Thursday, August 23, 2018

Great Moments in Dumbfuck: And A Little Child Shall Lead Them Edition...

"When the Overlord finally conquers the Galaxy, it shall be at the head of an army of five-year-olds; for five-year-olds are smarter than democrats and have more imagination than republicans..." -- The Overlord

They also understand the importance of nap time...

I was in Home Depot last night buying some stuff for a major renovation to take place here at The Death Star (it seems we're never going to get this thing built!), when I was approached by a child.

This happens quite often. Strange children wander up to the Overlord all the time for they sense his great love for them, and while his imposing form, slightly-Nazi-like helmet, flowing black cloak  and ability to choke the life out of those who displease him with his mind strike fear into the hearts of adults, the children congregate at his feet, drawn as if bees to honey.

"Hey Man...", the Little Girl says, "Hey, Mr. Man...Man...I wanna tell you somthin'."

"Yes, my child, what is it you wish?"

"I'm four...Bye Bye!"

"And goodbye to you, Little One."

This happens all the time. In stores. As I'm walking down the street. At family gatherings. Children want to talk to me, play with me, tell me jokes, ask me questions. I am happy to indulge them. I would rather spend the day with a bunch of giggling little kids than most adults I know. It's one of the few times in my life when I can actually muster patience.

A few years back, walking through the local housing project to get to the supermarket, a little girl of about 5 actually wandered up to me and asked me to give her a piggyback ride.

My first reaction was "Kid, where is you mother?"

Under other circumstances, I might have obliged.

But, in any case, I was thinking about last night's exchange with the four year old and suddenly realized that this exchange just might have been the most ADULT conversation I've had in months.

Mostly because all anyone wants to talk about is politics, or their feelings, what they're putting in, on, or having taken out of their bodies, their maladies, problems (newsflash: Everyone has problems, and no one gives a fuck about your's), and so forth. The thing that strikes me about all of these sorts of discussions is just how petty the average adult is.

It's also striking how little the average adult knows. About anything.

Here are some of the headlines from the local papers and websites today, presumably concerning things that adults care about:

PETA managed to get Nabisco to "free" the Animal Crackers.

We are now to refer to a vagina as a "front hole".  So that some whackadoodle isn't made uncomfortable living his lie.

Trump is apparently headed to jail as his confederates are convicted or plead on charges that do not include the words "Russians" or "Collusion", which was the point of the whole thing, I thought.

Socialist douchebag laments the closure of her old workplace due to Socialist Douchebagism. And she does not notice the connection.

San Francisco would rather pay five guys a combined $1 million dollars to shovel shit than to arrest people who shit in the street.

A nutty professor for a third-rate university resigns from his race because he can't get a burger in his neighborhood restaurant for all the people who look like him on line.

A bunch of perverted mental cases want to have sex with trees. Probably because no people want to have sex with them.

Elizabeth Warren ignores a murder victim to make a really dumb an self-serving point about immigration. Liawatha, the fake Indian, is now morphing into Michael Dukakis for 2020.

The Stupid is now on Steroids.

These are not rational people. And yet they are taken seriously. Their demands are often met or accepted almost without complaint, very often without debate, some of them get to run for public office..

So, I ask you:

Do these seem like adults, to you?

If given the choice of associating with the likes mentioned above, wouldn't you prefer the company of kindergartners?

This is a major problem with American Society. In years past, we would have ignored, ridiculed, shouted-down, laughed at people this demonstrably stupid and insane.

Now corporations bow to their demands.

Now government caters to their disorders.

Now Academia "mainstreams" their mental diarrhea.

Now Media gives them a megaphone.

this is a sorry state of affairs. It appears as if it will only get worse, for the Millennials are now coming of age and when they are not at the forefront of such nonsense, rest assured their gentle upbringing of being "non-judgmental" (emphasis on MENTAL), where all points-of-view are equally valid, their Nazi-like fervor for "Diversity" even when "Diversity" means "not you", and the mindset incubated in a childhood where no one kept score, everyone got a trophy, an even the retarded kid was protected by your being forced to pretend that he isn't retarded.

I can only imagine the headlines a year from now.

Find yourself a five-year-old, pass on the lessons and benefits of sanity. Before it's too late.

Five minutes of your time now might save the planet from raging fucktard later.

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