Monday, March 1, 2021

You All Suck (#44 - Of Barking Dogs and Dog Whistles)

 Q; Why does your dog bark so much?

A: Because he can't speak English.

I am often shocked -- but hardly ever surprised -- by the depth of stupidity that is on display every minute of every day in American Life.

The Overlord came to the conclusion many years ago that most of the squishy bags of water and DNA that inhabit the world like so many cockroaches are born stupid, they die stupid, and in between those two events they take great pains to remain stupid. It's safer to be stupid; smart people are hated, smart people are expected to do meaningful things, smart people manage to make the stupid feel even worse about themselves by not doing the sort of stupid shit that often handicaps -- for life -- the stupid.

One of the worst examples of daily cretin we're exposed to is the "expert" in "the media" who manages to totally misunderstand what he's reporting on, in terms of the subject matter, the context in which it is presented and by the need to fill up column inches with other people's recycled (and unchecked)  stupid as a means of making it at least look like they researched something before they wrote it down.

Case in point is this article I came across this morning:

China's Parliament to roll out plan to overtake US Economy by 2035.

Take a minute to read it...I'll wait.

Now, the first thing one needs to understand is that while this article is written in English it relies, as a primary source, upon an article originally written in Japanese.

I don't know how many of you have experience with the Japanese people, let alone their language, but I have worked for Japanese customers before (7 years as an employee of two Japanese companies, several more as a consultant to other Japanese clients) and understand something that most people don't, if they even bother to think about it at all.

"Japanese" is not a "written language", per se. It has no alphabet and a system of writing that depends upon pictograms which are often intended to convey broad, cultural concepts rather than precise meanings. Furthermore, those concepts are often not directly translatable to exact words, definitions, or even interpretations in other languages, specifically English, because the concepts being discussed are wrapped in various shades of ambiguity and custom that are native to Japanese culture. In other words, the concepts are assumed to be understood, automatically, among the people who use them.

In fact, Japanese is a totally ambiguous and ambivalent language in the sense that it is often considered rude to be direct in your words and meanings. One does not "explain" something to another in Japanese so much as one drops constant reminders of what one is supposed to believe and pay attention to. It would be as if you lived with a person who could only communicate with you in idioms and vague hints.

Chinese is similar, as is Korean (though don't quote me on this last one).

A great example of this from pop culture is the old memes regarding the computer game "Zero Wing". To summarize: in order to get the game to the American market as quickly as possible, there was little to no attempt to "Americanize" the language/dialog in the game; instead, someone was paid to translate these as directly from Japanese to English as was possible, and so we got such gems as:

"Someone set us up the bomb".

"All your base now belong to us". 

"You have no chance to survive. Make your time."

All of these became immediate internet memes. They predate Twitter, reddit, Facebook and Instagram by nearly a decade.

The direct translation is clumsy, to say the least, grammatically incorrect, and sometimes infused with a cultural reference that makes no sense to US. What does "Make your time" mean to a Westerner? There are bound to be mistakes made in interpretation and translation.

This, however, is a minor quibble compared to the greater crime of not understanding the basic premises of economics and international finance, and it isn't even the author that made this mistake: the Chinese government seems to have made it, too, if we are to take this article literally.

The Chinese economy depends largely on two things: the first is access to American markets. The second is access to continued American investment and finance.

So, if the Chinese "plan" is to undermine or supplant the US Economy, regardless of time frame, it is not so much a plan as a poison pill, for in the process -- if successful -- it means lower American buying power which hurts Chinese industry, and it also means loss of access to funding and investment as the American economy contracts.

And given the Chinese government's (actually, every Communist government's) propensity to lie about everything, all the time, to everyone, including themselves, on every subject, no economic numbers, no reports on "plans", no government pronouncement, can ever be taken as legitimate or truthful. In fact, in the case of economic numbers, these are not so much reflections of truth as they are propaganda tools, so that when China says it has "X% economic growth" in a year, one must take into consideration that outside the coastal cities, China is a poor, backwards, rural nation, still saddled with the aftermath of the disaster of Mao, so that the installation of a vending machine or a payphone on the fringes of civilization can be represented as 1,000% economic growth, which tends to skew every number.

