Thursday, March 25, 2021

But...But...Muh Narrative!

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Now, on to the Crushing Problem of The Day.

Apparently, our mass shooters are no longer white enough or racist enough to suit the Left's wicked sense of poor taste and political needs.

The disgusting events of the past week in Atlanta and Boulder were quickly seized upon by the Left to push their usual nonsense about racism, "White Supremacy" and Gun Control, where "everybody" was absolutely dead certain the killers were closet Nazis and wanna-be Klansmen, only to discover one is a frustrated Incel (guarantee he's a lefty, too, as "incel" is a pre-requisite) and the other a Muslim immigrant who was already on the FBI's radar.

And why is is that we almost always discover -- after the fact -- that these sorts of morons are already known to law enforcement, many are already under investigation, and yet no one seems capable of stopping them before they shoot up a Kosher supermarket? The FBI can go through the great trouble of falsifying FISA warrants and fabricating evidence of crimes that were never committed when it suits their needs, apparently, but the rest of the time appears to be doing nothing else.

That's for another post, though.

When the hoped-for reincarnation of Hitler fails to materialize, though, the Left does what's it's done best for near-on 200 years and simply moves the goalposts and repeats the same tired, shop-worn, antiquated arguments and slanders in a different context.

So even if the Boulder gunman is a Muslim, he's still "white" or "white enough" to "be allowed" to surrender without being gunned down by racist cops.

So even if the Atlanta Massage Parlor shooter is simply a sexually-frustrated loser with an unrequited boner, he's still "targeting" minorities (in this case, Asians, although some of the victims were white) in a racistly racist racially-motivated manner that reflects the entire history of 'Murica since 4000 B.C. (Math, history and facts were never their strong suits).

So even if the roving gangs of teenagers setting the mentally ill aflame and instructing the victim to tell the cops he was attacked by white guys, if the non-white haters are urinating on Asian people on Subways, beating elderly people to death, drugging, raping and murdering (allegedly) white co-eds during Spring Break, even if there weren't a huge contingent of white kids o' privilege in the ranks of ANTIFA rampaging in the whitest cities in America "helping" The Diversity to destroy their own homes, businesses and neighborhoods -- Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Baltimore, the co-op and condo enclaves of Manhattan -- if we're all in virtual prison because of a virus brought here by the Chinese, it's STILL all about Whitey.

So say some very, very, VERY White folks, indeed. Most of them with Blue Checkmarks (the "Mainstream Media", or "Mouth of Sauron"), and naturally, their "downtrodden" allies seeking to cash in on all the chaos and resulting guilt over racism, follow in their wake like pilot fish swimming in formation with a shark.

Because in Racist 'Murica the only way People O' Color with Bluechecks can get anything is to wait for the Great White Woke to leave some morsels of shredded meat floating nearby for them to eat. Twitter is a most-interesting aquarium of dumbfuck, in this regard.

Which I find quite funny: people who scream that they are superior because they're non-White accuse Whites of engaging in "Supremacy" but then can only manage to achieve anything if a paternalistic, and opportunistic, White sets the tee for them. 

And they'll still swing wildly and miss, anyway.

To back up a little for perspective, we need to review some basic axioms concerning the left and their need for "a narrative" and propensity to change this when the "facts" (usually determined to be such by their emotional needs and not their intellect) don't support their initial theme that America is a Sewer of Malignant "-ism's".

They keep returning to the same themes, as a dog returns to it's vomit , as well: Marx had his Capitalists, Lenin had his "reactionary forces", Stalin had his "hoarders and wreckers", Obama had his "Bitter Clingers" (apparently, a Muslim who shoots up a supermarket in response to "the oppression of Muslims" is NOT a bitter clinger to either guns or religion), Hitler-y had her "basket of deplorables", the New Left has it's "White Supremacists".

Same bullshit, new package, all of it generated for the same reason: someone else is a fuckup and needs a raft of excuses because they can't accept it.

To review what is known:

1. The Left exists because society produces losers. The distribution of intelligence, talent and skill in any society is always uneven. The Losers need to at least believe they have a voice in society and the Left fulfills this need. The Leftist at the higher levels -- that is, the leaders of the Losers -- then extract a very good living at the Loser's expense, without having to improve the Loser's lot.

This is the Top-tier Left's over-arching goal.

2. Since the Left, collectively, is incapable of useful action, it must engage in a continuous flow of very shallow emotional outbursts. Like puddle-deep emotional outbursts, hence the Left's pre-occupation (and lack of success) in addressing what are very-correctable problems in repetitive non-functional fashion, so that even if -- by sheer accident, because the Left doesn't actually want anything to change -- things do improve for the Loser at the margins, we must now shift the focus away from the improvement, itself, to it's supposed inadequacy. 

If your shooter doesn't turn out to be a redneck White Supremacist, then the issue is Gun Control and not racism. If your shooter turns out to be a minority then the issue becomes finding some way to make him (retroactively, or by class association) White (remember the brand new appellation of "White Hispanic" in the Trayvon Martin case?).

