Saturday, December 9, 2017

Voices Inside My Head (#10 - Horndog Control, or Guns and Tits)

Be careful what you ask for; you might get it.

Sexual harassment everywhere! Women being groped, forcibly kissed, or subjected to the sight of ugly old men in their underwear! Pedophilia! It's an epidemic, apparently. Turn on the TV these days and there doesn't seem to be a woman, anywhere, who hasn't been manhandled, fondled, degraded, assaulted, raped, groped, goosed, or subjected to varying levels of physical contact ranging from the unwanted hand on the back to the uninvited hug to the contrived kiss.

And, naturally, because the business attracts the sort of egotistical jerk who lives under the mistaken impression that we all, ultimately, want to see his dick, this phenomena predominates in Hollywood and Washington, DC.

What to do? We apparently have octogenarian Congressmen who are doing it; butt-fucking-ugly Senators are getting their fair share of illicit thrills; even candidates for public office are being routinely accused of having been a little handsy, a little too familiar, or outright sex fiends. The Republic expects it's politcos to be assholes and thieves, it does not expect (nor want) them to be sexual predators.

The problem seems to increase in frequency and severity exponentially depending upon how far left or right one slides along the political spectrum. At the Far Left, we apparently have charlatans who believe that simply mouthing feminist platitudes and voting Pro-Abortion ENTITLES them to molest women as their just rewards for being Politically Correct; on the Far Right, we have (allegedly) an expectation that the time-honored tradition of Pedophilia in Podunk should suddenly not be considered such a big deal, or that it's okay to repeatedly ask a woman to rent you her womb, so long as you made sure it was the only topic of conversation between you and you have offered enough money.

So, I would like to propose a solution which should, in theory, appeal to both sides of this social nightmare, and save women everywhere from the horrors of sexual harassment by the rich and powerful. These ideas will appeal to the Right because they smack of traditional values; they will appeal to the Left because they get to exercise their Inner Mao and ban something.

I would apply the standard "Gun Control" dialectic of the Left to the problem of women being molested by politicians.

1. If there weren't any women within proximity to a politician, well, then they wouldn't get groped. We need a strict regime of Woman Control which bans women from entering politics, working with politicians, or being within 500 yards of a government office. We need "Woman-Free Zones" -- with signs! -- where perverts will be unable to commit their ghastly social faux pas because no woman will be there. After all, if there were no women there couldn't be any forcible rape, just like if there weren't any guns there would magically be no crime.

Keep women out of the hands of criminals!

2. We need to repeal the 19th Amendment. If women can't vote, then they don't have any need to engage in politics. See, just like "no one needs a gun", despite their well-documented history of helping to acquire and ensure rights, their obvious utility in protecting life and property, no one really "needs" to be in politics. Yes, yes, I know, there's that Constitution thingy, but, hey, if we can ignore the 1st, 2nd, and a shitload of other amendments in the name of Leftard expediency, what's one more?

3. Ban all women from all political activity, period (I meant that in the punctuational sense, not in terms of menstruation). If there are no women in politics, then they don't have to come into contact with drooling, self-important deviants who want to get at their Yummy Bits. It's a matter of Public Safety and Morality; we need to do it for the Children, before the next web-footed inbred from the wilds of Detroit, Arkansas, Alabama or Minnesota decides to indulge his inner Don Juan and unload his Man Milk on an intern's dress, his fur-breasted lust upon a junior high full of training bras, use his tertiary connections to an acting career to stick his tongue down someone's throat, or attempt to impress a roomful of fragile wimmenfolk with the copious bulge in his BVD's.

4. In those instances where it is impossible to keep a woman away from the sacred halls of power, and she MUST come into contact with degenerates who have won elections, then she needs to be registered with the Federal Government. Maybe we could put a microchip in her that will prevent her from being used just when someone really wants to? She should probably be subjected to a licensing regime, have to submit to multiple background checks, and it should be illegal for her to cross state lines unless she's wearing some form of chastity belt that prevents her from being mounted.

5. Ban certain women in politics based upon their looks. If you took all the hot chicks away and left only the fatties, the acne-scarred, the smelly, the physically unattractive, the vaguely porcine, the obviously bovine, the ones with monobrows, thighbrows, man hands, hairy backs, mustaches, and no boobs, then all temptation to use them should disappear, in much the same way as it is assumed that anything that has a bayonet lug, an "extended clip", resembles an AR-15 or AK-47 looks like an "assault weapon" that a "gun nut" just can't HELP but want to use to slaughter a Day Care Center for no reason, should be banned on the basis of aesthetics, then, by logical extension, anything that looks like Elizabeth Hurley or Kate Upton should be banned from political activity because some "sex fiend" might be unable to control his primal urges, either.

6. If you disagree with these ideas, then you are worse than Hitler, and are a woman-hating, sexual-assault-excusing, Neanderthal who wants women to be raped. You misogynist hater.

After all, it's all about controlling behavior and actions, and building a better, more-peaceful society. And if the idea that no guns leads to less crime and greater security holds, then the absence of tits in the Halls of Power is a fucking no-brainer.

We'd only be doing it for our own good, removing temptation, and sparing society the sad aftermath of having to ask "whyyyyyyy?". Because we all KNOW that just like the Fly-Over Mental Patient can't help himself in the presence of something that sprays lead, no man can EVER control his primal lusts in the presence of something that gives head.

