Thursday, July 7, 2022

Another Shooting, More Hot Air...

 "In the wake of any tragedy, three things are certain: first, we will discover that the tragedy was largely avoidable; second, that the tragedy will have involved at least one act of or mistake by government, and lastly, that the politicians will use it as a means of both demanding more control and making you forget that the more control they're given the worse the follow-on tragedies become..." -- The Overlord

Regarding the July 4th shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. I am going to follow what seems to be a journalistic trend here, and not use the alleged killer's name.

There is no need to rehash the salient points. There are people now dead who should not be dead; there are people wounded who should not have been wounded. Lives have been changed forever. Children have been orphaned, wives have lost husbands and vice-versa, families have been irrevocably damaged.

There's also no reason to rehash the particulars of the case, because we knew them before they were even discovered or announced by law enforcement or media: we have a young man, obviously troubled, known to law enforcement for his penchant for weapons, known to local authorities in the mental health field, the judicial system, the social services and his former school system, his friends and neighbors, as someone who was a little fruity in his loops.

Perhaps more than most.

Naturally, this being an age of "Social media" which becomes more-and-more ANTI-social with each passing day, the alleged gunman is splattered hither and yon across the internet -- pictures of him in his ANTIFA gear. Rap videos. Images and messages concerning guns. An actual gallery of hand-drawn images in which the antagonist seemingly plots his dastardly act of mass shooting to be followed by dramatic shootout with the police.

Something of a twist on "The Manifesto" that has become fashionable among the mass-murdering crowd in The Information Age.

And...somehow this idiot is still walking free?

This sort of thing, the Known Wolf who left a trail of neon breadcrumbs that no one appears to have followed, is the same old story, going all the way back to Unabomber and Columbine.

Why does this same exact scenario keep playing out?

Sez me, the main reason is the other parasite on society's collective ass that immediately rushes, not to the sound of the gunfire, but to the collection of media that mysteriously arrives in battalions to "cover" such events.

One wonders how it is that major media outlets are able to muster enormous and expensive resources so quickly to a provincial backwater like Highland Park, but never seems to be around when it comes to doing something like asking a single probing question about a Presidential-Familial graft network that has enough evidence of malfeasance to all but convict on mere appearances?

Silly question. We know why.

The Media in all of this has been, par for the course, as useful as tits on a warthog and about as welcome as a wart on the Prom Queen's nose. Far from being an agent of public information, they have more-than-adequately fulfilled their self-appointed role as stage managers, narrative-boosters, and source of public disinformation.

No sooner is the shooter in custody than our intrepid idiots in the Fourth Estate (and Fifth Column) dragged the Intertoobies to find a picture of the lad draped in a Trump flag and discovered that his father -- gasp! -- once "liked" a pro-gun tweet.

Obviously a MAGA head! It is ALL Trump's fault!

The facts -- who has time or use for those? -- that the little bastard fancied himself an ANTIFA, posing in his Urban Guerillawear, has an ANTIFA tattoo on his neck, and followed and reposted all sorts of Democratic Socialists of America nonsense, is to be totally ignored.

Yesterday, when searching for images of this twerp, Google seemed to be in the process of scrubbing his images off the web. The airbrushing began in earnest.

I also find it curious that the media is reporting only that "two high-powered rifles" were recovered, both at the scene and in the would-be getaway car, but we're not told which type of weapon they may be. 

Probably not AR-15's, a detail the media would never have hesitated to release given the fearmongering surrounding this particular firearm, and so that leads me to believe there's an AK-variant involved.

The very symbol of leftist insurrection in the hands of a DSA supporter?

Without missing a beat, the politicians showed up, as if on cue, and By God, they know exactly what happened here, you betcha, even before the police commence their "investigation" (into what? How they dropped the ball?), and before the reporters can get another layer of hair spray on for the cameras.

The first one to chap my ass, who I also will not mention by name because he's the poster child for dumbfuck, starts his spiel with the familiar keening noises of the leftist apparatchik, and blames a lack of gun control laws, a lack of red flag laws, and a "culture of violence" for this disaster. 

Naturally, because dumbfuck leftard, he fails to remind us that Illinois already has some of the most-stringent gun control laws in America -- and the weapons were still purchased legally by or for a mental patient -- that Illinois already has Red Flag laws, and the bit about the "Culture of Violence" is a bit thick when one stops to consider Chicago is a hell hole of gun violence and the collective left stood by cheering while that Violent Culture hollowed out many America cities with arson, looting, mayhem, murder, mindless destruction and well...violence...for two years.

They cheered that "Culture of Violence" for two years because, assholes that they are, that violence was politically useful at that moment, and because consequences are always something to be ignored later.

The subtext is easy to understand: this happened because the level of control you've given government is STILL insufficient to prevent this sort of thing. Ignoring past performance, if you only give us more control this sort of thing will never happen again. Until it does, and then we'll tell you the real problem is that you didn't give us enough control...again.

Then he gets back in his limo and eats lunch behind a wall of armed security guards.

But never fear, gentle readers, because the Biden Administration is all over this deranged white guy with a gun shit like, well, white on rice (the fact that 70 people were shot in Chicago prior to and shortly after Highland Park can be safely ignored: none of those shooters is probably white, after all).

They sent their best to...I'm not even sure what they sent her to do...

Princess Kneepads arrived a few days later to activate that Salad Shooter of a mouth of hers, to spew a bunch of words that no one quite understands, but somehow they were obligated to applaud her aria of inarticulate fucktard.

I quote:

"We've got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are because you have been forced to take this seriously...".


We have a (allegedly) Vice President who speaks -- that is when her mouth isn't (allegedly) full of Man Meat -- like an (allegedly) 14 year old girl texting her (allegedly) best friend.

Moron (and that's not alleged, it is obviously true).

I want to take a moment here to show you two videos. For despite being able to blame guns and a lack of voted-for tyranny for these situations, our politicians and media completely ignore the real source of these deranged mass shooters.

The first is by Simon Simonek talking about the bad parenting and deleterious effects of social media on our children. This is tame compared to what follows.

The second is Jordan Peterson discussing the severely damaging effect that contemporary culture has on our kids, how it tells them they're worthless and dangerous, confuses and alienates them, so that they may eventually end up shooting a mass of strangers at a 4th of July parade.

It's not the guns; it's the people we're producing.

UPDATE: as of this afternoon, the Daily Mail (UK) has identified the weapon used as a Smith and Wesson M&P-15, an AR-15 knock-off. They've also posted a shitload of info on the kid's social media with photographs. It's shocking. Don't expect to see any of it from any American media outlet anytime soon.


GMay said...

"aria of inarticulate fucktard"

One of the finest prose poets on the net.

As to social media, here's an interesting documentary I started last night:

Anonymous said...

As a coach of young kids who saw the danger of the "participant" awards, I purchased small, cheap, sports balls and had the team just autograph them yearbook style. We did this at the end of the year in lieu of trophies.