Thursday, December 7, 2017

Galactic Housekeeping #4

Okay, where do we start?

On improving the comment process:

1. I refuse, on principle, to pay for anything that I used to get for free, particularly if it involves getting between Google and Facebook in their internet pissing matches, or using one of their third-party vendors with tech support that can't be contacted. Therefore, the comments situation will remain as it is, and the linkage to Facebook (which also used to be free, but now isn't, and requires yet another third-party) will remain missing.

Frankly, I'd prefer if people used Facebook, as it is a much-better -- and immediate -- means of conversation.

2. If you haven't followed me on Facebook, yet, then get off your ass and please do so. There is a public "My Planet, My Rules" page and has been since Day One.

3. It's time to start publicizing and churning some cash out of this sucker, which was my intention from the beginning. This requires that My Minions share articles they like, make with the likes on Facebook, and start hitting me up on Google+. Much appreciated, if you do.

I have done minimal publicity/promotion to this point, and will start doing more. Even with the lack of drum-beating, 1,000 unique visitors a week is not bad for a blog that no one knows about. I intend to increase that number by a factor of 50 by this time next year.

This entails taking advantage of some contacts among the bigger names in the blogging world, and a series of cross-links to other sites that I'm finding and enjoying, but it will happen.

4. On the subject of monetizing this thing: this will not mean Google Adware or Amazon Prime shit, or anything else. I will not inflict advertising and pop-ups on anyone. Instead, I've been exploring some ways to use cryptocurrency mining to generate revenue. I'm not totally, 100% sure on how it all works -- yet -- and I'm also mindful of the possibility that such things can be used to cause mayhem on other people's 'puters.

It will not be done unless I can be certain that I'm not causing anyone else harm.

Your Overlord likes money, but is mindful of the way in which he makes it.

5. New level of stupid encountered last night at the Wendy's Drive Thru window:

Your Overlord orders food that costs $12.85.

He drives up to the window and gives the pretty young thang there a $20, and has 85-cents in his hand.

Pretty young thang takes the 20, but is distracted by her co-workers attempting to yell gossip at her from across the kitchen.

"Sweetheart...I have the change!"

No response.

"Hey, Darlin' I have the 85-cents...".


"*Whistle* Hey, Gorgeous, I have the 85-cents!"

I now have her attention, but it is too late, for she now begins to hand me $7.15 and notices the change in my hand.

She does not know what to do.

" gave me $20 and you have the 85 there, right?"


"So, you get how much back?"

"$20.85 minus $12,85 equals $8. I should get back $8."

"Oh, wait, I'll get it for you."

She begins putting the cash back in the drawer. I shake my head. I stop her.

"How much did you have there, Sweetie?"


"If you give me the $7.15 cents, but don't take the 85 cents -- which is still in my hand -- how much do I have?"

This has apparently induced brainlock, so, she takes the 85 cents, puts the $7.15 back in the cash drawer, and then hands me 8 $1 bills. The Snooki-wanna-be in the car behind me starts honking, I flip the skank off and drive to the next window to collect my food.

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

I don't blame you for flipping off that bitch in the car behind you.
People seem to think nothing of getting in our way or of hanging you or I up and keeping us in limbo
...but the minute they have to wait even 30 seconds for us to put our change back in our wallet they get all aggressive and pushy like we're somehow "costing them the rest of their lives".