Monday, December 18, 2017

You All Suck (Example #16 - The Four Dictum of Peak Fucktard)

Propensity for hashtag activism and virtue signalling without any physical follow-up is a clear sign that you might be missing vital chromosomes...Or a feminist...

Goddamn the Man who invented the hashtag!

I assume it was a Man who invented it because...well, Men have invented just about everything else, so why not this, too?

Women, on the other hand, don't typically invent much of anything except complaints.

When it comes to Women complaining, there seems to be a rule that once one fed up bitch gets to unloading her feelings (like anyone gives a shit?) the rest feel compelled to chime in, until you get an avalanche of shallow, whining, useless noise that causes Men to do one of the following:

1. Tune it out, because really, who fucking cares?

2. Reach for a weapon and commit domestic violence just to shut it up.

3. Decide that associating with women beyond the necessities -- getting fed, getting laid, getting your laundry done -- is not worth the hassle, ulcers, frayed nerves and shattered eardrums.

And if I might add a 3a related to this essay, when the nonsense generated by a vagina comes with a fucking hashtag attached to it, it's about time to cut the female of the species completely out of your life, for at that moment you have achieved Peak Fucktard, and there is no coming back from it.

"Peak Fucktard" is a highly-technical term (I've just invented it, after years of painstaking research and observation) and requires some explanation.

It is the exact moment in time when a society or culture finally traps itself within the diabolical machinations of it's own internal contradictions. Like an animal caught in a steel-spring trap, the contradictions leave no ready means of escape and there is naught left to do but to gnaw at ourselves in the vain hope that chewing through our own metaphorical limbs is the best option left to obtain freedom.

Of course, when an animal gnaws through it's own leg to escape the trap, it does free itself, but it is now crippled, assuming it survives the ordeal, to become easy pickings for any other predator or scavenger that might happen by, if infection or loss of blood doesn't do it in first. The freedom, then, is illusory; the trap has done it's work too well, and it cannot be undone. There is only pain and death left.

In the realm of humanity, the traps are easy to enumerate. Here are what I like to Call The Four Dictum of Peak Fucktard:

1. The Contradictions brought about by Human Stupidity can no longer be ignored.

2. The Contradictions brought about by Political Stupidity can no longer be ignored.

3. The Contradictions that result from mere Hypocrisy can no longer go unanswered.

4. The Contradictions that result from Human Nature trigger a drastic opposite reaction from same.

Run through the Annals of History, and you will find that every Epoch, every Era, every Age, abounds with examples of Peak Fucktard, where everything that was once vibrant and dynamic came to a screeching halt, only to very quickly circle the bowl in short order.

The Romans achieved Peak Fucktard when Romans no longer thought it necessary to work for nor defend themselves, inviting the Barbarians inside the gates to do their dirty work for them. The Athenians, likewise, foundered upon the rocks of Peak Fucktard when they began to believe their own bullshit about democracy being stronger than despotism, and so decided they didn't need an army. Christianity achieved Peak Fucktard when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses calling out the Pope and beginning a series of wars that lasted for 500 years. The British Empire, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Imperial Japan, The Aztecs, The Incas, The Zulus, The Ottomans, The Ming Dynasty, the Egyptians, why, the list is endless, all reached the same apex of Peak Fucktard based upon my four points, and all disappeared from the Earth.

It is now America's turn.

And just as the final collapse came as something of a surprise to all of those I've listed above, and manifested in an unexpected manner, so too the demise of America. No external foe will have brought us down; we will not have succumbed to strategic overreach; we will not have exhausted our economic wherewithal. No, we will have fallen to the most insidious and cantankerous (if not cancerous) force in all of the universe:

The Twat.

The hashtag of the month is #MeToo, a flabby, no-cost, exceedingly soft showing of solidarity among the Sisterhood, in which they all claim to have been the victim of an unwanted sexual advance, or maybe even an assault. Or maybe some Man was rude to me, or looked at me when I didn't want him to, or didn't look at me when I wanted him to, or asked that bitch Sheila to the Prom instead of me, ruining my life and turning me into a bitter, vengeful lesbian...

The Overlord does not excuse criminal activity, nor does he give anyone a pass for being boorish and having poor manners, and those who have been truly victimized deserve some kind of justice, if they're able to to get it, because if there's one thing we all still believe in --while the rest of our former beliefs are withering away like a rotting tomato in the desert heat -- is that Justice Shall be Done.