If you did not know these things about China and it's economy, then you are lacking the proper context to make sense of anything economics-related, and perhaps even of this article.

Otherwise, you would have to believe that a) the Chinese are this stupid, b) the Chinese are this deluded, or c) this is simply the neighbor's dog running to end of his chain and barking at you as you pass by because he can't do anything else.

Mark my words, and remember you've read it here first: within 20 years there will be no China as we currently know it. (if you'd like me to expound upon this prediction, drop a comment). China is not about to overtake anyone.

Another example of the Barking Dog Syndrome has to do with so-called "Social Media".

Considering the very anti-social environment we all live in now, not only is this a misnomer, but it is a misrepresentation of what "social media" was meant to be.

To explain the whole mess of bullshit surrounding internet censorship, you need to remember four important facts about the average leftist so that you can process with some context:

1. The idea that someone, somewhere, may be happy fills a leftist with rage. All leftist ideologies are meaningless without the assumption that everyone is unhappy, and inert without vast masses of unhappy people to advocate and advance their causes.

2. Some systems of thought and ideology cannot stand to see, hear, or acknowledge the existence of ideas and systems that run contrary to their own. It is why Communism always had to "fight" against Capitalism and Liberal Democracy. It is why Islamofascism has to engage in a war with modernism. In order for the Leftist to "be heard", in order to have his system of thought prevail, all other systems must be eliminated, for as long as they exist -- be they religious, political, economic, social, racial, class-based, etc. systems -- they offer an alternative to what the leftist is offering. Almost always a better alternative.

This is why monuments need to be destroyed, facts distorted, history re-(and re- and re- and re-) written, books banned, "studies" and statistics faked, alternate systems of math, history, sciences, etc. championed, age-old grievances consistently and constantly stoked. It is why everyone, everywhere, at all times, must believe the same things. The persistenant existence of the contrary thought means the left is losing.

3. Objective reality frightens the leftist. above all things. A diagnosis of terminal cancer would be laughed at and dismissed as unserious (and someone else's problem or fault -- I need government health care! My tumors were caused by Big Pharma so they could enslave me economically with  White Medicine!) , while the subjective "truth" that Men can be Women and vice-versa is treated as a seriously deadly subject tells you all you need to know. Objective Reality is harsh; it is often cruel; it cannot be escaped. On the other hand, the fantasy world of Utopian bliss full of "equity", and "Diversity" and "free" everything is eminently possible and historically inevitable. When faced with a choice between reality and fantasy, the leftist chooses fantasy every time.

4. If there is one thing that no leftist can abide it is to be shown to be a complete fool and an ignorant fucktard, and worse, to be mocked for it. By millions.

The problem with Twitter -- as far as the left is concerned -- is that it was all too easy for a Master Race of ignoramuses to broadcast their stupidity in 280 characters or less for the entire world to see, devoid of context and explanation (like the Japanese language, Twitter is full of slung-together phrases and jargon which are supposed to have a mystically-understood cultural, rather than literal, meaning), hopefully without being challenged. They liked it this way, so long as they dominated Twitter.

Except that it fell into the hands of a Master Troll (a man with a very bad tan, if memory serves) who took every example of dumbfuck spewed by the Twitterati and threw it back in their faces with mockery and derision (i.e. "mean Tweets"). One of the weapons the left used to communicate with the other denizens of stupid had fallen into the hands of The Enemy -- and he hurt their feelz -- and so it had to be taken from him and, by extension, everyone who was believed to agree with him.