If you haven't noticed, American politics has been consumed by the same five or six "major" issues for near on 40 years -- abortion, civil rights, gun control, "Rich" versus. "Poor", Urban versus Rural, Immigrant versus Citizen, Civil Liberties versus Safety -- and this is by design, from the Left's perspective. This is because these issues lend themselves to the continuous creation of both fresh martyrs and boogeymen, two things the Left cannot exist without. For if there were no divisions among people, if there were no distinctions to be made, if one person or group cannot be labelled "bad" and the other "good" there would be no need for the Left.

The Left lives and dies on discord. Therefore, the Left has a vested interest in inventing as much discord as it can. Even if it has to lie, jump to conclusions, or take a tactical retreat in order to reformulate it's stupidity and then regurgitate it again.

3. Speaking of shallow emotions, this is also why the Left is so pre-occupied with personalities and ideologies. It doesn't hate people because there are legitimate reasons to do so; it hates because they decide they just plain don't like someone. And they don't even need a reason to dislike them beyond the merest disagreement, or even shallower reasons (like someone's fake tan, or retarded baby, or their skin tone).

Outpourings of unbridled, poorly-constructed emotions substitute for any meaningful accomplishment. Meaningful accomplishment is impossible because the Left is a collection of unbridled, poorly-formulated emotional fucktards with no skill, talent or intelligence. Ergo, the only thing you can do is to double down on stupid and get more obnoxious about it. The left doesn't "win" because their ideas are great; they wear you down because they just won't stop.

The Left targets individuals because it always needs an enemy. Cannot survive without one. And if one does not present itself, they will create one from whole cloth.

So, if your killer doesn't turn out to be a Simon LeGree wannabe spending all of his spare time re-enacting the Civil War in the woods, counting his stolen wealth in the basement vault, obsessing over his guns and shouting "N*gger" in a crowded moviehouse, then it is assumed he does these things when no one is looking and that this occupies his every thought of every minute of every day. Because that's what you need to feel, and if you can feel it, then you can believe it. 

Facts and reality are merely obstacles to be overcome or bypassed, not sledgehammer-wielding Gallaghers to your watermelons of feelz.

4.The Left calls itself "Progressive" but it has these annoying habits of a) ignoring any real progress, and b) living in the past. More minorities in the Middle Class than ever before is not "true" progress because racism still exists (despite the lack of examples of such and a plethora of examples of fabricated "Hate Crimes"). More women in college than ever before is not progress but somehow still a crime by an invisible "Patriarchy", if you can find the right mental patient in a shitty university to advance that argument.

Every policy proposal that runs counter to Leftist emotional needs is characterized as "a return to Jim Crow", or a harbinger of the "Return of Slavery", or yet another example of "Historical Sins", when it isn't all a great, big herald of the restoration of the Back Alley Abortion. The Progressive lives in the past while claiming to be working for a better future. If you notice and acknowledge the real progress you can't initiate the loser-emotion-enemy cycle.

5. Finally, the Left cannot -- even for a second -- stand the idea that somewhere, anywhere, there is someone who is happy. Happiness is anathema to the left because it thrives upon unhappiness. If you aren't unhappy, the Left goes to great lengths to ensure that you are, indeed, made as miserable as possible.

This is, after all, the proven and inevitable result of all that Socialism and Communism they've been pushing for over 100 years.

All of these elements are present in what the Left calls "The Narrative", which is the "official" (at least until they need to change it again tomorrow) story the Left needs to tell itself in the effort to continue to live in denial over being society's dregs.

"The Narrative", for now, requires that America be portrayed as The Worst Place Evah, even if that means engaging in obvious and ridiculous lies and self-cancelling assertions. Just check out these Oldies-but-Goodies from the Leftard Hit Parade:

America is a pit of White racism...but we need to encourage millions of non-White illegal aliens to come to this awful country where they're hated so that they can join in on The American Dream.

America is a dangerous place because there are millions of Angry White Men looking to kill The Diversity because "hate", and yet it is the Inner Cities of America with their egregiously non-White populations that are the scenes of horrific murders, rising crime rates, poverty and rampant rioting, arson and looting, aided and abetted by "woke" White Politicians, Upper-Middle-Class White Kids from the gated communities, all seeking expiation of their Whiteness from The Other.

America is awash in dangerous guns owned by Angry White Men that can kill of their own accord because ewww...and the majority of people who slaughter usually turn out to be self-radicalized Muslims, people with severe mental problems, Non-White criminals and gangs, a Non-White spraying crowds of innocent bystanders in a beef over "respect",  and fascists pretending to be anti-Fascists. All of whom, OF COURSE, would have been stopped before their murder spree started with a bevy of "common sense gun control laws".

The Police are rabid and wanton killers of People O' Color of the Einsatzgruppen variety, who need to either be defunded, disbanded, or both, and then no one can explain who is going to stop killers before they strike or enforce all these new-fangled gun control laws.

Maybe the social workers can do it?

Of course, the cops -- the ones who haven't been defunded or disbanded or rendered useless by political considerations -- will readily kill an unarmed People O' Color, but an armed People O' Color who survives to surrender only does so because he's suddenly declared (on the spot?) "White", or at least "White Enough", according to the Bluecheck People O' Color.

"The Narrative" must be seen for what it truly is: a means by which truly despicable people with no talent or utility can make just enough of a nuisance of themselves to be paid off by decent people just to go away.

"The Narrative" is the smokescreen behind which very vile people do their utmost to make everyone miserable for personal gain when finding a real job is too difficult.

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