Monday, March 8, 2021

Singling Out The Stupidz...

 "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups..." -- George Carlin

You wonder why I'm a misanthrope? Here's some recent examples:

Selling Your House
As I've probably mentioned 100 times, already, the Death Star is up for sale.

This used to be a very straight-forward process, but never discount humanity's innate sense of dick to fuck up even the simplest of interactions. Particularly where money is involved.

We've had three (3) offers in the last five months, all accepted. All have fallen through. The reasons are usually textbook examples of dumbfuck in action.

One deal fell through because the buyers could not get their money out of a Chinese bank. Why the real estate agents were bringing people to the house and acting as intermediaries for people who could not produce the money is a mystery. Why anyone who can't come up with the cash for the purchase -- and probably knows it --  is still making an offer is, likewise, a poser.

The elaborate ruse they then engaged in to hide their shame was extraordinarily mystifying and quite funny, if one knows anything about Orientals (yeah, I went there. Fucking deal).

A second deal collapsed when the (this time very qualified) buyer simply changed their minds. They found what they thought to be a better deal elsewhere. But then they "forgot" to tell us about it, and it ended up costing them some money as there was a binder in effect. They were still looking at other homes while making a commitment to buy mine. This is bad form. In fact, it is a dick move, and you're lucky I just took your money and didn't personally cripple you.

The last deal went the way of the Berlin Wall -- only in more spectacular fashion -- when the initial offer was countered and the buyer then decided "he needed more time to think about it" and five days later had still not made any decision, at all. And didn't bother to tell anyone. Not even his own real estate agent.

I was still showing the house during that time, though, and the man got quite upset about it. Apparently, I'm supposed to wait for him to make a decision no matter how long it takes him to reach one, and if in the meantime, I get a better offer --- or any offer at all -- I am mystically required to do nothing in my own interest. A brief exchange of "fuck you's" disabused him of this notion.

So, we're still showing the house. Which brings us to the next few examples of stupid from this past weekend, although one of them has an element of "how fucking dare you?" added for flavor.

The first beef, and this may come across as racist but I don't give a flying fuck, but Indians/Pakistanis have some huge mental problems. I mean, like retard-level mental problems. Perhaps this comes from originating on a sub-continent where the main pre-occupations are diarrhea and malnutrition, or all the inbreeding in order to keep property in the family,  and so the ensuing generations are handicapped by slow thought processes and are unfamiliar with civilized behavior.

For example: you do not enter someone's home and start riffling through their dresser drawers.

I caught one of these Sub-Continental Sub-intellects doing this. I don't know, specifically, what he was looking for, but I quickly got in his shit -- and his horrendous body odor -- and asked him what his fucking problem was. This is when they suddenly forget how to speak English.

The asshole stood there, practically drooling, waving his hands and grunting something that might pass for language that didn't make any sense.

Speaking of Indians/Pakistanis, there seems to be a fetish among these unwashed pagans about opening doors and then not bothering to close them. Every time we've had Indians come here to look at the house, they open every fucking door and then don't close them again, so that I have found the interior door to the garage left open, the door to the backyard left open, the gates to the back yard left open, every closet door left open (probably checking to see if there's enough space in there for one of their relatives to illegally rent). 

It drives me crazy and makes me want to pummel someone into a bloody pulp. At the very least, it's poor manners, but I don't think they have those in India.

It is obvious they don't know what soap or deodorant are.

Or maybe "the door" is just a novelty to them? Like an alien technology?

Of course, the biggest deal-breaker of all is the poor fuck who is handicapped by his lawfully-wedded tumor, who within seven seconds of walking through the door is already reciting her wish list of truly stupid shit as seen on HGTV.

Breakfast nooks. Day Rooms. Indoor spas. Meditation rooms. Everyone wants to knock out the kitchen wall between the living room fireplace and the dining area just for shits and giggles, despite there being a structural support in the way. The kitchen islands, designer sinks, and oversized refrigerators with their own version of Big Brother to tell you that you're out of orange juice and which require major reconstruction to install. You look at this pitiful dude and can almost see the dollar signs dancing around in his head, that he's on the verge of tears, and you just KNOW this deal is not going to happen because his wife wants to spend as much on remodeling as he's already shelling out for the house.

Its not like she's going to pay for it, anyway. Its the nesting instinct gone wild. Its about throwing her new, fancy digs in all the other bitches' faces and then getting to keep it in the coming divorce.

It reinforces my long-held notion that marriage is just another form of prostitution, only with a license.

You also get the feeling that having gone through all this trouble of creating the New Bourgeoise Nirvana that none of it -- the expensive kitchen, the sauna, the fancy fridge and newfangled, internet-connected washer/dryer combo -- is ever going to be used, because Wifey will be spending all of her time at PTA meetings, Pilates class, having her nails done and getting the local blacksmith to make shoes in her size.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Recently watched a YouTube video on the trials (we hope!) and tribulations of Governor Human Vibrator...erm...I mean Cuomo.

The video is about two more (alleged) females who have come forward to tell us what we already know, which is that Andrew Cuomo is a fucking asshole who doesn't understand the concepts of boundaries or civilized behavior. The video consists of audio of a FoxNews report on the Governor's rampage of unrequited and unwanted attentions, with a rotating series of pictures of Donald Trump juxtaposed for no apparent reason.

The comments are full of people who want to know just why the person who posted this shit is showing pictures of Trump when the story is about Cuomo, and, of course, the answer was "because Trump is in the same boat" or words to that effect.

It is laughably pathetic when people like this attempt to make a moral-equivalence argument when you know they haven't any morals.

Whatever else Donald Trump might be, he is still one thing above all else: a real estate genius.