Human Nature being what it is, people like to believe that there's some sort of Cosmic Balance wherein evil is punished and good rewarded. It's an incredibly difficult belief to eradicate, despite the evidence to the contrary, and it's one of those beliefs that should have perished a very long time ago with some of the others which experience has proven to be childish. Like that one about "All Men Are Created Equal".

We want the guilty punished. When there's guilty to be punished, of course.

There couldn't POSSIBLY be this many guilty Men, Ladies.

It would appear as if rape, sexual assault, uncouth behavior, and manhandling are endemic, have been for years, and occurs everywhere. Presidents are accused (sometimes correctly; ask Monica); Congresscritters are charged; CEO's, Journalists, Celebrities, Movie Moguls, the Parish Priest, The Police, Academia, and just about every other profession or industry, is apparently full to the brim with fur-breasted, heavy-breathing, lechers who do nothing all day long but drop trou, stick their privates in some chick's face, use sex as a tool of oppression, make lewd or suggestive remarks, ogle, drool, and peer lasciviously at anything with a set of breasts and a heartbeat.

Why, we're so busy showing our dicks to people who don't want to see them, raping our way alphabetically through the White Pages, putting hands on every erogenous zone without permission, exchanging sex for jobs, goosing anything within reach, that's it's amazing we Men ever get anything done.

Why, I'm surprised half this planet isn't covered in semen, for all the cock flashing and alleged unsolicited penetration that's been taking place.

And it's been taking place over a period of decades, to judge from some of the more-recent allegations, in which something that happened in a junior high in the 1950's, or in the office of 1970, or in a hotel suite in 1985 is still considered as heinous a crime -- in perpetuity -- as if you Caveman mounted someone who wasn't expecting it on a subway train in full view of hundreds of witnesses would be this very day.

The accusation never has an expiration date, and the accusation is perpetually evergreen, even when the perp and the presumed victim ain't.

Which brings us to the Hashtag bullshit.

Like most inventions of Men, the Hashtag is a useful, harmless, or even a beneficial thing, until it finds it's way into the hands of someone too stupid to use it responsibly.

#MeToo shares the same enervated and banal qualities all other Fem-based Hashtags of recent years have, whether we're speaking of #FreeOurGirls, #WomansMarch, #ImWithHer,#LoveTrumpsHate and all the rest of them: they express an emotion that is detached from ACTION. It is a means of virtual signalling to others that you hold the "right" opinions, but don't have any guts to actually do something about the problem you're attempting to spotlight. It contains within it the blinding contradiction of people concerned just enough to jump on a bandwagon, but incapable of pulling or pushing it anywhere.

As a consequence, you've really done nothing more than highlight the fact that you're a lazy-ass dunce who is easily pressured into following a crowd.

So, let's put my Four Dictum to work in the analysis of #MeToo, and see if they make any sense:

1. Human Stupidity: Feminism created a circumstance in which Sex is consequence-free for the Modern Man. Between it's continuous drum-beating for abortion on demand, it's continuous calls for free access to birth control, it's insistence that the sexual act is a liberating process that women can, and should, use to their advantage, and that all problems that arise from unsatisfying sex or sex in which nothing is gained in return for the bestowal of vaginal favor is automatically the fault of Men, it has set up a circumstance in which a Woman can never be a victim (because women are "Strong", "Empowered", "Capable", "Equal" ) when she is the initiator, and men are apparently too stupid to know or behave better, and logically, to form intent. It has told Women to flaunt their sexuality and use it as a means of manipulation, and to be profligate with sex as a symbol of freedom...until it isn't.

A movement which, depending on what day of the week it is, stands for the legalization of prostitution, considers it bad form to refer to a woman who is generous with her va-jay-jay as "a slut", which holds marches in which the local tarts revel in the label of "slut", and which spends every waking hour of every waking day obsessing over what goes into or comes out of the Furry Slit to the point of devoting entire magazines to "What He REALLY Wants in Bed", can't really complain at all when it's viewed as an unserious collection of easy conquests continually on the prowl with Sex on the brain all damned day long.

