Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Really Quick Thoughts...

 No quote today. Sorry!

First item on the agenda: why I've been too busy to spout word vomit here.

Real Life is cutting into my time, as always. That's a given. Can't be avoided.

I've been collaborating on a podcast which is a semi-version of this nonsense. If all goes as planned, it will be available (in some cases for free download!) in the next few weeks. It is in audio format, as both my compatriot and I have the perfect faces for radio.

We're tentatively entitling it "The Idiot Savant Show" and it is essentially two jackasses sitting around the kitchen table discussing current events. We're having a blast, too. Neither of us has a filter.

When that's ready to rip, I'll post something here on where you can find it (initial plan is to propagate it to something on the order of 25 easy-to-access internet platforms).

Second Item: Roe V. Wade.

Re: the recent "leak" (was it?) of a draft report that indicates the Supreme Court is ready to overturn Roe v. Wade and other abortion laws in this country, It is about damned time.

I do not say this as an opponent of abortion (which I am), but because Roe represented a grievous and un-Constitutional intrusion by the Court into the realm of legislation. It created "a right" out of thin air, and did so without the Constitutionally-required amendment process. It violated every principle of Federalism and shit upon the concept of State's Rights. It took the decision-making process regarding abortion out of the hands of voters and representative government, and set a precedent in this regard the Court (and lower courts, as well) has been happy to follow on other occasions, despite it violating the separation of powers.

As to the reactions of both left and right:

To the Left, this represents an attack on it's preferred method of operation, which is to get by underhanded or illegal means that which they cannot obtain by legal ones. "Legislating from the bench" has been the usual modus operandi of the left for many decades, now, because the system laid out in the Constitution doesn't work for them.

It rarely has.

And like all spoiled children with stupid ideas, if the system doesn't work for them in getting the stupid idea normalized or engraved in stone, then the system is unfair, and must be perverted, distorted, diverted, or destroyed to suit their immediate needs and goals.

This is not about "rights"; it's about the power to undermine opponents, and ultimately, power, itself.

To the Right, this represents a great victory in the "Culture War" which was lost some time ago, as the culture has changed in ways that people still living in the mental atmosphere of 1950 (or even earlier) cannot abide. They have, and have always had, a perfectly valid argument in the violation of Constitutional norm that Roe represented; they have, and have always had, no fucking clue that Donna Reed and Hee-Haw went off the air a long time ago, and that Ozzie and Harriet still became Ozzie and Harry despite their best efforts, and because there was no Constitutional reason to prevent it.

This is not about "victory" so much as it is about gloating, and much of it will be of the low, asshole-puckering, sanctimonious sort usually associated with snake-handling religious nuts. Constitutionalists may rejoice for a moment, but only if the Court -- having found the courage to revisit poorly-made-and-politically-motivated decisions and reverse them -- makes this a habit.

Keep your powder dry in this regard.

In the meantime, every asshole in the street these last few days alternately celebrating or having a nervous breakdown, is ultimately a full-of-shit hypocrite on this subject, and should probably go home and flagellate themselves as penance.

But the expected riots should be entertaining this time around, at least, as unfuckable, purple-haired, femnazi lesbians (who themselves will never be impregnated, except by REAL choice -- i.e., artificial insemination) who can't define what a woman is, or insist that people should be masked and vaccinated against their will, work out their mental illnesses in public view as they keep pressing the same ridiculous arguments over "my body, my choice" and have to leave the Woke Reservation in order to avoid mentioning the contradiction of how pretend-women with pretend-vaginas, beards and back hair, still have "a right" to an abortion despite not being capable of pregnancy.

Third item: the attack on Dave Chappelle.

I am a huge fan. The man is not only a comedic genius, but has become an important cultural icon in the fight for Free Speech.

I'm not up on every detail surrounding the attempted attack on Mr. Chapelle last night, but I'm pretty sure the (alleged) perpetrator falls into one, maybe both, of the following categories:

1. Mental Patient with a history of violent outbursts

2. Hyper-sensitive, self-hating, super-racist Wokescold.

The First Amendment has been under attack for many years, now. The government has just empowered itself to police what it calls "disinformation", despite the fact that the American Government issues disinformation a thousand times a day and cannot operate without it.

It gets personal when Facenazi downgrades your comments or Twitter bans you; it gets seriously more personal -- and dangerous -- when truly stupid or insane individuals believe they are entitled to not only silence you, but perhaps even kill you, because you may have a thought or a word they disagree with.

It's about time we put these idiots back in their rightful place. Which is to say, either back in the looney bins, in jail, or in the Emergency Room when they overstep their bounds (and intelligence) and decide they have the cosmic authority to do moronic and dangerous things to others.

Dave, you keep on doing you. Because it is GLORIOUS.


Unknown said...

Awesome!! Can't wait to hear the vomit you guys spew...... ;)

HMS Defiant said...

i am almost tempted to turn on the idiot tube to see what the news is doing to itself today. OK, after mature reflection for one second, nope.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

These people who "police 'disinformation'" ...
What will THEY do if their views are suddenly no-longer-in-vogue?

Matthew Noto said...

Find something else to cry about?

The Bed-Wetting-American Community doesn't get enough love...or funding, you know.