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No quote today because I can't think of one that fits this particularly strange (I think) human interaction...

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We now return to our regularly-scheduled nonsense.

The obvious stupidity and sense of entitlement of the modern "young person" is often bewildering beyond the scope of words.

What doesn't confuse, however, is the reaction one gets when the mental confusion of youth is slammed squarely over the head with the sledgehammer of reality.

I've had my first, ever, interaction with a "trans" person this afternoon. It was interesting from both a psychological standpoint and because of the reaction it spawned.

The Scene:

The Overlord is in his local bagel store. He is on his way to record a new episode of his podcast this afternoon, and as is his habit, has stopped into the bagel store to pick up a few bottles and a packet of his drugs of choice - i.e. Marlboros and Pepsi.

He walks to the back of the store where the refrigerated cases are to obtain his sugary water and two young women are standing there having an argument over which "energy drink" (methamphetamines in a can) they should buy.

Before the story continues, it must be emphasized: these were two young women. Actual girls. Vaginal-Americans, even.

The first is a pretty young thing, tall blond, very feminine.

The second has shaved her head, attempted to pencil in a mustache on her upper lip, is dressed in the finest clothes from J.C. Penney's Boys Department, bedecked in Combat Boots.

I swear, she may even have been wearing Old Spice.

In any case, whatever this young woman's issues, one thing is obvious and cannot be denied, for while you can wear men's clothes, fake a stash, and deliberately make yourself un-feminine in just about every conceivable way, there's one thing that will conspire to give you away....


This young woman was stacked. I mean sporting really heavy cannons. She could, if need be, nurse every formula-deprived non-illegal infant in America, and perhaps have some to spare for Canada.

Those things walked into the store sixty seconds before the rest of her did.

So, no matter what disguise she was wearing, there is no possible way any sentient human being could mistake her for anything other than "female".

To continue...

These two idiots are arguing. They seem oblivious to the presence of others. The Overlord patiently waits for them to either make a selection or perhaps think of others and step aside so that he may retrieve his cola, but no.

He clears his throat. They ignore him.

After a decent interval, The Overlord decides that it's time to do something other than stand around while time's a-wasting, because things to do and a living to earn.

"Excuse me, Sweetheart", he says, "may I ask you to step aside for a second?"

Polite. Exceedingly so. Something one would expect to hear 500 times a day in similar circumstances anywhere on the planet.

But this is Staten Island. It is the Year 2022. Fucktard and selfishness rule here.

Shaved Head gets all bent out of shape.

"I am NOT your "Sweetheart"! How dare you?"

He shakes his head. And then, the part that didn't need to be said was said.

"I identify as a man! You will treat me with the respect due another man! You fucking hater! Transphobe!"

Shaved Head is now, actually, in my face. We're nose-to-nose as she delivers this soliloquy of dumbfuck. 

The Overlord is not impressed.

"If you don't get out my face I'm going to treat you like a man and knock you the fuck out, Sweetheart."

The eyes go wide. The shock is evident. Not only did this...this...Cishet White Supremacist have the audacity to even address xir, it called xir's bluff.

Xir does not know what to do.

So Xir starts crying.

Xir is now a victim of a gross overreaction. The Overlord, you see, is a bully. A racist (we're both white, unless you identify as another color?), homophobe, transphobe, asshole Nazi bully. I'm impressed that she got all of that out behind a veil of tears and that impressively-heaving bosom.

The Overlord laughs.

And herein is the psychology and the lesson:

So long as Xir, Xat, Shim, whatever the fuck it chooses to call itself, can express power -- can bully others -- safe in the expectation that a) It is entitled to do so, and b) that someone would rather apologize, back down, or otherwise retreat than to call Zit's bluff, Zit is at a loss for what to do or say when said bluff is called.

Except to cry. Because The Overlord didn't play by The Rulezzz.

The Rulezzz say that no matter that Zit was in the wrong, and most-likely spends Zit's days seeking such confrontations, just so that Zit can feel outrage (the only emotion that Zit is probably capable of) and exercise some form of phony moral superiority that Zit considers it's birthright without having established that Zit has actually earned any such thing, Zit can do nothing except follow one over-hyped emotional outburst with another.

The first emotional outburst is an effort to establish dominance; the second is an attempt to garner sympathy after having failed to do so.

Somehow, Zit is supposed to ultimately "win" in this fashion. 

Win what or for what purpose is beyond me.

The lesson: one day the charade will come to an end. You will be faced with reality, and reality will win. Reality ALWAYS wins. Today's Reality was that having declared yourself a man, that you discovered both that REAL men exist (and act like real men, too!) and can be potentially dangerous when harassed, and there comes a time when you'll have to put up or shut up, and in the process, all of your self-bestowed delusions will be instantly shattered when you can't.

But at least the Pepsi was ice cold.

I take no delight in having to have a stupid and rude argument with a confused young lady. I am not in the habit of hitting women, either, and I don't think I would have had she called MY bluff (I'm too old to give a late-teen/early-twentysomething that spanking her Daddy obviously never did), and who needs the fucking legal hassle?

It seems to me that this identity fetish currently sweeping the TikTok generation just might disappear if they had to face the realities of what they mentally vomit at least once.

Case in point: a soy-based diet does not prepare you for combat. Antifa got its ass kicked by biker chicks.


LondoMollari said...

"and I don't think I would have had she called MY bluff"
Unfortunate. I would have. Really hard too. She ID'd as a man. Show her what happens when you're a guy and mouth off to a random guy in NYC...

GMay said...

Zit hasn't lived life as a man and realized that men get called sweetheart, sugar, honey, and the rest of all the annoying pet names by women who are total strangers. We usually ignore it because we have bigger things to worry about.

Being an entitled cunt, her only frame of reference for what a man experiences comes from feminists who consider strange men who use pet names to be potential rapists. It's no wonder she stepped on her ladydick in this encounter.

Dave said...

My 200 lb ex and her DDs used to get really mad and shove 145 lb me across the room, which hurt when my back would encounter whatever was behind me. Until she put her arms out and came at me one day and I ducked under them and popped her with an uppercut right on the jaw. When she came to she wasn't even mad, but she did change her tactics and started throwing empty Bud Light bottles at me thereafter.