with the ability to to vote themselves as much as your money (because they've already taken and/or wasted mine) as they please. Spare me the panegyrics to fake-ass suburban rich girls playing at inner-city Socialist Revolutionary; you haven't got a chance of having "free" anything. Your grandparents and great-grandparents will see to it.

After all, they've already given you everything Mommy and Daddy didn't, so shut the fuck up and consider it all an act of reciprocation.

It is now impossible to avoid.

Open Censorship is now practiced in the name of personal freedom.

Pedophilia is now attempting to make itself a respectable business while we thunder about the "injustice" done to children.

Feelings have become more important than reason, since everyone has an over-abundance of the former and none of the latter.

Poverty has become a profession rather than a circumstance of people who know no true material lack.

"Education" no longer resembles the outdated notion of passing along information from generation to generation.

We worship non-entities as the New Olympians. We create New Messiahs every five minutes, not surprising since the original one has failed completely to retain a hold on any but the most ridiculously deranged.

We listen to people who should be politely told to run along and play, or kicked in the ass. Repeatedly.

The last vestiges of generations still parroting the pablum of their previous generations (who actually LIVED it) about hard work, dedication, honesty, and integrity are right now lining up to rob us all blind, bearing a sense of entitlement so broad and so deep as to boggle the mind.

The successful culture which produced the most-successful society is now under vicious assault by the unsuccessful cultures who have reaped enormous benefits from the most-successful culture but have contributed little of value to it.

And it doesn't even matter what side of the spectrum you're on; left and right are now infected by a body of dumbasses spouting conspiracy theory. One person's "Russian Collusion" is another's "Deep State Coup". The Left's sudden fear of Moscow after decades of being Lenin's Useful Idiots and Stalin's Scrotum Lickers has quickly blossomed into a New Red Scare. The Right now promulgates the theory that anything done, said, or excreted by Donald Trump is some version of 3-D chess, a mind game so far above everyone's mortal understanding that he might as well run for God's job next.

Both sides ignore objective evidence: the left because it makes them feel bad and exposes their venality, the right because it's merely aping the left's behavior of the Clinton Age and feels entitled to do so. Each is eager to "stick it" to the other as hard and as often as possible. One side is a coalition of old-time bullshit artists who claimed to have spoken "truth to power" (until they became power), barely clinging to it, frightened of the repercussions of losing it, ginning up a vast mob of barely-literate slobs and the dregs of society to take all the physical risks for them.

They're not very bright.

The Right's coalition consists of the same reprobate elements it always had -- gap-toothed hillbillies, rural inbreds, religious fanatics, disaffected former liberals -- who have finally figured out that the "conservative values" they always championed didn't help them win and who have discovered that winning is better than an evening of illicit oxy and your sister's vagina. These are people who you might think twice about following through your own front door. In fact, you should think three times about it.

They're not very bright.

The level of stupidity has reached Force Five. I reckon this is not a new phenomenon -- that is to say that this level of stupid has always existed -- it's just that modern communications make it easier to transmit it hither and yon and have encouraged the truly challenged to speak up, whereas before their total lack of intelligence (and awareness of same) would have cowed them into silence. Having been made aware by social media that there are other people just as brainless as they are, they've come out of the woodwork. Facebook has become a continuous group therapy and empowerment session for them.

Sanity is lacking.

Having once been insane I know a dearth of sanity when I see it.

This isn't the same thing as the left's sudden interest in "civility" (by which they mean "you shut the fuck up, or better yet, die"), it is not the same as the right's call for "draining the swamp" (making room for our trolls at the trough).

Everyone's a fucktard. Everyone is full of baloney. Everyone has lost their fucking shit.

I took some time to get away from it to regroup and engage the braincase. What I intend to do about this outbreak of virulent half-wit will be coming soon. It can no longer involve sitting behind a keyboard and pontificating: I've realized that much.

Personal action is at have been warned.


Death's Approach said...

I support your beliefs that the world is effed. However, I do not support murder, as it will damn the human soul and it makes it so that you may never get into the happy place in the afterlife, whatever that happy place may be. I was always taught that there are other options besides murder. I encourage you to explore these options, as I heavily discourage anyone from doing something that they will most likely regret for eternity. I will not lie that there have been times that I have been tempted for that one forsaken option to deal with problems, but I have always found other options and there have been about 15 to 20 (maybe less) other possible options for dealing with my problems and these have worked. Therefore, I again encourage you to explore your options, whatever they may be. I know you will probably attempt to expose some form of stupidity inside of me just like you do everyone else, but I really don't want to be hearing about some really ignorant criminal on Fox News and then seeing your blog getting shut down. I have been following your blog for a while. I want to see it continue and grow. That is all. Bye.

Matthew Noto said...

It's called "hyperbole"; it's a time-tested literary device; people used to get it without being led by the nose to it.

I understand the PC Brownshirts are easily triggered. I don't worry about them or their bunched panties.

Matthew Noto said...

And thank you for your kind words!

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Many of us have our macabre fantasies and wry sense of humor
...especially about issues we know, for the most part, we will never be able to get a handle on---except for, maybe, a morsel or two in our own private lives.