Saturday, July 30, 2022

We Nuked The Wrong Asians...

 A message, if I may, to President Xi: for decades China has played the role of victim of Western Imperialism. Even a very shallow perusal of history shows this is certainly not the case. The Chinese have always seen themselves as a "Divine Race", superior in all ways to all others; they believe that China -- and only China -- has ever been "civilized"; that China is the axis upon which the world spins. In fact, it was not only "Western Imperialism" that sentenced China to 200 years of partition and economic exploitation at the hands of foreign powers, but rather Chinese arrogance in believing the foreigner had nothing to teach the superior Chinese, had nothing to give the brilliant Chinese, and ultimately could never overcome the strength and allure of "divine" Chinese culture, and so it was safe (as well as sometimes funny) to let the Westerner have his way....

Now, a few centuries later, when the Chinese have adopted Western ideas wholesale in everything from tried-and-failed political systems (democracy, fascism, communism), industrialization and capitalism, the modern Chinese must somehow psychologically deal with the embarrassing and objectively true idea that the foreigner has, indeed, taught the "superior" Chinese very hard lessons, and that somehow the gulf between cultural and racial conceit must be reconciled with the undeniable stench and shame of failures, while the truth remains hidden from an entire nation.

Congratulations: you have achieved the same state the Japanese did nearly a century ago, and seem destined to repeat their mistakes. Apparently, those "inferior" beings had nothing to teach you, either.

In short, Mr. Xi, you and your people are psychologically-damaged, self-deluding little buggers who have an allergy to the truth -- you can't tell the truth of your own history to yourselves, and you've lied about infecting the entire planet with a potentially-deadly virus that no one wanted, no one needed, and which no one asked for. You are a nation of liars; a nation of cheaters.

Superior? Not by a long shot, Buddy.

It is YOU who has nothing to give or teach the rest of the truly-Civilized world -- as always.

If you've been wondering where Your Galactic Lord and Master has been lately, you can blame the assortment of beggars, thieves and liars known collectively as "The Chinese" for my absence.

For I have caught the Worker's Influenza. I think this is the Stealth-Ninja-007 variant.

It all began with a sore throat and an obvious ear infection. Then followed the alternating chills and sweats, sans fever. The body aches and swollen joints, to the point where movement became impossible, every limb seemed to have increased in weight by a hundredfold. The coughing fits began in earnest.

And then, to my surprise, there are two days when -- according to Mrs. Overlord -- I was slipping in and out of consciousness. I cannot remember them.

But it appeared that my normal routine for sickness -- taking copious amounts of Nyquil, Robitussin and sleeping all day -- began to work and I started feeling human again.

That's when I realized that Mrs. Overlord had become infected, too.

Thursday evening, I decided Mrs. Overlord needed to go to the hospital. She has a compromised respiratory system, courtesy of her Muscular Dystrophy, and she was having obvious breathing issues. We got to New York Presbyterian Hospital early on Thursday evening, and they confirmed a COVID diagnosis.

And then Mrs. Overlord had a heart attack in the ICU.

She is currently in a medically-induced coma, intubated, and her breathing being aided by a respirator. The long-term prognosis is presently indeterminate.

Mr. Xi, you are indeed fortunate that I am not (yet) Galactic Dictator, for if it were up to me, I'd see your nation laid waste, stripped of it's riches, nothing left but a vast pile of decomposing corpses piled 30' high from horizon to horizon.

In retrospect, we nuked the wrong Asians.


James said...

So sorry for your troubles, I wish her and you the best.

Doc g said...

I am so sorry you have to go through this. Be well.

GMay said...

Sorry to hear this. Best wishes for The Missus and you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Sad to hear this disturbing chain of events. My heart goes out to you.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible news. I pray that Mrs. Overlord gets well and makes a complete and easy recovery. God bless her and you.

ArthurinCali said...

Prayers for you and your family during this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

This must be really rough. Wishing Mrs. Overloard a full recovery. Hope you are both feeling better soon.

Felid Daddy said...

So sorry for what you're going through. Thoughts, prayers and best wishes to you and Mrs. Overlord.

Anonymous said...

I hope your wife is doing well and you are holding up also.