We could go back to a time when women weren't viewed as something akin to a piece of meat and a convenient place to park a dick every once in a while, and if we took the regime a little bit further -- because if there's anything any good control freak likes, its overkill embellishment in the pursuit of perfection -- if women never left the house, were dressed in shapeless burlap sacks that hid everything but their eyes, and were forbidden to walk around in public unleashed and unaccompanied by their owners, why, there'd never be an unwanted sexual advance or rape ever again.

Wouldn't that be a lovely world?

Of course, I'm being sarcastic.I'm just applying the Liberal's own thought process to the problem, which is likely to make their heads explode. Which, come to think of it, is probably a better solution to the problem.

On a more serious note, I don't think this is exactly a new phenomenon, it's just that media is now so pervasive (and often intrusive) that we're discovering more and more of it, and we're realizing the scope of it is greater than perhaps we ever understood. Now, before all you Winnenz gets a storm in your Maidenforms over the thought that The Overlord -- FINALLY! -- is seeing things your way, I'd like to take this opportunity to bust your fucking balloon and point out that you aren't exactly always innocent bystanders in your own humiliation and degradation.

Women who don't understand that a fat douchebag who greets you in a hotel room in a bathrobe for a "business meeting" isn't looking to go over some contracts and that probably the only figures he'd like to run is your's, and then submit, are not innocent.

Likewise, women who sleep their way to the top or to get some benefit they otherwise weren't entitled to who then -- often many years after the fact -- make accusations only because it's advantageous to them in some way RIGHT NOW are just as bad, and in fact, worse, than their "attackers". One could almost make the argument that this is entrapment or manipulation, and maybe even blackmail.

This is not to say that there aren't innocent victims; it's to say that a distinction needs to be made between the innocent and the venal, and the current culture doesn't do that. Instead, it demands that every accuser be judged innocent before the evidence is weighed, or even often known. There are going to be feminists who read this who are going to get their tits in a knot over what I've just written, and I'm here to tell you you should probably shut the fuck up, because in many ways, this is YOUR FAULT.

Feminism, after all, created a world in which sex has been devalued, and in a sense, in which the human being is devalued. By pursuing certain ideas of "liberation" in which the sexual act is considered "empowering", which has seen it become weaponized as a means of advancement or achieving higher status, where it's been used as both a sword and a shield (and always conveniently), and where it has become politicized, you have conspired to turn what was once a special experience into a mere commodity.

If women wonder why "there are no good men, anymore" it is, in large part, due to the fact that modern women give sex away. It's low-hanging fruit. It has less value and requires less effort on the part of the Male to obtain sex, and the Female's confused dialectic surrounding it -- it's either something unique, or something to trade upon; it's a means of liberation or the means of your slavery; it's fun or it's a fucking chore -- means Men have learned a) not to try too hard because our opportunities are much greater than ever before. If you're not putting out, your sister and girlfriends are, and besides, there's now an app for that with thousands of others advertising for it, and b) not to care all that much because she obviously doesn't. If she cared, I wouldn't have randomly selected this skank on Tinder and have her be cool with it.

The feminist demand for unfettered birth control and abortion, coupled with the expansion of the welfare state, and ever-more ambiguous and esoteric feminist ideological takes on sex, has created a Utopia for horny men: we now inhabit a world in which sex is a consequence-free act. We have no responsibility anymore, except those which our own sense of ethics and morals places upon us, and when you're powerful, rich, famous, these days, it seems that morals and ethics become increasingly optional. It has also created a world in which women putting out for no reason at all has even convinced a Roy Moore or an Al Franken that every last chick in America is simply just another vagina he can get into. Eventually.

And finally, the last, and perhaps most damning accusation that can be made against the feminists is that by excusing the boorish, predatory, often disgusting behavior of a JFK, a Teddy Kennedy, a Bill Clinton, on the basis of political affinity, you've made it perfectly clear that a double standard exists, and you shouldn't be surprised when that double standard comes back to bite you in the ass. In this case, twice.

The first bite is that a Conyers or a Franken believe that not only are they entitled to fuck anything that moves, but that their alignment with feminists -- even if only lip service -- grants them a pass. They know that if they get caught, all they have to do is play the Abortion/Women's Rights card, and threaten that their loss of power and prestige damns all women to a Purgatory of Conservative social dominance, and they will be forgiven all of their sins, even as they go through the Kabuki of fake, double-talk apologies and false resignations.

The second bite comes when The Other Side finally catches on to the idea that your support of your own perverts and the attacking of theirs is not about morals, but about power, decides to take a page from your own playbook and overlook or forgive the otherwise unforgivable -- like standing an alleged pedophile for Senate -- and decides the quest for power is more important than the moral implications because they've felt the sting of that power used against them and are determined not to let it happen again.

So, congratulations: in making shit up on the fly to justify and be rewarded for being a cunt, and dressing it up as a political movement, you have, in a very definitive way helped to create the very nightmare scenario that lurks in the back of every feminist's head, wherein lecherous men, abusing their power and status, prey upon helpless females (who somehow are also "strong", "empowered", "brave", and so on and so forth) who cannot defend themselves, because dainty girl,  and who are always victimized.

This reminds me of about 90% of the plots in every porn movie I've ever seen so maybe this isn't so much a fear of feminists, but some kind of a sick and twisted fantasy they all have?

So, I guess this means all you Feminists really sub-consciously want to fuck Al Franken?

You sick bastards.

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