Unfortunately for Women, Men happen to be Linear Thinkers (which is why we invent shit, and you do not) and what they see and observe, and act upon, is Women handing out sex on metaphorical street corners to get jobs, to get money, to gain power, or just because they can, and the Double Standard be damned.

2. Political Stupidity - Feminism allied itself with the wrong crew all too often. It made common cause with Communism (in fact, Feminism is a form of Communism); it rejected institutions which served to protect women if that protection came at what the Feminist regarded as too high a cost (like not being able to abort an inconvenient pregnancy); it has supported politicians who have cynically thrown their weight behind Women's Issues for the votes, campaign funds, and notoriety it brings them but who are, on the whole, the very type of sexist doofus the Feminist claims to hate. The politician is able to get a pass for his sexual dalliances and peccadilloes because the Feminist cause cannot survive without his support and votes, and ability to direct funds it's way, which makes a mockery of the very basic tenets of Feminism: it only exists, and only works insofar as it does, because it is protected, funded, advanced, by Men.

If Feminism now finds itself a victim of the Patriarchy, just thisclose from being potentially deflowered against their wills, they have only themselves the blame. The Ted Kennedys, the Bill Clintons, the Anthony Weiners, the Al Frankens, the Harvey Weinsteins of this world all got passes, even though "everybody knew" what degenerates they were and the abominable ways in which they treated women, and not a single feminist worth her water weight appears to have given a single fuck about it. They were all champions of a Woman's Right to Choose...unless, of course, that choice was to keep their knees in the same fucking zip code for five minutes.

The point is that anything the Feminist would normally call a "sin" is quite hunky dory when the Feminist stands to gain from it. The second the potential for profit disappears, last week's "Progressive Politician" becomes this week's poster child for unfettered rape. This is a political consideration, plain and simple, and now that the liberals are losing power, what was once regarded with a nod and a wink and ignored by feminists is now a ghastly crime on par with the Holocaust.

It is no longer possible to consider anyone who describes themselves as A Feminist as a thinking, rational, decent human being, only interested in human equality. If you hadn't realized it before, realize it now: Feminism is a movement whereby Women will be granted every privilege and relieved of all responsibility, while men are saddled with every responsibility and denied every privilege.

Just like in the Soviet Union, and much like that fabled land of yore, the Nomenklatura have hit a little snag in their quest for absolute power, and it's time for a purge. In this case, purging all the slobs who helped them and got a free pass for doing it. The Free Pass has been revoked. The Soviets used treason as their main weapon of choice against their enemies; the Feminist has sexual harassment.

That's all this was ever about, and if a few chicks had to get raped, and a few more had to put out for the corner office, and a few more shredded their uteri from repeated abortions resulting from unwanted pregnancies, well, that was just the price the leaders of Feminism were prepared to make all the other bitches pay for their own power and prestige....which is now rapidly disappearing.

3. Mere Hypocrisy - as mentioned before, if Feminism didn't have double standards,it would have none at all. Let's list some of them:

Being a Woman is a wonderful thing; it's also the primary condition of your oppression.

Possession of a vagina grants you the power of life; it also conspires to make life a living hell.

A Woman who gives away sex is "empowered" and "liberated"; but a Man who accepts her charms is supposed to be a willing slave to her will.

A Woman is "strong" and "powerful" and at the same time always at the mercy of some Dude.

Women are "Self-sufficient" and "Self-reliant" and yet they need government to protect them from everything.

Women are every bit as capable as Men, but require Affirmative Action and lowered standards in order to compete on a "level playing field".
The double standards abound. It's hardly worth listing any more.

4. Human Nature - perhaps the second most-destructive force in the universe, in this particular instance it refers to the Human propensity to make things physically, emotionally, mentally, ethically, morally, convenient.

Today's "Just because I'm wearing a mini-skirt and a tight sweater, that doesn't give you the right to look at me like a piece of meat" becomes tomorrow's "why aren't you looking at me like a piece of meat? I wanted attention and dressed for it."

We all like to have our cake and eat it, too, as the saying goes, but the Feminist takes this several steps beyond prudence, and patience, and insists she's entitled to as much of the cake as she wants, she's entitled to your cake, too, and that the cake only exists when she says it does. She does this in order to obtain some sort of mystical advantage over you in the coming negotiation, fight, or unhinged, menstrual cryfest.

