Sunday, July 3, 2022

Happy "Independence" Day, Retards...

"I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest..." -- Henry David Thoreau, "On the Duty of Civil Disobedience"

Happy July 4th, America, as I write this on July 3rd.

The reasons for this premature expression of greetings on the national natal anniversary are varied, but are due to the fact that the Overlord shall be busier this weekend than a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest...

...and because the festivities already began several days ago in these parts, depriving me of sleep.

(In fact, as I write this at 1:32 a.m., someone in the neighborhood -- most likely inebriated and suffering from a species of brain injury -- has decided there isn't enough noise, and has started firing up the skyrockets and mortars).

Which has led me to a peculiar thought, given the number of explosions, screeches and colorful flashes of light in the night sky for the last week, or so:

People don't have money for gas, they say. They are complaining about the price of food, or the lack of consumer goods in the local stores. Some are in the unfortunate position of not being able to acquire food to feed infants, of having lost their jobs, of not being able to get adequate medical care for lack of insurance, cash, or because of this, that or the other relic of the "pandemic" regulations.

But they seem to have had a shit ton of money available to buy fireworks.

Never let it be said that Americans don't have their priorities straight.

There may be war in the Donbas, but to judge from the unholy racket taking place outside the Death Star every night for the last week, you'd think we were being shelled.

And for some reason that probably has something to do with drugs, alcohol, and fucktard (that is Staten Island's major export), the revelers find it necessary to begin their display at pretty much any random hour after Oh-dark-hundred.

This is because the youngins of Staten Island, say in the age range of 14-25, are all seriously deformed in the mind, have no consideration for anyone, are spoiled and entitled to the point where they believe that their penchant for continuous entertainment of the brainless variety should and can be exercised at a moment's notice, and because the Middle Class With No Class breeds substandard stock.

Don't get me started on my neighbor who barbeques 24 hours a day -- on a wood fire -- beginning in mid-June, and who, unlike a true BBQ aficionado, apparently burns whatever comes to hand. Dead trees, loose branches, scrap wood, furniture. I don't know what he's cooking, but I think the menu might include stray cats, roadkill, and maybe even the odd relative or two, to judge by the smell.

For some reason I cannot fathom, he does this on the sidewalk outside his front door.

But enough about the perils of living among the Unwashed Savages in this sector of the galaxy.

Let us discuss the current state of our "independence".

If the clusterfuck of dipshit that is the "January 6th Hearings" has demonstrated anything, other than the inability of the U.S. Government to secure it's buildings against a flood of middle-aged fat guys in red, white and blue facepaint and trucker's hats, it is that the Ruling Class of this country is frightened out of it's collective tiny mind (especially Liz Cheney).

Two hundred and forty-six years after the Declaration of Independence, in which the Americans laid out their grievances against the British Crown, we find the same forces -- and abuses -- that ignited revolution are with us still. We are taxed beyond decency; we are oppressed by an ever-expanding spate of laws designed to interfere with all aspects of life, enforced, it often seems, arbitrarily and selectively; we are led by a great number of imbeciles who -- like the English parliament of old -- might as well be 3,500 miles from here, as they seem to be totally ignorant of the condition of the common man in this country.

Assuming they even give a shit about the common man.

We're seeing a trial disguised as a fact-finding investigation, and the description of "Kangaroo Court" is insufficient. We're treated to "evidence" which amounts to hearsay and office gossip -- someone told someone else something that someone else told them -- a parade of "witnesses" who are, in effect, witness to nothing, people who have been alleged to have committed crimes are being held in all contravention of civil law in solitary confinement, denied counsel, and charged with offenses that are typically laughable and petty, and given the experience of burning cities in the last few years, the entire thing is a waste of resources and assets; it becomes apparent that the only people guilty of anything in this whole mess happen to be attached to the government.

One gets the impression that the people currently languishing in jail -- as opposed to the people who hollowed out, say, Minneapolis -- are only in prison right now because they proved easier, and safer to incompetent law enforcement, to catch.

The name "Cassidy Hutchinson" will soon be enshrined within the Hall of Fame of Treason, along with the likes of Benedict Arnold, Vidkun Quisling, Brutus and Cassius, Judas Iscariot, Ezra Pound, Kim Philby, Lord Haw-Haw and Tokyo Rose.

FBI agents acting as provocateurs; Capital Police equipped with riot gear when there is no riot, or opening doors and waving people into the Capitol, or better yet, escorting "insurrectionists" through the building. Minor acts of vandalism elevated to the level of sedition.

This is not about the law; it's not even about Donald Trump, anymore.

This is a public therapy session for some very, very frightened morons who a) can't understand why no one loves them, and b) understand quite well that between real rioters burning and looting cities and chubby suburbanites and working class dolts who have the audacity to take selfies in front of your podium -- YOUR FUCKING PODIUM! -- the days of the "respected" figure of The Congressdouche are over.