For he is still living in the Left's collective

This sort of behavior is an indication of severe mental distress. We see it all the time in cases of recovery from addiction, for example. It is not uncommon to hear heroin addicts complain -- even after they've been clean for some time -- that above all, they miss not the drug so much, but the sting of the needle.

This is a consequence of an association of behaviors. The addict has learned to associate the prick of the needle with the concept of relief and relaxation. It is common for such addicts to routinely stick themselves with needles and pins in order to trigger a calming and relaxing physiological response. This does not work, however, for there is an initial rush of endorphins that quickly wears off, but then no follow-up wave of same to render them insensate. The addict is always in danger of letting his obsession with finding relief or escape lead to a relapse, which is why we try to give people effective coping mechanisms and try to help them understand why the behavior is destructive, but these take time to establish themselves as either stop-gap measures or substitutes for the high.

Because people are fucking stupid that way.

The Modern Leftard is in a similar situation. He needs the prick. Constantly.

Much like the addict this is not necessary for any constructive purpose; the intent is to maintain a certain (deranged) mental atmosphere. Much like the addict who sticks himself with sharp objects for no useful end -- usually it ends with a series of infections, as the dope is not concerned with what he sticks himself with, nor how many times, nor with sterilizing wounds -- eventually becomes a suppurating and festering series of open sores.

The signs are all there: the perceived need to impeach a dude who no longer holds office; the Capitol occupied by armed troops and surrounded by barbed wire; the compulsion to attach everything in creation to Trump by any tenuous and illogical means possible, because without him, they have nothing better to do. They have no means of coping with the responsibility that comes with having won.

The high they got from hating Trump is too good to just abandon.

In a way it is indicative of something Orwell said very long ago in "The Lion and the Unicorn", paraphrased, that the left consists largely of useless people who are always in search of power, but who have no true desire to do anything with it, much less want the responsibility that comes with it. They can also never be satisfied because they know society hates them and the only reason for acquiring power is to hate society right back from a position of strength which the left's collective idiot would normally deny them.

This is why all Leftist thought (oxymoron) is Utopian in some sense: the fantasy (the high) is supposed to substitute for effective action (getting clean) because effective action is completely foreign to them.

If they were smart, effective people with capabilities, they wouldn't be leftists.

Instead, they simply search for new substitutes for the prick that comes with the needle, only now they call it "free stuff", "equity", "trans rights", or whatever, and just like the recovering addict, they feel no relief when the puncture is not followed by the comforting wave of unconsciousness.

Hence the disappointment the Left now feels for Biden (wow, what a shock...really?).

Hence, the contradictions and mental diarrhea inherent in Leftism -- Trump is no longer in power, but he's somehow responsible for everything. Even the shit they screw up. They call themselves "Progressives" but they are firmly anchored in the past as evidenced by their constant references to back-alley abortions, slavery and Jim Crow, and "historic injustices". The truly important point is never the subject of their tirade -- it's the need to continuously jab themselves as a fill-in for knowing deep down they're disgusting, non-functioning little minds who need an escape from the reality of their own fucked up circumstances and poor decision making.

The obsession with the past and with personalities is their addiction. It is the drug of choice for people too stupid to unfuck their own lives, who hope to attribute their own weaknesses and uselessness to people they don't even know. Trump is to the leftist what the syringe is to the addict. They can't leave it alone.

And the funny part is that he knows exactly how to keep jabbing them, himself.

Capitalism for Assholes
The Overlord does not get many replies to his untrammeled brilliance on this page and much of what he does receive is often intensely personal, violently threatening and written by functional illiterates.

I do not, as a matter of personal policy, let many replies to posts that are simple "whatabout" arguments, unhinged diatribes, or your workaday examples of dimwit get posted. You deserve better.

Although much of it is funny as hell.

One thing I truly cannot stand is the idiot who decides that replying to one of my posts is the perfect opportunity to include a hyperlink to his business. I routinely screen all replies. I do my best to winnow out the fucktard and I certainly chuck the opportunist who sees a means of getting his Home Improvement business a few more eyeballs at my expense.

This blog isn't about you; it's about ME.

And if you want free ads, look elsewhere. Otherwise, fucking pay me. Fork over some cash and I'll be happy to run all the ads you want. This is precisely why I stopped using Google AdSense many years ago: no matter how many links got clicked, no matter how many eyeballs saw an ad, no matter how often I was reaching benchmarks, Google has never paid up.


I've been blogging since 2003 and I have yet to see a single dime from Google. They owe me money, but won't release it by the simple expedient of writing a check. Instead, they want have wanted me to open a special bank account(s) and give them access to it, and I have refused to do so. I do not want this transaction to occur on Google's terms -- I want it on mine. That is to say, I want a physical paper trail that comes with a check and no ability on Google's part to interact with my bank.

Google will not comply, so I no longer use Google AdSense. It's also why I will not become an "Amazon Partner" nor deal with any other spam ad contrivances because if you want the bandwidth, if you want the eyeballs, if you want the exposure to your products, you will fucking pay me. And pay me how I wish to be paid.

All the rigamarole about how checks "are antiquated" and how "if we write you a check we have to write one for everyone" notwithstanding, you can go fuck yourselves. It's not like I'm going to retire on that money, nor like I need it.

Its the principle of the thing: you're using my talent (such as it is) to sell your products.

So, if your Home Improvement business needs drumming up, if you need someone to flog those ridiculous little knitted or crocheted things you made, if you intend to sell stupid dog fashions, either do it somewhere else...or stick a fucking crowbar in your checkbook.

Certainly do not get cute and try to sneak one past me. You're not smart enough.

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