Thursday, June 9, 2022

More Signs and Some Questions...

 Another review of the New Signs of Our Times going up all over the Overlord's patch of the galaxy...

But first, some serious questions:

Why don't I have the same right to the same guns the Biden Administration gave to the Taliban?

Why can Ukrainians be trusted with "assault weapons" and use them to fight for their freedom and defend their lives and property, but I can't?

How is it that the Government had a plan to distribute crack pipes, but not Baby Formula?

Once I have the answer to that, I'd like someone to tell me how it is that the same people who collectively rose on their hind legs howling a month ago because the Supreme Court was taking away our "right" to kill children, suddenly becomes the party of protecting children. Apparently, sticking scissors in a baby's head, or depriving them of food once they're born is quite alright, but heaven forbid they get shot in school. That's where we draw the line, apparently.

Given the example of Waco, Gun Control means burning 40 children to death inside a church after a 51-day siege, including tanks, tear gas, and a no-knock raid by government agents armed for combat. I guess we had to kill those children to save them from the icky gun, right? Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Capitol Police shooting unarmed protesters to death (but not the Fascists in the streets burning, looting and killing). It's the government that needs Gun Control, not us.

And assuming someone can tell me what that's all about -- and how it isn't a sign of mental illness -- perhaps I can get the answer to another question that keeps me up at night, which is how you can shut down all drilling for oil in this country, stop fracking, prevent pipelines being built, and somehow the price of gasoline is Vladimir Putin's fault?

Oh, and then maybe someone other than the functionally illiterate Vice President can explain the logic behind insisting the national policy is regime change in Moscow by arming the Ukrainian opponent with $40 billion in guns that we're not allowed to have, but then depending upon Moscow to negotiate a nuclear weapons deal with Iran. I'd ask Princess Kneepads, but she talks like a 4th grader trying desperately to fill the dreaded 1,000 word essay assignment while having nothing to say.

Then maybe someone can tell me why the government keeps pushing vaccines they know don't work -- because the manufacturer says they don't, and were ready to hide that data for 75 years -- and then keep recommending that vaccines that don't work and for which there are no studies of long-term effects be given to children -- the ones we're not aborting, starving, or shooting, that is?

And if there's time, because I know I'm asking a lot, I want to know why the people who funded the creation of a killer virus in contravention of US law that no one asked for, no one needed, and essentially was a Chinese bio-warfare experiment gone horribly wrong (or was it more like fantastically successful, since it resulted in damage to this country and the ability to manipulate the vote under the cloak of fear it produced), are not only still alive, but still employed by the US Government?

Some new signs have gone up around here:

"Help Wanted". They're everywhere. There's apparently jobs galore for the enterprising and non-lazy, but no one is taking them. The Big Box Stores, the restaurants, the retail stores, all are desperately calling out for labor at a time when people could use some money, and literally no one applies. I guess receiving government checks during a time of inflationary horror is still a better option to many than working for a living?

At a local repair shop/independent gas station:

"No Gas for sale. All gas reserved for repair customers". Ask why this is, and the owner tells you it is because he can't get a regular supply. He can't get a regular supply because his usual supplier can't get any gasoline. The regular supplier can't get any gasoline because the bigger suppliers have bought up whatever supply is still available.

"Limit of # Items Per Customer". Seeing these all over the place, especially for necessities like soap and toothpaste, canned goods, bulk staples like sacks of rice. Even in the Big Box stores, like Costco. It's being enforced with Gestapo-like efficiency, too.

"No Manufacturers Coupons Accepted". Refunds at point-of-sale are no a no-no in many places. I keep asking about this, but no one wants to talk about it. If I had to guess, it's probably because the process of raising prices in order to recoup the "loss" represented by the coupon eventually becomes counter-productive.

So, rather than just fight with the manufacturers, the stores would rather just dispense with coupons, altogether.

"No WIC or EBT Accepted Here". Why, I could think of a few dozen reasons why this would be common, but the biggest issue seems to be fraud. The Feds and State government handed out welfare benefits like candy during COVID and many scammed the system. When fraud is detected, however, the authorities don't try to find the perpetrator until they have harassed and distressed the poor store owner who has taken payment from a criminal...who most likely will never be caught or punished.

Because the government, at all levels, is a circus. They create a problem, then try to solve it, but only create a new one, that they will try to solve. But since solving a problem means some doofus in government loses her job (it's always "a she", preferably a trans single parent o' color), the solution means doing anything except actually solving the problem and creating a messy, bureaucratic protocol that ultimately does not prevent nor deter such fraud, but which costs the bagel store hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees every time it happens.

"Due to Supply Shortages, The Following Menu Items are Not Available". Suddenly, all sorts of things are disappearing from my local restaurants. Certain cuts of beef, fresh seafood, I can't even get the "Mexican Coke (made with real cane sugar) that I like, but we never seem to run out of a supply of Mexicans crossing the border illegally and being air-shuttled allover the country.

How is it that I can't get a decent (and authentic!) Tres Leches because certain ingredients only come from South of the Border, but the South of The Border can be supplied with free formula, free iPhones, and first-class accommodation on midnight chartered flights, paid for by the taxpayer?

How is that I live three miles from the ocean, and I can't get fresh codfish when I want it? Why do I have to make an appointment with my "fish guy" --- like he was my doctor -- when I want a decent fillet of halibut or pollock?

The "supply chain" of illegal Haitians, Mexicans, Cubans, Indians, and Asians seems to be working quite well, but not so much for stuff I want or need, and which used  to be plentiful. I can get all the Sri Lankans fleeing their self-induced famine, but not a fucking plantain or new float valve for the running toilet?

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GMay said...

If I had to hazard a guess, the gubmint is getting ready to have a Hold My Beer moment with itself over some new authoritarian power grab.