And because they understand there is not enough barbed wire, National Guardsmen, Jersey barriers to hide behind, and that their "own" police force on Capitol Hill is about as effective in protecting them as Brillo pads are in treating eczema, the only thing left to do in order to save AOC's worthless skin and Nancy's walking corpse is to "make an example" out of someone -- anyone -- with a laundry list of misdemeanors and hearsay  pumped up into a criminal conspiracy.

Government that fears for its life is a dangerous thing to liberty.

If that isn't bad enough, the Supreme Court, by doing it's job in essentially telling legislatures all over America, especially the one in Congress, to do your fucking job, is under assault.

That the assault is being carried out by whiny, fat, unfuckable birthing persons of vaginal origin, all demonstrating their litany of Daddy issues and the off-putting personalities and behavior that keeps men away from their ladyparts (assuming the assorted cellulites, acnes, unwanted hair growth, proliferation of tattoos, warts, missing teeth and fuckin' ugly wasn't enough) is almost comical.

To paraphrase George Carlin:

"Didja ever notice the women who are most in favor of abortion are women you wouldn't want to fuck in the first place?"

Watching the parade of mutants marching in front of Amy Coney Barret's' or Brett Kavanaugh's house, one can be forgiven for thinking -- "gee, these women aren't really in favor of abortion as a right, so much as they wish that, maybe, one day, some man (sorry, non-birthing person) will be blind or drunk enough to impregnate them, and then they can engage in this ritual procedure that separates the "In" girls from the "Out".

In other words, it's not about "reproductive rights" (which apparently means "the right not to reproduce"), but about a status symbol. One can't be truly counted as important among the feminazi ranks until one has had an abortion.

It's a means of advancing through the hierarchy of identity. Like obtaining a Merit Badge.

Sexually-frustrated, hippo-looking ugly bitches who are announcing ahead of time they intend to kill any child they may possibly conceive before it actually happens, are a danger to a Free Republic.

Chaos is reigning in America, these days.

Shortages of consumer goods, food and fuel, rising prices, disturbed teenaged felons roaming the streets playing at Revolutionary for an easy "A" in their sociology class, food plants burning, a government bent on disarming the population, when the same government isn't attempting to frighten the population into submission with a list of "pandemics" -- from COVID (really bad flu) to Monkeypox (which totally ISN'T spread by homosexual activity, you hater!) -- and much more nonsense will soon combine to create a situation that will quickly get out of control.

The Question this July 4th is no longer "when will revolution happen?" as much as it is "what SORT of revolution will we get?".

The American left has already demonstrated the lengths to which it will go in order to retain power. They will kill, disrupt, destroy, harass, annoy, subvert or ignore the rule of law, and adhere to the revolutionary's creed of "to the bitter end". The limited intellects on display are indicative of the sort of Dictatorship of the Proletariat they wish to create -- something that resembles not so much "1984" as "Idiocracy".

The official precincts of the American right are still laboring under the impression that some sense of decorum can be observed, that all of our problems can be solved by achieving consensus, that this is all curable by a simple replacement of the ineffective, criminal, traitorous leftists with a new slate of ineffective, criminal, traitorous righties. The Status Quo in which republicans simply trade places with democrats every few years, only to repeat the very same abominations that caused the public to revolt against the left, only with more stupid, should be maintained.

The general rightist population is as ready to embrace the Cult of Personality that brought us Donald Trump all over again, just because it tweaks the commies and we can have cheaper gas. The memories that Trump brought us shutdowns, ineffective vaccines, people being paid to sit at home and not work, and made rioting the national past time (whether he's personally responsible for all of those things, or not) has already faded. They're bent on visiting revenge upon their oppressors, and haven't figured out that you don't always need matches and Molotovs to burn a country down.

An election in November? Why, its a shame they can't both lose.

(The Overlord is not advocating for a Third Party. There is no Third Party currently in existence in America that is up to the challenges the other Two have presented us with, and it's questionable as to whether either of them actually WANTS to fix anything, or can be made to do so, except under unrelenting scrutiny. If the left taught the right anything these last few years, it is that if you want a GOP that actually does what you wish it to do, you have to show up on their front lawns bearing pitchforks and torches. They acquiesce very quickly).

The unfortunate part of all of this, of course, is that somewhere between the "Gimme!" crowd and the "MAGA!" mob, there's the vast bulk of society who would wish the both of them would agree to meet upon the field of battle and kill each other off, so that reasonable people could just go about their business.

If "independence" means anything, these days, its starting to mean the freedom to wish a particularly horrible form of death upon those who have lost their freakin' minds.

But the "Ovens and Street Executions" solution to our problems will have to await the day I become Dictator for Life.

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BubblePuppy7 said...

Count me in as one of "the vast bulk of society who would wish the both of them would agree to meet upon the field of battle and kill each other off, so that reasonable people could just go about their business". Thank you for your work, O Overlord.