If she wins(meaning you let her win) , it's a sign of her superiority; if she loses, it's "not fair". For all intents and purposes, a feminist is a fucking four year old -- stubborn, not very bright, with exceedingly narrow focus, that is, focus only for whatever it is she wants this very second.

As mentioned previously, Feminism disregarded the easily-foreseeable consequences of it's own stupid and it's own ideological moron until the feminist called into being a world in which sex became a mere commodity to be traded, and a world in which the Woman is judged to be always horny and available,or at least willing to toss one for some short-term gain, that causes some Men to view them as simply walking life support systems for a vagina.

The feminist is proud of this when it is convenient for her to be proud of it, and hates it with every fiber of her being when the consequences of it explode in her face. With the recent losses of power suffered by liberals across a broad spectrum of American government over the last few years, beginning with Barack Obama's neutering by his own party (thank you Harry Reid), and culminating with the dead-stick impact with the runway that was the second failure of Hillary Clinton to put a Pussy in the White House, because Snatch, the feminist has reached one of those "ut-oh, we fucked up" moments, and Human Nature says someone must be blamed.

It HAS to be Men's fault, because everything is Men's fault, according to Feminism. It's the only argument Feminism has (for all of it's other bullshit are mere excuses), and so it is in it's Nature to continue to make it with each iteration becoming slightly louder, more menstrual, and less-connected to reality. If Liberals are losing, if Feminism hasn't put a woman in the White House, it must be because everyone's being raped.

Hence, #MeToo, even if I have to define rape and sexual assault down to such a ridiculous level that rational people might question my sanity, or allegedly, take money from a political PAC in order to resurrect some ancient bullshit from 27 years ago or make a false accusation.

And here's one more aspect to Human Nature: because Men understand that Feminism has lied so often, so readily, so predictably, and tried this tactic so many times, we're not likely to believe anyone who comes forward that doesn't have 10 eyewitnesses, video, a signed confession, and the brute's DNA, even then we're not sure you're on the level. After so many MattressGirls, and Duke Lacrosse cases, and University of Virginias, to make accusations and then admit you've tampered with the evidence, you no longer get the benefit of the doubt, and we Men are not as likely to actually give a fuck, anymore.

All of this spells trouble for the Modern Woman and especially the Feminist: Men, as we agreed above, are Linear Thinkers. One consequence of all this Sexual Assault Hysteria Driven by Politics and Stupid is that it presents men with a certain set of problems they'd rather not deal with. And so, being simple souls, they will do what Evolution has programmed them to do, and solve the problem in the most-efficient manner, and fuck some broad's feelz.

I guess some women won't be getting hired. Some won't be admitted to certain clubs or social circles. Men will avoid being alone with women in the work environment, leading to a myriad of problems that will be solved with "get rid of the chick".

If the Patriarchy is still running this world, Ladies, then perhaps in your zeal to make mountains out of molehills, buy and craft horrendous stories of fake rape, make accusations that later turn out to be false and from which you largely skate away scott-free, to lie, bribe, to appear to make true that which is patently false in an effort to keep alive a dumbass ideological proposition that is constantly threatening to collapse under the weight of it's own contradictions and stupid, then you will have -- finally -- nothing left to complain about when it uses that power to exclude you. From everything that matters.

Apply the Four Dictum to any problem in American Life -- race, sexual mores, immigration, politics, economics, class -- and you'll see I'm right. At the moment, all of the subjects I've just mentioned have simultaneously reached Peak Fucktard, and there's an awful lot of leg-gnawing going on.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Isn't "Me Too" essentially just another cult movement?
Most of its "members" seem to be otherwise doing quite well financially, socially, and materialistically.
Maybe they would do well to engage themselves in some sort of creative project, you know, to take their minds off of their "turbulent past".
You know----MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIFE instead of wallowing in the past.

Matthew Noto said...

Feminism was always a movement of, about, and for, the upper-middle-class white broad; only the upper-middle-class white broad ever had the financial security and social status (both usually provided by a husband) to engage in politics.

Much like the Bolsheviks, this core of Upper-Middle-Class bourgeoisie could never attain power without making use of the lower-class masses, and could never justify power for itself without pretending to be acting on behalf of the same lower classes.

As for the greater mass of females, they DO seem to have entirely too much free time on their hands, probably a result of modern conveniences (all invented by men, I might add).