They got clobbered with their own megaphone. This stung, particularly since -- unlike history books or Civil War monuments -- the Internet is FOREVER. For data is never destroyed in a digital world, for it is far too valuable, even when it is incorrect. The example of Doofus and the response is immortalized digitally. The means by which data is now transmitted guarantees that it can no longer be controlled, for all the talk of "scrubbing" one's internet history, the fact remains that no matter how hard you try, no matter what methods you use, there is a copy sitting on a hard drive or phone exchange memory somewhere. Dozens, even tens of thousands of them, and you can't get them all because The System very often doesn't even know where they are because the message you wrote  in Peoria destined for the person living right next door, probably took several hundred "hops" around the world on various servers and telephone exchanges before it arrived. 

So, the "problem" of being beaten over the head with your own stupidity on a global forum had to be solved by limiting access to the global forum and then by a systematic purge of the "bad operators" and finally by a system of bots and "fact-checkers" that are never interested in mere accuracy and truth (which are all subjective, anyway, according to this brain-damaged lot) suppressing "mostly true" because one section was "partly false", or simply exercising automatic censorship based on the use of a "trigger" word (regardless of context).

Because remember: if the Alternate System gets a fair hearing, it just might undermine the rationale of the Subjective Reality the leftist inhabits and then what do they do, being unequipped to deal with Objective Reality? Whenever ideas or concepts that are judged anathema manage to slip past the censors, both human and computerized, they are often dismissed as "hate", "red meat", "code words" or "dog whistles".

Well, if you can hear the dog whistle, my leftard friend, what does that make you?

Context, then, is the key:

The dog barks because the dog can't do much except to bark.

The left hears the dog whistle because the left is always on guard for anything that threatens to prick their precious and pretentious bubble of mental constipation they have constructed for themselves.

The reporter writing articles based on foreign sources, originating in languages he probably does not speak, expressing cultural concepts he does not understand, the ANTIFA idiot cosplaying revolutionary in the street, the BLM moron believing that looting and burning a Mom-and-Pop in the inner city is a useful act that will somehow magically change his life, the "Social media" tycoon who, on the one hand, requires the free flow of information and ideas to make money and on the other believes he has a "responsibility" to "attenuate" (censor) certain (unauthorized by ideology) messages, themes and concepts in the name of peace, are all fooling themselves.

They are building houses of cards and, as we all know, houses of cards collapse when the wind hits them or the ground shakes under the table. The ill winds and the future earthquakes that are brewing outside the worlds of barking dogs and dog whistle sentinels are going to be very strong, indeed. On some level they know or sense it. 

If they didn't, they wouldn't bark this loud or try so hard to smother the higher frequencies.


Brewmeistr said...

Well said.

I have been in sports, the military, criminal justice and other areas. I have developed an acute sense of smell of fear.

The left is marinating, drenched and reeks of fear at this time.

Fake insurrections, cancel culture, walls/fences, military guards, aggressive censorship, Criminal charges for false events (influencing and election 4 years ago). Terror is afoot.

They can have their soy boys and black clad dumbshits run wild in their cities, when they step outside their demarcation zones they will learn all about what a target rich environment is. There will be a shit ton of terrified dipshits hanging from lampposts before this ends.

Matthew Noto said...

Well aid, yourself, Sir.

It is my considered opinion that BLM is really a recognition that 150 years after the abolition of slavery, and after 60 years of affirmative action and being granted more "civil rights" than anyone else on Planet Earth, the "Black Community" has realized that they have blown their shot at ever catching up to anyone in any endeavor for all the victimhood responses -- rejection of the common culture, criminal behavior, serial bastardy, neglect of education, lack of work ethic, "fight for $15", reflexive racism of it's own -- and come to the end of the line.

A nation that is $20 trillion-plus in debt, where a new wave of immigration is re-making the demographic landscape, the highly-technical nature of modern production that requires highly-skilled, very-smart, well-educated people to run means the "Black Community" can no longer compete.

And no longer depend upon a welfare state that generally hands out checks on the basis of historical guilt.

The Arabs, Indians, Koreans and Mexicans that make up our new immigrant tide don't give a fuck about "the legacy of slavery", after all.